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October 20, 2018

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Teacher Ko Choda

Ek din usne mujhe apne ghar bulaya uski help karne ke liye ghar saaf karne me.aur main uske ghar chala gaya.usne us din dark black suit pehna tha jis mein se uski chuchiyan saaf dikh rahi thi kyunki usne bra nahi pehna tha.jab main uske ghar pahuncha to wo pehle se hi kaam kar rahi thi.usne apni salwar ko upar kiya aur firse kaam karne lagi.uski gori gori taange dikh rahi thi.uske pink nipple bhi uske suit mein se dikh rahe the.

Maami Ki Chut Ki Pyaas Buja Daali – Part II

Thodi der baad maami mere paas aakar beth gyi aur hum ek doosre se baatein karne mamaji ki shadi hue abhi kuch mahine hi hue the autr mamaji apni shadi ke hafte baad hi canada wapis chale gye the , baaton baaton mein maine mami se poocha ki aaj kal kya chal rha hai toh mami kehne lagi kya chalna hai tere mama le pass toh mere liye time hi nhi hai na din aur khaas kar raat ke liye toh hai hi nhi aur fir kuch dino baad chale jayenge mein phir reh jaungi .

Hot mami

Aur is tarah ki baate hoti rahi scene dekh kar mai bahut hi excite ho raha tha, mera lund paint me khada tha maine puchha mami apne kabhi adult movie ya blue film dekhi hai kya boli han cable wala kabhi kabhi dikha deta tha. Aajkal nahi dikhata hai. Aur hum movie dekhte rahe. Raat ko movie ke bad mami ne mujhe milk rose pilaya aur boli mai sone ja rahi hun, tumko bhi nind aye to so jana. Mami ke jane kuchh der bad maine bhi kapde change kiye aur maine bhi lungi pahan li. Maine stors se cockroach ki bottle nikali aur bahar rakh li. Jab mujhe laga ki mami so gayee hai to mai us bottle ke sath uske bedroom me chala gaya aur bottle ko palang ke niche rakh diya. Room ka night bulb jal raha tha, mami so gayee thi. Mai bhi unki bagal me pichhle roj ki tarah so gaya aur phir mami se satkar let gaya aur unke upar hath bhi rakh diya, aaj to mere dil me kuchh aur hi tha. Maine palang ke niche se bottle nikali aur mami ke pairon ke pas lejakar thora saree petikot ke andar bottle ke muhko kiya aur dhakkan lhol diya, phat se tino cockroach bottle se bahar nikle aur mami ke petikot ke andar ghus gaye, aur maine dhire se bottle palang ke niche sarka di, jaise cockroach unki tango par chadte aur upar jangho tak pahunche to wo jor se chillayee kaun hai aur jhatke ke sath khadi ho gayee, mai bhi unki aawaj sunkar uthne ka natak kiya aur bola kya hua kya hua mami kyo chilla rahi ho, wo boli kya ghus gaya hai malum nahi.

Mousi Aur Chachi Ki Chudai – Part I

Jis din hum pahunche usdin meri badi mousi nam Rani umar 39 yrs ,height 5’2″ figure 38d-40-42 wo bhi aayi thi lekin uske sath mousaji nahi aaye the wo shadi k din aane wale the , mousi dikhne main bahot sexy thi aur gori thi skin bahot hi mulaym thi . mousi her sirf sadi hi pehnti thi aur uska sadi bandhne ka tariqa bhi kuch alag tha hamesha wo nabhi ke niche sadi pehnti thi jiske karan aur bhi jada sexy lagti , usko koi ladka nahi tha isliye wo muze apne aulad jitna chahti thi ye hua meri mousi ke bare main aur meri badi chachi nam

Trapped to become whore

At right time car has arrived to my residence and i left home in my normal graceful dress of shalwar suit. After about 15 minuts car reached the main ngo building. As was directed i reached the special make up room, where i was received by a special team. After putting off my shalwar suit, i was first given rose water enema twice for cleaning my rectum, because this was needed for safe and pleasant anal fucking. Afterwards i was given specially scented bath and beauty treatment by some make up men and beauticians. Now there were no traces of hairs on my velvety body except my long and grooming hairs of head, and my well shaped milky body was now so tender and silky as i had never experienced. My skin was glowing. After that the specially made chudai dress was made to wear me. This was containing a firozy (cyan, green+blue) coloured totally transparent lehenga and a golden choli.

choli was highly decorated with firozy coloured hanging beads and was giving full exposer to my all upper portion except my boobs. Lehenga was also decorated with very tiny but twinkling silver stars. But because i have to pass through the public place so an other matching coloured shining, soft and silky lehenga was also made for me to wear under the actual chidai transparent lehenga, and a same coloured graceful blouse was also made me to wear above the choli to hide it. A totally see through chunni was also set on my bust. Now i was looking as if i am a model or some star going for shooting. I was knowing that after reaching the chudai (fucking) room of chairman place i would have to put off my upper blouse and inner lehenga to make me ready as high grade randi (whore) in only transparent lehenga and golden choli. Very rich and matching jewelry was also made me to put on just to increase my sexy look and glamour. Every possible part of my body was decorated with ornaments. After having finishing touch in my gate up when i saw me in the full length mirror i was astonished seeing my mind blowing beauty and this very sexy look of whore. Before leaving for the actual fucking place a red tattoo was fixed on my both ass cheeks written as saroj randi. I was told that this tattoo can not be washed by simple soap-water cleaning and it will be erased tomorrow after my fucking inauguration.

At 9 pm i was conveyed to a beautiful farm house, which was my fucking place for this inaugural chudai night. I was accompanied with a assistant lady to help me and guide me for this inaugural fucking night as i was a new comer. Driver took the car to the back door of this farm house so that least possible person can see me. My assistant leaded me to a highly decorated room where big mirrors were fixed having king size bed, sofa set and other furniture and gadgets, which would be used for various fucking poses. She told me that firstly chairman of this sex racket will use my body, and fuck me alone in all possible ways in my every hole and afterwards he will call his two most intimated friends for group fucking with me and they will do foursome with me by changing their positions in succession in my mouth, ass hole and pussy. This will be very painful for me because it is my first foursome, but i must tolerate it for best rewards, however if this foursome is otherwise unbearable for me i can push a button to stop the act going on. But i must not try for this option and try my best to bear the pain associated with this foursome. I may scream, cry and weep loudly while involved in foursome because this room is soundproof. She also warned me that this night i will get only liquid diet for not to produce shit in my intestines as this is necessary for safe ass fucking. Then she assisted me to sit on the king size bed by spreading my lehenga around me. Afterwards she left the room after pushing a switch button. This button was a green signal for the chairman and after a few minuts he entered in the room. I became highly surprised to see that he was no other person but a well dignified minister of the state govt. It was unexpected that he may be chairman of this sex racket because he always advocated for women’s right and dignity.

Mansi, my sex partner

While going to the show, I told her that I am very excited to see the show as I have never seen such a show before. She said that she too was. I asked her why she was so excited as it will be all female models. Then she blushed and said why I was so excited. I told her there will be a lot of sexy women there and maybe scantily dressed and hence a feast to the eyes. She was so surprised when she heard me and was stunned. I started laughing and said I was just kidding. She also started laughing with a naughty smile. She said that she thought I was a very serious guy and never expected me to be like that. I started sharing some college stories with her and made her laugh a lot. She told me that she was having very nice time. I asked her abt her college-time as well and asked her if she had a bf in college. She shyed away and said no. I said something fishy but ok if u don’t want to share. I also shared a few jokes with her and a lil non-veg also. She was enjoying all this.

Goan Me Maja

Mummy jaise blouse phadkar bahar anna chahate hai mere sara dyan unke mummy par tha khuch der baad bhabhi ne meri najar ko samja me kay dekh raha hu aur unhone kuch nahi kaha aur aise hi kam kar rahi thi fir hum dopehar ko kana ka rahe thi tab bhabhi janbhuj kar apne sari ka pallu niche giraya aur muje apne mummy dikha rahi thi mere to lund ab jagne laga tha aur mere half pant se saaf dikh raha tha aur bhabhi bhi mere kade lune ko chori se dhekh rahi thi khana khane ke baad bhabhi ne muje kha

My first orgasm

My mom gave me the best of the education and care and money and I also , most of studied well with A grades and joined the job. Mom never used to discuss her finances and personal life including her childhood and education and my dad, but sometimes she used to speak to her cousin who I do not no in Mangalore. I presume my forefathers are from Mangalore. Mom as a matter of fact used to come home late most of the times saying she had product launches, meetings, press releases etc she used to be dropped home in the company car or uncle Khetawat used to drop her home. My mom used to wear business suits and skirts etc and she was beautiful and firm in her decisions. Most of her colleagues used to respect her for her command and for her knowledge and efficiency in work and were scared of her.

Dost Ki Bhabhi

Mummy jaise blouse phadkar bahar anna chahate hai mere sara dyan unke mummy par tha khuch der baad bhabhi ne meri najar ko samja me kay dekh raha hu aur unhone kuch nahi kaha aur aise hi kam kar rahi thi fir hum dopehar ko kana ka rahe thi tab bhabhi janbhuj kar apne sari ka pallu niche giraya aur muje apne mummy dikha rahi thi mere to lund ab jagne laga tha aur mere half pant se saaf dikh raha tha aur bhabhi bhi mere kade lune ko chori se dhekh rahi thi khana khane ke baad bhabhi ne muje kha

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