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October 20, 2018

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Kevin fucking a beautiful college girl

However, at this young age, nisha was a little naïve when it came to matters of the opposite sex, as she was shy and had never kissed a boy, nor had a proper boyfriend, not that she had not given the matter some considerable thought. She came from a good family, she had studied hard at school, and the fact that she was still waiting for that ‘wonderful moment’ was not something that overly worried her the opportunities had just not arisen, and she thought that all these sort of ‘adult’ things would just happen when the time was right. Just enjoy yourself, she told herself, make the most of the holiday with your parents, and get plenty of sun on your body while you can!!

Breakfast in bed

Their bed was always prepared with ropes tied to each post. They shared a very experimental sex life. They knew each other’s limits of what was acceptable or not. They both shared the openness to try new things and for this morning, Ann was going to introduce something new. She gently wrapped his wrists with the rope tying them in place. She only had to move his arm a little and was able to do so without disturbing his slumber. She moved to his ankles and tied them as well, moving the blankets just a little bit to reach him.

The driving lessons

Jenny had finally recommended her current Driving Instructor, Mr. Crivelli. Reputed as the best Driving Instructor this side of town, 10 lessons with this driving Guru would guarantee her the driving license she so badly needed. The only problem was that Crivelli’s schedule was completely full for the next 3 months. It seemed there was an overwhelming demand for his services. The grumpy old instructor had even refused to meet her, so Rachel’s only chance was to catch him on a Saturday afternoon at the end of Jenny’s driving lesson, when he dropped Jenny at the porch of their apartment. Jenny had hinted that Crivelli had a fondness for “pretty young things”, and it was no secret in the office that Rachel was a natural head turner. Her long jet black hair, willowy figure and milky white complexion had earned her the nick name “Snow White” and she was constantly at the receiving end of unwanted male attention. Rachel made full use of her stunning beauty in the office and she was confident that she would also have Crivelli eating out of her hands, all she needed was an opening which Jenny had provided.

Public property

A car was waiting in front of our house. I walked towards the car while Edwin locked the front door. Steve was waiting in the car. I stepped into the car and took a place on the backseat while Edwin got on the passenger seat next to Steve. I had no idea where we were going.

Tenant and landlord relation

In hindsight, Nicole had regretted taking up the offer. Not only was the apartment small, cramped and old, she soon discovered that she was the only single white female tenant in a building tenanted to characters that were best described as the “low life’s and rejects” of society. The shower offered only luke warm water (which was acceptable now in the hot summer months, but would fast become a problem during autumn and winter), and she had a vague suspicion that Bob had been into her room when she was in college. Some of her underwear had mysteriously disappeared in the past weeks. He certainly did not hide his physical attraction to her and had mentioned several times over that he had been wiling to accept other forms of payment as in-kind settlement of her rental if she had a cash flow problem. The first time he suggested this, Nicole almost had a hear attack since she could not even bare to be in the same room for 5 minutes with the smelly, hairy caveman.

Waking you

I whisper again. Still nothing. I lick your calves, moving up until I reach your knees. You give a very quiet, but delightful, sigh of contentment. I know the backs of your knees are very ticklish, so I move over them and look down at your gloriously inviting thighs, the skin just crying out to be loved. I lean down to your right thigh, to kiss the flesh beneath me. It gives deliciously under my gentle pressure, and your breathing hesitates for a moment with a sleepy sigh. I wait until my mouth is nice and wet, then give a long slow slippery lick from just above your knee to the fold at the top of your thigh. A trail of wetness shines on you and I move down your leg to cover the same ground again, but this time more slowly. I lick you, working the wet around under my tongue. As I move up your leg, I kiss and lick all across the width of your thigh, and lick the inside, as far as I can reach down in the gap between your legs. I shift over to perform the same act of devotion on your left leg, caressing the back of your right as I lick you.

My love Geeta

They were much larger then I had thought. they were fleshy with a perfect round shape. her nipples though were small as compared to her boobs. the naked view of her complete breasts mesmerized me completely. I mouthed one of her nipples while started fondling other. geeta started moaning. I was biting, licking, sucking & eating her boob while my other hand was pressing, rubbing & squeezing nipple of her other boob. geeta was producing soft moans like ohhh!!!!!!!!…ahhh!!!!!!……suck them dear suck my nipples hard. her words increased my lust & I took her complete boob in my hands and pressed it hard. I did same with other boob. due to my action her boobs turned red. after satisfying my hunger for her fleshy boobs I told her that I wanted to see her completely naked. she pushed herself back & said that she doesn’t mind. with this she opened the string of her petticoat & let it fall off. now she was standing only in her panties. her bare legs & thighs were looking really seductive. they were smooth as milk & had right amount of flesh deposited over them. she was wearing a black panty that further increased her sexuality. I just felt taking her in my arms & kissing her each part but my greed to watch her cunt kept me calm. she noticed me watching her cunt & said so u want to see it haa. I’m dying to have a view of it. I replied lustfully. I will show it to u only on one condition. u will have to do whatever I told u I’m ready to do anything for it. ok then start removing ur clothes. I was little surprised but I obeyed her order & started stripping myself. first my shirt. then my briefs, followed by my shorts.

My handsome man

Then I felt Akshand’s finger entering my cunt. First one, then two & ultimately he inserted his three fingers into my cunt. His fingers started messing my clit. I was on peak of arousal. His action made me lose control of myself as pulled my bra down & started crushing my bare boobs in a random manner. Seeing my naked boobs Akshand couldn’t stop himself & he moved his other hand to my boobs caressing & fondling them. I could handle it no more and with a loud moan my pussy busted with juices. I was breathing heavily due to which my breast was oscillating up & down. Akshand bought his hand up which was coated with my sweet cum. I watched in pleasure as he licked my cum through his hand. I also joined him & licked my cum from his hand. Now my feeling of ecstasy had subsided & I wanted to enjoy his body. So I took his face into my hands & planted a hot passionate kiss over his lips. He responded with equal passion & soon our mouths were locked. I was feeling a strong urge to feel his body. So I stood up & took him into my arms. He reciprocated. Now we were kissing & holding each-other tightly. I could smell the sweat which was starting to gather on his face. I proceeded to remove his shirt but in lust instead tore it off. Then his briefs which he helped me in taking off & WOW!! Now his upper half was completely bare. I was quite happy to see his nude male body & started feeling it by running my hands on his chest, belly & back. It was so arousing to feel his hard naked body. He had a body builder type of body which was solid like a rock. The muscles of his abdomen were clearly visible. It was great to feel them. I started kissing his neck, shoulders, chest & nipples. Licked his belly, his navel & gave him small love bites. Akshand let me enjoy his body as he raised his hands as if saying that I m completely yours. I feasted on his body for a while then moved down to his pants. I desperately wanted his manhood. I unfastened his belt, hook & then rolled his zipper down. His pant fell to ground. He was wearing blue underwear that was looking really good. His cock was quite hard. I caressed his cock over his underwear & slowly pulled his underwear down. His monster emerged out. It was really awesome. It was some 10inches long; around 1inch thick his balls were also big.

Peace of mind only after sex

I found her panty was wet with her love juices. Then I removed her panty also, now she lied fully naked in front of me. It was very exciting for me and I moved my mouth to her juicy pussy and slowly started to lick her pussy lips and aching clitt, her moans increased and the rhythm of her breast movements also increased. Now my tongue entered her cunt and I started to lick her cunt now she lost her control and moaned heavily ahha…. Uuuuuu… Ho… Ah… Da. By that time my hands played with her heavy boobs. When I removed my mouth from her pussy she suddenly pushed me to the bed and started to lick my lips .and she removed my shirt and barmuda, now I am only with my brief she caught my hard rod from out side and she gave a kiss above my brief then she started to remove my brief also, I also helped her to remove that. After removing that she give a kiss on the head of my rock hard rod and slowly started to lick my lund ,I got very good sensations from my lund.

First time with my uncle’s daughter

I was shocked with that view. She boldly asked me “this is what u want to see?” I was speechless. She said, “Ok then come on do whatever u want to”. I moved near to her. She closed her eyes. I asked her not to open her eyes till I tell. I touched her boobs first, and started to press it slowly. She, without opening her eyes searched for my head. She held the back of my head and tried to locate my lips. I helped her and she placed her lips on mine. We started to french kiss. Kiss was broken after a long time with both of us gasping. she was still closing her eyes. I stared to kiss her forehead, and slowly moved down. While kissing her boobs she pushed my head against her boobs. I was smelling her aroma (Oh god, I was lucky). She was the girl with every thing located as everyone want. With both of my hands on her boobs, I gone further down. I kissed her abdomen. She was shivering. I slowly smelled the aroma in her Pubic area. She was uncontrollable. She opened her eyes. She asked me to stand. I stood up. She started to undress me. In minutes she did it. I was nude with my tool thronging. She held it in her hand and started to massage it. I felt like cumming. She said to wait for some more time.

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