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October 19, 2018

Nice sexperience with aunt

Nice sexperience with aunt

Hai! My Name is manesh I had a nice experience, with one of my Aunt I still remember that nice experience. It was happends in when I was studying in UG. Once My aunt(uncle wife) visit our house with her kids for vacation.

she was in the age of early 30s, a typical south indian fatty lady, with very big booms and tits (38-34-38).. On first day night everybody sleeping, iam studing for my semester exam on terrous. After finish my reading and iam plan to go to sleep.

At that time I am looking for space, there was free space next to my aunt only.she was very deep sleep, at that time iam noticed that she was forgotten to close her left boom after feed her child. Then I got tempted.Then I going to sleep next to her.

Now she was sleeping facing me to her big back tit. First I slowly touch her body with one finger. she was not responding, then I got courage that to move my palm to her bare hip, wich is so smooth, I move my hand up to her soft belly, still she was in deep sleep and no respond.

I am lucky,after some time she turn to facing her face to me. This time I am clearly visible of her half left boom, then I slowly touch her bare boom with one finger, still she in deep sleep, then I got courage to touch her full boom with my palm and press slightly,

and slowly I turn my face to close to boom, and kept my full face between that 2boom and I feel that heat and smell for some time, then slowly I pull her bra to see another boom. Now I am seeing fully 2 boom clearly, and kept my mouth one boom and suck,

mean time my hand squeese the other boom gently, after five minutes my pennis was leaked, then slowly go to teerous and sleep there itself. But next day she wear nighty and also inside nighty wear blouse also, I think she got some doubt, because of her bra opened,

after that they go to their native place. After 3 years same aunt with her kids visited one rainy night with wet dresses, to attended one function, and my parents are out of station for attendin another function, but this time I am plan to sex with her.

Unexpectedly she lost her luggages while come to here, so she was no other dress to change, Then she ask me to purchse new for her. Then I told that already it is already late night, right now there is no shop open. so she wear my mothers dresses,

the blouse was very loose fitting for her, but she managed to cover with saree. This time she was more cousious with me. After finish dinner I had served milk(mix some sleepin tab) to everybody, She wants the seperate room to sleep, and allote the room to her,

then she go sleep with her kids after lock with key, after 1 hour I have slowly open the door with another key. And I was shock to see, she was sleeping with blouse and skirt and close her chest portion with the small towel., the I slowly move near to with out making noise.

First I check to slight slap to her chick, she was deep sleep, becouse of her journey and sleeping tablet. then I got courage, firsty I have remove that towel, now I am seen her two big booms with clevage, slowly put my hand to her boom and press it, wich is very smooth,

then I slowly kept my hand between the boomsb by moving my hand to inner side of the blouse, and feel the heat some time, and I slowly unhook her blouse very easly, because it is very loose fitting to her. Now I can clearly seen that big booms barely,

I suck one boom and massaged it anohter one. After some time, I have scroll her skirt up to waist. I was shocked to see, she was with out panty and her bussy was very big and big ass also, I kept my mouth some time to her bussy and smell it for some time,

and massage it for some time, then I have adjusted her leg to easy work for me, then I have slowly down me to her body, and wait for some time, for her respond, there is no reaction from her, and I have lie down between her two leg, and I entered my pennis, slowly to her bussy,

which is going very smoothly, like knife in to the butter, since her bussy and ass was so big, my full pennis hidden her, them I slowly make ride to her, mean while my mouth was sucking one of her boom and one of my hand massage other one,

after 20 mts riding I got full ejection and pass my sperm Then I woke up from her, and adjust her dresses as same position when I came before, then lock that room with the key, and I am going to sleep. Next morning she was no doubt at all so my plan worked.

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