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October 20, 2018

My Sister, My Angel Took Out Her Virginity On A Rainy Day

My Sister, My Angel Took Out Her Virginity On A Rainy Day

A perfect beauty in all aspects having a beautiful long hairs which touched her hips.

Hi readers, I am Karan age 24 doing my M Tech.Let me tell about my sis she is just 19 name amulya and here are her body measurements.

Height : 5 feet 4 inches
Weight : 48 kg
Body measurement and size: 32-23-34
Bra size: 32b
Bra cup size: b
Body shape: hourglass
Waist size: 23
Hip size: 34

A perfect beauty in all aspects having a beautiful long hairs which touched her hips.

Now, let me come to the story.

Once my parents were out of state it was 4 days trip first two days we were normal we sleep together from our small age without any dirty things in mind, that 3rd day was a bit good day my views and desires on her grew by seeing her bathing nude she was a sculpture made from sandalwood,

That night i decided to taste my sis as we slept it was around 11pm she had a habit of hugging me in a innocent way as she was scared at nights from her childhood. That day my mind was corrupted i was creasing my sister all over her body as she had bathed she was smelling fresh my small evil of size 8inch was woken up and was in hurry to come out so i made him come out and i had put my hands on my sis ass and was pressing it and i was bit rash so she woke up suddenly seeing my evil she was shocked and pushed me aside and scolded me i was scared that she would tell my mom i asked her sorry many times she just slept off i dint sleep as i was tensed a lot.

Morning she woke up cleaned house cooked food and went to college dint talk wit me.Later i went to take bath i noticed her bra and wet panties took them in hand and started smelling them and i took her salwar and smelled her body aroma which made me crazy i kept her panty on my dick and jerked off.Came out from bath checked her cupboard saw diff colors of panties and i spent the whole day jerking off.She came in afternoon at that time i openly spoke about my feelings towards and i requested her to have sex wit me once.

She didn’t replied went off to tuition she came in the evening we had dinner together it was around 10pm she suddenly said don be sad come lets sleep she said.

To my luck it started raining with thunderstorms she was scared and hugged me tightly now i had a good chance i said her to leave me sleep aside she said pls i am scared.

All of a sudden i started kissing her and pressing her boobs she dint respond now i removed her kameez thread and slipped her panties next i removed her salwar it was done wit in 30seconds my sis was in a shocking state with just bra and half worn panty she was beauty at its best, without wasting time i removed my clothes and hers too we both were nude she dint even say a single word but started crying i wiped her eyes and started sucking her boobs and her heaven gate,

I convinced her that nothing will happen don’t cry she said pls stop i requested her for about 10min with my fingers playing wit her pussy she said ok but last time without wasting time i kept my huge dick in her mouth though it was first experience for her she gave a good blow job next i inserted my dick into her hairy wet pussy it was too tight so i used some Vaseline and saliva all of a sudden i pushed once inside her, she shouted and started crying in pain as blood started flowing out

I took her to bathroom washed her and convinced her nothing will happen and i put her on bed and started with simple strokes and made her cum so early and later i shot my hot loads inside her deep pussy gave her a rest for 1hr and started fucking her in all possible positions i showed her porn movies and asked to act in the same way and we both had a good time till morning 5 later we slept she dint go to college on that day we woke up at 9 bought food from hotel ate and went together to bath and had a round of fun there, came out i dressed her up she dressed me up.

All of a sudden i got a call from my parents telling that they wont come today and will come tomorrow it was my luck and i had got one more night to taste my sister entirely i informed her she was also happy so we thought to have a memorable sex in evening i decorated the room with candles and rose petals she dressed in a hot way i bought stay-on capsules so i get extra energy.

We finished our dinner switched off lights and ignited candles played romantic songs kissed and started fucking it was too hot inside i took her to our terrace and fucked in cold breeze in presence of moonlight later we went inside due to mosquitoes and had a good pleasure she got experienced in a day and gave me awesome blow jobs later we slept off soon as we were tired morning we woke up at 7 cleaned the room and places were our body fluids were and we got freshen up.

It was around 10am when our parents came we both were like innocents in front of them but she used to give me a wicked smile every time, at nights i used to put my hand in her panties and press boobs in another hand this how i enjoy with my sexy sister.Finally i used up my tender virgin sister as my wife.

Till now i have fucked her many times day by day her ass and boobs are growing big and she is entering into her women life..

Guys reply me with your valuable feedback and encourage me for my next stories..

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