Ashwini’s Erotic Massage

It was a cold day during the winter season, I wanted something hot. Not hot food or hot drinks. I was all alone at home. On such days when your partner is not around, it is very tough. I called my partner, thought let me ease off the heat by having erotic talks with him, but he was absolutely busy and suggested get a erotic massage done.

High Heels Fantasy

High Heels Fantasy Reena is a 32 years old married woman. Her husband is an engineer in merchant navy and he comes home once for a month or two in a year. She is a college- teacher and also gives private tuitions in the evening to pass her time. She was sex-starved until last year […]

38 Years Old Mature Maid

38 Years Old Mature Maid This story is about how I happened to have sex with my maid at the place I work. I was working at a place away from my home and would only visit home on the weekends. One of the weekends, it so happened that our office management told me to […]

Fucked, Pissed And Slaved By Servant

After about 10 min or so he said to my ears “Tu karega?”. I was just the happiest and the horniest man alive. I said “Ha magar ghar par mat batana please”. He didn’t even said anything and took me to his quarter. He straight up locked the door and took off my pant and shirt. And in no time started licking my face, arm, stomach, legs and what not. I was enjoying each and everybit of it. Then he started to get a little aggressive and with that aggression he kissed me. I wasn’t even ready for it but I did respond to my full capacity. But his aggression kept getting more and more. He started to beat me like anything. I was scared and asked him “Kyo mar rahe ho?” “Mena kya kiya h?” “Please maro mat”. But he didn’t answer any of it.

Rage Of An Ex-Lover

Rage Of An Ex-Lover The plane has landed in time. I was in much tension. what will happen in the customs clearing. In box I have one or two items for which they may ask for a duty. Karan has done it intentionally ,so that they will not check further.I was dressed in a salver […]

Pyaari Teacher

Pyaari Teacher ya such ma real store hai mera saath frist time jo hua. . . . . Mera name suraj hai. Meri age 22 hai. Ya last year ki baat hai jab mai apna final year mai tha. Meri teacher bhota sunder aur hot thi. Uska feghar ka size 34 38 46 tha. Unko […]