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October 20, 2018

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My mom’s story in her words

When he returned home, for some time i completely forgot that he was my grown up son. I hugged and kissed him like a passionate lover meeting her beloved after a long time. I was totally out of sense that night and ended up sleeping naked with him in bed. Although we had not yet started the ‘unthinkable’ between a mother and a son, yet we had already crossed the borders. It was the first time for him that he came to such a close contact with a female body and for me it had been after decades that i had felt the warmth of a male body. I tried to control my emotions so that we don’t progress any further, but i could not afford to make him upset with me. I was feeling torn between the feeling of plunging into an unforgivable sin and a feeling that was making me happy as a woman from the core. I had stopped obliging to my feelings for men a long time back. But my closeness to my own son again ignited my mind and body to such feelings. It was a long struggle in my mind and finally i decided that if i was doing something that was making both me and my son happy, it cannot be bad. I made up my mind that i would not think much and accept the situation as it comes. I made it a priority that my son should be happy at all cost because i love him so much. It has been a long time since i have been involved with my son. The feeling of committing an unforgivable sin is no longer there in my mind. We are both happy and enjoying life. However i wished that no one else ever come to know about our secret personal life. But raj has shown me in the internet that there are many mom son couples like us and they openly share their relationship with likeminded people. I decided to write because raj said he wanted me to write. I can do anything for him. He is the person for whom i am living my life.’

Birthday Pe Mom Aur Didi Ki Chudai Dosto Ke Shath

Main aur dolly didi aur mom hi thi hamne sari taiyari kar li thi aur sham ko karib 8 baje mere dost rahul aur karan aur vikram mere ghar a gaye vikarm apni gadi me ek peti bear le aya tha aur fir sabse pahale hamne cack kata aur fir mere dosto ne bear khol di aur pine lage karan ne mujhse kaha ki yaar anty aur dolly didi ko bhi hamara shath dena chahiye fir maine aur vikarm ne bhi unako force kiya aur won logo ne bhi ek ek botel le li aur lag gaye fir rahul mere paas aya aur

My hoty mousy

But one fine afternoon, uncle had been 2 the market & i came 2 know about that. So i went 2 her house and found her lying on the bed wid her daughter.after some chats,i asked her 2 play a game which was tongue touching game with tied eyes along wid her daughter and she agreed.we played and then it was my turn.i tied my eyes and moved my face towards her .held her hands tightly and touched her tongue & then kissed her juicy lips. I just had her pubic hairs within my fingers ,she stopped me as she heard uncle’s bike sound but i didn’t stop and started licking her bloused boobs bt she slaped me ,thus i had 2 stop and had 2 play wid her daughter so that uncle shouldn’t suspect me and i was really disappointed.

Anokhey Pariwar

Delhi ke south ex area mein mera daftar that aur main chahta tha ki office ke aas paas hi ghar mil jaye ghar kya kisi kamre ya barsaati ki hi talaash thi jahan zyada paisa naa invest karna pade.

My sister in-law

Now bj’ looks were not the problem although they certainly didn’t help the situation. The problem came from the fact that she claimed she couldn’t swim and she liked to go out into the deep water. The only way she could do that was to rely on me to keep her afloat. And that’s what she did. She always hung on to me. She would put her arms around my neck and hold on or she would wrap her legs around my waist and hold on. She would hold on any way she could in order to keep her head above water. That’s where the problem was. Her holding on so tightly caused her hot young body to be uncomfortably close to my body.

True Incident Few Years Back

Waha par teen jaan kaam karte the ek mein, Sunil,aur partner ke ghar wale aur mujhe kaam kar ke 6 mahine ho chuke the may ka mahina aaya aur us waqt partner ke gharwalo ke yaha shaadi thi aur half day rakha tha us waqt bahut customer aayi hue the shop pe tho mein ek customer ko attend kar raha tha,Sunil kisis aur ko acchanak jisko mein attend kar raha tha wo sindhi aunty thi middle age ki thi aur ushe pehle dukkan mein 6(chakke) log aake gaye the paise mangne par hum

My sexy sister seduces me

The dinner was ready and we three sat on the table and enjoyed the great food she made as always. I took calculated risks, in between, to look at her pallu, which was covering her large breasts. Once, she just caught me at the act, and on an impulse to divert her, I said “Didi this saree is very nice and suits you, is it new??” I think she was pleased at my observation and said, “Yes, only a couple of days back I purchased it”. I said, “It looks really nice on you” and then left the topic there and finished my meal. She looked tauntingly at me and I was surprised when her feet touched my feet below the table. Though taken aback, I owned the responsibility and said sorry and left the table. I went back and sat in the TV room to watch a movie while rohan went to his bedroom for sleep (I had to share the room with rohan during my stay in didi’s house). While watching the TV, I saw Roopa coming with a tray in hand with two bananas. She again bent slightly towards me and offered them. This time the view of her V cut was ample and I had an amazingly long look at her big, firm breasts, just waiting to come out of that blouse. With great difficulty, I controlled my urge and exploding bulge of my pants and just took one of the bananas. Her large eyes looked at me and said smilingly “both are for you only”. I took the other one mechanically and asked her “what about you Didi, you do not take banana?? She gave a mischievous smile and said, “I do not like this kind of banana”. I asked back, “then which type you like, the small ones of coastal region”. But her answer stunned me “No, the large ones, but I like them hard” saying that she smiled coyly at me and went inside, looking back again and again. I was totally zapped at her outright remark, my tool had grown long & thick and literally dancing with anticipation, and I was still unsure of how to tackle the situation, when she came back.

Meri Building Ki Seema Aunty

Main Mumbai me rehta hu aur average dikhnewala ladka hu. Maine sex ke baare me suna aur dekha bahut tha par kabhi karne ka mouka nahi mila. To main ab direct story pe aa jaata hu. Main Mumbai me mere pariwar ke saath rehta hu. Jab ye incident hua to meri umr 22 thi. Jis building me main rehta tha, usi building me 3 saal pehle ek naya pariwar rehne aaya, us pariwar me 1 couple aur unke do bacche the aur us pati ke maata-pita.

Hot and sexy Bbaahu

So it was just me and my baahu Ranjana who were left in the house. Day by day my sexual frustrations were getting bigger and bigger. I was in bad need of sex. It had been 12 long years since I had entered a pussy or sucked the breasts of a woman. Now during the last month, I got attracted towards my baahu Ranjana. I started observing her carefully. She is a stunning lady, with 5.7”, whitish skin, and a well shaped figure of almost 36-28-38, with fleshy curves in the hips and chest. I can bet that any man will turn around to have a look at her beauty when she walks in the street. She looks damn sexy in saree which she wears always as a typical south Indian housewife. She use to wear nightie only at home that too only at night. She is a specialist in wearing saree. She wears it tight around her body and the lower half will be tightly wound around her hips. She wears saree with different blouse cuttings, exiting colours & see through types. To be truthful to the readers, I actually had an eye on Ranjana from the day when we all went to see her for my son. She is a very attractive girl. But as she is my baahu, all those thoughts were buried deep down my heart. But now as my son was not around and she is alone in the house with me, the thoughts got back to my mind. I don’t know how to proceed further, because if she doesn’t think in the same manner as I thought then I will end up in trouble. So along with the sexual frustration, I also had this additional disturbed mind that thinking about my own baahu like this is a wrong thing. So the only thing I can do was to masturbate thinking of Ranjana. But things changed tremendously, as days passed.

Bua Ki Ladki Ko Fasaaya

meri buaaji bhi delhi main rahti hain unki 02 badi ladkiyaan hain aur ek chota ladka hai.dono badi ladkiyon kiran aur mauli ki umar 22, 18 saal hai aur Praveen 16 saal ka hai.aise to dono hi sundar hain lekin mauli kuch jyada hi khoobsuat hai.

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