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October 20, 2018

My Sister

My Sister

He had his eyes shut and was waking himself off. Mesmerized I stood watching for a while. As his tugging got faster he started to call my name. I thought he had seen me and was angry, until it became obvious that from the angle he was stood at he couldn’t see me.”Oh, Aruna. Yes, yes, suck my cock you little slut. You prick teasing whore, take my spunk in your mouth you hot bitch.”

I am Rahul From Hyderabad mail me at [email protected], First off all i should thank all the ISS readers for giving a good response for my stories and it was so surprising to get lot of mails from both males and females. It was nice reading some mails and some people were asking for the email id of the gal and telephone number. In fact to be honest, i did not realize that there was lot of sex starved women in India, especially in Hyderabad also.

My sex life had really only consisted of playing with myself in the shower and giving a quick hand job to one of the boys at another school during a football game, until I caught my twin brother in the shower that is. It was just days after our 18th birthday. As I walked in to the bathroom, I noticed him standing in the shower, the mist blurred his outline, but I could tell what he was doing.

He had his eyes shut and was waking himself off. Mesmerized I stood watching for a while. As his tugging got faster he started to call my name. I thought he had seen me and was angry, until it became obvious that from the angle he was stood at he couldn’t see me.”Oh, Aruna. Yes, yes, suck my cock you little slut. You prick teasing whore, take my spunk in your mouth you hot bitch.”

Now I will admit that I have a good body, four years of cheerleading has kept my stomach flat, my legs strong and my ass nice and firm. Add to that a decent pair of breasts, not to big, not to small, and I consider myself a bit of a catch. I thought back to when Jitu had his friends round that time and I had worn my cheerleading outfit from a few years ago. The skirt was too small and showed off most of my ass, while the Lycra top was stretched so tight as to be almost seeing through. I had worn a tiny pink panty and no bra.

Some of his friends were kind of cute and I wanted to see their reaction. Thinking back on it, he was the one who couldn’t take his eyes off me. Maybe he really did have a secret thing for me. To tell the truth, the only reason I had not had much sexual experience was due to the fact that I found Jitu, and my dad, Prahlad, so hot that I was sort of saving myself for them. Jitu was something of a gym queen, so he had a pretty good body, and was not afraid of showing it off.

He was not so muscular that he was disgusting, just well defined. Dad had a great body for his age. He was a diver so he was kept in shape by hauling stuff around on ships and in the water. Mom was a housewife first and a part-time dance teacher second, that kept her in shape. I got my looks from her anyway so I all ways thought she was pretty cute. We were an out-doors lot so we all kept up good tans.

I guess we were a very attractive family all round. Hearing Jitu let out a grunt as he came I slipped out of the bathroom and went back to my room. Lying on my bed with the vibrator I had got from a company on the ‘net I began to fantasize about seducing my brother. Thinking of his tanned muscles I slowly pressed the shiny end of my dildo against my clit and turned it on. The gentle buzzing got my already damp slit creaming. Siding the whole thing in I began to imagine Jitu’s heavy body on mine.

I had never let myself go like this before, and it was not long before I was calling his name and shuddering my way to the best orgasm I had ever had. As I opened my eyes I saw Jitu standing there in just his towel. He had obviously caught my performance as he had a huge tent pole in front of him.”Oh, Sorry, I though you wanted me.” He stammered. “I do.” Seeing him so turned on gave me the perfect opportunity. My God he had a massive cock. “It seems we want the same thing. I saw you in the shower waking off while thinking about me. I was so turned on I came in here to do the same thing.””What do you mean?””You obviously want me, and I really want to free that big old dick of yours.

While mum and dad are out, why not give in to our primitive urges?”With a grin, Jitu dropped the towel that was around his waist. A truly massive cock sprang free. I later measured it at ten inches. At that time I just could not keep my eyes off it as he walked towards my bed. I had not had sex before, but my trusty dildo had broken my Hyman, and I was about to be grateful for that. Before I could get hold of his member he stretched out on my double bed and put his face between

My legs.”Oh, Aruna. I have dreamt about eating your tasty little pussy for years. I always knew it was wrong but you are so fucking gorgeous. All the guys at school what to fuck you, but I get to be here now.””You will be the first baby. I have been saving myself for you. I have wanted you for so long.”With that he began lapping his tongue up and down my creamy hole. As he kissed my open lips he slid my dildo slowly back up my cunt.

Looking down I could see the slick, black plastic rubbing in and out of my slit, with his tongue around it. Just the thought of his face buried in my pussy had gotten me off in the past. Having him do it for real was even better. I began to cum all over his face. He held out his tongue and caught all of my juice in his mouth. When I stopped squirting he made a show of swishing it around his mouth before going back down on me.

He let some of my cum drip out of his mouth and on to my ass. Still ramming the dildo up my snatch he placed his tongue against my asshole and began to run it all around, while using my own cum as a lubricant. I could not believe my own brother was doing such disgusting things to me. I was about to protest when he forced his tongue in to my ass, opening it wide. The sensation of feeling him in my back door was so good I began to buck and scream with my orgasm.”Fucking hell, oh yes.

Don’t stop, please. My ass, fill my ass.””Not yet, sis. Let’s do one thing at a time.””Anything just let me have that huge cock of yours.”Leaving my dildo sticking out of my cunt, and my ass open and splashing, he slowly ran his tongue up my body. He kept going up until his dick was in front of my face. I took hold of it in both hands.”My. It’s so hot. I can feel the blood pumping in it.” With that I began to take the head in to my mouth. The dam thing was so big I could only fit so much of it in there.

My drool began running down the thickly veined sides. I pumped it slowly with my hand, just like I did with the boy at the game. His moans told me I was doing something right. After a couple of minutes he pulled back. “I really want to get in your hot, tight cunt. Now we are all lubed up, it should be easier.”With that he gently rolled me on my back and slowly replaced my dildo with his mammoth cock, sliding it in to my little pussy. The stretching feeling of the bulbous head was nearly too much to take. It felt so good being opened that wide I began to drool thick cream out of my twat.”Oh, fuck. You are so hot, and tight. I don’t know if I will fit in all the way.””Shit, let’s find out shall we.” With that I forced him on to his back, still with the head of his prick in me and began to slowly work back and forth on it. After getting used to one bit I would slide down a bit more? After several, exquisite minutes I had the entire thing buried in me.”Fucking hell sis.

No girl has ever taken the whole thing before. You have the most amazing cunt ever. It feels so good, I am never going to stop fucking you.””Damn right. I want your cock in my twenty-four- seven stud. Understand?””Oh yes. Now just start moving up and down, at your own pace.”With that I began to rock back a forth on his pole. I felt his hands on my ass as he began to lift me up and down on his dick. The feeling of it sliding over my soaking pussy lips was so good I was in a permanent orgasmic state. I didn’t think it could get any better, until he slowly slid his finger up my ass.

Being violated in both holes sparked off a huge orgasm in me. I was rambling and seeing stars. As I was coming down from my orgasm I felt Jitus prick tighten up, he let go of my ass and I slammed down on to it. As I did I felt his spunk explode deep in to my womb. The hot explosion in my cunt was heaven sent. I leaned back and rode out his bucking and writhing body as he filled me with so much cum I had it backed up

Deep in my cunt. Only his size stopped it from oozing back out. I collapsed on to his chest, panting and sweaty. As we lay there locked together I could feel his cock soften inside me. I kissed his chest as he stroked my hair.”You were worth waiting for, lover… You weren’t bad you self, for a novice. I haven’t cum that much since I was a kid. Damn I love you pussy, your ass and your tits. You are the best fuck I have ever had.”

Really? The girls at school all claim you’ve fucked them. Am I really the best?””Oh yes. I don’t need any other girls, now I have my dream date.”With that I slowly slid of his cock. With nothing in my pussy his cum began to leak out. I quickly grabbed one of my silk thongs and pulled it on. I pulled it tight up to my cunt to catch his cream. When the crotch was soaked, I took off my panties and began to eat the heavenly tasting mix of our cum right out of them. I was so engrossed

I didn’t notice him join me until I felt his tongue on mine. We looked directly in to each other’s eyes as we sucked our mixed juices out of my panties. When we were done I threw them aside and we held each other in a long, lingering kiss. His tongue that was so talented in my pussy and ass was even better in my mouth. He slowly pulled away and looked me in the face.”The folks will be back soon, best get cleaned up. I don’t think they would understand.””Your right. But promise this won’t be the last time we do this.””Sis, I meant what I said. Your mine for ever now.”With that I gave him a kiss and watched him walk out of my room, just as I heard mom and dad open the front [email protected]



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