First step in the world of sex

First step in the world of sex Hi,I am Amrit.I was 13 or 14 years old that time.Attending a marriage ceremony of one of my in laws(sisters devar).I did not know any thing about sex at that time exactly,but had a fascination about female body.In the crowded home,every room was occupied.I was sleepy by 11pm.My […]

Sexy Drive

I didn’t like him cause of his bad reputation in collage. He did misbehave with me too several time and once I had slapped him too for touching me on my boobs. I told Vicky many time why you are keeping friendship with him, he is not good guy. But he never listen to me. One day he called me home and asked me to meet him he wants to tell me something. I got very excited as I expect him to tell me that he loves me. I went to meet him. Akash was there too. I smiled to Vicky and say hi but I didn’t look at Akash. Vicky objected that and told me to say hi to him too its bad manners….

Anuja Meri Sali Aadhi Gharwali – Part 1

Dosto..Kahani shuru hoti hai aaj se kuchh dedh(one and half) years pehle.Mere mom aur dad ne socha meri shadi kar di jaye.Main bhi unki ichha k aage mana nahi kr paya.Waise bhi maine socha shadi k baad sex krne ko roz milega to bus maza aa jayega.Waise bhi apne medical clg ke dino me ladkiya mujhpe mara karti thi lekin mai sirf padhai pr he dhyan deta tha na ki ladkiyo pe..Lekin doctor ban jane k bad.Meri sex ki ichha achanak se jaag uthi thi.To mai bhi khush tha.

Become A Slut For A Student – Part I

Fortunately I had been called for interview and then selected. Raju is a loving and caring hubby. But because of whole day’s work forces stress him to settle down on the bed, leaving me alone and of course unsatisfied. Turning on the bed to the side, I remembered the events that happened in the school today. As soon as I entered in class 12(sec c) for my first class, the boys in the last bench almost popped out their eyes. They were bad boys of the school. Rather to pay attention on their study, they liked to racking girls and even teachers. The school administration could not take any action against them; because they were belong to high class family. Because of their offensive racking, many teachers came and went. One among them was Sanju. He was the captain of cricket team of the school and son of the school’s president. I remembered how the boys glared at me and how Sanju was just speechless for a while and stared at me so foolishly. The whole class laughed aloud at his action, and it made me blush with embarrassment. After that all went well. I could see the back benchers’ interest in my body. But I ignored it. In fact I loved the attention I was getting. After that day, the school became a part of my responsibilities.

Endless Journey

No need to mention it was Riks and saw her after 8 years. She was looking marvelous but the wrinkles on her face had taken away the cuteness of her face but still her body was too eminent and enough to steal the looks . I was once again taken back to those days of heavens and orgies that I have tasted . I was struck back to reality when Riks shook me . I gave her a smile and she returned it politely . Throughout the wedding I was staring at her and I can bet about other men that even they didn’t a single sight of her.

My Wife Banged By Her Bosses

The party was at their office premises only. Let me give you a brief description of that building. It’s a 15 story building and the building is owned by Smita’s company only. So the top 2 floors that is 14th and 15th floor where occupied by there company. When I reached at her office it was around 9:00 p.m. the party was in it’s full swing. Most of guys where already high on spirit, loud music was on, the conference room was turned to a discotheque. I was looking for my wife I tried her number but it was switched off. I met some of her colleague whom I already knew and asked them about her. They told me that she must be around, so I thought let’s have a drink then I will look for her.

My Wife Affair To Her Student

She never looks of that age but she is quite sexy and with good and attractive buttocks and her boobs size is 36 and quite attractive for anybody who would like to stare at and our relationship is fantastic since our marriage and we have sex almost every day and she is quite satisfied with me and we used to enjoy sex in many ways sometimes.