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October 24, 2018

My Mother Brother Uncle Fucked Me

My Mother Brother Uncle Fucked Me

My uncle used to visit sometimes on occasions like festivals or for any functions at home. I used to wear shirt with long skirts all the time when I was at home. One day my uncle whose age is almost 38 years started sitting close to me and asking me how was my studies going on but a kind of sense, I should not sit beside him and I immediately ran away from that place from that time onwards whenever he is coming.

Hi all and I am Leena I’m a big fan of ISS but I am not that fluent in English where my mother tongue is Telugu Language and this is a story it happened when I was fourteen years. I hailed from a rural place from a middle class and myself, father and mother used to stay. I am medium height with long hair, fair and big eyes. All my village people will say I am the most beautiful girl.

My uncle used to visit sometimes on occasions like festivals or for any functions at home. I used to wear shirt with long skirts all the time when I was at home. One day my uncle whose age is almost 38 years started sitting close to me and asking me how was my studies going on but a kind of sense, I should not sit beside him and I immediately ran away from that place from that time onwards whenever he is coming.

He always tries to touch my body and chubby cheeks in summer where we used to sleep outside without light because in villages generally people will be sleeping like that. We were habituated for natural air and breath and no need for fan or acs also because our village was fully covered with green trees and coconut trees after that on some occasion again my uncle visited my house and stayed that night at my house itself when I was sleeping suddenly I woke up and about to shout but got scared to speak also.

My uncle immediately closed my mouth with his hand and murmuring to my eyes, do not shout, if you shout, your family prestige will go away and tomorrow you will never get married, listen to my words like this he started saying to me and I was in completely shock and trembling and in almost unconscious kind of sense after that my uncle started touching all my body parts and I was crying without any sound and he started pressing my breast hardly.

I was pushing his hand away, even though he was doing the same way pinching me on my thighs again he started staying if you do not cooperate me tomorrow I shall suggest a bad person as your husband. I was completely scared and I was kept quiet for all his things then he slowly removed my shirt buttons started sucking my breast hardly slowly he kept his hand inside my panty and started fingering me. It was totally pain for me and even though he was doing continuously after some time he said sleep for today and next time I shall teach you another thing.

He used to visit our house almost once in three months like that and whenever he is coming he used to do the same way. He speaks in front of all very nicely and he used to say I was like his daughter but in night times, whenever he get times he used to torture me and as he was my uncle, I could not share this to anybody and even to my mother also and where my uncle always used to get something for my mother and father and they always feel that he was a great person.

After two years there was a occasion in his house and we were all invited and we were there almost for ten days function was over and all relatives left except me and my mother as we have plan to visit a temple which is five hours journey from that place. My mother, aunt, uncle, their two kids and myself started for that journey. We just started immediately he got a call from office saying that he had to visit the office immediately where his presence is must, then knowing this my aunt said since I shall go with kids and your sister.

I will ask Leena to stay at home itself, because she will cook food for you and no need to worry and we will manage like that she started saying. I started avoiding all this but even my mother forced me to be at uncles house itself after that they left and we are back to my uncles house, once entering the house, he told me that this is total plan because journey itself will take five hours and again Darshan will takes 2 hours, another five hours for coming back, so totally he planned to stay one full day with me.

I was in completely scared and I said I will tell this to my mother, immediately he slapped me and he said nobody believes your words you have to listen to my words, he started beating me and after sometimes he came with a glass of special juice started to taste it to me, I was in hesitation to take or not again he insisted, after one sip I realized that it was not juice it taste very sour and kind of bad smell and I annoyed to have it was trying to pour that outside but again he came to me immediately.

He bent my head and opened my mouth started pouring the same in my mother and after that one glass of drink, I started feeling like something totally wrong, then he said it was not juice, it is alcohol. I was crying uncle, please do not do this for me, I am like your daughter. He said I was not happy with your aunty and you look good, you listen to my words, whatever you want and I will give you. He started saying lot many things. I will deposit good money in your account and will get lot of gold chains and all these.

Again he came with one more glass of alcohol and started insisting to have that one also, I was saying no and again he forced me to have that glass of alcohol also after sometime slowly I was feeling a kind of lightness in my body and I thought of walking but no control was there in my walk. I was about to fall down, he came to me took me to his bed room where it was fully decorated with rose petals on bed and it was appearing totally as if it was a first night for a married couple.

I was crying do not do anything but slowly I was getting drowsiness, my uncle made me to sleep and after some time he entered that room without any clothes on his body. I could not open my eyes fully but can see that he is coming to me, I felt like avoiding him and pushing him away but I was not getting stamina for that, because of that drink affect and I could not resist him. He started removing all my clothes and started kissing me on my all parts.

My weight was 37 kgs where my uncle looks very health and I could not bear his weight also. He started pinching me on all my body parts and kissing on my lips continuously after that he poured ice cream on my breast started eating them, I was in completely helpless and was kept quiet. He was saying since two years I was waiting for this opportunity, let me fuck you. He kept in cock inside me and slowly started giving me pushing as it was first time for me, it was not going inside and giving me lot of pain.

I said I am getting pain for that he said does not worry wait for some time after that you will start enjoying this, he applied some kind of cream and finally he inserted his entire dick. I was in completely in a different world started sensing that pain totally. He was fucking me continuously for next 20 minutes and kissing my lips forehead and all my parts and suddenly he increased his force and saying that I love you.

I want to fuck you forever and he started hitting my pussy like anything and immediately he fallen down on me and said I had great experience and thank you so much but I was still in drowsiness and sleeping like that after two hours I woke up and saw myself all my body was turned into pinkish with his teeth bites and was in completely tension how to show my face to my father and mother.

Though I woke up I was still lying like that again he came to me started doing the same thing in a different manner and this time with very harsh manner and started fucking me continuously for more than 30 minutes and I was moaning with pain and my legs were in air and they were giving me lot of pain, even though he fucked me till he finished his desire after that he made me to bath and he started bathing me and saying that since child hold he want to fuck you.

After bath he brought me food and made me to eat and then I observed him taking some tablets, then I asked him why are you taking tablets, for this he said, as of now you have two experiences today, but with this tablet I can fuck you continuously more than that time he said with all these incidents even my mind prepared it seems I was not resisting anything. Till whole night he was fucking me sometimes and I was in sleeping also I can sense that what he was doing till morning 5 am.

He enjoyed with my body after that he cleaned everything in that room and told me to sleep in the guest room and by the time my aunt and mother came to house I got full of fever and they thought because of fever my face was pale and I was dull but nobody knows what happened to me except my uncle after that incident he whenever he visits my house he used to fuck me and this happened almost more than 60 times. Grammatical mistakes will be there in my story and please excuse me. I don’t have friends to share this and I can’t share this to any of my known people. I thought this is the best place to share my experience. Thank you [email protected]



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