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December 14, 2018

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The real love story

Then we went to sit on a wooden log laying near the pond side, we sat there and no discussion between us. I then started put my hand on both of her fleshy balls and was trying to take the measurement from all directions. They were of medium size and hard, nipples were big and hard. I was just imagining those balls like apples, and then I had taken her panty out and taken her skirt up to see her genital parts, but unlucky, all around dark and dark. I put my middle finger in to her pussy and found it wet with some juicy fluid. No hairs there, just very small and thin hairs. I started to take her nipple in to my mouth and pressed them between my teeth, just she was moaning in a low sound, ahhhhh. Then I started to suck the other nipple and so on for another ten fifteen minutes, I was in a fear that if some one would search for her in her house then problem will come, but she told me that her parents had gone to the weekly village haat and her younger sister was with her grand papa and they knew that Minu had gone to the latrine outside of their house, she had turned the bulb on in the latrine. From our place it will hardly take 1 minute to come to the latrine and if some one will come we can see from a safety distance. So we continued our game, that day I had tried a lot to get the cock inside her but failed, several time failed, finally I told her to go back. Next day was Sunday and was holiday for her, she met me in the morning near the pond and told me that she will come to my room in the day time if possible.

I love doctors

I consider myself indeed very lucky that I got a chance to have an affair with her who till that time had never got involved with any other man than her husband. It was me, who impressed her more.

Milky aunty

Once when I was driving my kinetic Honda in afternoon in the posh locality in Indranagar, suddenly a lady came in the middle of the road, and I put the break suddenly and she fall down and her carry bags has been fall down, from that bag all the vegetables and fruits were fallen to the road, I stop my vehicle and put the stand to the road side and came near to that lady, she saw my face and said she is extremely sorry for coming in the middle of the road while I was riding, and exactly I had seen her face, she was whitish with very cute face and I thought that she must be 40-45 years age aunty, and her figure was 36/24/34 and while she was picking up the vegetables and fruits, I had seen her cleavages and her boobs were trying to come out of her blouse, she suddenly saw my face and what I was seeing, she gave me a smile, and I also said sorry, but she said its not ur fault, its my fault, that I was thinking and didn’t seen ur vehicle, and I had handed her carry bag after filling the vegetables and fruits, she again said sorry, I said that” no need to say sorry, its ok” and she told that she is staying nearby that area itself.

Seduced by peon

As I was badly tired, I felt asleep as I fall on the bed. After some time I woke up. I looked around and there was total dark. I could not see anything around me. I was feeling somebody’s hand on my legs. I stay quite to see the further action. I understand it must be the peon.

Turning point – 2

So that day he made me drink whisky. I was in the seventh heaven after the first glass. he then started seducing me against my wish but the whisky poured in my tummy played its role and the body heat that developed after the touch of a man after three years of death of my husband provoked my senses. the act of santosh that initially I was resisting started liking after he pushed his index finger in my cunt. The six inch long dick of santosh made me out of control. He wanted me to lick his dick but my pussy was flowing vigorously and it was an uncontrollable situation. I held his dick in my hand and straight away guided the 11/2″ thick and six inch dick long dick in to my over wet pussy. first five minutes he gave his thrusts in standing position. I was moaning with pleasure. I whispered to him to make the thrust faster and with force. he then laid me on the bed and came on top giving faster and forceful thrust. I was now moaning oooh… hhhhh… aahhhhhhhh… with my hand holding him tight at his buttocks. this lasted for 10 more minutes. then his juices came out flushing my pussy well.

Lovely boy ka lovely gift

The incident happened when I was 19, in 2nd year of graduation. Our colleges function was going on and that was a tie-day for guys and sari day for girls. I was in a lovely red sari with sleeveless blouse worn a bit below naval. It was the first time I was going to college in sari though I had worn it many times in family function and my cousin always use to tell me that I look damn sexy in sari. Just when I was entering through the gate someone’s comment caught my attention.

Saali wah

That night when we all retired to bed after a sumptuous dinner, I saw chinni laughing naughtily with veni aunty in the bedroom. Veni aunty simply smiled maturely at all the fun chinni was making of me. I was furious inside with chinni’s behavior. But tried not to express it as a polite host. Veni aunty asked me to sit with both of them. She patted me on my head lovingly and

Told me not to take things so seriously in life. I found her more like a friend than just another aunty. Now I’d rather address her as just veni, and not veni aunty.

Lovely Priya

I am working in a multinational company. It all started with priya my boss’s wife. She is a gorgeous lady aged about 26 yrs with big bouncy breast and equally inviting ass. Any body will get hard seeing her but since she was the boss’s wife nobody dared to move forward. As fate would have it my boss was about 35 yrs old and certainly not in a position to handle this volcano called priya. I was very friendly with both my boss and priya.

I hump my aunty

Well, about me, I m a student. I m 21 now. At that time, I was 18, when this great stroke of luck caressed me. I was vacationing in my home town in my college days, when I was told to deliver some sweets by my mother to verma aunties home. It was 11 in the morning then. I still remember that day, it was11th of august, 2003

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