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October 18, 2018

Rashmi Turned Into Prostitue

Rashmi Turned Into Prostitue

My house servant (Kanti, a bit fat with height 5’7″) (4) My house Security Guard (Chauhan, wheatish thin 5’9″ a bit ugly) (5) My chacha / kaka (Nikhil, plump, fair, 5’10”) (6) & My personal car Driver (Mehul, quite ugly to even look at with various marks on his cheeks and mouth almost filled with gutkha and height 5’5″). While my stats are: 36, 28, 40 heigh 5’7″, very fair.

Hi I am Rashmi from Ahmedabad. Ahi mara Gujju bhai behno ne ‘Jai Shree Krishna’ aur baaki sab ko Namaste. This is a true incidence that occurred with me couple of months back. It being a story by a dad to her young and hot daughter, I request the readers who find such stories not of their taste to keep away from it remaining reader can go ahead with their respective tools ready for the masturbation act and yes be nude before you proceed further.

I was an innocent girl though modern till this incidence occurred. I loved my dad very much and now I love him even more than before. This incidence include total 6 characters other than me i.e. (1) My Dad (Avinash, well built with height 5’11 and fair) (2) My younger sister (Poonam, figure 34, 26, 38 & 5’6″ tall and very fair or say a bomb shell in her college but these days has a small tond fat on her stomach which I got to knowlater why it is) (3)

My house servant (Kanti, a bit fat with height 5’7″) (4) My house Security Guard (Chauhan, wheatish thin 5’9″ a bit ugly) (5) My chacha / kaka (Nikhil, plump, fair, 5’10”) (6) & My personal car Driver (Mehul, quite ugly to even look at with various marks on his cheeks and mouth almost filled with gutkha and height 5’5″). While my stats are: 36, 28, 40 heigh 5’7″, very fair.

It goes like we are a family of 4 dad, mommy mother was working for an NGO and thus was on frequent travel to various countries. That time she was on a project to Zimbabwe and we 3 i.e. Dad me and Poonam were home. It was a Saturday evening while Dad and Kaka were having drinks as they used to have it every weekend. Before this incidence I wasn’t aware of their intentions on me so does of a secret about them n Poonam.

Poonam had gone for tuition and was expected anytime back home as she was in 2nd year B.Com while Dad and Kaka were discussing something. I came down in the kitchen to drink water and was passing by from the main hall. Kaka called me ‘Rashmi, come here and I went there and asked what happened. To which he replied come over and sit with me. I obeyed and did sat.

He asked me what do I need and why I came downstairs, I said to have water as thirsty. He passed a comment and said ‘Tu to apni pyaas paani se bhuja legi, hamari pyaas kaun bhujayega?’ And laughed out loud. I couldn’t guess what he wanted to say but could smell something fishy. I wanted to confirm again so responded to confirm. He said, ‘meri billo le maar ek peg aur apne badan ko hame saup de.

I saw at dad but he was almost high and didn’t said anything, I shouted on kaka and tried to move away. He hold of my hand and pulled me towards him. He tried to force me to have a sip from his glass, but I pushed it away. He was annoyed and thus splashed the same on me. Some drops did went in my mouth which I tried to spit but don’t know how a still some drops was gulped down.

I felt a bit uncomfortable and kaka kept his glass away. He started kissing me and I was trying to get free and pleading for mercy. Called my dad but he didn’t responded earlier. Kaka started to fondle my boobs above my t-shirt and with the other hand hold me tight while he was doing so, there was a ring on the door bell, and it was Poonam.

Kaka didn’t bother to leave me and tore off my t-shirt in one go revealing my bra and semi exposed boobs. I was feeling ashamed and the moment I saw down to check how to cover, kaka planted a kiss on my lips. He was still having some drink in his mouth and he pushed it in my mouth. He kept on pumping air in till I was forced to gulp it down my throat. I did so and was helpless.

Meanwhile Poonam opened the door with the second keys that she had and was shocked by the scene in the room. I pleaded to Poonam for help, and she did shout on Kaka for this. She reached the sofa where kaka and I was sitting and she bent over and gave kaka a nice deep wet kiss. I was completely shocked with this and didn’t knew what to do and say. I was stuck as a dumb ass for a moment.

Poonam went to dad and gave him a kiss too, took his glass and gulped down a couple of sip from his whiskey. I was almost fainted. Poonam then said, ‘kaka aa shu, tamne aavu nohtu karvu joytu hatu have aa nahi jodaye group ma, to shu thashe? Ane aane mom ne kahi didhu to? Chacha, whats this, you shouldn’t have done this and if she don’t join our group then what? And what if she complaints it to mom?

She came near and slapped my ass over my denims. She opened my denim buttons, zipped it down and pulled it down in one go. I started crying and pleading for mercy and they didn’t listen a word and were all over me to make me nude and make a part of their incest group. Dad got up and came over pulling Poonam with her hair.

She turned and gave dad a nice French kiss while dad opened her denim and let it fall. Inserted his hand in her panty and started fondling her vagina hole. She started moaning while Kaka inserted his hand in my panty as I was not allowing him to play with my vagina, he simply pulled my panty down and revealed my bushy pussy to all. I was ashamed and whipping with tears.

Poonam and dad separated from their kiss and came on me. Poonam opened my bra and dad started playing with my boobs. I was in no clue what to do and let them do whatever they did as was helpless but later that was a wrong or say correct decision. Poonam took out his cell phone from her fallen denims, gave a call to Chauhan our security guard and asked him to come in the main hall.

I was in total shock and I was totally nude and by now Poonam was nude too. Dad stopped playing with my boobs and took me over him and kaka got up and hugged Poonam tightly giving her a wet long kiss. During this, Chauhan entered the hall without a knock and was surprised to see me in the act. He immediately passed a comment Sahab aakhir asli maal ko chodne ke liye bula hi liya.

I was in no control now and started hitting my hands and legs here and there. Dad hold me tightly and said ‘saali randi, aise to bahar walo ko bohot ghumati hai aur na jaane kitno se chudwati bhi hogi kisse pata, aaj jab ghar me mauka mila hai to kyu ro rahi hai? I was a virgin and didn’t do all those only had hang out with friends still don’t know why dad thought so. Meanwhile Chauhan came near me and was about to fondle my boobs to which Poonam stopped him.

Poonam: Chauhan ye tera maal zarur hai par pehle ye dad ka samaan hai fir Mehul ka aur fir job hi chahe chod sakta hai’. Chauhan thik hai jaaneman, tu jaisa kahe to aa ja tu to mere gale lag ja jaan listening this, she left kaka and hugged Chauhan and started removing his clothes. Kaka came towards me and got nude exposing his huge 6 inch n 2 inch thick monster cock. He kept it in front of my mouth and asked me to suck it.

I denied and was fight ting to get relieved. Poonam made Chauhan nude and gave him a nice kiss and a tight hug then came to dad and took off his clothes. Dad was about to enter me when Mehul and Kanti entered the hall. Looking them in the hall I stopped fighting and tried hiding my parts as much as I could.
Poonam saw this and said aa Mehul jaan, teri raani tere se chudwane ke liye taiyaar baithi hai, bas pehle dad uski choot ko tere liye naram kar de taa ki wo tera bada land ander aasaani se le paye. I somehow turned around and saw dad’s cock, omg! It was a real monster must be 3 inches thick and 8 inches long.

I closed my eyes for god to protect me. Kanti looking all these said Poonam aaj to bada mazaa aayega, 2 phool aur 5 maali. Poonam gave a smile and left Chauhan and went to Kanti. She simply tore off his shirt and dropped down his pants and underwear. Took his cock and started sucking it. Don’t know what went in my mind, I kept quiet and let all happen. Dad inserted his monster in me and I was shouting in paid cried a lot but nothing helpful. Instead kaka filled my mouth with his cock and shut my mouth.

After some time the pain vanished and my cunt was lubricated with some liquid. I thought now it’s of no use to scream as I am all taken by these bastards, so I surrendered and instead started taking pleasure in it. I opened my eyes and called my dad ‘Dad can you please be a bit pleasant or shall I be rude now?’ Dad said: ‘rude as in? I was confused if I should behave such or not but thought to give a try so said: abe betichod, thoda dheere chod warna meri chut phat ke tere land pe latak jayegi.

Listening to this Poonam was mouth wide open and laughed to it. She asked everyone to join the game and sent Mehul to me. Kaka went to Poonam and took his position behind her. She lifted her ass to reveal her cunt to kaka. Kaka gave a push and his land was in Poonam’s chut. I saw that and was laughing. Poonam asked: Rashmi why you laughing?

I said: randi Poonam, tu na jaane kab se chudwa rahi hogi jot era itna khul gaya hai. Poonam: ‘Rashmi babe, dekh tu, tere ko bhi ye sab itna chodenge, ki abhi to sirf to maze le rahi hai, aage fir teri chut itni badi ho jayegi kit u roz chudwane ke liye bheek maange gi. Maine kaha: Kyun nahi, wo to tere ko dekh ke lag hi raha hai saali. Mehul ek kaam karega? Agar tu mujhe chodna chahta hai to tere ko ek kaam karna padega?

Mehul: Bolna raani, tere ko chodne ke liye ek kya do kaam kar du sweetheart.’ I asked him to make a peg for everyone, and a large one for me:D Mehul prepared it, came near me handing over the glass and said: ‘Raani le teri drink, abhi ye pee le fir thuje mere love juice pilata hu, aur bata aur kya karna hoga?’
Maine kaha: Darling, tu aise thodi na chodega mujhe, chal nanga ho jaa aur chadh jaa mere pe to which Dad replied: Saali raand Rashmi, maine abhi tak tere ko chodna bandh nahi kiya hai jot u mehul ke land ki pyaasi ho rahi hai’.

Maine kaha: Bhadve betichod Avinash, Tu meri chut thok aur mehul meri gaand maarega.’Poonam said: Rashmi jaan, dhyaan rakhiyo, kaka ne jab meri gaand pehli baar maari thi to mai sahen nahi kar paayi thi itna dard hua tha. I said: Randi jaan, koi na, Nikhil ne ek bhatiji ki gaand chod kar prove kar diya ki wo meri gaand bhi maar lengi. Kyu Nikhil bhatijichod, sahi kaha na?. Kaka: Haa billo, ekdam ij sahi kaha’. Mehul took off his clothes and fucking! Seems like 3.5 inches thick and 6 inches long. Mehul came under me and without waiting tore off my ass hole. I shouted: Uiii maaa mar gai. Mehul bhai, maaroge kya apni rani ko?

Poonam was laughing high and said: ‘Rashmi babe, kaha tha gaand mat marva, ab bhugat. Mehul: kept on pumping my ass wnd after a while I was in heaven with 2 cocks in 2 of my holes while Poonam had 2 in hers. We both sisters are a perfect slut for these bastards 2 beauties with 4 dogs. Dad was fucking me in my pussy while Mehul was so good in my ass, that I felt no pain and all pleasure to have his cock in my ass.

I gulped down the entire glass in one go and now my head was spinning round n round. Kaka was about to be done and shot his load in Poonam’s mouth and she readily gulp it down and the kaka came over me, gave his dick to lick, I initially hesitated as it was sticking bad. Poonam convinced me to suck it and taste his love juice and then I did so and yummy!

So tasty I asked everyone to shot cum in my mouth only. To which Dad denied and said he would shot it in my pussy and nowhere else. I said: Betichod, bhadwe tu kya mujhe pregnant bana ke meri beti ko bhi chod k eek aur betichod banna chahta hai kya?’ Poonam immediately said: Rashmi raand, teri beti ka to chhod ye mere ko bhi nahi bakshe, tujhe nahi pata, but mai tere baap ki beti ki maa banne wali hu, maine pata lagvaya hai and yes it’s baby girl foetus.

Meri ye thodi si jo tond hai wo koi fat nahi but teri ek aur bahen hai jo bas maa ke pet se nahi but mere pet se aayegi. I fainted almost, but regained my senses. Before I could say anything more, Dad shot his cum in me and said, Poonam beti, le Rashmi ko bhi maine maa banne ka mauka diya hai, dekhte hai kaun mujhe jyada khush karta hau, badi beti ya choti beti. I said: Dad, don’t insult us.’ Poonam said:’kyun be raand tu baap ko betichod keh kar insult kare to chale aur wo kuch kare to na chale.

I immediately replied: oye jaaneman honey, I didn’t mean that, I wanted to say, don’t call us beti we are dad’s wife and also their rakhail. So either he should call us as wife, rakhail, raand, prostitute or if he wish then Chhutki ki maa.’ We all laughed out loud while, Kanti was about to cum and he came over to me giving all his love juice to me, and I drank it with my best pleasure meanwhile, chauhan took over on Poonam’s chut
And dad started sucking my right boob while kaka sucked my left boob! I was on 9th cloud. Aaaahhhh Mehul fucks me come one. Fuck my pussy. Listening this, he shifted to y pussy and handed over my ass to kaka. Kaka could enter so easily that I could not even feel as if he entered. As Mehul entered my pussy I got a new pleasure, I said’ Mehul bhai, chod de mujhe aisa ki tere land ki deewani ho jau, chod de mujhe aisa, kit ere land se hi main mar jau.

He climbed on me and changed the pose making me lie on kaka. Kaka was in my ass while Mehul was fucking my pussy over me. Kanti was playing with both of my boobs now and Dad was fucking Poonam’s ass. Poonam was sandwiched between Chauhan and Dad. I was moaning ‘Aaahhhhh Mehul jaan tere land pe meri chut kurbaan, thok thok ke bana de baap ki aur tere beti ki maa.

Mehul was so happy to fuck me he thanked Poonam for the call, and so does to chauhan. Poonam said: mehul darling, kaka ko thanks bol, usne teri rani ko dulhan banaya hai aaj, jisse kit u uska raja bann sake.’ He thanked kaka and gave him a lip kiss while fucking me. Mehul increased his speed which made me hornier. I said: aaaahhhhii Mehul darling, yes come on fuck me like your bitch, fuck me to the deep. Kaka, you too fuck my ass deeper.

I want you to load your cum in my ass so that I can keep your love juice for longer.’ Kaka to this:’Rashmi billo, tujhe jyada chaiye to bol roz pura din thokunga tujhe, chod chod ke tujhe teri bahen ki tarah pyaasi prostitute bana dunga, bas ishara de. Dad was a bit harsh to it and said: or bahenchod, saale, mera ek maal to chheen liya hai tune ab dusra bhi chhene ga kya, meri ek beti to mere se roz chudne de.

To which I aid: Dad don’t worry, main aapse bhi roz chudungi, pehle aap chodna, fir kaka chodenge. Aap dono milke chodna jisse ki mujhe bhi double mazaa mile. Mehul shot his cum in her pussy and kaka did in her ass. Dad was fucking Poonam hard and was in no mood to let her miss any joy. While Chauhan was ready for the play and took out his tool gifting it to me to lick his love juice.

I licked it till the last drop and cleaned it shining sharp. Dad was still in poonam’s ass and we all were resting while everyone was fondling the new member were fondling my all over to welcome me to their sex incest group. Mehul started kissing me again and this time with great passion exchanging his gutkha with me. I hated the taste of gutkha but loved his kiss. Meanwhile kaka prepared double shots for everyone.

Dad finally was about to shot his love juice but left Poonam before that and shot his love juice in my drink. I was so happy to see that and with that, I left Mehul ahd hugged dad holding his tool in my hand and licking it to clean till the last drop. I drank the whiskey in one shot and now was drunk thus wanted more fun. I shouted aa Avinash betichod, chod apni pyari biwi ko, dad was standing still but I took his tool in hand and inserted it in my pussy.

Dad lifted me and was fucking me rough with all the abusive languages he could do such as bahenchod, randi, maal, samaan, tota, matka, etc along with love words such as Jaan billo, jaaneman, darling, biwi, honey, etc. If you enjoyed this incidence and want to fuck your daughter, do take a chance and fuck her and once done do share your story with me on [email protected]



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