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Naughty sex adventure My sincere thanks to all the ISS readers who liked my last story posted. I am 27yr old single delhi guy and love to enjoy new adventures. This incident is not mine but i am sharing with you on concent of one of my story readers. Its a story of a Delhi […]

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You sat on the couch and you told me to bend doggie style before your feet with my ass in front of you…you told me to start playing with my pussy, to make it nice and wet so you can use my pussy juice for my asshole…as you sit on the couch and I look back at you, I watch you stroke your cock as I finger and play with my pussy…you listen to my moans as I play with my clit and get my pussy really wet…when my pussy is all wet and ready…you told me to wipe my juice-covered hand over my asshole then you kneeled behind me and reached for my pussy to get more juice…you couldn’t resist to push a finger up my face…you said, “eat your juice, bitch”…I gladly sucked off your finger and then your juice-covered hand began playing with my asshole…you pushed in a wet finger and I moaned…you slapped my ass and said, “stay still, you nasty slut or I’ll fuck your ass now”…I’m not ready for your cock yet so I stayed still as you spread my juice all over my ass then to my surprise, I felt your tongue lick my asshole…pushing gently into my hole…I said, “oh Teacher…more” and with that, your tongue left my ass and I felt your big hard cock pushing in my asshole…your hands keeping me still and steady so your push would be deep in my ass…

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So here the story begin….jab mai grad. 3rd year me tha tht time mujhe 1 wrong no. Se call aaya.. Baat karne pe pta chala saamne se koi ladki thi from same city itself… Mne baat kari.. fir kuch dino baad hum frnds v ban gae… Baaten chalti rahi…. Smhow she likes to talk wd me on call a lot… So hum close hote gae….kuchdino k baad mene use propose kia and she accepted….. fir humne bht baarri phone sex v kia… Wo bhi kum naughty nahi thi. Usko v maja aata tha. Mene use kabhi dekha ni tha na hi usne mujhe… So humne milne ka plan bnaya. Humne 1 cafe choose kia patna me hi… Exact date hum dono waha aae.. She was so cute… Bit healthy but cute.. fir hum mile…jab hum dono cabin me bethe the tb m kuch jada hi shy ho rha tha… (m bit shy in nature)… Usne wo notice kar lia…. Usne kaha- bas idhr udhr hi dekhoge kya.. Phone pe to bol rahe to milne pe ye karunga wo karunga., ab kya hua… M bhi josh me aa gaya…. Mene kiss karna start kar dia… Wo jabardast support kar rahi thi… Hum dono 1 dusre ke lips ko bht achi tarah chus rahe the… Mene uske jibh ko v chusna suru kar dia… Wo v pgl hui jaa rhi thi… fir mene uske neck pe chatna suru kar dia… Uska haath mere lund pe aagya.

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And with that her sweet cunt juices flowed into my tongue. The I kept on licking her cunt and licked every drop of the juice flowing from her beautiful cunt. Then I raised my face.she was now looking at me with her eyes half closed and smiling. She said, gnow it is my turn.I want you to enjoy rajeev had never enjoyed. I have something to prove.Dear enjoy your cock inside my mouth.Telling that she pushed me and made me sit on the edge of the cot with my legs streched down. She sat between my knees. My cock was standing hard like iron .Kusum raised her hand and grabbed my big cock from the base. She started stroking my dick gently for some time. Her face expression clearly showed how much she likes my cock.Then she brought her mouth near my cock. She lowered her mouth and took the head of my cock in her mouth. She started sucking the head of my dick. I started moaning in pleasure.After sometime, she started sucking whole length of my pole and now I started moaning goh! Ahhh..tu saali bahut badi raand hai , must maaaza de rahi hai, teri toh aaj puri tarah lunga aur saali tujhe puri harami randi banaunga” She was liking all this and got more excited and started pushing my cock into her mouth.She began moving her mouth up and down the whole length of my long cock and now and then was caressing the head of my cock with her tongue. She also started massaging my balls.I started Moaning more loudly, gu bitchcyou suck wonderfully.. Real heaven c Aaaahhhh!ccoh Sali!cc.take my dick in your wonderful mouth,I am in heavencoh yes! Do it my dearchkusum, now, increased her pace and started moving her mouth up and down more rapidly on my pole. I lost control and could not stand it longer. I started coming my cock shootting off in her mouth moaningh le sara ras apne muh main , mazza aa gaya…Bahut top class randi hai tu , chus is sab ko aur ek bhi bund girni nahi chaiye”Oh My slut..Oh dear,keep sucking ! Do it harder dearcaaaaahhhh!cc.Oh!ccci am.. Aaaaahhhh!cc..cummingc. . Cc..I am cumc..I held Kusum head and pushed my 6 long cock entirely into her mouth and kept her pressed.I shot my load into her mouth. She was still sucking my cock and I was moaning, goh! Saalicdrink my cum ,Oooohhh!ccmy beautiful darlingcaaaahhhh! Wonderful ,wonderful ..After sometime, she raised her face. She had swallowed all the semen my cock shot inside her mouth.She stood up and came again over to my face and placed her lips on my lips, giving me the taste of my own semen. Again caressing of each other continued,We were behaving like there is no tommorow.I started kissing her nipples. Kusum’s nipples were now rock hard. I was now sucking at her wonderful breasts and she was caressing hair on the back of my head. With my hand my I had started massaging her cunt.My cock soon got erected and became big again.I turned my head towards her and looked at her. Sujatha looked back at me and gave a sexy smile.Rajeev on the other hand had enjoyed the whole show and his cock had already released seeing her wife taking my cum in her mouth.Then with my hands started I parting her legs and Kusum responding eagerly and moaning softly.Then I got up and placed my long,thick cock between her thighs. My cock head was brushing against her cunt and she was moaning softly. I kept on rubbing my cock against her wet cunt.My wife told, Insert inside ,please, fuck me right now.I need that badly, use my body as you like , i am your slave, ramm your tool hard inside my hole and fuck me.I stopped rubbing my cock. Then pushed my cock head in her cunt. I saw my thick cock going inside her cunt lips. The head of my cock was in her cunt.I pulled out little of my cock back and again gave a deep thrust and pushed my entire 6 long dick inside her cunt.She gave a Loud moan.I kept my cock pressed for some time and then started fucking her.Then after few strokes Kusum started moaning.Me too moaning.

Personal secretary

Then Radhika said, “ See these are all sleeveless blouses and design will be very good. If you want I can show one sample which is ready of the same size. You can just see how you look. I said, Yes that will be fine. You can just show how does it looks than we can see what alteration is required Neeta took the blouse and went to try room. After 5 Minutes she came out but she blushing and she was having a towel over her blouse. Radhika said, what happened. Neeta, it’s very small. Everything is visible. Radhika, it’s not small, its Sexy and Its bobby’s taste I said, Show me. She with lot of courage when removed the towel, I said WOW It’s so sexy and beautiful. It was really a deep cut blouse from front and back and was smaller than her bra because her bra portion was clearly visible. Radhika Suggested, Neeta, I think you need to change your undergarments accordingly. For these sorts of dresses we have some special UG’s. I said, “ Please show Radhika” I and Neeta followed Radhika. She showed some nice bra and panties. I ordered for all the matching UG’s with her blouse and said, this is a Gift from my side. Neeta smiled and said thanks holding my hand. I got the idea that she is also hungry and need something. But I was in no mood to hurry. We collected the material and Radhika gave that trial blouse to Neeta for a day so that she stitches some by tomorrow evening. We left her place after clearing bills and moved toward my car. I asked her, Neeta in which sector she is staying. She said 9. I said OK I can drop since it is very near to my home. She said, Sir I am really thankful to you for everything you did today. I am very happy and want to give you a party today. I said, “sure, but once you get your first salary. That I will take party from you.” Once we were near to her house I stopped the car at a deserted place so that nobody can see her. She said, Sir, “If you don’t mind can I do one thing with you”. I said, “What” and immediately she kissed me and said, “Sir Bye”. See you tomorrow. I was bit shocked and happy. Whole night I was thinking about her. Next day I reached office at 9:00 AM and saw Neeta was already there is the new saree and same blouse she was wearing last evening. I was very happy to see her. Since other staff members were there, so I called everyone and Introduced Neeta as a Back office operator and said everyone to be co-operative with her so that she can understand her job well.

How I had scrued by my own boss

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