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October 19, 2018

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Sensuous erotica with two sexy women

I was in my shorts & T shirt –as I rang the bell, an unknown woman opened the door & told that Molly has gone on a vacation for 2 days with her hubby. She told me that she was her younger sister Jolly & she knows me a lot from her sister.(I was just wondering what she knows of me)She requested me to come in & send sometime as they were also feeling bored.

Mere Dost Ka Parivar K Sattha Mazza Kiye – Part I

Vicky ka uncle miltary mai tha matalab veena ka pati Vicky ka chacha zyadda tara surat aur calccuta ma rahetha hai. achanak ek din mujhe vicky ka phone aaye usne mujhe baat ka uska paapa mujhe kuch zoori baath karna chauthe hai mai unka ghar puchana tha uncle mujhe baath ka unne kuch kaam out of sation hai vo mumbai aur delhi issa kuch stock booking ka liye jaya raha hai. Uncle na bola kabir beta yahaan todi aunty ka satth ghar mai rukna huye ga main bola theek hai.

Hot aunt under me

A year back there were heavy rains here in Mumbai and i was getting wet on the Terrace with my friends. She came up with her daughter to get wet too and her daughter was wearing a white cotton t-shirt and black tracks, all my friends started giving her attention and her mom was left alone. Aaisha was wearing a sleeveless nighty. I went to her and started talking general stuff. I was wearing a shorts only as I have a nice and fit body and i like showing it off. She complimented me for it and i responded saying “Thanks but u too are so hot”, and she said “Common dont flatter me”. I had a Hard on then and she noticed it and then told me that “Mujju I think ur Hard on is out of control now. Y dont u cool off”. I didnt say anything and just kept quite. Since that Day Aaisha replied to my looks by smiling and looking towards my crotch. I was now looking for the right chance.

Sahil Se Salini

Aur bachpan se me hamesha khudko ek ladki jese hi treat kiya hun. jab ghar pe koi nahi rehte the to me apni didi ki dress n ornaments pehen ke mirror ke samne khud ko dekh ke khus hota tha. aur dheere dheere ye mera hobby ban gaya kabhi kabhi to me lipstic, eyeliner aur halka sa makeup bhi kar leta tha dheere dheere mujhe ye itne achhe lagne lage ki me alag alag type k dress pehen na suru kar diya ab wo ghtna pe aata hu, mere ek uncle the(papa k dost) wo kabhi

Muscat Mariya – Part III

Pana-khodhi moothappol Mariyakk mole gulfil ayachaale madhi aakoo adhum oacharathil, muttaavunna vaadhilukal okke mutti kondirunnu aliyaneadu changaatham koodi free aayi oru visa sangadippikkuvan chattam ketti  pullikkaran ozhivaakkiyappol avar yenne kondu aliyanil sammardham kodukkaan sramichu oppam Ammayudem; nirbhandham yeariyappol anghere prerippichu yenghanem poayi raksha pettote angher paranjadh pratheka oru profession yillaadhe pen pillerkk yendhu visa seri aakkaana nee parayunnadh

My three some with couple

We sat in the car and they drove inside the gate to the qrts .The man asked us to quietly get down and enter inside ,we did as he said .once we were in he offered us some water and asked for drinks which I refused and my friend had taken, mean time the lady was inside. She took some time and then the man asked us to come into the bedroom where the lights were dim. The lady there was in her black dress she had a great figure at that age.

Meri Teen Bhene – Part II

Uske baad humara ghar he. Mere pariwar me mere papa mummy, meri 1 badi bhen suman, uske baad main, mere baad meri choti bhen charu. Uske baad humare chacha ji rhete he, unke 1 beta 12 saal ka he or unki 1 beti jo 16 saal ki he uska naam nitu he. Or subse uppar wali floor khali rheti he. Uska sub milke use karte, jese guest ke liye ya padhai ke liye. Sub ke pass uski 1- 1 chabi he . Ab me apni khani par aata hun. Meri ye ghtna tub ki he jub main 1st year me tha. Suman final year me thi or charu 11th class me thi.

Dhanashree and meshree and me

From Yogita only I came to know that Dhanashree had affaires with one of her classmate in MCA study and they enjoyed pre-marital sex also. I got mild shock but later on took it as normal. But little heavy shock I received about one year back when Yogita told me that Dhanashree and her husband sh are engaged into partner swapping activity in their friend circle. Ravindra had 3 close friends and all those 4 friends used to enjoy sex with each other’s wives once or twice in a month. This news was really shocking for me as well as my wife yogita. I could not believe it at first but as Dhanashree herself told it to yogita. For next few days we remained disturbed but tried to accept it as fact and be normal as this kind of practices are prevailing at so many a places in the modern society. Slowly we accepted it as a fact of life but till that day my sight for my Sister Dhanashree has changed. I started fantasizing that Poonam is making love with some body else and some times with me also. I never tried to stop my fantasy as I used to in past. Never I felt any guilt for fantasizing for my own sister. On the contrary whenever I used to fuck my wife yogita, I was fantasizing that I am fucking to my sister Dhanashree. Which was giving me some more excitement and we used to end up with great orgasm. My sex libido increased to a greater extent after this. My wife asked me so many a times for sudden change in my sexual preferences, but I never gave her real reason. Whenever I used to meet todhanashree I was watching her with some lustful eyes. During this period she was pregnant and her beauty was increased because of pregnancy.

Bhabhi Ko Chod Ke Bhai Se Dhokha

Unka ghar kartarpur main hai jo ki hamare yahan se 25 km dur hai half hr main mai waha pahunch jata hai.baat feb 2011 ki hai undino kafi marriages hiti hai to cousin busy rehta hai 2-3 din ghar nahi aata .bhabhi ghar main udas rehte hain bhabhi baut sexy hai v boobs k size 36 hai who bilkul priety zinta jaisi lagti hain. Us din main kisi kaam se unke ghar gaya to bhabhi akele ghar main tv dekh rahi thi mere ko dekh k who bahut khush hui kyunki who boar ho rahi thi mai kaafi jolly nature ka hun to mere saath unko

Bi threesome fun

I crept up behind them, and even before I could say anything, Rajat saw me. He quickly pulled away, and Dhruv, turned around immediately, looking horrified! “Sana…” they both started at the same time… And then they realized, I was in my panties,, I was ready to play.

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