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October 17, 2018

My First Touch

My First Touch

Hi ISS readers, this is my true experience which opened my gates to incest sex world.This incident happened 14 years back also i was 14 at that time.My priorities were changed from that particular day.I dont know whether I gained or lost but I am sure someone must have gained out of that , and she is none other than my aunt (my fathers younger brothers wife). She was beautiful, stylish and impressive.She had the image of true and loyal towards her husband. Everyone in our family my parents grandpatents used to praise her for her support n efforts for the betterment of family and building good relationship with my mother n my grandma.Even I liked her very much coz she used to love me more than her children.She was stylish n caring so i used to take her along to my school as guardian to attend prent teacher meetings n all.My classmates used to praise her that she was gorgeous n looks like some actress.I was fond of seeing nude woman pics n stuff like that, watching xxx movies at friends homes.One day while watching movie one of my friend told me that my aunt was very sexy and he wants to do everyhting with her which we were watching. His name was Vivek he was the most handsome of us all even bigger than us in height n age.One day we had to shop for buying uniforms n all. My friend vivek accompanied us. During the shop he was constantly getting closer to my aunt and even my aunt didnt mind that.After shop we went to have some food he was sitting in front of her and appreciated her for her beautiful looks.It was a big thing for me to listen but aunt was smiling at that, i dont know why i was feeling jealous of that.

My friend Vivek was now even getting close to me also, by n how he was my best friend now. He used to come to our house n trying spending most of the time chatting with my aunt n giving me less attention. Also he use to wear small shorts and had a well built n hairy thighs.my aunt always used to say that he looks like a man n used to praise her physique. There was a marrige ceremony of my aunts brother in chandigarh.Also there was marriage fixed of my elder sister so there were no chances of anyone expect me n my aunt to attend the ceremony. Even i was least interested of going to attend ceremony as there was no company for me, as it was quite obvious my aunt has to do so many arrangements there as being the only girl of the family. She asked me to invite Vivek. I liked the idea n I agreed to that.We planned to go by bus. My father dropped us at the bus stand from there we took bus to chandigarh. AS usual Vivek was wearing shorts.We took three seater . My aunt took the window seat, Vivek sat next to him. Vivek was sitting very close to her giving me ample space to sit. During the journey i noticed my aunt caressing her thighs, rubbing it. They were joking n talking to each other without caring me.It was 7 in the evening we reached the chandigarh bus stand.Some driver from her house came to take us to the destination.

We reached her house and she got busy meeting her parents brother n other family members. We were given room which children in their home used to share. It has two single beds. Me n Vivek sat there changed our clothes got fresh n few minutes later we were called for dinner.After having dinner we came back to our room n rested ourselves on beds. We were about to sleep someone knocked the door i stood to open it , ther was my aunt in unusual outfit which i never saw her wearing a small buttoned shirt n a loose string trouser. She asked me to shift to his friends bed as she want to sleep on the seperate bed. I immediately obeyed her n shifted to my friends bed.After some time Vivek stood up n complained her that its impossible for him to sleep with Adi. She asked him to come to his bed .Vivek slept other side of the bed which was not visible to me.And after sometime i slept. In morning me n Vivek slept for long till 11. Aunt came n shouted “ab jaag bhhi jao, kab tak sote rahoge”.We woke up n started to get ready for beakfast n all. We had breakfast. After that me n vivek decided to go out to see the city.And we also informed that we will be back by 6 as there was marriage ceremony at 8. We took the car as Vivek knew driving. He took me to some pub there he told me his lust for beer. He had a beer n i took Fresh lemonade. He drank 2 beers. Now he was getting out of his senses.He told me that my aunt is sex bomb n he has a crush on her.I had a mixed reaction hearing this.But on the heavier side i liked it.He further added that she is horny n she also likes me, she is not loyal to her husband as u told me.He was laughing n said “she is a an easy fuck, main jab chahoon usey nanga karke chod sakta hoon , tere ghar ki sati savitri ko aur tujhe to pata bhi nahin hai ki teri aunt kitni chikni, garam aur tharki hai”. I said “yaar aisa mat bol, she is like my mother”.He said ok, but said he can prove that she was chracterless.i said “kaise”. He said batata hun and he ordred third beer. He started “when i saw your aunt for the first time in school , i was attracted to her for great looks n figure. But i never of getting so close to her n u gave me the opprtunity to get closer”. “maine , kaise” . “us din jab hum shopping ke liye gaye the” toh “us din hi start hua tha yeh sab, mear haath table counter par tha aur teri aunt ne apni pussy wali jagah mere hath

Par touch ki, maine socha ki yeh by chance tha, but again she repeted the same , ek jagah jahan kapde jyaada the wahan to maine pussy ko achhi tarah ragad diya par woh peechhe nahin huyi, wahan maine hips ko bhi rub aur press kiya par agian she was normal. Now u tell what was that.I was unable to make out what my reaction was but i was in no mood stopping him. N i said ki aisa jaroori nahin hai may be she is taking u as a kid aur unhone kuchh isliye nahin kaha kyunki she is lovely nature. He said “aur sun apni aunti ki kahani satisavitri ki” “us din jab hum bus mein ja rahe the she was caressing my thighs n i was getting hard’ uske baad unhone meri legs par towel rakh diya tha aur unka haath mere dick par that jo ki khada ho chuka tha n she was smiling again n again mere dick ko apne hath mein pakda tha aur apna haath meri shorts mein bhi dalne ki koshish kar rahin thi aur unki ek finger ne mere dick ko touch bhi kiya tha” ab bol”. I was shocked to hear that n i also ordred beer, i drank it completely in no time. My dick was raised n i had blurred imagination of my dirty aunt donig all that with me.i said aur bata meri aunti ke baare mein.He said “unke lips itne sexy hain man to kar raha tha wahin suck kar loon par bua mein nahin ho sakta tha”. I was now loosing my senses , i said itna sab kuchh hua n last night u slept with her aur main bhi kitna gadha hun jab meri aunty ne mujhe uthakar tujhe apne saatha sula liya tab bhi na samjha” “hey buddy tell me na kal kya hua” he said kal ka sunega to tu aaj hi apni aunti ko chod dega n started laughing.i sad “bol na kya hua tha kal raat ko” he started “kal raat jab woh aayi thi tab mane yehi sochja tha ki mere liye aayi hai, par jab woh tere bed ke paas gayi to maine socha yeh to garbar ho gayi aur woh tere saath

So jayegi, aur woh itni sexy bhi lag rahi thi but i was excited to hear that she slept on empty bed n my chances got brighten, n i planned sleeping with her, when i slept her back was facing me , her shirt was too small to cover her back, also her pink panty strap was visible as her pyjama was getting down.i was like mad to see all this.teri aunt bahut chikni hai , bahut jyada chikni.maine apna haath teri aunt ki waist par rakh diya with very low pressure, phir dheere dheere mera haath aage bad raha tha n getting down the belly, now i was hugging her from behind, my hand was on her navel, i slwly inserted my finger into her navel, it was warm n soft like pussy of 14 year old girl, then after some some time she turned n lied Straight, her lips were visible in dim light, n i was imagining that i wanted them to suck badly, i wanted them to suck right there but not getting the courage to get on top of her for that n i was praying god that she turns to my side , i kept waiting with my open eyes n place my hand on her thigh, i was trying feeling the smoothness through the fabric, then my fingers rubbed her pussy while getting towards belly, again i inserted my finger into her navel.i was waiting n wanting her to turn my side to do the act safely n comfortably, half n hour was passedn she turns to my side, my heartbeat by on top n i was scared n worried about how much time left for sun to rise ,it was 2.30, i was joyed as i concluded that i have atleast 4 hours to have ultimate fun of my life, i wanted to hug her but my dick was 90 degree straight, i angled myself n bring only my lips closer to her , now my lips were 2 inches away from her n i could now smell her lipstick fragerance, it was impossible for me to control any further n in one jerk my lips were placed rightly on hers, i was now statued checking her action she was still too. I rolled my tounge onto her lips, i was trying to part her lips with my tounge, but i felt resistance from her side , force with my tounge was now 10 times but still she was resisting, now i was to explode out i part her lips with my fingers, n inserted my tounge deep inside ,to my surprise she too gave me the grreen signal to meet her tounge, inside her mouth it was warm n she to responded me , i was forget that mymy dick to was kissing her private part with great thurst, she was jerking with her pussy my dick was about to explode n she came onto me n trying taking my penis in with clothes on, she was rubbing it like rushing, n sucking my lips , her hips shaking n pussy rubbing acccelarated n i was about to cum i hold her buttts tighty n pressed her cunt on my penis n i started jerking from beneath with faster acccleration, i loaded all my stuff in my undies , even she came off me , she took hand in my undies n smelled the liquid n kissed me n said softly in my ears “you r a man”. After that she left me there” ab bol” kya hai teri aunt. I was mad to hear all this ..i will continue with how my aunt treated me….but i am not as couraheous as my friend write me at [email protected]



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