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October 19, 2018

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Why does it have to be this way?

I picked up my briefcase and headed towards gate 37. The gate that would take me to realizing a fantasy which I had planned for since 6 months ago. A fantasy that would make my life complete. A fantasy that would fly me thru the skies to completeness in having lived this life.

Making love to my girl friend

I met madhrui through one of my friend at a party .she was awesome and looked hot in a blue salwar .her boobs were really big and her smile was great. Seeing her fro the first time I got an erection. That day I decide man I need to fuck her at least once.

After few months we started to call each other and chat online. I became close to her .she had lot of guys falling for her. On 15th march 2005 she calls me on my mobile and said that her parents and brother are going to Bangalore for a marriage and sitting alone at home am bored. Hmm seems like I got a real good chance to make my dream come true.

Abhi fucking his chat friend Hamsa

I then licked my way down her belly, pausing at her belly-button to give it some attention. Proceeding to kiss my way down her beautiful creamy legs, I was soon at Mrs. Hams’s pussy. She slowly and tentatively spread her legs, and I crawled up between them. Suddenly she started caring my hair. I looked at her face and I saw a cute smile there. I asked her “shall I precede honey”. She said yes… I parted the cunt lips with my hands and slowly kissed that again.

My adventure

Hardly a week had passed, when Mayashree gave my mom a ring and insisted that at least I should visit them quickly. So as fate would have it, I boarded the bus and soon was on my way. Armed with the directions that Mayashree had given me about the exact location of her house, it was easy to locate her residence and there was I ringing her door bell. It was around 12 noon, and I guessed that her husband must be in his office, Never mind, I made it a point to stay back till he came back home.

Mast Housewife with a tailor

I really wanted to see her naked but wanted to go slowly on it to win her confidence. She came after 2 days and was really looking even more tempting in the light blue chiffon saree. I handed over the blouse to her. She checked it and said the neckline is looking really deep. I knew this reaction as I had made it 2″ deeper rather than proposed 1 inch. She was looking angry. I asked her to try it and then we will see. I came out of the shop and asked her to go inside and change while I pulled the curtain. Very hesitantly, she went in. After 2 minute she called me in and said “Masterji dekh lo aapne kya kiya hai”. I was waiting for this moment only. Here cleavage was clearly visible and because the fitting was so good, her chest was looking so sexy. I told her “Maam, fitting bahut achchi aai hai aur aajkal itne neck ka to fashion hai.” She said “no is not possible, my husband won’t like it” She was looking herself in the mirror and probably admiring her chest within herself. Her fingers were on her cleavage which was really arousing me. I was staring at her chest and cleavage as if it was no big deal. It encouraged me. I told her “Maam, sach mein aapka figure bahut achcha lag raha hai is blouse mein”. She was 36D-34-36. She said “Thik to hai par mere……..” She stopped in between but I understood. She really liked this but was sure that her husband won’t allow her to wear it. I said “Sorry Maam, main aapko naya blouse sil doonga aur aap ye bhi rakh lijiye kyonki yeh to mere liye bekaar hai”. She looked at me and smiled and probably got impressed with my offer. I left the shop indicating that she can change now.

2 desi & 1 bideshi = Party

I love my cock. It is a work of art and every woman who has seen it has gone ape over it. Girls have taken photos of it and have told me to go into porno. So many people brag that their cocks are 8 inches and 10 inches long and I seriously doubt that. Mine is exactly 7 inches long when fully erect, quite thick, circumcised, and it has a lovely pink hue that turns deep red when excited. When ready to shoot a load, his head gets really big and looks like a ripe fruit full of juice. If 7 inches doesn’t sound impressive, take a scale, go to your kitchen and find a 7 inch long cucumber. Shove it where the sun don’t shine and tell me isn’t enough! Sometimes girls like to watch me jerk off and they love seeing it excited like that. Hell, even I love it. I can look at it for hours on end. It looks so plump and juicy that sometimes I even feel like biting it!

My wife’s bhabhi

I willingly agreed and told her that she has to stand facing me and hold my shoulders so that I can give a massage to her. She held my shoulders and closed her eyes. I could smell the lovely perfume mixed with sweat from her. I massaged her head a little and then reached her shoulders. Her body shuddered at my touch. I slowly massaged her shoulders and reached her back to feel her bra and then down to her hips. I could feel the line of her panty. I just pulled her hips close to me and she put her hands around me. I just whispered in her ears that she is the hottest lady that I have come across for which she put her lips on mine and both of us started exploring her mouths. All this while I had my hands on her hips and my hard dick was pressing on her cunt. She took my hands and put it on her boobs and told me to press them. I told her that I want to take her top and skirt out and see her in the bra and panty and then open her bra and touch her boobs. Listening to this she got much exited. Kissing her neck slowly, I put my hands on her waist and pulled her top up her head and removed. It was a sight to watch her boobs in the red bra crushing on my chest and boobs trying to come out of the bra.

Late night flight

Now, let me say that just looking at what I had seen so far had gotten me partially aroused. Perhaps that was because it had been weeks since my last sexual encounter. Never the less, a black bra was now partially visible through the opening in her skin tight shirt. I always was a sucker for a woman in black lingerie, but this woman was really hot and wearing black lingerie. I tried not to stare, but it was impossible. I expected her husband to get up and come over and hit me any second, but he was in another world. Instead, she caught me looking and smiled. I was embarrassed. I smiled and turned away, but that didn’t last long. My eyes soon drifted back to her sexy mouth and those great, black bra covered tits! Oh my god! I was getting so terribly horny. The more I looked, the harder I got. She busted me again, and again, and again


It was starting to become a game. She looked down finally and I figured she would button her top, but she didn’t. Instead, she opened the only button above it and pulled her shirt a little further open. My cock throbbed in excitement and I breathed deep n long. She smiled seductively and scanned my body. I was trying to hide my rapidly growing hard-on, but it was almost pointless. My pants left little room for adjustment. Then she reached down, lifted her shawl from her lap, and placed in the chair next to her. I was now getting a good look at the rest of her for the first time. She was wearing a tight fitting, cream colored slacked pants with a slit both side up. She looked amazing!

She sat there with her legs crossed and her outstretched foot lightly bouncing up and down.

Bus Fortune – II

I kissed her on her lips and let her free and she went to bath room and I was waiting for her in her living room. After 15 min she came out , I was shocked to c her in her night gown she was wearing a sleeveless satin night lingerie which is in three pieces . She asked me to fresh up I went to her bath room took a bath , I saw her bra and panty was lying there in bath room , I picked her panty and smelled that , the smell of her vaginal sweat was mind blowing and making me crazy , I started masturbating there and unloaded my excitement there in her bath room. When I got out, she was ready with dinner we ate and finished up quickly I can’t concentrate on food coz she was sitting right in front of me , her cleavage and smooth fair skin was inviting me all the time. After we finished our dinner we washed our hands and I just can’t controlled my temptation and grabbed her and took her to her bed room and with in a sec I undressed her lingerie’s upper piece which was like a gown. She was now in her satin transparent bra and panty and I was in my underwear. I put my lips on her lips. She starts breathing heavily and I was tasting her juicy lips. And with my both hands I was pressing her melons.

Her breathing was becoming hot and hot with every seconds of time.

Sally shows her tits

Perhaps more to the point of my story, she had nicely-proportioned breasts with pink nipples. One aureole was slightly larger than the other. The large pink ovals made her tits very appealing. I always thought they were utterly wonderful. The idea of other men seeing them turned me on. I mean, don’t you just love tits? When a young woman with a baggy shirt stands up, letting you see the outline of her breasts in the front, don’t you love it? Don’t you love the invention of the halter top? My wife could be randy when the occasion demanded. Once, I asked her to doff her clothes on a sand dune in a national park. As I penetrated her, a moist earthy smell from her pussy filled my nostrils. And sally knew from our previous conversations that it turned me on terribly to see other men looking at her.

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