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October 19, 2018

My friends Sexy Mummy

My friends Sexy Mummy

She had a good figure in spite of giving birth to her two sons…i mean…she had a good figure naturally,i bet she cared less about it. She use to wear saree and blouse..a peculiar indian housewife.

She had slim waist with beautiful big breasts.her height was average and her leg was long and sexy.she always wears her saree down at her naval. One day,when I came home from school,no one was at home and the door was locked.usually,

one of my family members use to be at home all the time,but not today.so my friend harrit called me to his place I had no objections to that because we were so close friends and we treated each others home as our own.

We were so close that I was even close to his family too.so we went to his place it happened that he had to leave soon for his tuition.he left telling his mum to take care of me.i laughed it off.she and we were alone now as her husband

had gone to an office tour and his little brother also comes home late after tuition. She served me some eatebles with tea.as she bent down to keep the tea on the table,i glanced a her breast,it was so white and looked realy attractive.my heart burnt.

She sat down by my side and we started having tea while watching tv.she said she is so tired because she has been cleaning the house and washing clothes the whole day.naturally,i offered to give her a massage to which she declined politely.

but after a while,she let out a sigh and said…OK,i guess I need it badly. She turned away from me showing me her back.in the process her sare fell down from her shoulder.i could now see her back,it was so looked sexy with some sweat still on it.

I got to work and started massaging her back.we were in a sitting position.slowly she started moaning.my eyes were on her waist,looks so tender and smooth.her naval was visible,i knew.i wanted so much to let my hand roam on her stomach…

I was getting turned on.i suggested that she better lay down on her bed for my convenience.so she agreed.we went to her bedroom.there she laid down.i asked her if I can sit on top of her so that I can put all the pressure of my body on my hand to give her better massage,she agreed.

I sat on top of her and started massaging.in th process,my but use to touch hers,it felt so good.and my cock was really rebelling.i knew she will feel it too and to my surprise she ignored it.atlast my hand stared coming down to her waist and in pretense

I would let my hand roam till her front belly,touch her naval and come back to her back.she was moaning.i knew she was turned on too.one feels sexy when one is relaxed. I don’t know how,but I couldn’t resist so I sat down on her butt,letting my hard cock rest on the crack of her ass.

and my hand was slightly touching her breast by now.she was moaning all the time.i thought she might have forgotten that it was me who was doing all this and not her husband.so inorder to not let this opportunity out of m hand..

i massaged her head and in the process tied my scarf around her eye. After that I turned her around and kissed her on her naval…she raised her whole body to me.i played with her belly for a while and my hands started to move up to her breast.

i massaged her there for a while and latter removed her blouse and bra too.her naked breast was there right in front of me.i nearly lost my mind seeing those beautiful pair of white breast.i massaged it,kissed it and licked it.

She started moaning louder and started sliding her body beneath me.my hand went down between her thigh,holy shit,she wasn’t wearing an underwear.her busy was wet and warm,no doubt.i fingure fucked her till she came with all her might.

it gave me great pleasure to watch her cum.it turned me on so much that I forgot any manners and straight away removed my pants and underwear. I held my cock right in front of her pussy, she must have sensed it because she raised her waist to meet my meat.

i touched her pussy with my cock,payed around her pussy with it.she couldn’t control for long as she held my back and pushed me towards her.it went in all. She moaned a little and started giving more pressure.i think she wanted more meat because my cock was not that big though it was really hard.

So I now relied on my stamina to drive her crazy…luckily for both of us,i had already masturbated in the morning thinking of her so I knew I did last pretty long in there.man,it felt so good to be in her pussy.i was having so much fun.

but her pussy was too big,so I put both her legs together and spread out my legs….she moaned like hell as I fucked her in this position.in the meantime,i fondled her soft breasts kissing and biting it.she hissed each time I bit on her nipple…i knew she’ll like that.

She had two to three orgasm but I was still going on….all the time she was saying…ungh ungh ungh…ahhh….and so on.she tucked her finger nails on my butt harder when she is about to hit the climax.i fucked her real hard…

After twenty minutes of continous fucking I removed the scarf from her eyes…for the first time we looked eye to eye…she looked at me warmly and ent up a little to give me a kiss.her lips felt so good that I gave a bit on it.

she moaned out and shooked body all over gave me great pleasure to look at her…with blouse opened wide and her saree pulled up.it looked so rough. I still didn’t cum….i was getting tired after 30mins of to and fro movement….so I told her to be on top of me…

she felt excited…i guess her husband never tried it out on her.now on,she did all the work and I was getting the pleasure…both from her movement and the sight of her…her breast hanging down loosely coming to me and going away again.i held it in my hands and pinched it and massaged it…

She was wondering how I could hold on for so long…she asked me so….i told her,practice makes a man perfect,,she giggled.at last I told her to fondle my balls.she did willingly,it gave me great pleasure there.i knew that was my weak point…

she massage me there tenderly….and after a while I came all in her.i nearly jerked her off the bed but luckily she was holding the sheet. We lay on the bed…i asked her how she liked it…she just said….”that’s the best I would ever get in my life” and gave me a tight hug….

later we got dressed and had the leftover tea and watched TV….my friend came and asked his mum….did ya take care of him????….i replied jokingly…nah,i had to take care of her…now am tired……and she laughed along with me…my Friend stood puzzled…

We still hit the bed.but this days she use to massage me instead of me massaging her,,,what with all those non stop fucking for continously 30 minutes to 40minutes…sometimes even my cock use to get pain.

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