Pehla Ehsas – First Feel The Beginning Part 2

Pehla Ehsas – First Feel The Beginning Part 2

Now I started searching for his underwear and I found them hidden under pillow I was surprised why he had to hide them. It was a cute red v shaped from VIP oh he doesn’t wear the jockey ones. Then I saw a big wet patch on it ohh he used to say that he gets lots of pre-cum and he was right his underwear was almost wet like girls panty I couldn’t refused the temptation of smelling it, it was first time for me I was behaving such weird with a boys undergarments and I got a dam big hard on. He bhagvan kya ho raha hai muzhe I sniffed around the inner side of his underwear and my tongue moved I licked the precum mmmmm yummy gosh… I wish I had his hard rock in my mouth with so much fluid around it. Then I quickly hid it under the same pillow and he came out I pretended like nothing happened I was still in my towel and I tied the knot in front tightly so he can’t see my hard-on I was well prepared now. I was not wearing anything just the towel, he was bit surprised as I still didn’t changed I could read his expressions. I asked him:

Me: karke aa gaya ganda bathroom?
He: nai darling tere hote hue me apne hat ko kyu taklif dun tu kis din kam aayegi
Me: bahut bate aa rahi hai janab ko aaj mene sab dekha keyhole se
He: ohhh key hole se dekhne ki kya jarurat thi darling andar hi aajati me sab dikha deta
Me: andar aajata to nagraj naraj ho jate na or muh fula ke baith jate fir
He: wo to abhi bhi naraj hi hai aaj bol rehe hai ki tere bil me jake hi shanti milegi… (He was giving me wicked smiles)
Now that he said was too much first time wo sidhe meri gand ki or ishara kar raha tha I pretended to be angry and said
Me: bas bas chup kar bahut ho gaya

He came near to me and kissed my cheeks kya hua naraj ho gaya me to majak kar raha tha yar. I said I know, just yu hi bola and he came and sat near me we started watching tv the sexual energy which was at its peak was now reducing a bit. Tabhi usne poocha
He: kya hua change karne ka irada nahi hai kya, vaise bhi is chote se towel me sab kuch dikh raha hai or tu bahut tempty lag raha hai muzhese kuch hua to bad me rona mat

Me: oye rone walo me nahi hu me actually me inners lana bhool gaya yar (I lied to him)
He: oh god yar me extra pair to laya hu per tuze pasand nahi aayega shyad?
I thought he is a lallu who wears VIP inners and he is directly asking me to wear his underpants wtf? But the idea was kind of exiting so I said
Me: yar khali underwear hai to dede varna me ye hi phen lunga vaise bhi jyada garmi nahi hai
He: pakka phen lega na ye to mat phen meri wali kuch special or modern hai islie
Me: aisa kya special hai dede phen lunga vaise bhi me me kafi morden hu teri tarah nahi jo vip phene 😛
He: soch lena darling bad me bol raha hu rona mat or bad me mana kia to me jabarjasti phena dunga
Me: ahh me khud hi phen lunga uski nobat nahi aayegi

He pulled his bag and gave me an underwear which was backless mean it has only two strips on its back you can even see my naked bumps in it…. Oh boy I was embarrassed now I was being coy
He: kya hua janeman tab to bahut modern ban rahai thi ab hawa nikal gai.. ab to phenni padegi varna me phena dunga.
Me: chal be ye to kuch jyada hi ajeeb hai me nahi phene wala
Suddenly he jumped on me took me under him and started showing underwear under my legs my towel was about to get loose and leave me naked in front of him I pulled his towel down to save myself but since he was facing my legs I could not see his tool but his bare bumps were visible which made him further angry he pulled my panty up removing my towel completely as I was laying ulta he can clearly see my naked bumps.

He: mmm badi mast hai yar teri to ekdam chikni ladkiyo jaisi or is panty me to or khubsart lag rahi hai ab tune mera towel nikala uski saja ye hai ki tuzhe is panty me rehena padega wo bhi full night me kuch bhi nahi phen ne dunga or jo tu nahi mana to dekh lio tere kapde fat jayenge
Me: ok baba sorry yar tera towl nikal gaya actually galti se nikla yar I’m really sorry bas me isi panty me rahunga tu kahi rat me kuch kar mat dio dekh lena
He: (wore his towel back and got down) nai re pagal hai kya majak kar raha tha.. teri ijajat ke bina thodi na kuch kar sakta hu darling (started laughing)
Me: ok to ab tu bhi khali underwear me hi rehega fir dekh lena

He agreed on me and we both wore then teeshirt as we both wanted to hide our hard on, now we both sat on bed and started watching tv suddenly the tv got stuck and he asked me to change channel manually (I initially didn’t understand hi motive behind it) so I went near tv bend myself as tv was bit low on height and my butt was facing him and giving a clear view of my chikni gand to him (I naturally have very less hairs there but I keep it shaved or waxed all the time). Suddenly I realized there are lots of issues with tv and he is enjoying the scenery of my ass and I felt an urge to tease him more so I made it more wide then I pulled tv chair very close to bed and I climbed on bed folded my leg and started showing my gand more clearly to him. I can feel my clear hard-on and sex was again in the air I knew he can’t resist now but I was not very sure meanwhile tv got fixed automatically so I had to put off my show.

I came back and sat near him we took blanket on us and started the ac it was around 10 PM and already cold the ac did more magic and made it colder but both of us were hot inside. Suddenly I felt his legs started touching mine he was bit afraid so was shivering and pretending like its cold which is causing him shiver. I asked him what happened why you are shivering he said he is feeling very much cold and we might have to order extra blanket I said ok so we called reception but no one responded so I asked him what to do?

He pulled me closer and said just be close so that be both can warm each other I said ok and me uske shoulder pe sar rakh ke let gaya. Ab mera hat uske stomach ke pas tha or muzhe uske lund hi heat ka ehasas ho raha tha uska pura sharir kaap raha tha wo thoda baithne ki position me aaya or mera face uske stomach ke pas chala gaya man.. I can feel the smell of his pre cum very near to me god.. he adjusted his panty a bit in such a way that inside the blanket I felt top of his dick was naked. Wow its strong aroma was killing me and making me hardest I just wanted to lick that pre-cum but was bit afraid so acted like I fall asleep. Suddenly he askd me hey anu (he use to call me anu my name is Anurag though) I didn’t responded he whispered so gaya kya? I didn’t replied then he adjusted my face and moved it towards hi thighs I was lying on his thighs now.

Slowly he adjusted his underwear and pulled his dick from right side of it just near my nose ohh god I was confused how I can refused this temptation and he slightly leaned and his dick was touching my lips.

Hell I can’t control now my lips were all drenched in his pre-cum it was a clear message to me and I thought its my turn to react else this whole thing will turn in an embarrassment for both of us. Now I was shivering god how to refuse it I slowly lick some of the precum from my lips and in that exercise my tongue touched his lund jo aise akad raha tha jaise mano muzhe salami de raha hao. Ab mene time waste karna theek nahi samjha or uske lund ko muh me le lia. Uske muh se moan nikla
He: aaahhh anuuuu mmmmmm

I started sucking it first in his lap then I removed the blanket and took his whole 7 in dick out of undie and started sucking badly wooo it was sooo tasty.
He: god u suck like a pro darling mmmmm keep sucking I want you to lick every inch of it.

Now I came to his balles and lick him there then moved my tongue all over his lund and mostly on the head and neck of lund (it is the most sensitive part agree boys?). Wow he was oozing pre-cum and I was just licking every drop of it. I never knew though I will like it so much. Mmm in some time his lund got more erected and he started pumping my mouth and asked me to get up and kneel down. I did so.. he came behind me and slapped on my ass spreaded my ass chick and put his tongue on my gaand hole… holy hell… I felt in heaven it was first time someone licked my ass hole. Wow I started moaning and he did it for good 10 mins and said you have got best gand I have ever seen baby.. isko gufa banana me bahut maja aayega bahut tight hai abhi to

Me: mmm aaj to muzhe tera kela khanede bada man kar raha hai ki iski puri cream kha jau
He shoved again his dick in my mouth and started pumping like he is fucking me wooo suddenly I felt his lund twisting and my mouth started getting filled with his pichkaries. Wow he kept on Cumming and my mouth was full I could not breath even but he didn’t stopped shoved his dick deeper and ab wo mere throat me sidhe apna juice dal raha tha… uski is harkat se kuch juice bahar nikal gaya mere muh ke or behne laga fir bhi usne apan juice udelna jari rakha god.. I was tired ab kitta aayega finally wo ruka usne last jhtka dia or muzhe juice ko khane ko bola

He: chal ab saf bhi karde ise (I drank all of the juice wow what a salty and tasty, I love drinking the cum actually)
Usne mere muh pe laga hua jucie phele apni finger se saf kia or apni finger mere muh me dal di juice se bhari hui.. yummi I said. Fir usne apna lund muzhe chatne ko bola jise mene ekdam chat ke saf kia. And we both got on bed as both were tired slept hugging each other.
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