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December 15, 2018

Playboy Hyderabad Is Back With Two New Women

Playboy Hyderabad Is Back With Two New Women

Coming to experience recently had with two females at same time. Few days back I had good experience in my flat with new girl I met in online we enjoyed a lot whenever we got time we use to have fun.

Hi playboy Hyderabad is back with new experience recently had and this experience is continuation to my old experience.

First thank you to ISS and friends thank you for feedbacks. Any would like to contact me they mail me at [email protected]

Coming to experience recently had with two females at same time. Few days back I had good experience in my flat with new girl I met in online we enjoyed a lot whenever we got time we use to have fun.

We are involved in all types of sex life. One day while we both are having fun I got a call from my old friend rani her age is 34 good looking little fatty. I was talking to her in talks I told her I am with friend having good time with even she called because her husband is out of town for two days and she wanted to meet me I said I am busy with friend. She got disappointed and said why can’t u both come to my home I hold the call for second and we both discussed my friend okay for going to rani home. So I called back rani and said we both are okay to go to her house. I informed rani and we both started moving to her home.

We reached her home and I parked my bike and went and rang the door bell she came and opened door and welcomed us in and told to site in hall. We both were siting in sofa side by side. So I introduced both of them slowly they started talking then rani went into kitchen and brought coffee for us we where talking.

Then again rani went to kitchen I followed back of her she was facing towards the wall I went back of her and hugged from backside I like her ass she has nice shaped ass by that my tool got hard she turned towards me and kissing me we are involved in kissing and I was pressing her ass hard. We broke kissing in middle and both went to hall.

Then we are talking openly and laughing then rani came near me sat on my lap and kissing me slowly we three involved in kissing and rubbing each other then I said let’s go to bedroom there ac was on and then rani played slowly music we three on bed they both are kissing and rubbing my tool on top of my pant I was hard by that time.

They are removing my dress and they both started kissing each other I loved it.Slowly removing our dress and I was totally nude but they both are in bra and panty I was pressing rani boobs on top of it and kissing her and she was pressing my friends boobs. I removed bra and pressing her nipples hard and making them harder and harder one by one and sucking her boobs. She enjoying it and touching my friend and removed her dress. We are deeply involved in kissing each other.

Then suddenly rani woke and went to kitchen and brought chocolate sauce I thought she may bring honey because last time went we had fun and massage then she brought honey and we sucked it. But this time she brought chocolate sauce bottle and pored on me and my friend by that time both are naked and we both are in chocolate sauce and we are pressing and touching each other then sauce spread on our bodies then rani also became naked and joined us when she joined both of us then literally sauce on her also

Then we started massage our bodies with that sauce then we lied rani on bed and kissing her and started sucking her boobs and nipples with chocolate sauce on her onside me and other side my friend and we pressing her boobs harder and I slowly came down to rani pussy slowly started tasting her pussy with chocolate after 10 mins of sucking then they started to do suck my cock after few mins I was sucking my friend boobs one by one by that time rani was sucking my friends pussy.

We are in heaven and good fun rani inserted her finger in my friends pussy and making in and out and licking lips of her pussy I went back of rani and licking her pussy lips and tongue fucking her and slowly I inserted my tool in her pussy and fucking her in doggy style.

She was sucking my friends pussy I started slowly and increasing speed slowly and slowly and increased my speed and fucking her harder and harder and she is sucking my friend pussy and making noise fuck me harder harder and harder after few mins we shifted our position and then rani lied on bed and my friend came top of rani and sits on her face rani is sucking her pussy I slowly inserted my cock inside rani and fucking her and kissing my friend after few mins rani cumed then I started fucking her ass it was hard for me to enter her ass because I am only person fucking her ass for second time.

Applied some oil on my cock and on her ass slowly it went in and I started my speed slowly and increased my speed fucking her harder and harder after few minutes I also cumed then we three went into bathroom to wash ourselves there under shower we are washing each others bodies and enjoying and cleaned ourselves and I again started pressing rani boobs and sucking them in shower water is falling on us on her body I was sucking her boobs and my friend hugged me from back and feeling ourselves there.

We finished our bath and cleaned ourselves and came out of bathroom naked and then rani started sucking my cock giving me heaven my tool was hard she came top of me and riding my cock like horse then my friend came and put her pussy on my face

I started licking her pussy lips they are pink in color inserted my tongue into her pussy and sucking her deeper and deeper rani is riding my tool and moaning ah ah my friend was saying suck me harder and harder deeper and deeper after few mins my friend cummed my woke up and went to bathroom to clean mean while I changed position and fucking rani her moaning becoming loud and fucking her harder both cummed same time and cleaned ourselves and slept on bed naked then my friend also came and slept beside us and rested for sometime and we woke up at night it was round 8

Then my friend called to her home and said she is not coming to home today and she will come in morning. Slowly I woke up and went out to bring beer mean while they both started cooking dinner and I was back in few mins. We had some beer and both the ladies were high.

Then after dinner we had another session with different styles and different type of fun I will say you in next story.

Friends please give feedback on my mail id and u can contact me on [email protected]

Playboy Hyderabad Is Back With Two New Women



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