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October 19, 2018

Pammi aunty fucked by Sunny

Pammi aunty fucked by Sunny

I am Sunny from Delhi age 22 years. The story I am going to tell you people is a true one. This story took place with my aunt her name is pammi and she is 34 yrs married for quite some time and lives in delhi and her husband works in Chandigarh and comes home once or twice in a month and she has one child who studies in a boarding school.

This incident happened 8 months back I lives in delhi with my family.one fine day I was at home in afternoon my grandmother told me to take salwaar kammez from tailors shop and give it to my aunt pammi (dad’ sister) so I left my home at around 3pm to tailors shop and took clothes from him and then to my aunt’s house which is 30 min drive

from tailor’s shop then I reached her home around 3:30 I rang the doorbell and my aunt opened the door and we both greeted each other and she said come in, now let me tell how my aunt look like she is fair with long hairs, height 5;4 and her figure is 36c 32 38 she is typically busty Punjabi women with great features has amazing boobs and her ass is mind blowing.

she always wear salwaar kameez, so when I entered her home she said what will u take, I said cold drink will be fine, then I said tailor has given your clothes and said u must check all and check the size if it fits or not, and if it doesn’t fits give back to me I will give it back to tailor for alteration.

She said ok and leaves to check all clothes by wearing it, after 5 mins she come to show me how the fitting was I saw that it was too tight (I could see all the curves of her body that aggressive boobs, massive ass) and neck was too low it showed me the cleavages of her and I was excited to see all that and said that its too tight, and she also agreed,

then she took phone and ranged tailor about the mess he has done, and said to tailor to again take her measurements and alter her salwaar kameez but tailor said he is too busy to come to her home to take measurements and he said send your measurements with sunny (that’s me) so she said ok.

Then she told me that you have to take my measurements and give it to tailor, I was so much thrilled and said sure I will do that, so in couple mins time she comes with measuring tape and she said she will instruct me what to measure, I was soo much turned on by this that I have a chance to feel her body,

and my cock was feeling the heat and became hard then she said measure my hands length and I did that, then she said to measure her shoulders I also did that while doing all this I can see her boobs as her height is less than mine and due to the low neck kameez I can see from top view and it was making me harder to resist,

then she said to measure her back for broadness and I did that and was feeling her bra straps and I was so close to her that my dick was touching her massive ass and,I was thinking that time should freeze here, Then she said to measure her lower back (ass) I also did that and my hands was touching her massive ass for most of the time and I was pressing it gently.

then she said to measure her legs length and I did that accordingly, then she said to measure her chest while doing that I pressed her boobs accidentally and she did not said anything she was taking her breaths in and out for exact measurements then I don’t know what happened to me I pressed her boobs again and kissed her on her lips

and I was pressing her boobs wildy then she opposed and said what are you doing ? Then I said that I don’t know what happened to me I could not control myself I was too close to your body, then I took her hand and guided towards my cock which was in full length and hardness she was shocked and she got aroused and I can see the lust in her eyes

now she started stroking my cock and she kissed me on my lips we were kissing each other and I was exploring her body and was pressing her boobs and after that I was pressing her mind blowing ass and stretching it in other directions, and she was stroking my cock after kissing she bend on her knees and opened my jeans and took out my fully erected cock which

was saluting her and started playing with that and took in her mouth and gave me outstanding blow job and she almost made me cum, After the blowjob I made her stand again and removed her kameez and I could see her black bra and it was padded with cushion I was aroused by seeing her bra and her boobs were dying to come out of that bra so I unhooked her bra,

now I pressed and sucked her boobs which were like two milk tankers they were extremely soft and were really big and then I fully undress her and made her lay down on bed and then I inserted my cock in her pussy I was lying on her body and was giving my full thrust and she was moaning and I was feeling like I am in heaven.

Then I made her stand and again smooched her made her sit on bed and inserted my dick between her boobs and rubbed my dick between her both boobs she liked this very much after that I changed my position and made her stand like doggy on her knees and both hands and I inserted my dick from behind into her pussy and started fucking her in doggy position

and was giving it all I could feel her ass while I was fucking in doggy position I was playing with her boobs they were hanging downwards I liked that view very much now I was about to cum so I said her then I removed my dick from her pussy and said her to stand on her knees in front of me and I offloaded my cum on her boobs and belly she was totally drenched by my cum

after that we again smooched and then she said take my measurements and I took her measurements as nude measurements are the exact one then I dressed and departed from her home and after that we had done this love making many times.

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