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October 20, 2018

My Love, My Mom Sunita

My Love, My Mom Sunita

1 day I entered in her bathroom without knocking the door, what a timing that is? At that time she is cleaning her pussy area full of hairs she is completely nude in front of me. O god..!! She try to cover her boobs but fails to cover both boobs and pussy so that I have seen her full naked body clearly.

My family consist of 4 members me, mom, papa and bro. My papa is suffering with disease he is always sick so my mom don’t love him at all it becomes my +point. My mom’s name is Sunita her age 42 still looks sexy with 32-28-36 her boobs are my favorite.

1 day I heard my mom talking with my neighbor aunty that she won’t satisfied with my papa at all. I love my mom a lot so that tears flowing from my eyes. I don’t know how to solve my mom’s problem. I started to read mom son sex stories in that I got to know that many sons have satisfy their moms desires and saved their family values in the society so I also decided to fulfill my mom’s desires so I started to seduce my mom.

1 day I entered in her bathroom without knocking the door, what a timing that is? At that time she is cleaning her pussy area full of hairs she is completely nude in front of me. O god..!! She try to cover her boobs but fails to cover both boobs and pussy so that I have seen her full naked body clearly.

She is continuously scolding me go out of here, you don’t have any sense? Etc but I am out of world that time and finally I came out. That day we both won’t talk to each other.

Next day my bro went to Bangalore for his interview I think this is the correct time to fuck my mom. That night I heard my mom’s crying sound so that I went near her and I put my right hand on her shoulder she was shocked.

Me- I am sorry mom I don’t know that you are in bathroom.

Mom- its k don’t talk with me please go from here.

Me- please don’t say like that mom I love you I don’t live without talking with you. You are my life maa.

Mom- ooh its ok have you seen anything?

Me- anything means what maa?

Mom- don’t tease me sachi please tell me what you have seen thats it.

Me- I just concentrate on your boobs and and and..

Mom- and what?

Me- I am sorry maa. Actually I heard when you are talking with aunty about papa so that I decided to fulfill your desires so that intentionally I have entered in your bathroom.

[She is stunned by hearing that she opened her mouth wide]

Mom- how can you think about your own mom like that. I feel really shame on you get lost from here.

I came to know she is in angry so sadly I went back to my bed. After 2 days of that incident she came to know my love towards her and she agree for sex with me. I won’t express how much happy that I am.

Next day I was waiting for my dad to go out after that I went to kitchen hold her waist from behind start to squeeze her boobs and kissing her neck wow I felt amazing. She won’t say single word as she is also enjoying that. I put my 1 hand on her ass then she came to know that whats going on? She pushed me away and said- whatever we are doing is wrong sachi we have to stop it.

Me- its not at all wrong mom don’t think we are mom son. Just think you are woman and I am boy. Its quite natural many of mom son enjoying in their home secretly don’t worry maa no 1 will come to know about this.

After hearing that she is completely convinced and gave naughty smile by saying but you are to hurry your father may come at any time wait till night dear.I will also understand the situation and went out by kissing on her lips. At night she prepared chicken for my strength.

Mom- today is special food for you means for me and gave seducing smile. Have food and come to bed room waiting for you.

After that I ate fully and went directly to my mom’s room she decorated the beds with flowers like 1st night but she was not there I was searching for her. I called her by name suni suni.

After 2 min she entered the room with white sari, holding milk in hand as if she looks like angel at that night. She came nearer to me I won’t able to control I drank full glass milk. Then I hold her hand and said “Maa I was feeling proud for having you as mom I love you maa love you”

Mom- oh shut up sachi don’t tease me and don’t waste the time come on. I need that word after hearing that I took my mom on bed I came on top of her started kissing her vigorously about 15 min. Our saliva will tell us how much we need sex.

Slowly I slide down my hands to her boobs squeezed above the bra she started to moan in pleasure. Within few minutes we both got naked. She wide opened her mouth by seeing my 8 inch dick. Then I directly went to my birth area that is already wet I licked the whole pussy area up to 20 min her moans filled the room.

Mom- ohhh yeah come on suchi you are licking your mom so good. I was not able to control fuck me aha fuck me. Tear your moms pussy I want to taste your love juice.

After hearing that I directly put my 8 inch dick into her pussy hole still it is tight as she won’t have sex for 5 years.

After 4-5 strokes my dick vanished in her pussy she started crying and shouting with pleasure aaahhh uuuhh yeah yeah yeah yeah fuck me fuck fuck fuck.Within 10 min I ejaculated my load of cum inside her pussy.

Me- I am sorry maa I think I finished too early.

Mom- no dear this is your 1st time I think it is much better. Till now I don’t have sex like this you filled my desires.You satisfied me completely. I think god send you on this earth for me. Today you went to the world from where you come from this is your holy place visit at least once in a day dear. I really love you sachi I love you so much. Today onwards you are my new husband you can have me whenever you want. And I am completely yours.

After hearing all that my dick got hard.

Me- maa are you ready for 1 more round?

Mom surprised and saw my dick it stands like iron rod again. She hold my dick and said “Your wife is too lucky”

Me- maa that is only for you. I won’t marry at all. I fuck you till I die.

The she gave hand job after that I fucked her 3 times up to 3 am.

Finally we both got exhausted and went to sleep. Next what happens tell you in the next story as this is my 1st experience any aunties, girls, unsatisfied house wife please tell me your opinion about my sex story – [email protected]

I am always waiting for your reply.

Sex story writer – suhaan sheikh author of – my sexy mom shahida

[email protected]


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