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December 15, 2018

My First Story – Swetlana

My First Story – Swetlana

They partied, boozed, had sex, got girlfriends to the apartments to stay over and did all sort of stuff. Sometimes, I had awkward moments when I used to enter the apartments in living room which was my room to find one of the roommates making out with one of his girlfriends… They would freak out and then go to their own room with the girlfriend giving a stare and a wink as if inviting me for my participation in the act… Too much about my friends…..

Hi!!! This is… well……me……. Writing my first story after years of reading erotic stories on ISS…. I surely am a shy person… and scared too ….. so shy that I don’t know whether I’ll reveal my real identity……. Mostly not ….. Well…..so be it… I’m here to entertain you all…. You know what I mean ;-)….. Ok…. So starting off… wish me luck…..

This event happened when I was around 25 yrs old… Studies got over…. Got placed in a good IT MNC… Life was just starting…. Being a shy person, didn’t have any girlfriends. So was scared to death to talk to a lady (just like RAJ from The Big Bang Theory but without booze ….. you know…. non-drinker, non-smoker, mamas boy…..). Went to B’lore for training, made friends. Shared room with 3 other guys in a 3 BHK apartment which was on the 6th floor. One for each… 3 bedrooms for every other guy and me adjusting in the living room.

They partied, boozed, had sex, got girlfriends to the apartments to stay over and did all sort of stuff. Sometimes, I had awkward moments when I used to enter the apartments in living room which was my room to find one of the roommates making out with one of his girlfriends… They would freak out and then go to their own room with the girlfriend giving a stare and a wink as if inviting me for my participation in the act… Too much about my friends…..

One day, I was coming home from my office. The rainy season had just started. All caught unaware by the rain. Me too. Completely drenched, I got in the lift. As the door was about to close, A pretty lady rushed to the lift. I pressed the open button from inside. It was one of my colleague from office … and one of my roommates girlfriend… So was too beautiful… and sexy …. And curvaceous (I don’t like disclosing body stats)…. And completely drenched … I couldn’t take my eyes off her…. But I told myself not to think dirty…. Ohh yes … Even though I’m shy… I am a human being…. I have physical needs……

Suddenly, she turned around and faced me…..

“Hey!!! We are in the same office!!”

I stood dumbfolded with an idiotic look on my face……

A chill ran down my spine… I lost all my senses….. felt like I had been paralysed….

Somehow, I gathered courage and answered “Ohh Yes!!! Hi!! Have you come to meet Pratik?”

“Yes. You know he’s my cousin… have some things to give him which his mother sent”

What??? Till this day, I thought that she was his girlfriend.

“Okay” I said. Now a friend’s cousin…. My perception changed… Started looking at her in a different manner….

My god….. What a beautiful body…. All drenched…. Shit!!!!…

“Nice to meet you” she said

“Nice to meet you too!!” I replied

‘You dumbo’ I said to myself ‘You forgot to ask her name’

We got to our floor, she went to Pratik’s room. I went to… well… my room.. Now thoughts started coming to my mind… Things like these had happen a lot before… But now it was time to do something…

Luckily,there was a function at Pratik’s place and he had a lot of shopping to do…. His cousin, Swetlana, which I came to know afterwards, used to come almost daily and go shopping with him. As time went by, I also participated in their shopping spree. During this time, I became good friends with Swetlana.

Now ladies didn’t seem to be a problem to me anymore… We used to speak about anything and everything.

Finally, it was function time. We went to Pune where the function was and which is my and Pratik’s hometown. Unfortunately or I like to say it fortunately, my parents were out of town to attend a wedding of my dad’s friend’s daughter…urghhh….. And I forgot my house keys in B’lore.

I told my problem to Pratik, and he told me to stay at his place for the day. He will be having guests at his house and he knew I had claustrophobia. So he made arrangements for me in a fine 5 star hotel. Ohh yes I was the king in that room meant only for me…

The very next day, Swetlana came to my room. I opened the door and was shocked to see her. I was in my boxer shorts and vest. I asked her to make herself comfortable and hurriedly went in the bathroom to get a towel wrapped around. I wrapped it and came out of the bathroom.

“Sorry, wasn’t expecting you at this time.”

“Ohh…. No that’s fine. Pratik was busy so I came to pick you.”

Ohh… and I found out later that neither Pratik sent her nor did he tell her that I was renting a room in this hotel. My heart started beating faster.

2-3 days went by…

That day, it was raining heavily. I wasn’t feeling well so I went downstairs to get medicine. I came back to my room completely drenched. I had to get out of the wet clothes before catching a cold and making my condition even worse. I started towards the bathroom when I heard a knock on my door.

It was Swetlana. She was also completely drenched. Once again seeing her beauty, I got the same old idiotic look on my face. I got back on my senses and I invited her inside.

“You look cute with that dumb look on your face” she said.

“Huh??? What???”…wasn’t expecting that.

“Nothing” she said with a naughty smile on her face. I felt something different today.

Before any chill could run down my spine, I composed myself.

“Oh Swetlana!! You are completely drenched!! Wait, I’ll give you a towel. Get dried up fast or else you’ll catch a cold.”

I gave her a towel.

“I don’t have a girl’s clothes though….”

“Your shirt will do…” she said..

Now she’s getting to something…..

I gave her my shirt. She went to the bathroom and came out only with the shirt on…..

Ohh…..my……GOD…… I was like…. “Don’t you need a towel to wrap around your waist?”

“No there is only one towel left and I guess you need that to dry up yourself.”

Now I was getting excited.

“Do you need my pants to put on???”

“Ohhh…..shut up!!! I’m fine like this….”

“Ok”…. Another dumb reaction…..

“Ok then; I’ll get myself dried.”

“Oh.. Bring the towel here. I’ll dry you up…”

(“Excuse me????”)

I stupidly went to the bathroom, got the towel and gave it to her. She asked me to sit on the bed so she could dry up my head with the towel.

I obliged.

She came near me and put the towel on my head and started to rub my head vigorously. I could smell her body from beneath the towel. It was driving me mad. I felt like hugging her tightly and kiss her belly button. I was slowly losing my senses.

She was done drying up my hair. I said now I can manage the rest and hurriedly went to the bathroom. I changed to a bathrobe as I had very few clothes with me and I was not planning to go anywhere.

I came outside. She was sitting next to the window pane. Ohhh that sight was unforgettable…

“Can we order Tea?” she asked.

“Yup… I was thinking the same”.

I called up room service and ordered two.

“Order only one” she said. I was stunned. Immediately I cancelled one tea.

I went near her and sat opposite to her. I asked her what the matter is.

“I am feeling lonely. I want someone in my life with whom I would like to share everything”

And from nowhere came my answer “You can share everything with me”.

She asked me to come and sit behind her. I sat exactly behind with both my legs folded on either side of her…

She took my hands and put them around her neck. I could feel her warmth.

We both sat there silently listening to the wind. Suddenly, she leaned back her head on my chest and closed her eyes. I was now uncontrollable. I held her forehead with one of my hand and she submitted herself to me.

Tea arrived. I quickly took it inside from the room service so as to not dampen the mood.

We drank the tea together. Oh yes…..from the same cup.

She said “I feel tired, can I lie down?”

“Sure… let me tidy the bed for you.” I cleaned up the mess on the bed.

She lied down and asked me to join her. Now I got her where she was heading. But by now, I was also in a submissive mood. Without wasting time, I lied next to her with her back facing me.

I put my hand around her waist. Slowly, I slid my hand under the shirt and started to caress her waist. It felt as if I was rubbing my hand on a velvet cloth. She held my hand and locked her fingers with mine.

She slowly started to direct my hand – first waist, navel. The she took me to the most beautiful part every man dreams of…… breasts… I felt as if I am touching the softest cushion in this world. It was not enough… I wanted to feel her whole body. I wanted to caress her whole body. I wanted to kiss her whole body. I could no longer stop. I dug up my face in her hair and inhaled. Her scent was driving me mad.

Then my hand automatically went to the space just below the belly button. A shock went through her entire body. She started gasping, breathing heavily. She had trouble breathing. She turned around with her face towards me. My eyes closed. She kissed my eyes, nose, and cheek ; then softly, she placed her lips on mine. There were all possible types of chemical reactions going on within my brain. I felt as if it’s going to explode.

I started to squeeze her lips with my lips. We were both out of breath. We opened our eyes. I looked into her eyes and got to know that this was going to be the most beautiful day of our lives.

Once again we locked our lips. This time, our tongues met each other. They were swirling very slowly….

Then I started kissing her neck… She started to direct me with her hands… I sucked her breasts just like a child; nibbling, biting, circling and sucking in every possible way. She was already in heaven. I had to do justice to both of them. I took time and gave time to both her assets.

When I went down to her area near her pussy, I first kissed her pussy. Then I gently stuck out my tongue and licked her clit. It sent shock waves down her spine. She closed her eyes tightly. Her back arched. She held my head tight and pulled my hair. Now I knew how to change gears. I started slowly first and then steadily increased my pace and rhythm. It was driving her mad. She became restless, she crimpled the bed sheet, she threw away the pillow. Suddenly she pulled me up and gave the longest kiss of my life….

She said “I want you now…”

She pushed me on the bed. I fell back down on the bed. She sidelined my robe. We both were completely nude… She first kissed me and then straight went down to my little member. He was already alert. She started to suck it like an orange candy. Sucking, slurping and biting till the candy is over… After a session continuous sucking, I couldn’t handle it anymore. I told her to stop as I couldn’t take it any longer.

She asked me “What happened?”

“Wait… I can’t control anymore …”

“I want you inside me right away. I want to feel you inside me.”

That was the final signal….

I went on top of her… She spread her legs so as to accept me whole…

I placed my member between her legs…. adjusted and gave it a gentle push…

It slid inside smoothly… I rested there for a while before starting…. Till then we kissed each other ….this time passionately ….

Then I started my rhythm …. Slowly…. Gently…. We looked into each other’s eyes. We smiled at each other and then closed our eyes…

Slowly I increased my pace. She also started her rhythm…. Both our rhythms matched making it a heavenly experience… Tensions built up….

I told her that I was about to come… She told me to finish it off…. She wanted me to come inside her badly…

I increased my pace….. Suddenly, there was a blast and we both released our body fluids simultaneously…. I pumped, pumped, pumped and pumped. My love juice wasn’t ceasing to stop. I felt like going on like that forever.

She lay down below me and was looking with gloomy eyes. She caressed my face with both her hands while I was still unloading my love juices into her womb.

I fell down on her side when I was done, exhausted. I just had the best love making session of my life. We both hugged tightly and kissed each other.

She said she had the best time of her life. I also complimented her for a memorable love making session.

We lay there for about an hour. Then I got her clothes dried and pressed from the housekeeping. We got ready and then we left for the function.

Did you like my story? Please give me feedback. You can mail me at [email protected]

My First Story – Swetlana



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