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October 20, 2018

My Love, My Life Sandhya

My Love, My Life Sandhya

The incidents I am going to narrate are true facts which happened from last 15 years. This is not a hardcore sex story.It is more of a slow romantic story.so please excuse me if you don’t like it. Also please don’t forget to give your encouraging feedback to [email protected] [santubng2 at gmail dot com].

Hi Guys, Girls & Hot Couples,

I am Santosh 32 M from Bangalore Married & working in a software mnc. My Sandhya is 33 years old.

The incidents I am going to narrate are true facts which happened from last 15 years. This is not a hardcore sex story.It is more of a slow romantic story.so please excuse me if you don’t like it. Also please don’t forget to give your encouraging feedback to [email protected] [santubng2 at gmail dot com].

I try to recall the moments happened between me and my Sandhya and recent encounters with her.

Sorry if I am boring you. Coming to the story, my parents were working in Govt Company and I was studying 12th std. My Sandhya is my cousin who came here to do her graduation. She is one year elder to me. Her parents are staying in small town in Karnataka & she came to Bangalore to study further and stays in our home.

When I saw her first, I was impressed by her beauty. She was not that modern that time but looks pretty in her dress. She is fair and her assets were nice which having right amount of flesh at front and back.

Most of the times we were alone in home after returning from college, as my parents are working and returning in evening only. So gradually we become close and open. She use to care me like her brother and I also treat her the same way by taking care of her needs. I use to advise her on how she should behave in college with friends and teachers especially how to deal with boys, as she looks very cute, boys use to take chances to approach her. She use to explain everything happened in college today and how boys behaved with her. I use to tease her as she is getting lot of attention from boys. I told her many times to make one good boyfriend, but she denied as she is afraid of future consequences.

So always she believes me, whatever I say and follow my advice. I use to take her to temples, movies and to purchase new dresses and roam like close friends on my bike. On specially occasions I use to gift her small small things like flowers, purse, slippers, ear rings, etc….she really like my company always and don’t want to make any boyfriend. She told me many times I am her boyfriend and she my girlfriend. She use to tell me how boys touched her and where and all. For that I use to laugh and tell her enjoy the moment dear.

One day she caught me when I was watching porn, as I thought she gone outside to nearby shop. I really felt bad and afraid, what if she tells to my parents. But she just smiled and told to concentrate on studies. Not to get addicted to these things. I will get enough time in life to enjoy these once I get settled. From that day onwards my respect & love for her increased. She was so cool on this subject. But as you guys know, it is impossible to control our feelings in that age and I gradually attracted towards her to make love with her. She started wearing t-shirts and jeans to college and shorts in home that turned me on & attracted a lot towards her.

We gradually become more open and I started roaming inside home in just my jockey brief when taken bath. She saw my bulge and laughs louder and tease me a lot. That time I use to run behind her to beat and that moment hold her from back and caress her stomach. She couldn’t able to control the laugh. Then I use to press her boobs over cloths. Oh god I can’t able to explain in words the feelings of the touch of my hands with my lovely sandhya’s 32c soft boobs.

Sometimes I use to pat her 34 size butts and squeeze her boobs over cloths. She smiles and tries to catch my rod and squeeze it. Oh god it was heavenly feeling. Off course all these things are happened when my parents are out of home. Gradually I started watching porn in front of her. She use to explain how a girl feel If a boy touches her, holds her from back, squeeze her boobs butts, kisses ears, novel and kisses on forehead, hands, cheeks etc. Really she is my sex goddess.

Once while watching porn, I was in my jockey only and she was preparing lunch. It created a tent as it erected like a straight pole. She saw this and told in kannada that oh god estondu udda aagide raja nindu, tumba doddavanu aagi bittedeeya kano anta helidalu.(it means, oh god your’s has become so long dear, you have grown up a lot). I told her it is because of you chinna. For that she told naughty boy. I told if you want I can show my dick. She told, chi…..i don’t want to see…..i am afraid.

I was watching porn movie and her movements. She was cleaning the floor and when she came near my sitting, she observed the tent closely and give a cute smile. I also smiled. She was wearing loose top and a 3/4th pant. I was sitting on sofa. When she came in front of me and bent fully to clean the floor below my legs. I saw her cleavage…oh god….an electric shock went in me….i lift my legs upwards and she came very near to me, almost her face touching my dick…….

As I was wearing only v cut jockey…..it erected still more after seeing her boobs….she was mesmerized by the size and closed her eyes by keeping her hands on her cheeks and smiled. I told her why you closed chinna.Doesn’t you like what you saw? She told oh god……Your dick has sent a electric shock to my whole body. For that I told if you want I will show. She told I never seen a dick in live but afraid to see. I hold her hand and pulled her next to me.

I hold her cheeks and looking into eyes, kissed her forehead very slowly and romantically. She really felt shy and melt like a ice-cream as it is first time for me and her. Then I slowly kissed her cheeks, ears, neck and came little below to kiss her cleavage. She shivered her body and smiled with shy. It looks very hot when your girl feel shy with innocent cute smiley face. Next I removed my jockey stand fully naked in front of her with my erected pole. She was staring at it like seeing a strange thing for 1st time in her life.

She tried to touch it, an electric shock went through my body also, when she holds it. Oh god I can’t explain in words, if your lover shows at most love to your dick. She started liking my dick and squeezing it and feeling happy and excited. I also told her that I want to see her nude. First she felt shy but later I convinced her & removed her everything one by one. It was an wonderful moment of my life as 1st time watching a girl naked live.

I touched and kissed her everywhere. I pressed her boobs, sucked them & touched her novel and licked it. Later went down to kiss her thighs, buttocks and then her pussy. She shivered her body by my touch. I wanted to put my finger inside but she refused and told that. I can fuck her but not now. She wants her real husband to fuck her 1st time and then I can fuck her. She told she feels me as her husband but can’t give her pussy to fuck now. Anyhow I also didn’t forced her on this.

Instead whenever I feel horny I told her and she showed her everything. She bathed me, hold my rod, kissed it, suck it. she use to give all types of pleasures except fucking. We have grown together like this and she finished her college and went to her parents home and they searching guy to marry her. Meanwhile I also finished my studies and got job in software field. She got married and moved to other city as her husband is working their. After that I also got onsite opportunity for many years in US & lived their.

Now I am 32 years with little handsome and matured body with wheatish thick banana. My Sandhya is now 33 years old, married fully riped women having assets 36c, 30, 36. She is looking like an angel with fair body and right amount of flesh everywhere. She is married for almost 4 years to a software guy & having 3 years old kid.

Since from last 4 years I was working in US onsite, & in between 2 years back got married. My wife is also working in software. 2 months back came to Bangalore and settled here. But I had touch with Sandhya through phone calls and emails when I was in US, sharing & caring each other and showing love and even phone sex also. After this she visit our home regularly and got close to my wife also in no time.

Her husband has went to 1 month US official trip & she is leaving alone in Bangalore in an apartment with her kid. Me and my wife also visits her frequently in her home. Recently my wife also gone to my inlaws house for her pregnancy. Me and Sandhya wanted to utilize this opportunity to the maximum as we got this opportunity after a long time. We roamed to different places of the city in bike and car as newly married couple or lovers. She is a absolutely stunner in tight jeans, tshirts, tops, jeggings, saree, whatever she wears. Her figure reflected well in any dress that kill the mind of guys whoever sees her.

I use to stay in her flat for whole month. Literally we were living like a newly married couple. On one Friday weekend, she called from her office and told me, she is getting bored and want to go for a movie. So we went to mantrisquare maal to watch movie.

After movie finished she asked me, can we have party in home? I said ok. We bought drinks for me and wine for her. After entering her flat, we got freshen up quickly & me changed into shorts and sat on sofa. She also came wearing sphagattie nighty which covers till her mid kneelength. She was looking gorgeous in her purple attire.

We were poured drinks to our glasses and sipping slowly. Some romantic movie was playing in tv. But we were not given much attention. We started recalling olden days of how we use to spend time each other. We told what all happened all these years in life.

We shared everything including our marriage how it happened, how our partners are, how we use to make sex with our partners. It was more of a affectionate love between each other. Wine and alcohol playing its effect on us. I was uncomfortable in my shorts. She noticed it and told why are you wearing this shorts dear? When did you started covering your waist infront of me? She was laughing while telling. Because already she has seen my nude body so many times while she was in my parents’ home long ago. I literally felt happy that she was my same old Sandhya, my love and life.

I told her the same that I felt very happy. And asked her permission if I can remove my shorts and sit only in my jockey. For that question she felt bad and told, Hey raja neene nanna modalane ganda kano. (You are my first husband). You are my everything and you can live as you wish. I am fully yours. You can do whatever you wish to do. I got the hint that she want me. I asked her can we watch some porn movies. She told sure darling, let me bring my husband collections. He has huge collection and we use to watch together whenever we are horny. She played the double xx romantic porn movie and meanwhile I removed my shorts and be in my half v cut jockey. She saw this and smiled. She came near to me and kissed my forehead and cheeks and told I love you raja.

She kept her head in my lap and in sleeping position she is watching porn video. I praised her beauty and figure like she maintained her figure very well and looking hotter than past. I was moving my fingers in her hairs and all over face, neck, and lips…..she told feeling nice and to continue. Then I kissed her forehead and face & then a gentle kiss to her hot lips. She told something is bothering her head as she kept in my lap. She got up and seen the tent formed in my underwear. She teased me….oh…..oho…ho….my raja feeling horny haaaaa? I said yes….Then she told why can’t you free him for fresh air….i asked shall i? She told proceed.

I removed my last piece of cloth also….She got surprised by the size of my penis and told you have grown well and even my rod is bigger than before…..She continuously watching movie and my rod. She literally staring at it but did nothing except watching. She really got horny seeing my dick & me too watching her & porn movie. But both of us didn’t rush to have sex. Both were waiting for the time. Let it happen naturally on its own….so we both controlled and engaged in movie…..Later she was feeling sleepy and said good night to me and slept their only. After watching movie I also slept their only with no cloths.

Morning she waked me up at 9 am to have bath and she went kitchen for preparing breakfast. I didn’t notice what she was wearing that time. Directly I went to bathroom, finished my bath and went to kitchen. I was surprised to see my love wearing black short skirt that hardly covers her soft buttocks & a black slip that reveals her round firm boobs.

She is looking like an angel with her black dress on her fair butterly smooth skin. She was standing in kitchen and bent down to search something in lower rocks. Oh god the scene is exciting as she doesn’t wear any panty and her flowery pussy petals are in direct view. What a scene it was. It seems she has planned to seduce me. I couldn’t able to control the temptation and wanted to ram her their instantly by fucking hard. But thought of seducing and tempting her also.I was wearing just a towel around my waist and nothing else.

Slowly I went towards her and silently sit under & between her legs as she was standing and preparing breakfast. Then instantly I put my mouth on her pinkish pussy lips and smooching them. She was shocked by my sudden act and let out a loud moan by saying Ouch…..Oh Raja what are you doing? But did nothing to escape from me. She was smiling and continue doing her kitchen work. I slowly started sucking her pussy lips and eating flowerly petals by pulling them through my teeth. I was sitting between her legs and sucking her hole like drinking milk from cow nipples. I was rolling my tongue by deeply inserting into her hole and twisting. That made her to jerk her body and made some movements in her body.

As she taken bath short while ago, her pussy is smelling fresh & cleanly shaven that made me to eat her more. In between I use to give thurst from my lips & suck as if a child is ditching cow nipples from his head and sucks cow milk. This action made her body shiver in excitement and moaning a lot like aaahhha …..aaahhhh …..ouch……Haage maadu raaaja….innu maaadu…..(Means do it like that only raja….do more….). I have taken her to high level excitement and organism any moment. But suddenly I stoped sucking to prolong her organism for some more time. She made a mock anger for that and smiled and waiting for what I do next? Believe me friends these slow love making and making them to guess for what we will do next will definitely make your partner very happy and she submit herself for you whole life.

Next i kissed her soft butterly fair thighs and lick everywhere with my tongue holding her hips. I was just watching her pussy keeping my nose very near. Then I was gently touching & massaging her outer lips with my fingers. Then kept one finger inside hole and parted her lips wider as if searching for something inside. Guys you don’t know how beautiful it looks inside the pussy. Slowly I started exploring the flower by two fingers and moving in & out rhythamically. She was shivering with pleasure & her love juices started oozing out from her love triangle. I was waiting for this minute. Instantly I put my mouth on her hole lips and sucking juice.

She widened her legs to give more access & to penetrate my tongue deep in her hole. What a view it was. When I tongue fucked her, she can’t able to withhold her pleasure and juice started flowing intensively. I have drank all the juice and not even wasted even a single drop of her’s. It tasted so well and drank all as if it is my morning breakfast. At last she got her immense organism and collapsed and sit on floor. Closed her eyes and recalling what all happened in last few minutes. She got fully satisfied my with love making.

Opened her eyes slowly and smiled at me and told….Raja you are awesome in love making & Till today I never got organism by my husband without fucking. You are the one who took me to full excite level and made me to ooz my juice without actually fucking,. Thanks raja…..I really love you so much….saying this she hold my cheeks and kissed me all over my face, neck, chest and even waist.

Next moment she got shocked seeing my nude. Oh god I don’t know when my towel slipped from my waist and my long thick rod is hard like a iron steel, yet soft like a riped banana oozing out my juice drop by drop. She saw my rod with more interest and told, raja you are so horny. By licking me you also oozing ha……mast maza aaytu kano….( It was magical raja…I had much fun)….

Saying this she caught hold my rod….That moment I shivered with her soft touch. She threw out her black slip. Oh god those are perfect pair of big melons…very smooth, fair and soft. She started massaging my face and whole body with her erotic boobs. When she touched my penis with boobs, my sticky juice stucked to her boobs and making them shine more.

Then she opened her mouth and put my rod inside and moving in & out. My banana grown still more long and oozing fluid continuously. She drinking all that and told raja you taste awesome. Please give me some more. I couldn’t able to control my pleasure and making sound and then uttering …. Raani ……. i love you …. you are awesome in sucking like a professional. (Raani means queen). I don’t know when I layed down on kitchen floor …. she is in between my legs and sucking ….. at last I also got immense organism. We both collapsed on each other. She was gasping for air.

We closed our eyes for 5 mins & recalling happy moments. After that we got back to senses and got up and not talking anything… simply both are smiling looking at each other. I told her, you are the most beautiful caring women I ever met in my life. She also told that how good it would be if I was her husband. But she consider me as her 1st husband only.

After this we went to bathroom to clean ourselves. There we made love in all angles fucking each other with love. But believe me friend, as I came to know by experience, sex should start from mind and at the end should end with sex organs. Taking your partner mind to that utmost exciting pleasurable level is the key to give maximum pleasure and love to your partner.

I will explain the love making in bathroom in next episode, if you people like this episode and encourage me by your feedback. I need your feedback only to know, is I have narrated the story well and given you pleasure reading the story. I am not looking for any girl to have sex, as I am fully satisfied with my official wife and my other wife, my love, my Sandhya.

Forgive me If you felt this as long story…I am narrating my 1st experience being a longtime fan of this site. Please leave your valuable comments to…. [email protected]


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