Look Who’s Peeking – Pt. 01

Look Who’s Peeking – Pt. 01 “He’s doing it again.” It was the first thought that came to my mind as I peeked inside my son’s room. Inside the room, my son Kanan was laying spread eagle on his big double bed. I observed my handsome son as he slowly stripped off his clothes. He […]

Eighteen Shades Of Pink

She was an old friend of his who studied with him in the same class. His heart would skip a beat as he thought of her fine body; with her sensual pink lips, full breasts and ass, and hot curves in all the right places, she was every horny boy’s wet dream.

Panimanishini Dengina Katha

Sare ani cheppi vantagadiloki vellindi.After 10min taruvatha nenu apukoleka velli tanani chusa,chala sexy ga vundi,nenu cheyyini gudhadaka tiskelli dyryam chesi saree ni touch chesa.No response inkonchem mundukelli tana hair vasana chusa chala bagundi.Tarvata nenu halloki velli.Debba tagilinattu natincha.Tanu vachi nannu pattukuni tana bujam midha cheyyi veyinchukuni bedroom ki tisukuveltundaga naku tana left sannu tagulutondi appudu naku svargamlo vunnatundi.Ala bed roomki tiskunivelli naa nadumki zendubalm rayadam modalu pettindi.Tanu ippudu na rendu chetulaki saripoyela koorchondi nenu aapukoleka,tanani naa midhaku lagesi vatesukunnanu.Tanu vadilichukovadaniki try chestondi nenu vadhala kunda gattiga pattukuni bed pyna atu itu dorlutunnanu tanu na juttu gattiga lagesariki nenu vadilesanu.Tanu nannu chudakunda vellipoyindi naku bayam vesindi intlo vallaku cheppi tanu kuda ravadam manestundemonani.Ventane tana venakale vellanu tanu halloki velli sofalo kurchundi.Nenu tana pakkane kurchunnanu tanu edustondi.

Two couples-3

Two couples-3 We shared a long, lingering sexy look, then Nora picked the tube of anal lubricant and squeezed a big dab out onto her fingers, getting behind Tim again as I kept holding him open and slapping the lube between his cheeks, into his hole, spreading it around, working it inside with some fingers, […]

Seducing My Son – Part 2

Now coming to story. So after noticing my son staring at all the hot foreigners in bikini and swimwear. I wanted to do something extra to grab his attention. I became so possessive and obsessed with my son. I wanted him to find me sexier than all the other women. I got a slutty idea to seduce him furthermore. My son was just wearing his shorts displaying his fit body to everyone in the resort. I went to the room without intimating him. After a few minutes, he called my mobile. He asked “Ma, where are you? Where did you go?”.
I replied “one urgent work dear. So come to the room.”

Bhabhi Part 01

Bhabhi Part 01 Eh bat tab hua jab mere bhaia kam ke silsile me shadi ke bad pahalee bar bahar gaye. Ma aue babuji pahale se hi tirth yatra par haridwar gaye hue the aur kareeb ek mahine bad lautne wale the. Bhabhi par hi ghar samhalnee ki jimmedaree the. Bahia mujhe ghar par rakh […]

The Protector Of Lovers

The Protector Of Lovers This is a true story in my life. I am a security personal of a company. I an a man of 25 with a muscular body tall and dark. I have studied up to intermediate. Further study was not completed for want of money. So I have moved from village to […]