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October 24, 2018

Sakshi Chronicles – Part 1: Losing Virginity

Sakshi Chronicles – Part 1: Losing Virginity

—- Part 1 : Loosing Virginity—-

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Hi Everyone, my name is Sakshi and I have been thinking about posting my experiences on this site for quite sometime. I got introduced to this site long time ago by one of my boy friends and then again recently my hubby has been insisting me to post the events of my life in detail here. These incidents I am about to share with all of you are all 100% real and not a story or fantasy. I will break my life story in about 5 to 6 parts. I will post them as and when I get time to write and complete them. You can reach reach me at [email protected]

—- Part 1 : Loosing Virginity—-

Since I had a rough childhood, it kind of brought a wild side out of me. I was the only child of my parents and when I was 10, my parents passed away in a car accident. The only relative I had was my dad’s elder brother. However, since my dad made it good in business, we didn’t had best of relations with my jealous uncle and his family. After my parents death, my uncle reluctantly let me stay with them. But i was always distanced with the family. I build my own friend circle and increasingly started spend time with them. By the time I was 17, my uncle and his family were all set to relocate to USA. As I completed and took admission in F.Y. B.Com, they moved out and I started staying all by myself in the 2 bedroom flat my dad had bought before his death.

By this time my friend circle had grown a lot but my best friends still remained to be 2 guys: Amit and Sanjay. To tell you a little about my appearance, I had a sexy body and over the teen age, my assets had developed and i had blossomed from a young girl stepping in to adulthood. When I was 18, i was 32-26-36 and I was sure shot a head turner. With 5 feet 5 high, that figure nicely complimented my structure.I was quite fair and maintained hairs till my shoulders. Sometimes I would would myself in mirror and caress my pink nipples and pink pussy.

I used to wax my hands and legs and even used to shave my pussy regularly. I used to wear deep neck tops and sometimes wore shirts without bra even to turn the guys on. I used get excited when I felt their eyes burning in me. I have always been a hot and horny girl and liked turning the boys on. I had received many proposals till then and had kissed many guys and had even allowed a lucky few to feel me up as well. But till now, I hadn’t allowed any guy to go all the way so I was still a virgin.

This incident happened when we were in college. Though I used to rub myself sometimes my pussy was still craving for a powerful guy’s dick. Amit, Sanju and I used to hang out all the time and we three were very intimate friends and used to talk on every subject from studies to sex. Both Amit and Sanjay were also quite handsome and had nice bodies. So one day we were talking and joking about ways to satisfy our sexual desires. Amit said, “Sakshi you are so sexy and so beautiful that you won’t have any trouble to find a boyfriend and get what you want so why don’t you just go for it and enjoy”. Sanjay also said “Yeah! Anyone will find lucky to have a hot girlfriend like you and you can have any guy on your feet in no time”. I laughed and said “Haan, but I haven’t found anyone quite attractive and no handsome guy has proposed me till now”.

Amit said “Sakshi yaar, we all want have it, why not have it amongst ourselves?” I was confused and asked “what do you mean?” Amit said “Why don’t you pick one of us, and enjoy, this way at least 2 out of 3 would enjoy and get satisfied”. I laughed and said “Yeah right”. But Sanju said “Kya sahi idea hai, maan jao na Sakshi”. I was shocked, and said, are you kidding? I don’t wanna spoil our friendship by having sex” But Amit tried to convince me said “C’mon yaar, how will we spoil our friendship, in fact it will only get strengthened” and winked at me.

I again laughed and changed the topic that day but after few days they again started persuading me. They even said “If u think by having with one of us the other will feel left out and it will break our friendship, then why don’t you have with both of us?” They said, “This way we will all enjoy and there won’t be any problems as well”. I was even more shocked and said “Both of you are out of your mind. It’s not possible”. But they were still insistant saying “Maan jao na Sakshi. We won’t get serious in this relationship, because we just wanna experience sex and have fun. ” I thought they were just kidding and laughed it off.

But after couple of days they again brought this up. They kept on proposing and persuading me every now and then. Every time I used to just laugh at them and didn’t take it seriously. But slowly they started requesting me daily and then later it was all they could talk about whole day. They both insisted they are really serious about it and can’t think of anything other than me. After our first semester exam results were out, they got really bad marks and told me that they can’t concentrate on studies and were always thinking about me. I guess at some level I was also attracted to them a bit and with all their persuasion I had also started thinking about their proposal and one fine day I finally gave in to their requests and shyly agreed to do it with both of them.

They were both really excited and overjoyed and were ready to come to my house that day itself. But I wanted my first time to be really special so I asked them to come to my place on Friday which was 2 days away in the evening. I wanted to make this first sexual encounter a wonderful one therefore I bunked college on Friday and started preparing for the wonderful night from morning itself. I went to parlor and got facial and manicure and pedicure. I returned and waxed my whole body and shaved my pussy and armpits clean. There was not even a single hair on my body and my skin was as smooth as silk. I took a long refreshing bath and applied a very sweet cologne, which was enough to turn any guy on.

I couldn’t decide what to wear for them so I just wrapped a pink towel around me so that the least part of my body was covered. The towel was about an inch above my nipples and about 2 inches below my pussy. My tits were struggling to free themselves. I also applied mascara and some makeup. I applied red lipstick and red nail polish and waited for the guys. I was looking so HOT that anyone who could have seen me must have lost his senses. By the time i was done, the doorbell rang and it was like perfect timing. So I opened the door just in a towel to find Amit and Sanjay standing there smiling. They were absolutely stunned by my beauty trying to free itself from the towel.

I let them enjoy the view for a minute and then held their hands and invited them in. They smiled and said Sakshi you are looking very sexy and hot and went on praising my beauty. They gave me beautifully wrapped box as a gift with some flowers. I was happy that they were so considerate to get me a gift. I opened the box and found beautiful gold earring and some pills. I asked “Ye kya hai?” Amit smiled and said “Sakshi, since this is our first time, we don’t want to use condoms so these are morning after pills so that you don’t get pregnant” Maine sharmaate hue muskuraane lagi.

Then Sanju came close to me and took me in his arms and looked in my eyes and slowly pressed his lips on mine and started kissing me and I kissed him back running my hands in his hairs. He kept on kissing me passionately for about 5 mins and then Amit also came close to me and I let Sanju go and kissed Amit. Both of them kissed me for some time one by one while squeezing my tits on top of my towel.

I then held their hands pulled them to the bedroom. As soon as we were in the bedroom Sanjay caught me from behind and caught my tits and planted a kiss on my neck. Seeing Sanjay, Amit came from front and started smooching me and was squeezing my bums. He was pushing his tongue deep in my mouth, I started sucking his tongue and he sucked mine like mad.

After about 10 mins they released me and were about to take the towel off but I stopped him holding my towel with both hands. I smiled naughtily and said “Itni bhi kya jaldi hai, zara ruko to sahi”. I then put on some music. I could experience their eyes burning in my flesh over the towel. I wanted them to enjoy fully so I brought some almonds, took one of it and placed in my cleavage and told Amit….” SUCK IT OUT” and went near him. He put his head between my boobs, stuck his tongue out licked my tits for some time and then sucked it out.

Both of them were seeing me with lust all this time. So I started dancing and moving my hips from side to side with my back towards them then with a sudden flash I removed the only piece of cloth covering me and threw it at them revealing my sensuous and gorgeous body. Both of them were looking at me with lusty eyes and I heard Sanjay explain “WOW” I went towards him still with my back faced towards them. He squeezed my left cheek and then right and the pinched really hard. I gave a slight cry in pain……OOUUCH. YOU NAUGHTY BOY! Hearing this, they started laughing.

I slowly turned around giving them the full view of my beautiful big round tits with big pink nipples which were erect by now and my trim and tight belly. My navel was shining like a gem. I had a pink pussy and was shaved clean.Both of them quickly removed their shirts and made me lie on the bed.

Amit and Sanju lay next to me on either side and started sucking my tits and nipples from both sides. I wrapped my hands around their heads on both sides and pulled them closer with my eyes closed, i started moaning and could my heartbeat race uncontrollably. They both were squeezing my tits and trying to take my nipples and as much as my tits in their mouth as possible.

I felt one of them caress my navel and stomach and the other was sliding his hands on my thighs and near my pussy. I was sooo hot and started moaning…YES BABY!!! SQUEEZE MY TITS, SUCK MY NIPPLES AND SUCK THEM HARD… I LOVE BEING SUCKED. Hearing this they got turned on and started sucking and biting my tits and nipples even harder and sometimes even used to bite them and I would scream due to that.

They were enjoying my moans and screams. Slowly Amit slid down while kissing and licking my stomach and navel and reached my pussy area and gently blew air on my pussy and I again felt that mind blowing feeling. He then started kissing my pussy and I was crossing all bounds of joy and was moaning loudly.

I could feel Amit’s tongue enter my pussy and going in circles. It was making me wild I caught his head from hairs and thrust it deeper in to my pussy with other hand I pressed Sanju’s head on my tits and moaned…KHA JAO INHE…DONT LET THEM GO…YESSS …CHOOSE DALO INHE. Sanju took my nipple in his mouth and bit it hard and I gave a loud cry… AAAA OOOOOOOOOCCCCHHH. Amit’s tongue was creating wonders for me and I was going crazy and moaning…OH YEAH….SUCK ME AMIT LICK MY PUSSY…I LOVE IT…OH GOD…OH AMIT, MY LUV YOU ARE MAKING ME CRAZY.

This went on for about 15 mins and I felt my orgasm thundering in my head and then I felt my head turn and came with a loud moan.. OOOOOOOOOO HHHHHHHHHHAA….AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH. It was the most intense orgasm of my life and my waist was bent in arch shape and my eyes rolled. After the orgasm I lay limp and sort of blacked out and relaxed for about 10 mins.

During that time, both Amit and Sanju were caressing me all over and kissed my body gently all over. They also took of their clothes and lay next to me, i got back to my senses and held their hard cocks from both sides and puled them closer. My eyes went wide as I felt their hard and hot dicks. Both of them were about 7″ long cocks. Sanju looked in my eyes and smiled. Maine sharmaate hue muskurayi aur apni nazare jhuka li.

Both Sanju and Amit got up and Sanju sat between my legs. He opened my legs wide and positioned his cock at my entrance and looked in my eyes again. Since it was my first time i was really tight and requested Sanju “Please dheere se karna”. Sanju smiled and held my legs and guided his big hard throbbing cock to my wet pussy. It was difficult for me to take just the head of his cock in my pussy and it hurt like anything. I was slowly pushing him due to pain. Amit held my hands at pinned them down to bed.

Sanju slowly slid in the head of his big cock in my cunt but then without paying any attention to my request gave a mighty push and broke all my barriers, tearing it. The pain was unbearable and I felt as if he had pushed a knife in my abdomen. I begged Sanju and Amit PLEASE LEAVE ME. I CANT BEAR SO MUCH PAIN. PLZ MUJHE CHCHOD DO. AAAAAAHHH.. AAAA…HHH. AAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEE. Seeing me shouting like this Sanju and Amit started laughing.

Amit left my hands, but Sanju held my hands and lay on me and kissed my neck and said, “Don’t worry Jaan, you will be alright, bas shuru shuru mein thoda dard hota hai. Ab thoda dard to tumhe sahan karna hi padega”. Tears started rolling from my eyes and I begged Sanju “Sanju please mujhe chchod do, i can’t bear this much pain, please Sanju” but all my pleads fell on deaf ears. He lay on top of me pinning me down on bed for about 5 mins so I could cover over the initial pain. When the pain subsided a bit I again pleaded, “Please Sanju dheere karna” I didn’t realize that only half of his dick was inside me till he gave another mighty stroke and buried his cock deep to the hilt in me.

I again started to shout but this time he squeezed my tits hard, lay on me and sealed my lips with his by putting his tongue in me. I was forced to bear that insufferable pain. Tears again started rolling from my eyes due to excess of pain. They were excited and enjoyed seeing me shout and moan. Amit laughed seeing my moan and writher in pain under Sanju. Sanju was biting my lips hard and pushed his tongue deep to stop me from shouting. This time he didn’t pause and continued pumping me with slow and long strokes. I was going mad with pain.

Slowly I started to respond though the feeling of his big 7-inch cock was too much for me to handle. He kept fucking me and after sometime I started getting used to pain and started responding as well. I ran my hands on his bare back and sometimes my fingers in his hairs and kissed him back. Sometimes he was sucked my tits and nipples while fucking me and I pulled him closer.

He increased his speed and kept on fucking me for about 10 mins and then his body stiffened and then with a loud moan he shot all his load deep inside my pussy.. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…. With that he fell on top of me and lay in my arms exhausted burying his face in my neck. I slowly ran my fingers in his hairs and his back lovingly kissing his cheeks and ears. He got up after 5-10 mins and i saw lot of blood on the bed sheet. I asked them to change the bed sheet while i cleaned my self in the bathroom.

As soon as I returned, Amit took me in his arms and started sucking my tits and nipples. I smiled and hugged him. We lay on bed and he grabbed my tits and started sucking wildly for sometime. He kissed my stomach and licked my stomach and navel and then turned me around and licked my back with his tongue all over. I was started getting excited and was feeling like current passing through my entire body as Amit played with my body all over. I was melting in his hands and could feel his lips all over my body. Amit then lay on the bed and asked me to climb him. I opened my legs wide and climbed him. I smiled naughtily and teased him by offering him my tits but not letting him have it. We played for sometime and I finally let him have them. He squeezed one and took the other in mouth and bit hard and I screamed loudly… AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH. But he didn’t let go and gave me few love bites on my tits and neck and we kissed passionately.

I then lifted my bottom slowly and guided his tool inside me. I was coming on to him slowly placing my hands on his chest, but suddenly he pushed my hands off and lifted his middle portion so that I came landing on him and his full length pierced me in one movement. I again winced in pain, and bit my lower lip, as his dick was also quite big and thick. Perhaps they had both decided to make me bear pain.

He then pulled my head and started smooching me. My tits were crushing against his hard chest. He held my butt and started to squeeze them and pull my bum apart. I tried moving my bottom but it pained too much so Amit rolled over with me and came on top of me and while sucking my lips started fucking me slowly. I was also enjoying it and hugged him and pulled him closer. I wrapped my legs around him and my hands were running on his back while he was squeezing my tits.

Amit started with long and slow strokes and was kissing my neck and lips and sucking my tits as well. Soon both of us started feeling good and I encouraged him and was moaning …OH YEAH!!…OH YEAH!! JAAN… AUR ZOR SE KARO!!! I FEEL SO GOOD! KEEP FUCKING ME…i love it…OH GOD! I FEEL SOOO GOOD…OH YESSS… FUCK ME…YESSS…SSS..OH GOD..

He started fucking me with short and fast strokes now. We both were biting each others lips passionately. Both of our hands were exploring each others body, which by now was covered with sweat. He was fucking me faster and faster and I was in another world. My head felt light and I felt I was going to cum so I screamed… I AM GOING TO CUM… OOOOOOHHHHH. I AM GOING TO CUM NOW. We both were so hot and our sweaty bodies were sliding on one another mixing our sweat and juices. I heard Amit moan too… OH BABY I AM GONNA CUM… I LUV YOU JAAAN OOOH YESSSS. I said … YESSS CUM INSIDE ME JAAAANU. I WANT ALL UR CUM IN ME. CUM INSIDE ME.

With that I felt Amit shot big load of his cum deep inside my pussy and I also rolled my eyes and again had an earth shattering orgasm. I wrapped my arms and legs tightly around Amit and screamed out of pleasure. I could experience his hot cum filling my pussy. We both lay exhausted in each others arms trying to catch our breaths.

We relaxed for sometime in each others arms and then Amit got up from me and lay next to me. I didn’t realize when i fell asleep, but they both woke me up after about 30 mins and we had dinner together. After dinner they again made love to me one by one and by the time both of them were done, my pussy was already paining like anything. I slept between both of them on the same bed without any clothes.

It was impossible to control them for the next 2 days and both of them fucked me twice on Saturday and Sunday. But I became sour due to so much fucking that it was hard for me to walk for 2 days as my pussy was paining like anything and i was unable to even walk. So I had to take leave for 2 days from college.

We enjoyed our first encounter to the fullest. Both Amit and Sanju wanted to make love to me every weekend after that, but it was so difficult for me. So we decided to meet only once a month and enjoy. Whenever we fucked they used to give me birth control pills since we never used condoms.

After sometime we started meeting more and more often and after about a year or so, they were making love to me on every weekend. Later they introduced me to new techniques and i would even suck their cocks. They even introduced me to anal sex and slowly convinced me to even have both of them together: 1 in pussy and 1 in ass. We enjoyed ourselves till we were in college after which they moved abroad and I found new boy friend.

—- End Of Part 1 —-



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