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October 19, 2018

Romping with sexy aunty

Romping with sexy aunty

HI readers. I am a great fan of this site. Let me reveal out one more experience, it happened to me when I was 20. I am from a small town in tamil nadu. My aunty and uncle was residing next to my house. My aunty is about 6 feet tall, she must be 42-38-42.

She is now aged 33.she is wheatish in colour. Very gigantic figure. She has 3 sons, aged 6,4, and 1. As she is next to my house, I would spend most of my time there. I always keep my eye on her boobs and butt, very big bopps, just cant try to pack and hide it with bra.

For a long long time, I was longing to see her boobs.. One fine day,my mom,dad, and my uncle went to a death of my relative in next town. So my uncle asked me to stay there in his house as a security for my aunty, as she will be alone with 3 kids.

That night around 8 pm I went to her house. She gave me dinner and asked to sleep in the hall. Her two sons slept.She then gave me her third son (1 yr old), and asked me to hold till she finishes her dinner… She was watching TV serial and started to eat.

She was sitting on the floor. I was sitting on the sofa with her last child. To my luck, the child started to weep, it felt hungry it seems. She asked to bring and lay her child on her lap. While I did that, I was eager to see her boops naked.

I was waiting…to my luck, as her one hand was wet and clumsy with food, she said to lift her pallu and remove lower hooks of her blouse. I was shocked and my hands were shivering, in surprise. I slowly lifted her pallu, and started to remove the hook,

she was interestingly watching the serial, (while removing I slightly touched her boob…dut was very scared to press..)..after removing 3 hooks from the bottom I said to her that I had removed, the child was crying, but aunty was interested more on watching tv serial.

She said plz raj, plz lift this part of blouse, I shocked and very happy doing that, I just lifted her blouse to my surprise she was not wearing bra inside, her boob just fell on my hands, it was so soft, then the child started drinking the milk.

She was watching serial interestingly and I was watching her boobs interestingly. But her one inch nipple was inside her child mouth. After the serial was over, the child slept, she asked to lift the child up, again I got a chance to see the boob close.

Then she stood up, adjusted her blouse, covered her boop..closed her pallu covering the beauty.. I couldnt bear…my dick was erect for long time. I laid down the child and went to toilet to masturburate.. Then I returned to hall and slept.

She took her kid to the room and asked me to come inside the room to sleep, and said there might be mosquito in the hall. SO I went inside to sleep. She and her three kids were lying down, and I was lying on the bed.

She was facing me, I was restless, she was sleeping, I went to toilet, masturburated again and returned to bed. I was eager to see her breast again…the dimm light..showed me the way..i went near the child and pinched it slightly…and returned fast to my bed..

the child started to weep.. My aunt just opened her blouse and started feeding…as she was lying down and facing me…i was able to see the full boob…my aunt fell asleep..keeping the boob open… The child too slept…now the sexy boob was waiting

and wanting for me to suck…i was scared…got some courage and went near her…slowly..took the child off and laid that on my bed..so the place next to my aunt was vacant…i just lied slowly and started sucking milk…

I was very cautious to suck it slowly (like a child) so that my aunty doesnt feel the difference…my dick started to erect….i was sucking…sucking…it dried up… My aunty just woke and turned to face the fan..but she didnt notice me…still the boob was open….

i slowly lifted the pallu…of her saree….now her one side boob was naked and other was inside the blouse…i slowly removed the hooks…and now both boobs was naked hanging in front of me..my hands were ready to squeeze…but I was scared whether she might awake…

i got bit courage and lifted her saree from the bottom..along with pavada.. She justed moved and adjusted for my easyness…i wonder whether she was awake…i turned and saw…but she was still sleeping..i saw her cunt…..it was sexy..

It was cleanly shaved…just inserted my middle finger slowly….she was asleep…slowly slowly I inserted.. It went deep inside..it was wet…i started to lick… It was so tasty….she must be feeling that she is in dream..she didnt wake at all….i was about to cum…..

I took her hand slowly and made to touch my rod…which was strong and erect….the moment she touched it…it became more stronger.she holded it tightly…she moved it front and back..she might have thought that she is doing it in dream….

then I closed her saree pallu and went to toilet to masturbate…i took the child and placed it next her..and went to bed…after 3 time masturbating..i was tired..i fell asleep…she might have thought that it had happened in dream…

she must have been aroused.. I was wearing lungi….while sleeping I felt someone holding my rod…i slightly lifted my eyes…and saw aunty..trying to wake my rod…i again closed my eyes…and pretend to sleep…

My rod got erect….aunty started to suck it…vigorously…i didnt open my eyes…i was about to cumm…and I cummed it in aunty’s mouth itself… I didnt open my eyes..even after that….aunty felt that I was sleeping…and she again woke my rod..by kindling it..

it slowly woke..she lifted her saree from the bottom.. Slightly inserted my cock into her cunt…i was in heaven.. But pretended to sleep…she started to move up and down..vigorously..she was playing with it…i cummed inside her cunt…she was really enjoying it..

i pretended as if I was sleeping…then she went to sleep…next day morning I woke normaly..and she was looking very normal…. Both of the desires was fulfilled…but none showed that in our face…she gave me coffee…and breakfast…

It was sunday…i went to bath..she came inside to pour hot water..i pretended as if I was shy..and turned towards the wall though wearing the underwear..she smiled and went.. Then that afternoon…all her child went to sleep after lunch…

only we two were awake…she asked whether I had sex before with any woman…i said..it happens only in my dream…she smiled..I got the courage and asked her whether she could fulfill my desire..she smiled and asked me too come…

i removed her saree…she removed my lungi… I was naked now…she was standing with blouse and pavadai…i removed her pavadai..and saw the cunt with bright light…wow……i asked her to sit on the sofa.. I lied on her lap…remove the blouse hook from bottom..

Today she was wearing white coloured bra…slighly lifted it..and started sucking it…i licked the nipple…squeezed with my hand..milked flowed allover my mouth…she gave me other boob…i squeezed both the boop…pressed…milked spilled all over my body….

while I was drinking milk… She slightly bended and started sucking my cock…she did it with utter hunger….she asked to lick her cunt.. She was sitting on the sofa…and open her legs..i kneeled down and started to lick…rounded my tongue all over the cunt…

she was mourning…it drew me to lick more faster… She asked to insert my rod and pump it…fast.. We mated in doggy position…then we both went to take bath together…again we mated in bathroom…

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