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October 19, 2018

My Princess, My Elder Sister

My Princess, My Elder Sister

When she came to Delhi for her 2 months training, I was overwhelmed and had many plans in mind,however, those 2 months of seducing didn’t bear any fruit, my countless plans flopped continuously, and finally after completing her training she went back to her home, and I was left with just some memories of her ..

Hi friends, this is abhishek,18m , from Delhi, India and I m here to share my first experience with my elder sister, she is 36 28 34, almost perfect figure :p , 22 yrs old,fair in colour, shes a perfect beauty,( if she lived in Delhi she wouldd have been rapped many times already.!) shes my mama’s (uncle’s) daughter and lives in a village, haryana …
Without wasting anymore time, let me get to the story ..

Since I attained puberty, there was something that always attracted me towards her … I couldnt resist her smell, her touch, her skin, everything of hers attracted me towards her … The only thing that was on my mind was she, and I always found myself going to her place in holidays, even if it was for a day ..

When she came to Delhi for her 2 months training, I was overwhelmed and had many plans in mind,however, those 2 months of seducing didn’t bear any fruit, my countless plans flopped continuously, and finally after completing her training she went back to her home, and I was left with just some memories of her ..

Soon I got busy with my studies and almost forgot about her, almost, but one day, she called my mom and told her she will b visiting delhi again, this time for some 8 months, and that she will resume her training and will go after its fully completed …

Hearing the her name again my penis started rising and her memories and all those feelings came back in an instant, I jerked off 3 times that time, trying to fill the gap of those 6months when I was busy with studies and didn’t get time for masturbating ..

The day finally arrived, she came, dressed in a white kurta and white leggings, I was dumb struck for a sec, but the had to hold back my feelings coz of all relatives present in the house .. That day I decided, by hook or by crook, I will fuck her somehow ..

Again I made some plans of seducing her,but all went to vain, since she belonged to village and wasn’t exposed to seduction and all, dunno how she wasn’t aroused at all by all those things I did ..

On 2nd November, 2013, as usual, I was trying to seduce her, constantly trying to touch her boobs by getting involved in silly fights,

During one of those fights, she got little hurt, and started crying… it was just a normal fight, remote fight and who will watch the tv one, and when I tried to grab her nipple, back side of the remote gave her a small stretch on her milky white skin, my whole family was worried and started consoling her, and I was punished for my act, who knew it will lead to my sex adventure with her, not to mention my dream come true !

I was told to take her to her room and apply balm or do whatever and make her happy …

I took her to her room, closed the room door and started applying some hot blows on her so called injury .. seeing almost no effect on her, I removed her spectacles, and kissed her eyes, saying I cant see u crying didi it looks bad, saying so I cleared tears off her face, and started giving her slow random kisses on her face, followed by some kisses on her neck ..

She was wearing white tee and a pink pj, and didn’t have a bra on ..

With kisses on her neck she got little aroused, making little moans like aahhh … I didn’t focus much on her moans, and continued kissing her , randomly, after 5mins of doing so , she stopped crying and started enjoying the small act that I put up … without wasting any time, I planted a kiss on her juicy lips..

Taken aback from my sudden kiss, she tried to push me back, but I was in no mood to listen to her, damn, she had tastiest lips I have never tasted such soft, juicy, and damn, they were hot.!

Forcing my kiss on her, I started to hold her hands back , and trying to keep her sound as much suppressed as possible, since inviting my family to that scene was like signing my own death warrant .!

This forced kiss lasted of some 10 min, when she stopped resisting anymore, maybe she knew that I will do everything I want now, and theres no way out ..

‘‘This is wrong abhishek, we can’t do this, if ur uncle ever finds out he will kill both of us’’

Just smiling to her comment, I again started kissing her, giving her proof of how much I loved, ‘’I don’t think u will b telling them what is about to happen now, are u?’’ she smiled back, and taking it as green signal, I removed her tee, revealing biggest mangoes ever grown on this planet … perfect white skin with brown nipples made it a sight of century, anyone could die seeing those boobs .. without wasting any second I jumped on her, sucking them like a mad hungry dog … kneading one, and pinching another, I planted another kiss, then coming back to them, and spending as much time as possible on them ..

I never wanted to part ways with them, I was like a child sucking milk , after what seemed like eternity, I left her boobs, pinching her nipples, making them red like her now swollen red boobs, I managed to make her almost half inch long standing nipples to an inch height … what a sight it was, I didn’t even think about it in my wildest dreams, what seemed like an impossible thing was right before me, and there I was, nourishing and cherishing every moment I spend there, before I was taken back to real world ‘’Hey r u going to stare like that or will u do anything else? There is something else which requires your attention, right down here’’ damn, I almost forgot, her pussy…!

Without wasting any second, I started removing her pj’s, slowly, eyes wide open, knowing what awaits me is heaven itself, my hands literally shaking … And boom, off go pj’s. and there she is, my princess, in pink panties, already soaked with something sticky, I guess it was her cum .. with shaking hands, I removed her panties, and she immediately cupped it with her hands, ‘’u cant get access to that like this, u will have to do something for it … show me something that will make me happy.!’’

Instantly, I removed all my clothes, throwing them, and showing her my already hard 6’’ cock, and she was like, woooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww …. I guessed its her first time seeing it … now, since I earned her pussy, I removed her hands, praising her trimmed pussy, with a small hair of triangle on it(didn’t know they make designs down there aswell .!) without wasting another second, I put my nose, smelling every possible scent of her pussy , it was sooooooo good, arousing me more … I put my tongue in her pussy,or so I thought, ‘’it’s a little down u fool’’ , I went little down ,here I was,I placed my tongue on it, and mannnnnn, it was burning hot

I thought if I continue my tongue mite fry … licking her pussy in clockwise direction, in anticlockwise direction, and some random licking, she came,with a load moan, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww for first time, squirting like mad … that was my first time seeing someone squirt in front of me

Waiting for her to finish, I admired her beauty, and came to senses, finding her licking my penis, taking it inside her mount …. ‘’whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’’
Shes a natural man, after having such a strong orgasm, she cud stand again, and without wasting time she started on me.! Along with excitement, astonishment, and pleasure, I was in a world of mine … seeing all this, I cudnt control, and almost 2min I came huggggggeeeeeeeeee …. All in her mouth, she drank all, and complimented the taste ..

It was time, finally, to loose my virginity to my princess, yes I was a virgin till now … saving it for my dream girl, and here I was , with her, on verge of finally loosing it .

Pushing her on bed, I looked at her, she winked at me, and taking that as yes, I placed my penis on her pussy, this time at correct place, and gave it a tight push, it didn’t get inside, only an inch …

She almost shouted, I cudnt make out how her pussy was so tight …

Then I gave another push, and then, a loud shout from her side, fear of being caught I immediately kissed her, and she was , with eyes open, crying … blood started flowing from her pussy … OMG, she was a VIRGIN.! I was sooooo happy at that time, that I was the one to b able to take her virginity, and started playing with her melons to make her feel good … after 5min, she was oky, her pain reduced, and so I started some strokes, taking it fully out, pushing in, taking out, pushing in, taking out, and then fully in … we both were enjoying, me more than her, coz I cud hardly see her speaking, she was just moaning ….

Fucking her with ‘’thup,thup,thup, thup thup thup ‘’ sounds, I felt on verge of cumming again, I increased my pace, thup thup thup thup thup thup …. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww …… we both came at same time, and I fell on her, trying to catch my breath ..

I never thought I will cum so early, I didn’t fuck her even for 10min at that time, I guess she was too much for me, or mayb I was still a newbie … I wore my clothes, went down, it was almost a 3hr adventure …

‘’It took u a lot of time’’ .. ‘’yes mom, but it was worth it …’’

Well we had many adventures after that, and now I can fuck for a 20 min stretch

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