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October 20, 2018

My true incident!

My true incident!

Well I am a guy of 21, living in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, along with a friend, as we share the Flat together. Once I was surfing the internet and chatting along which is suppose to be one of my hobby but the only difference is that most of the time I chat, I have a Theme for the Day to chat on, on that particular day, I chose the theme to be PRIVATE SEX LIFE! and I went on and was chatting to quite a number of people. After sometime there was girl came online to chat and we chatted for a while as she has to go offline, in the meanwhile we exchanged our email addresses. The next day by change when I was logged on, which is very common for me as most of the time I have to do many work online. So we again chatted for a while & I asked her, for her phone number coz she itself was from my city. Then after that we often spoke on the phone for long hours late in the night as I have to come home late. This went on for a at least 3 months then, I showed some interest to meet her, where we decided to meet on a particular day on some spot. Later on the relation went on for couple of months as good friends. Then I Had to take a Break to go to my sisters wedding as she was out station. When I came back we started again but not that frequent what was earlier, anyway that doesn’t bother me much. In the mean time of all this I told her that I am interested in her. She said this / that and so on…
After a couple of months it was the time for Friend Day. I told her that I would like to celebrate the day with her, she said no!!! I waited and took it cool as hurry is not good in this matter. After the Friendship Day she told me that she likes a guy who is her good friend & he like her took. I wished her All The Luck. But the fucking does not get over here it starts now. Its my nature to keep people together & always keep in touch so most of my friends like me for that. The same applies over here, I was always in touch but not very frequent, then one afternoon I made a phone call to her just to say hi – hello. After the phone call I put on the music and was getting ready to go and have a shower as that day I got up late coz it was a weekend holiday, and my friend was out of station. Then I went to take the shower & after almost five min, I heard the door bell ringing still that time I was in the bathroom taking shower I said loudly Just give me a min. I just Rapped a towel and opened the door, to my surprise it was the same girl Nisha(name changed) standing right in front of me in a nice tight jeans n a full sleeve t-shirt in dark blue color, it was the second time I met her, any way I welcomed her nicely inside and asked her to sit and enjoy some music what ever she wants & help herself as I had to go to finish my bath. In few min from then I came back nicely dressed she put on some lovely dance music from my collection. I have a lovely collection of music on disk & tapes as well. I asked her if she would like to have some soft drink. She said yes and accompanied me to my kitchen, I served her some chilled Thumps-up and got back to the hall. She asked me if we can dance, I agreed and we were on the floor, In fact that was the first time till now that some girl was dancing with me in my own room for the first time. While dancing I mad her wild and that moment of time we were very close, she asked if I have something on JIVE or WALLS, so I changed the music and we were doing walls & jive alternatively as the music went on. She came very close to me my hands went on to her body for many times, nut I was not in the intention to do anything as I was just enjoying the music & dance. Slowly & slowly she can quite close to me and was just about to kiss. Then I said just excuse let me have a sip of a drink. I went to the kitchen and brought some ice cubes in a jar. I had a sip and up a ice cube in my mouth and aging on the floor with her in my arms. this time I was exited. Just in a while our body met just stuck to each other as we dance she said if she could kiss me, I shook my head. Then she kissed on my right cheek and put her head on my shoulder by this time I was erected completely & she could feel the same, to control myself I said lets take a break, I went straight to the kitchen opened the fridge and had a lot of chilled water & poured some on my head and body. She was standing at my side & watching all this then she hold me from the back both her hand went under my arm pit she drew me closer to her body.
I with out taking time immediately turned back and hold her tightly in my arm and asked is this is what she wants she did not respond to me but I understood the silence and put my lips in her. And we were just smooching for some time and our hands went her and there in our body caring each other she was responding excellently. In the mean while I opened the fridge and took out some ice cubes.
Then I just, hold her like a baby in my arm and took her to the bedroom. I sat down on the bed and placed her on my lap facing me. Then I placed the ice jar in the table adjusting to my bed. Again she hold me in her arms and we started to smooch each other then I moved on to her neck, face to some extend down. then she did the same with me while I was caring her by moving my left hand on her hair on head, neck, and on her lips. Then I took off her t-shirt now I could see her boobs very well, which in a shape of apple, she took of my t-shirt and our body met once again she was moving her hand on my body. Then suddenly I turned and up her on the bed and put a ice cube in my mouth then slowly rubbing it on her starting from the head, nose, lips, cheek, neck, shoulder, arm-pit, boobs, stomach, I moved downwards. Guys can you imagine the scene. I opened the button of her jeans put both my hands inside till her ass inside her panties pressing her ass then I started lowering her jeans as well kissing her all around and making her feel more horny then before. I removed her jeans then I went straight to her pussy removes the panties off which was well shaved and kept clean. I started to suck her slowly and she started moaning slowly & gradually as I increased my speed to suck & tongue fuck her pussy. she whispered slowly that she is going to cum, soon I laid down on the bed and took her on top made her sit on my chest, and her pussy in my mouth, (you could very well imagine the situation) and I was tongue fucking her she cumin soon. I took the full JUICY SILIVA and drank it. It was tasty guys. and was stills fucking her the same way then soon she cumin again but she never told me, this time I missed some JUICE which off course fell on my bed. but any way she way some relaxed then she came down on my side and lay down. BUT MAN WHAT ABOUT ME?? I AM STILL UNTOUCHED WHEN ITS MY FIRST TIME ALSO?? Any way she did not take time to rest but she got up and went straight to my pant removed my pant the same way as I did. took my erected hot dick in her mouth and made me go horny like any thing. I felt, as if I was in the tour to heaven. She would not allow me do any other thing, then I suggested her why cannot we do opposites i.e.. 69. In the mean while doing 69 I cum in her mouth & she again in my mouth. Then I pulled her down me separated her legs as I put in mine in between her legs, then bent down and as we kiss each other we were caring each other by moving hands here and there on our body. I put my mid figure in her pussy and was caring to make her ready she was getting hot & hot like a milk. Then in the mean while I put my erected dick on top of her pussy and with a sudden push the full thing went inside she tried to scream on top of her voice but she could not utter a sound as my lips had a tight grip on her mouth tightening the lips. and the sound went silent. Then I started increase the speed, she would try to adjust her self according to me. Her pussy was very tight & to my surprise I saw some blood running down, my good
ness she was virgin in my arms, she whispered in my ears why did you put the dick so badly when I was responding you well. I had no answer to her question. But any way we continued. I did not cumin her pussy as I did not wanted that, If fact she too. So I cummed out over her body. Then we laid on each other. sometime she on top, sometime I on top of her caring for each other. Then again we had sex. Then I told her that I wanna fuck her ass, she refused me by saying that she do not want her ass to be hurt. Slowly I convinced her by saying this – that and put some oil on top of her ass then sliding my fingered in it. when she was convinced, I put some coconut oil on my dick and slowly made her lay on her chest down and I went on top Slowly I started to insert my dick in her asshole but man it was tighter then her pussy. any how I managed to fuck her the cummed my whole juice in her asshole. and came out.
And there we lay on the bed tired caring for each other, I asked her about the guy she was in love with but no reply she changed the topic. But till the moment I could not understand why she wanted to have sex with me. I was very confused that time & till now. Hope any one could answer my question. All sort of question in my mind. Let me describe the girl with whom I just now had sex. She must be 5.4″, slim ( midume), apple size boobs, & a Midume sized Pappya hip, a 18 year old girl. I am 5.11″, tall not a good body built but ok, as mental & physical does not develop together, but I am happy about that. Any way, after about 5 min we got up from the bed we both went to the Bathroom had a shower together over there kissing under the shower. Then after the bath. I dressed up and went on make some quick noodles & garnished it with some egg. & potato chips. While she was dressing up & in the mean time she also changed the bed sheet of my bed. And then I served the food, well a compliment came for me from her that I cook well, at least know how to serve things that goes along. By that time we were sitting in the hall and listening to music and she was feeding me like a baby.


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