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October 17, 2018

Prison Warden – Dream Job

Prison Warden – Dream Job

My prison houses approx 400 women and I have a staff of 30 ladies – mostly constables and couple of junior officers. I run a tight shop and my jails are known for their discipline and hygienic conditions and generally never get negative publicity or attention. My latest posting in HP is even more remote than usual jail sites and often I wonder what prompted the Government to build such an imposing jail in such a remote area.

My name is Durga and I am a 45 year old law enforcement officer. I am a prison warden and the currently am the head warden for the state central jail (ladies prison) in Himachal Pradesh. I am a Tamilian by ethnicity and come from a family of army officers. I am about 5’10” tall, weigh 78 kgs and am very muscular – I have a dark complexion and keep my black straight hair very short – almost like an army jawan.

I have been a dominate lesbian for as long as I can remember and that is the reason I never got married despite a lot of pressure from my family. A lot of people talk about dream jobs, but this is really my dream job and in my opinion not a job at all for me. I would work this job for free, maybe even pay for it (!) but the Indian Government pays me to do what I love.

My prison houses approx 400 women and I have a staff of 30 ladies – mostly constables and couple of junior officers. I run a tight shop and my jails are known for their discipline and hygienic conditions and generally never get negative publicity or attention. My latest posting in HP is even more remote than usual jail sites and often I wonder what prompted the Government to build such an imposing jail in such a remote area.

My staff is utterly loyal to me and if I suspect any lessening or lack of loyalty I have such staff transferred immediately with a poor service record tagged to their files and this reputation precedes me ensuring that I get complete unquestioning obedience from my subordinates. As I said, I have been a lifelong dominate lesbian and after numerous affairs with various women across many years of my life, I have now completely stopped seeing any woman on a regular basis and get all my sexual needs taken care of by my inmates – my prisoners!

As a spinster and a control freak, I applied for and got to live in very comfortable quarters on the jail premises. That makes me available 24×7; more importantly makes all the convict pussies available 24×7 to me too. I have a harem of more than 20 inmate girls that I use and abuse at my will but my particular delight is in breaking in a new girl into my submissive lesbian slave!

As you might guess Indian jails are not the most likely place to find alluring beauties for my perversions. But, when you have a constantly changing set of 400 women to choose from, I can assure you that I do find enough of what I want. Today, I have my eyes upon a brand new inmate. First time offender, first time convict – my favorite! Her name is Lubna – she is a Muslim girl of about 19 years of age. She is about 5’3” tall, very fair and drops dead beautiful.

Reading through her files I found that she was from another state altogether and had been convicted on drug pushing charges and was about to serve a 5 year sentence in my jail. This was perfect! Taming girls who have 6 months or less is tougher since they can almost taste their freedom! But a 5 year convict is mentally broken and those 5 years seem like a lifetime to most of them – especially a first timer.

I put in a call to the arresting officer and figured out that the girl’s uncle was a drug pusher and that he used Lubna as a “carrier” to push drugs in colleges and other places where she would not stand out among young people who formed most of his customer base. The officer felt that Lubna was probably innocent and forced by her uncle (she did not have a father) to do this work – but the law was strict (Thank God!) and her case had got a strict judge and here she was.

I was delighted! This was getting better and better. She most likely was a scared innocent girl who was untainted by criminal acts and any hard knocks! I got Lubna brought into my office. My assistant who knew my ways quietly left the chained girl in front of my table and left closing the door behind her. I continued working on some papers with Lubna standing there crying in her chains. Eventually I got up and walked up close to her.

She looked terrified! Here I was, tall and muscular and in full uniform right up close – she was shivering in fear. I told her “I don’t want to hear any sob stories. Every convict here insists they are innocent. You can either spend the next 5 years peacefully here or I can make it hell for you – if you do not obey me!”. She stammered “Yes madam”. I put a hand under her chin and tilted her head up and said “You are very pretty. I like pretty girls.

And pretty girls who keep me happy are well looked after in my jail – do you understand?” She clearly did understand some part of what I was saying and looked scared and angry! She pulled away from me and said “Leave me alone please. Please don’t touch me.” I was getting lusty and angry now. This little bitch! How dare she turn me down? I pulled her by her waist and slid my hands over her beautiful plump ass globes and said “Lubna, make me happy and I will take care of you. You are here for 5 years.

You will either obey me and make me happy or else…” Lubna gave a little scream and pulled away violently from me and began screaming at me saying things like “Don’t touch me you bitch. I am not like that!” I relented and finished her paperwork and began implementing the next stage of my plan. I had her led away to be housed in her cell after some medical tests. I had several hardened inmates in my jail. Women who had done murders, armed robberies, and stabbings -you name it. I had my own set of 10-15 of the toughest inmates who I had cultivated.

These women ran the jail like a kingdom and they were greatly feared in the jail because of their violent nature and aggression. Most were lifers and really thought of the jail as home having left their life outside completely. Many of them also routinely sexually forced other women inmates – more to underline their power than any real lesbian tendencies. Each of these women had their own little groups of 18-20 women who were their flock and there was protection for these girls afforded by the boss inmate.

I had made it a point to work with these women and set rules within which they could operate. This way I had complete discipline in the jail almost regardless of my staff! The enforcers were these powerful women prisoners who knew that as long as they obeyed the limits, they would be left alone by me. It was to one of these women that I next went. She was an ex dacoit and a very rough and uncouth woman of about 50, called Chachi. She had in her time killed more than 10 people, some with a knife and an iron rod.

She was a scary woman. She was in for life and she really valued her freedoms and rights that I had granted in the Jail. I had assigned Lubna to Chachi’s cell and called Chachi to my room to brief her. I told Chachi that in 2 days and nights, I wanted Lubna to be broken to the point that I wanted her at. Chachi was strictly forbidden to fuck her in her pussy, mouth or ass. She was also forbidden from hurting Lubna in a way that would bruise, bleed or cause hospitalization. Otherwise she was free to do what she had to.

Each cell in my jail has 4 beds. I had shuffled the inmates such that Chachi had two of her main cronies and Lubna as her cell mates. Satisfied with my preparations, I wound up for the day and left for my quarters where I was looking forward to being tended to my current favorite inmate slave – Komal.

I had assigned Komal as my domestic servant which was part of her inmate duties – except that my domestic servants stayed nights with me too! I let myself in and found Komal finishing up cooking my evening meal. She was dressed in a thin T-shirt of mine with no undergarments. That was my rule and the little bitch knew how to obey! She was a pleasant looking girl of about 22 who was my current slave of choice. She came to me with a large vodka and lime and after serving me my drink got on her knees to take my shoes off!

This was the life! After taking my shoes and socks off she kneeled there massaging my feet and calf muscles. I reached down and gave her tits a hard squeeze and told her that I would be soon sending her back to her cell. Truth be told, I had gotten a little bored of her and although I had trained her to be my sex slave, I needed fresh meat! I finished my meal and completed some pending work and then headed to my bedroom where Komal was already seated on the floor beside my bed.

I yanked her up by her hair and took off the single garment she was wearing. I then took her to bed and made love to her in many demeaning ways – but I was only partly focused on her. I was already thinking of what I would do to pretty innocent Lubna in a couple of days.The next 2 days were some of the toughest in my life to go through. I resisted going to Lubna’s cell and resisted keeping tabs on Chachi’s activities! I know that patience was needed for my plan to work.

The following day in the evening, I asked for Lubna to be brought to me. She walked in a few minutes later. Her eyes were red from crying and she looked terrified and hysterical! She was begging to be transferred from her cell to anywhere – even solitary confinement! She was shaking from fear and probably pain. She cried and begged me to re-assign her to anywhere but Chachi’s cell!

I looked at her sternly and said “You have one last chance! You can be assigned as my domestic servant. Then you will be confined to my quarters! If you piss me off even slightly, I will send you back to Chachi’s cell immediately.” Poor Lubna was caught between the devil and the deep sea now! She know that I would sexually use her and that clearly scared and disgusted her – but the option was to go back to pure hell at the hands of Chachi!

She cried and cried and said, please take me with you – not back to that cell please! I was exultant! I had already sent Komal back to her cell in the hope that I would break Lubna – and I had got that! I walked over to her and pulled her close. I ran my hands over her beautiful breasts over her prison clothes and pulled her hard to me and squeezed her ass! She looked disgusted but was too scared to pull away.

I asked my guard to take her to my quarters and show her the domestic work she would do. After about an hour I went over to my house full of anticipation and lust! I let myself in and found Lubna crying quietly in a corner of the kitchen. I pulled her by her waist and took her to my sofa. I sat her beside me and held her close. She was shivering in fear and anticipation. I drew back and kissed her full and hard on her lips. Initially she tried pushing me away, but then seemed to give up and slowly and fearfully parted her lips and teeth and let me explore her mouth.

She was sweet as honey! I kissed her powerfully and deeply for several minutes and pushed my tongue as deeply as I possibly could down her throat! After a few minutes of this, she was flushed and breathless. I took her by the hand and led her to my bed. I quickly started stripping her when she again started fighting and resisting me. I stepped back, grabbed her by her hair and gave her 2 hard slaps across her face. I then backed away, picked up my intercom and told her that I was sending her back to Chachi. She broke then.

She completely broke. The pain from the slaps and the fear of Chachi took away the last of her resistance. She cried and kneeled at my feet and begged me not to send her back and that she would do as I asked. I pulled her up gently and very gently took off all her clothes. She was magnificent. She was good looking enough to pass off as a minor starlet! She had magnificent breasts that stood out proudly with prominent brown nipples. Her ass was thing of joy. It was beautifully rounded and generous!

She had a fine covering of brown pubic hair in her vaginal area and otherwise was blessed with very little body hair. She had pouty red full lips and perfect teeth and was easily the most beautiful and desirable inmate I had ever seen in my over two decades in prison management. I stripped off my clothes and soon the two of us were in a passionate naked embrace with me running my hungry hands all over her back, her ass and her thighs. I pulled her to the bed and sat her down on my lap. The feeling of those gorgeous ass cheeks on my thighs was driving me crazy.

She was looking scared and her lips were trembling. But she was too scared to resist! This was what drove me crazy with pleasure in my sexual tastes! I loved fucking straight women who hated the thought of being lesbian! I lay her on the bed and bent by head to those magnificent breasts. I fondled and sucked her nipples till they were erect and large. I gave her little love bites on her breasts that colored beautifully on her very fair breasts. She moaned and squealed as I sank my teeth just hard enough into her breasts.

I then moved down to her belly and kissed my way to the top of her vaginal mound. I pushed a finger into her vagina and from her struggles and extreme tightness; I discovered she was a virgin! This was almost too good to be true! I decided to use a strap on dildo to take her virginity – but before that I turned her over. She looked scared, but she was obedient. I straddled her thighs and kissed her wetly from the nape of her neck all the way down to the base of her spine. I was taking my time for the special treat that was her glorious ass.

I kissed her bum cheeks bit them hard enough to bruise them quite a bit. Lubna was crying and squealing constantly now. I parted her ass cheeks when she finally started resisting again. Not much, but she started clenching her bum muscles to make my access difficult. I reached across to the side table and took up my fly swatter. It was a plastic thing that is used to swat flies but I had a very different use for it on my slaves! I took up the swatter and gave her a vicious swipe across her ass cheeks. It made a sound like a rifle shot and immediately raised an angry red welt across her beautiful ass.

I quickly gave her a few more swats and the girl was screaming and squirming in pain! I lay on her, bit her earlobe and told her to relax her ass muscles or I would hit her some more. Lubna cried some more but when I bent my face to her ass crack, she submitted and let me part them and do as I please. She had a beautiful puckered up brown ass hole that was going to get stretched soon by my strap on dildo – but just for now was feeling my tongue. I made my tongue stiff and penetrated her asshole as far as it would go!

I licked around her asshole in circles and my cheeks resting on her ass, could feel the heat from the welts across her ass! Finally I turned her around and showed her my 7 inch strap on. It was a black dildo shaped like a large penis and made of some composite material. She broke down afresh at this and cried saying she was a virgin! I told her “I will make you a woman today!”.

She was terrified at the sight of my big huge black penis (dildo). I strapped it on tight and it had a little 1.5 inch protrusion at the back end that would stimulate my own pussy and clit as I mounted and pumped my new bitch! I made her get on her knees and suck my penis. I told her that I was going to fuck her with it and the only lubrication would be what ever saliva she got on it by sucking! She sucked it very well then! Made sure that she made it as wet as possible!

I then pushed her on her back and parted her beautiful creamy thighs as far as I could. Then I placed my penis against her vagina and rammed it as deep as I could into her pussy in one savage shove! She screamed and her eyes popped as I ripped through her hymen and her virginity ruthlessly. She had probably never even in her nightmares thought of being deflowered by a woman! That thought and her unwilling, crying beautiful face gave me extra strength to pump her mercilessly.

I pumped her for almost 15 minutes relentlessly – a lot longer than any male penis could have done, I am sure! Finally I came in orgasmic waves and withdrew the slimy bloody dildo and lay on my back with my slave cradled close to me! She was broken to my will now and she was lying in my arms her face buried in my shoulder weeping and not struggling at all. I was in a warm glow that comes after intensely satisfying sex and for a millionth time in my life was thanking God for my job and my profession that gave me a steady supply such young flesh to rape and defile!

One big advantage that women have over men in sex is that we can have as many orgasms as we like and still keep going! Also, my dildo was no puny male penis that shrivels up and dies after ejaculation! Soon, I was ready to take the last orifice that my beautiful slave had to offer – her asshole! I am particularly fond of the female ass and absolutely ecstatic when I get to violate a virgin unwilling terrified girl’s asshole! It is so much tighter and so much more degrading for a girl to be raped anally than vaginally! For a sadistic lesbian like me, that is as close to nirvana as it gets!

I gently kissed away Lubna’s tears and kissed her deeply. I snagged a bottle of cold cream from my side table and taking a liberal amount of it in my hand, began massaging it into her poor bleeding pussy. The bitch actually looked grateful for the care I was showing little knowing what I had planned for her! I spoke to her gently and told her that if she was an obedient slave I would be her guardian in prison and that she would be my personal property – not a commonly available whore.

Gently I turned her around and from my drawer I drew two regulation police had cuffs. I then cuffed her hands to either side of the head rail of the bed. I now had my bitch on her belly, her magnificent ass – defenseless and available and she was handcuffed so she could not struggle or run! From my long experience of raping young girls anally I knew that just fear would not keep her in bed. The fear of my dildo raping her ass would overcome any other fear and it would be very tiresome and time consuming to hold her down to rape her – hence the hand cuffs!

Lubna still did not know what I intended. She was terrified at being cuffed and kept saying “Please release me! I will do as you say!”. I slid a fat pillow under her waist and made sure that her magnificent ass was raised nicely for my use. I then gave her ass cheeks a couple of hard slaps and told her to loosen up. I stuck first one finger and then with a lot of screaming and thrashing a second cream coated finger deep into her asshole.

She was blubbering in terror by now. She knew what was coming and she could not do a thing about it! I finger fucked her ass for a few minutes trying make it as lubricated and loose as possible. Eventually, I knelt behind her and placed the tip of my penis against her will creamed asshole. Believe me, it was not easy! A tight young asshole is not designed to take a 7 inch dildo! Especially if the victim is screaming and thrashing about. I had to use all my strength to straddle her and finally I got in about 2 inches into her ass.

From there it was plain sailing. I pushed in all 7 inches into her asshole and kept pushing till my mound was squashed against her ass cheeks! I then began the process of fucking her virgin asshole forcefully. I bent down and slid my hands under her and took hold of her tits that I squeezed viciously as I pounded her ass! All good things must come to an end and

I finally came and this time was even better and more intense. Lubna had fainted from the pain in her ass and her ass was bleeding a little when I withdrew! I un cuffed the unconscious girl and lay back for the night with my captive beauty held tight in my arms. I had already decided to keep this girl as my personal plaything as long as she was in the prison. Who am I kidding?! Well, at least until I got bored of her or the next pretty thing came along!



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