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October 19, 2018

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Pyari Badi Bahan – Part II

Jasay wo humare didi he nahi , tight jean or smart body or hight be achi thi or colured hairs , or green colour ki t-shirt main to pore gore lag rahi thi , or un ka babby jo kay 3 month ka tha wo be pora gora lag raha tha . hum sab didi say milay or unhay ghar lay aya .raat tak kafie baatay ki or hastay rahay . didi ko main baar baar dhak raha tha or after all unho nay bol he diya hey bhohat goor say dhak rahay ho tumhare be behan hon koi galt nazar say to nahi dhak rahay ho or hum sab hans parhay . main bola nahi

Maa er valobasa

Our toilet is two part with bathing facilities in one and toilet in another with a door in between. Once I was sitting in the toilet and our toilet door had a hole. I was surprised to see my mother enter the bathing area carrying the towel. I think she knew that I was in the toilet. She removed her clothes completely and I feasted completely on her nude body. With pointing nipples and heavenly cunt.

Purva Ki Chudai

Fir jab uske ghar me ghusa to wo aaj bahut sexy lag rahi thi. usne t-shirt uar raparound skirt pehan rakhi thi. fir hum pehle to gale mile fir wo meri god me baith gayi aur hum ek dusre ko bade pyar se dekhne lage. fir mene usko galo pe kiss kiya fir uski gardan pe fir uske lips pe kiss kiya. hum kayi baar uske ghar me jab koi nahi hota tha to hum ye kar chuke the. fir mene uske boobs uske t-shirt ke upar se dabana shuru kiya wo madhoish hone lagi. fir mene uska t shirt utar diya aur usko gale se laga kar gardan pe kiss ki.aur uski bra ke upar se uske books ko suck kiya.

Fucking my ex-girlfriend

I reached Bangalore and called her. She was asking me where can we meet. I told her that I want to spent a lot of time with her. She then came up with an idea “I will leave my kids at my parents house and start as usual for office. But I will take leave and spend the whole day with you” Then I told her in that case I will come to her place since that will be the safest for us to spend a day together. She obviously did not want to be seen around flirting with me and so readily agreed. We fixed the day as yesterday. I told her I will come only if she wears a sari. She responded “anything for you my sweetheart” I then insisted that she wear a sleeveless blouse. She first said she doesn’t have any. I told her where she can get ready made ones in Bangalore and she went and purchased one just for my sake.

Gay Threesome Paheli Bar Aur Achanak

Done acche insane hai.vo bhi multi national company mein hi job karate the meri unase 2-3 dino mein hi acchhi dosti ho gayi 10 15 din to aese hi nikal gaye. Par muje unaki sex ki pasand ke bare mein pata nahi tha.par aek din friday ko muje isake bare mein pata chal gaya.meri sift change hui aur agale week ke liye day shift thi,mein ghar pe vapas aa gaya,mere pass chabi thi to mene door open kar diya,aur jo dekha wo dekhate rah gaya,sameer vishal ka cock suck kar raha thi wo dono bhi ekdam se gabhara gaye,mene ‘excuse me’ kah kar mera muah pher liya,

Ainal with my neighbour

I live in one room of the house . My neighmours consists of a bank officer sandeep sahoo , his wife & one small baby.his wife name is ruby(just really like ruby)who is a sex goddess.she has an average sized lady of 5 feet 2 inches &must be weighing around 60-65kilos.

She is fair in complexion ,and has very wide mouth.

Renu Ki Chut Ki Pyas Bhujai – Part II

To vo boli ki bolo kya gift chahiye. To maine bola ki milte hain phir saath me decide karenge. To vo maan gayee aur boli ki kal karol bagh chalte hain. Maine mana kar diya aur kaha ki mere ghar pe hi milte hain(aapko bata doon main vahan akela hi rehta hoon as my family lives in native place). Usne mana kar diya . lekin mere jor dene pe vo maan gayee. Aur agle din mere ghar pe aayee. Main tab tak so hi raha tha.

Sex with mother in law and her sister

Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh…………uuuuuuuufffffffffffffhhhhhhhh ………..pllleeeeeeesssssss..rajesh ……fuck me like that vigorously……fuck me with hard pushings…….because of your good fucking, my sister is also interested in you …….Raaajjjjjjjjjjjeshsss….do hardly…….fuck me hardly and relieve my pussy from its hungry…….pour your long rod juice into my hot pussy deeply……..pour your rod juice to touch my womb” She ejaculated and my dick is drenched completely in her love juice. I fucked her vigorously for 20 minutes and poured my juice into her hot and wet pussy. We repeated the same once again and my hot cock poured its milk into her love pussy deeply, which is overflowing from her pussy. I observed that my MIL is watching our fucking thru windows. I know that she is also hot and in need of my fucking. After 10 minutes of our rest, my MIL came nudely to my bedroom and took me to her bedroom. It seems they are treating me like a call-boy. It is clear that she too wants a fuck from me at that time. I am going to fuck my MIL on her marital bed. Then I thought it is the time to fulfill my thrust to fuck her directly with my bear cock and pour my juice into her love hole. I requested my MIL to allow me once to fuck her pussy with my dick. After my prolonged request and insisting, she allowed me to fuck her with my dick by using condom. She went to her almirah and brought one condom packet. She took the condom in her mouth and adjusted it to my dick taking into her mouth. Then She laid down on her marital bed and parted her legs widely to give way to my dick to enter into her pussy hole. I came on her and she took my dick into her pussy and pushed my body slowly towards her pussy. She is also moving up and down by pressing me to herself, so that my cock will enter fully into her love hole. My dick is entered slowly into her pussy completely and I moved in and out of her pussy vigorously. Again I requested my MIL “Aunty, pllleeeessss…allow me to fuck you with my bear dick….I want to fuck you with my bare dick and ejaculate in your sweet pussy…..I want to have the experience of my bear dick touching the skin walls of your sweet pussy deeply.” With my frequent requests, she is convinced and told me that to fuck her with my bear cock but not to ejaculate in her pooru i.e., I have to remove my dick when I ejaculate. I happily agreed and she removed my dick from her pussy and also removed the condom from my long dick and again put my dick into her hot pussy. I am happy and fulfilling my ambition of fucking my aunty with my bear cock. I am fucking the great angel vigorously. She is moaning “hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa………..Raj…….ooohhhhh….. Your fucking is very nice and good……fuck me like that vigorously……very good fucking….give me your fast movements and thrusts…….your bare cock is fighting with the inner parts of my pussy……..very happy….give your hard strokes in my pussy”. After 30 minutes of our fucking, she ejaculated and my dick is drenched with her love juice. I got the symptoms of ejaculation and hence, I told aunty that I am cuming. Even though she removed my cock from her pussy, my hot cock rod poured some of its juice into her hot pussy. She is fondling my cock with her hand. My hot cock ejaculated and poured its milk on her boobs and naval. Her sister came nudely to the room and lay on the bed where we were. I took rest in the middle of those two sisters for 20 minutes and again I fucked them twice one by one. Since then, I am fucking them regularly whenever I went to their place. I am also fucking my MIL in her pussy with my dick but with condom only. During our fucking sessions, with great difficulty I convinced my MIL to allow me once to fuck her with my bear dick and fulfilled my dream of pouring my cock milk directly into my MIL’s wet and hot pussy. It is wonderful and her love hole is filled with my cock milk. Later she did not allow me to pour my cock juice in to her pussy but fucking her directly with my bare cock duly pouring the juice outside of her pussy, whereas I am fucking her lovely sister directly and pouring of my cock juice into her wet pussy. Her sister likes to have my cock juice into her pussy. I am waiting for the opportunity of fucking my MIL and pouring of my cock juice into her love hole once again. I request the KE readers to pray God to help me in this matter. Ladies between 40 – 50 years of age, are welcomed to call me for a good fuck from me, on my email ID [email protected] Definitely I will fuck them to their satisfaction and pour my hot rod milk and filled their pussies with my cum. Hope you are all enjoyed with my real story.

Pallavi Ki Chudai – Part II

Chod kr hi rhuga bs intjar tha mauke ka. Thodi der me teacher clg chle gye aur bchche b school chle gye ghar me wo ldki aur malkin rh gye maine sbi wrkr ko kam par lga dia.aur me ldki ko khojte hue upar chla gya wo nhane ja rhi thi mujhe upar dekh kr wo thoda chowk gyi aur jane lgi maine usko rok kr bt krna suru kr di nam pucha to pta chla ki aditi h hm thodi der bt krte rhe aur wo nhane chli gyi me b bathroom k bahar jakr usko nhate hue dkhne ki kosis krne lga me stool par khde hokr khidki se dekhne lga wo bra

The first kiss

Gopal suggested that Asha dipped her leg in hot water to avoid catching cold. Both of them dipped their legs and started playing like kids. Gopal asked Asha if she wanted a leg massage to which Asha responded by immediately raising her neatly cleaned legs to Gopals lap. Little did he know that it was going to be a long night. Half way through the massage Asha suddenly pulled back her leg. Gopal dint say anything. He knew that his actions had aroused her and he himself was getting hot.

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