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October 20, 2018

My Sex Story – Part I

My Sex Story – Part I

Now, coming to the point, I have finished my B.E and was placed in a reputed organisation in Bangalore and used to stay in a hostel with two other roommates, in which one girl was known to me and the other joined two months after we joined, who always used to be on mobile talks.. Suddenly my friend got a transfer & moved to Delhi,I had to stay with my other roommate Shalini. Slowly we became more intimate & used to share all the issues including personal.

Hi !! ISS Readers. This is Pranavi, age 25 with an average height of 5’4”. About me, a very shy girl, studious with a little bit of village backdrop. This incident happened 3 years back which has changed my entire lifestyle. And to the people, who don’t believe, please trust me it was my true life incident.
Also this was the first time , I’m sharing this incident to you.

Now, coming to the point, I have finished my B.E and was placed in a reputed organisation in Bangalore and used to stay in a hostel with two other roommates, in which one girl was known to me and the other joined two months after we joined, who always used to be on mobile talks.. Suddenly my friend got a transfer & moved to Delhi,I had to stay with my other roommate Shalini. Slowly we became more intimate & used to share all the issues including personal.

Shalini was 3 years elder than me and had a boyfriend too. She used to talk to her boyfriend in the nights, (sometimes quarrelling) and used to discuss with me all the issues about their relationship. At times, while sleeping I used to see shalini’s hand under her skirt while talking in the phone, but strangely she used to lick her fingers after that and this used to arouse me a bit. Being a shy girl I never used to even change my clothes in front of her, but she was very free type and many-a-times I have seen her private parts (I used to like it too).And to be frank her assets are bigger than me & nicely shaped with good maintenance. Slowly, I have changed myself after seeing her, and used to sleep in skirts & t-shirts, going to beauty parlours, etc…

One day I was very tired in my office and slept early than the usual. Since I have not had my dinner, may be because of hunger I was awake in mid night with some murmuring sound besides me. As usual I thought it was my roommate talking with her boyfriend. But this time the sounds are a bit different & I could hear them as sweet moans. They both were discussing about their last week’s outing at one resort. By their conversation I came to understand that they had sex many times and also they were planning to have sex again at his place. By listening all of these things, I had decided to change my room next day morning, thinking that sex before marriage is a sin & staying with such kind of girls is more sin. But all this time I was still in a sleeping position and she was unaware that I ‘m awake. I was unable to get sleep by her moans & was cursing her for behaving like this.

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my left lap rubbing gently. And I noticed that, her hand was moving a little deeper & touching my inner thighs. At first I thought of getting up, but I was a little afraid & laid there silently. This continued for about 5 minutes and I was getting turned on by the warm feeling of her hand on my thighs.I wanted her hand to touch my pussy, but my conscience said that it was not right, that too with a girl. This had continued for another 5-10 minutes and she got up, went to the bathroom & then she slept. After I confirmed that she was in her good sleep the image of Shalini putting her hand under skirt came in to my mind.I slowly inserted my hand into my panty and started rubbing,I had a different kind of pleasure in doing so & continued it for long time & slept like that. Next 2 days went normally with loads of work in office and on the third day being Friday, we were chitchatting in our room after having dinner. After discussing many topics the main topic came (sex) and she asked me whether I had sex anytime & for which I replied strictly no. Then she asked me at least did I have romance kind of thing with any of the boys,I simply answered her that all these things would be after marriage. Like this our conversation went high & in turn I asked her about her experiences, if any. She told me that she & her boyfriend are having sex regularly and also told me that it was not a mistake as they are about to get married as their parents also agreed.

She asked me whether I have masturbated any time, and I said no. She then laughed and said that she has seen me masturbating. I was a little worried and said never I have tried such things. She immediately told me that three days earlier she had seen me putting my hand under my panty and also told that night she was aware of me listening to their conversation and told that she intentionally put the hand on my thigh. I was very silent and lowered my head downwards with shame. She then explained that there was nothing wrong in knowing such things and that too it is very essential especially for girls to know about Sex before marriage. By this time I was a bit comfortable and told her that even me too was interested in knowing such things, but was afraid.She then placed her hand on my shoulder and said you are my dear friend and I will help you out in knowing all these things. I was relaxed by her words and she asked me to remove my t-shirt and I denied. But somehow she convinced me and I removed it.Now I was in bra, later on she removed my bra too. She was completely dominating me & I was unable to tell her not to do to what she was doing. She massaged my back ,now she told me not to be shy and said that my boobs are looking good with some hair at the nipples. I replied not to tell a lie as I know that her boobs are much better than me and even bigger in size. She then removed her top & revealed herself. By comparing I came to know that, being small mine are looking cute than her. She then touched my nipples and squeezed a little. I moaned in pain and she asked me about the feeling, I said I am feeling a tickling sensation.

She then removed her panty and stood naked in front of me. Her pussy was neatly shaven with very little hair on it. She then inserted one of her finger and moved up and down. It was very juicy and by that time her finger was full of her love juices, she then licked the finger and told me to do the same for pleasure. I hesitated initially to remove my panty as it was not shaven (I don’t have a habit of shaving).In fact I didn’t knew that girls shave there. I told her the same thing that it was unshaven. But she told me that it was not a big thing and also some people like the girls with hair on their pussy, like her boyfriend. And she told me that she doesn’t like to be with hair though her boyfriend likes a lot. After that I inserted my finger into mine and masturbated. We continued this for 15 more minutes . After this incident, we became more closer to each other and daily while talking to her boyfriend she used to keep the phone in speaker mode and from the other side he used to talk dirty and we used to masturbate on hearing him. He didn’t knew about me masturbating alongside with his girlfriend while he’s on call with her.

After few days, she told me that she was going to her boyfriend’s house on the coming weekend as nobody was there. About him, He is Rajiv, handsome guy with a height of 5’10”, with athletic body structure, very calm in nature. I met him two to three times in restaurants. He is staying with his brother in a two bed roomed flat nearby and now his brother is going for an on-site to Australia and will not be in India for 3 months. I was a bit dull as I have to stay alone in the hostel for the weekend. That day passed and she returned back on the next day & looked very tired. I asked her the reason but she told nothing like that. But my thoughts were about them like how they have enjoyed the full night. Meanwhile she slept and I was unable to sleep due to the anxiety. Suddenly the doorbell rang and it was laundry man, so I gave my clothes and in an intention to give her clothes I opened the bag which she has taken to rajiv’s home. In the bottom I found her bra in two pieces. I was shocked but was covering my expressions and i sent the laundry man without her clothes. I was amazed by thinking about him that how come such a calm guy can he be very wild tearing the dress. Thinking all this I slept beside her.

In the evening once again I asked her about the last night and she replied that they had enjoyed in full extent in all the angles. Then I asked her what does she mean by angles?? She laughed at my innocence and replied that I need to learn many things. She then told me to search for a good boyfriend and gain all the practical knowledge before I get married, and also threatened that my husband may leave me if I was like this. I was a bit worried and said that her parents are very strict and if they come to know that she is with a boy it would be very dangerous for her. She then told me that now we are grown up and we need to manage things by our own without knowing to parents,and also assured me that she will search a good one for me for teaching me all of this. I was tensed but somehow I liked the topic and wanted to continue, but she told me to sleep as it was too late.

Some days passed on, one day there was no power in our hostel due to some electrical problem, the warden came & told that power is expected only by tomorrow. All the other girls are moving to their friends places nearby, but I was confused what to do & was waiting for Shalini to come from office. It was already 9 PM and she came. After seeing the situation she told me, let us go to Rajiv’s home for that night. I was hesitant in the beginning, but there was no other option for me as it was a hot summer. Then we went to his house, had dinner on the way to his house & by the time we reached there it was 10’O clock in the night. Being a two bedroom apartment, we both stayed in one bedroom while Rajiv was in other. Then it came to my mind that we have not brought anything to wear at night. As I told she is a very free type girl she removed her top and slept with only bra on her. There was one nighty of hers and I took that and slept.

As it was a new place I was unable to sleep and turned towards her and found she was not in the room.I thought that she might went to bathroom, but even after 15 minutes she was not back,then shalini’s words came to my mind about their enjoyment and wanted to see what they were doing. Slowly got up and went towards their bedroom, but the door was locked inside, I was disappointed but my inner desire wanted to see inside the room. So I searched for other options. To my luck the bedroom was next to kitchen & there was a ventilator on top which is reachable from the cooking platform. So I climbed it and peeped inside. It was really shocking for me, he was standing in front of her & Shalini was sitting on bed with his dick in her mouth. It was the first time in my lifetime that i saw a penis. She was taking the full thing in her mouth and licking his balls. Meanwhile he was pressing her boobs with both the hands and they were moaning in pleasure. By seeing the sight I was feeling some itching in my pussy and inserted my finger. After some time I opened my eyes and seen inside. By this time both were nude and she was bending to the front side with his dick in her ass. I wondered how much the big tool can fit into the ass, but got more excited by the scene. He fucked her for more than 10 minutes and reached their climax. I understood they were finished and got down and went to bed. After about 20 mins she came inside & slept.

The next day morning she told that she was having body pains and doesn’t want to go to office, me too was not in mood to go to office & we decided to sleep again. At about 11 we got up and by this time Rajiv was preparing something in the kitchen. We entered in the hall he told us to get fresh as he has prepared some breakfast. While having the breakfast I found he was observing me. I too kept an eye on him, after seeing his dick I was a bit disturbed and to be frank I was attracted to him. He was seeing my underarms and I realized that being a sleeveless nighty, my thick hair was protruding outside. I felt a little ashamed and suddenly her words came in my mind that he likes girls with hair. Initially I wanted to hide from his looks, but later on I wanted to show him my assets as I was horny after the last night episode. Finally, we finished there and went to our hostel.

The next week when we were chatting, the topic of sex came (she raised this time). After few talks she told me that she had searched a good teacher for me and told that classes would start from this weekend. I was excited and asked who that is? But she replied it was a surprise and assured i will be happy with the teacher. Finally the weekend came & I dressed well and waited for her to come. At around 7’O clock she called me & told she was held up in traffic & will be coming directly to Rajiv’s house and asked me to come there. I was a bit confused but somehow managed and reached there. Rajiv opened the door & welcomed inside. I was a bit tensed and sweating. He gave me some drink & we were talking about something the doorbell rang & it was Shalini who came alone. After settling down she asked me how the teacher was. I am confused and asked who that was. Suddenly Rajiv came & sat beside me, holding my hand. I became nervous and again started sweating. I was not comfortable there and stood up. Immediately she caught me by hand and told that she has searched for many and finally thought Rajiv would be the correct teacher and as they were getting married they both had no problem with thsi. She also told me that definitely she would learn the best things from him so that she can impress her husband in future. By this time I was ok & started thinking. She took hold of my hand and drove me to the bedroom. I was simply following her. There she asked me to sit on the bed and told Rajivto handle me carefully by winking her eye and left the room leaving both of us.

Now, the total room was calm for five minutes, but he broke the silence and asked me to stand, like an obedient student I obeyed to his words. He came from back & smelled my hair from top to bottom. Gently touched his nose to my ear lobes. I was feeling great and the sight of Rajiv’s dick came in my mind and was afraid of that going in my cunt. I told him please don’t do anything to me as I have to get married. He replied not to get tensed and this was a feeling to be enjoyed without fear. Also he assured that he will not touch me until she asks to do. I was relaxed & stood there silently. He went a little down & asked me to raise my hands & smelled my underarms, & told me that he was getting mad of that smell. He then asked me to remove my top and I refused as light was there. He then switched of f the light & put a dim bed lamp by which we were clearly visible to each other. He said it is essential to see each other’s private parts in sex as it increases the mood. Hesitantly I removed my top & stood with my slip on. He was really mad on seeing the hair in my underarms and started biting that & licking. He asked to remove the bottom & I followed. Now I was in my undies. He came down & smelled near my pussy. I can feel his nose tip touching my thing and was getting hot. Slowly inserted the tip of his tongue in to my navel and started rotating it. By that time my panty was wet with juices. He then removed his t-shirt & jeans. There was a lot of hair on his chest & a huge bulge in his underwear. He then opened his underwear and taken out his dick it was almost 8 inches.He asked me to touch it & I slowly I took it in my hand. It was very hot & the tip was leaking with some juices. He told me to suck it and I said no. He just smiled & came to me from back & unhooked my bra. Now my boobs were hanging., he had taken one boob in his mouth & started sucking it. I thought of asking about his word of not touching me, but remained silent in that pleasure.

He pressed my other boob & came down to my stomach, licked around there and again gone to my underarm. His dick was poking me in my stomach (due to the height difference). He then came to my neck and made wet all there. Took my face in to his hands and gave a slight kiss on my cheeks, meanwhile pressing my back ,I was in a different world & hugged him. Immediately he gave a long smooch on my lips and bit my lower lip, and taken my brown nipples in to his hands and squeezed them.He was moving his hands all my back and massaging my butt. He had separated them by inserting a finger into it. He then pulled me on to the bed & came on to me. By kissing me on my lips, chin, belly he went down and all of a sudden pulled my panty out. It was torn on one side and came out. I was shocked by this sudden incident. Slowly he went down towards my pussy. I felt some wetness already there and wanted him to go there, but Rajiv was eating & biting my pubic hair which was making me hot. He started chewing my hair & surrounding area was all wet by his saliva. By this time i was fully turned on and was offering him my sweet cunt by lifting my hip slightly up, so that his tongue can reach my pussy. He understood my situation and touched the centre line of my pussy with the tip of his tongue. I was like in heaven; this strange feeling of my cunt being sucked was really amazing & I was moaning loudly. He was squeezing my butt with both of his hands rubbing his fingers slightly on my ass crack. I hugged him tightly and pressed my bobs to his hairy chest.

By this, Rajiv understood that i am reaching my first orgasm and inserted his finger in my ass hole. Slowly he was moving in & out. It was paining me but still I was feeling a pleasure too. Suddenly the door was knocked & both of us got disturbed.

continued in the next part.

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