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October 20, 2018

My Hot Married Friend Kavya

My Hot Married Friend Kavya

I decided early on that I would behave since she had a young son and enough issues with her personal life. In fairly short order we became good friends. We regularly talked and chat on WhatsApp. I offered advice and an ear when she shared her personal problem.

Hi indian sex stories dot net readers, I am Adam ([email protected]) from Mumbai…this story is about my office mate Kavya. I first me in office, as it was our first day of training, as I saw her I was dumbstruck by her beauty and pretty impressed by attitude. When I first met kavya I have to admit that I thought about sliding my cock inside her married pussy. She is a 5′ 5″, short haired redhead, 31 years old white skin. She is soft featured with very nice curves. She possesses a polished professional look with a milf sensibility.

1st day was boring.Kavya I were just casually smiling at each other.2nd day was pretty cool as she was sitting next to me.We were talking casually, n we started talking friendly and got to know about her family.As we were good friends now we started taking breaks togeather.I use to drop her at home on my bike.

I decided early on that I would behave since she had a young son and enough issues with her personal life. In fairly short order we became good friends. We regularly talked and chat on WhatsApp. I offered advice and an ear when she shared her personal problem.

We had been friends for more than six months exchanging nothing more than a casual hug.

One evening while texting her comments and questions turned to sexual nature. I entered this conversation cautiously at first but was soon texting her leaving no room for confusion or doubt with what I wanted to do to her.

As it was Saturday and off day I was bored at home alone watching tv, I heard a knock on my door. I was shocked when I opened the door and Kavya stood before me.

She moved towards me, embraced me and whispered in my ear “Do u want to fuck me?”

My cock was already throbbing from our texts and I emphatically answered “Yes!”

She told me that she had never cheated on her husband before and implored me “Please make it worth it!”

Quickly closing the door I assured Kavya “You won’t be disappointed.”

I immediately began to kiss Kavya deeply exploring her mouth.

When we broke the kiss she said to me “Your bed”.

I took her hand and led her into my bedroom. I pushed her down on the bed, climbed on top of her and began to kiss her again. I licked and sucked on her ears and neck. Kavya began to lightly moan as I explored her with my tongue.

I pulled at her shirt prompting her to remove it. Once off I saw more of her glorious white skin contrasted by her black lacy bra.

I continued with her neck and shoulders while sliding my fingers under her bra cups gently squeezing her erect nipples.

I reached under her and popped the hook on her bra. She got the idea and pulled her bra off casting it to the floor.

Her creamy ample breasts are beautiful with big red nipples. I immediately took both breasts in my hands and began to caress them. My mouth was drawn to her luscious nipples. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and began to suck. Kavya devilishly smiled. I took my time and thoroughly enjoyed Kavya’s tits.

My tongue began to wander south as I gently licked and nibbled on her belly. I started to unfasten her jeans. I stood and tugged at the pant legs pulling free her jeans to the floor. I was blessed to see even more of Kavya’s milky flesh again contrasted by her lacy black panties.

I placed a pillow underneath Kavya’s lower back. I spread her legs and began to lick her creamy inner thighs. I could smell the musk of Kavya’s pussy and see that her panties were wet. I gently caressed her through her panties as my nose filled with the glorious aroma of her sex. My cock throbbed!

I stood again closing her legs and pulling her panties from her. Once free of her panties kavya spread her legs exposing her beautiful bare wet pussy. My cock twitched as I beheld Kavya’s big juicy labia and absolutely huge clit. I hungrily dove in as my cock throbbing sensation.

As soon as I took the first taste of Kavya’s pussy she encouraged me “Oh yes… Lick me!”

I explored Kavya taking her lips in my mouth, running my tongue under her fat swollen clit, pushing my tongue inside her cunt and licking her pretty ass. I thoroughly sampled her flesh.

I moved back to Kavya’s fat clit. I pulled back her clit hood with my left hand and began to gently lick. Kavya immediately moaned as she placed a hand on my head. I placed two fingers of my right hand at the opening of her fuck hole and easily slid them inside her hot wet cunt.

I continued to tease Kavya’s clit and finger fucks her pussy. I could hear her breathing change and her moans grow louder. She, now with both hands, took handfuls of my hair and began to grind her clit into my mouth.

She, through a panting labored voice, said to me “You’re gonna make me cum!”

Kavya’s body tensed up. She let out a loud moan as her body shuddered in orgasmic waves.

She pulled me away from her clit muttering “Too sensitive, too sensitive”.

After a brief pause, she smiled at me ear to ear and ordered “On your back. First, she stroked my dick and then slowly kissed the tip and started sucking my dick.She took the whole length in her mouth and started sucking my dick.I was feeling as if I am in heaven and was enjoying the way she was sucking my dick.She was sucking the tip of my dick and stroking it with her hand in between she sucked my balls and she came licking up to the tip of my dick. She started sucking the down part of my dick which made me go crazy.And Kavya said I want you inside me!”

I quickly obliged rolling to my back with my cock pointed sky ward. She shakily straddled me grabbing a hold of my cock. The head of my cock was soaked with precum. Kavya rubbed me on her folds of flesh before positioning her hole above my cock. She began to push down. Her wet cunt quickly acquiesced to my girth. Kavya gasped as she took my length.

So many thoughts swirled through my head at this moment. I thought about how good her fat labia looked enveloping my cock. I thought about how good it felt to be inside of her. I thought about how lucky I was to have a hot redhead riding my cock. Then as she placed her hands on my chest I saw her wedding ring. I thought about the taboo I had just broken about having my bare cock inside another man’s wife.

Kavya went from taking full strokes on my cock to rocking on me while grinding her clit. Her breathing began to fasten. I took hold of her hands in mine. Feeling her wedding ring again reminded me I was violating married pussy. The thought made my cock throb even harder inside Kavya.

I asked Kavya “Are you gonna cum on my cock?”

She replied, “Oh yes I am”.

She was frantically grinding on me as I told her “You’re my fuck slut and you need to cream my cock!”

Kavya let out another deafening moan as her body trembled. I could feel the walls of her pussy contracting around my cock. Her already wet pussy began to flow as I felt her juices dribbling down on my balls.

After a brief cool down kavya began to ride me with full strokes again. My bare cock was completely coated with her juices. I could see her wetness glistening on my shaft as her folds of woman flesh rose along my length.

I nearly exploded inside her when she told me “I want to make you cum, cum inside me… Inside my pussy!”

The thought of inseminating another man’s wife thrilled me. This was a taboo I wanted to break but Kavya had told me on several occasions that she was not on the pill.

I delayed by saying “So u think just ’cause you’re a hot little-redheaded fuck slut you’re gonna make me cum quick? I wanna keep you on my cock for a long time! You’re gonna have to work for it!”

She growled at me “I’m gonna make you cum with my pussy!” as she pounded me harder and faster.

While it was true that I wanted Kavya to ride my cock forever I was very close to cumming.

Kavya is so fucking hot and her pussy was sending me into absolute ecstasy.

“Oh no,” I thought, “I can’t hold back any longer!”

My muscles began to tighten. Kavya recognized that I was about to pop and she said: “Give me all of your hot cum!”

At that moment my cock began to spasm. I briefly panicked thinking “Oh no! I’m cumming inside Kavya’s unprotected and married pussy!”

I jetted off bursts of hot sticky cum inside Kavya. She took my cock balls deep and rocked on me. Kavya was giving me the most intense orgasm of my life!

When my orgasm had subsided Kavya, with my half hard cock still inside of her, began to kiss me deeply.

She then whispered in my ear “I want you to fuck me again”.

I thought “Well the damage is done”.

She moved away from me allowing for my glazed cock to fall from her cum dripping pussy. She took my cock in her left hand and my balls in her right.

Kavya began to stroke and massage me as she said “You’re still pretty hard. I bet you could fuck me right now. I’ll get u rock hard first though”.

I again was reminded of her wedding vows as I felt her ring on my cock. I looked down at her stroking me and saw that my cum was on her wedding ring.

I thought “What an appropriate metaphor for what I just did to Kavya”.

Kavya went from stroking me to sucking me. She lapped up every bit of our juices from my cock and balls. In the process, she returned me to fully erect.

At this point, my lust for Kavya had superseded all other concerns.

When she was satisfied that I was firm enough she moved up and began to kiss me deeply. I could taste our sex on her lips. My cock throbbed.

She stopped to ask me “Do you like how our juices taste mixed together?”

My cock pulsated again at the question. I responded “Oh yes! In fact, I must have your clit in my mouth again!”

Kavya smiled and rolled over placing a pillow under her lower back. She spread her legs and I saw my cum seeping from her engorged red pussy. I eagerly took her glazed clit in my mouth. I licked her up and down from ass to clit. My cock twitched with anticipation of sliding inside her pussy again. Finally, I could wait no longer and I brought the head of my cock to the opening of her cunt.

I asked Kavya “Are you ready?”

She responded by grabbing my ass, pulling me inside her and saying “Just give me your cock!”

As I entered Kavya my cock displaced even more of my cum.

As I fucked Kavya she demanded “Harder… Faster”.

I looked into Kavya’s pretty blue eyes as I took a hold of the head board and railed her. I pounded Kavya for a long time. Crashing into her was beginning to hurt but we were so caught up in a passion neither of us cared. I was thoroughly using Kavya’s married pussy. I could feel my orgasm nearing.

I warned Kavya “I’m gonna cum inside of you again!”

Kavya feverishly responded, “Give it to me deep!”

I obliged as I pulled myself deep inside of Kavya leveraging myself with the head board. I exploded deep inside Kavya again. Wave after wave of my seed flooding her flesh. I was sure I coated her cervix! I collapsed only then realizing then that sweat was gripping from me, my heart was racing and I was out of breath!

I asked Kavya “Was it worth it?”

She in a sultry voice responded, “I had no idea it could ever be that good!”

Kavya and I got cleaned up and dressed. She said she really had to be going and hoped I understood why.

I walked her to her car where after a kiss and a hug she whispered in my ear “Thank you”.

As she drove off I thought “I am sending Kavya back to her husband bare backed, creamed, and with my cum seeping from her pussy…
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