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October 17, 2018

My First Encounter With Madam

My First Encounter With Madam

He worked for a family in HSR, and he has a daily routine. The family consists of a husband, wife and they have a boy kid around age of 10. Both hus and wife are senior executives in multi national companies ( I don’t know what exactly meant by this, but I know they are at quite high level) and husband most of the time will be in travel. My uncle need to drop the kid early morning to school and pick him back around evening after he complete school plus other sports activities.. After dropping kid he also need to drop madam to her office in MG road. She normally finish her office job by noon, and he need to take her back to home. For the rest of the day she will be working from home. Since she will be alone at home from noon to evening ( till kid is back) uncle also stay at their house as a security as well as a helper (such as going to grocery etc.)

Hi My name is Deepak, and I’m from Kerala. I am about 25 yrs of age, dark, medium hairy. I came to Bangalore around 6 months back in search of a job. When I came to Bangalore, initially I stayed with my uncle, who was working as a driver to a family in HSR layout for past 15 years. Initial days I was doing some odd jobs such as replacement drivers ( temporary diver).

One day my Uncle call me and said he is very sick and asked whether I can do his job for few days. He explained to me about the work.

He worked for a family in HSR, and he has a daily routine. The family consists of a husband, wife and they have a boy kid around age of 10. Both hus and wife are senior executives in multi national companies ( I don’t know what exactly meant by this, but I know they are at quite high level) and husband most of the time will be in travel. My uncle need to drop the kid early morning to school and pick him back around evening after he complete school plus other sports activities.. After dropping kid he also need to drop madam to her office in MG road. She normally finish her office job by noon, and he need to take her back to home. For the rest of the day she will be working from home. Since she will be alone at home from noon to evening ( till kid is back) uncle also stay at their house as a security as well as a helper (such as going to grocery etc.)

Uncle also told me this could be an opportunity for you to gain trust with the family, because he any way decided to go back to Kerala because of his bad health.

He also warmed me that the madam look serious, talk little, but very kind at heart. So he advised me to not to talk anything loose or un necessary and at the same not to behave as dump.

He also told me that he already informed them about me, so they are well aware of my personal back ground. Since it is being recommended by my uncle, they already have a good feeling about me.

As requested by my uncle I visited the house and knocked the door bell . I already reached there by 6.30 am. The house was a two storied house, not very big but decent size. They also have a garage but I found the car not in garage but parked in the portico.

I rang the bell and stood at side. That day the husband was there at the house. He opened the door and asked me about on the purpose. I told everything in short. He was reading the news paper same time and he did not ask many other questions. He called his wife
Swathi your driver is here talk to him and do what ever you like.

From this conversation I already came to know one thing.. He may a quite busy guy, and does not care about what his wife do or don’t have time to look into it.

Then I saw madam at door front. By seeing her I got stunned and become almost speechless..

She is wearing a loose top and a gym type pants (stretching type ¾ th pant). I also noticed that she is not wearing a bra inside. Her tits were bouncing when she walking. She is very fair ( almost the color of wheat), average body. He face is very attractive with beautiful eyes and reddish thick lower lips ( even without lipstick). Her smile is ultimate.. From where she stand I can see her back directly, but I can sense its size.. form the track pants I can already see the shape of her chooth and specially the center slit , thighs, and her buttocks.

Seeing her I kept my head bit down.. Otherwise I thought they will fire me in first day itself, because I would have raped her with my eyes in front of her husband.

She asked me about my name, age and where do I stay. I answered all and said at present I m staying with my uncle, and I think he already told me about myself to you.

She said already knew that but wanted to hear from my mouth.. and she said normally I don’t like young guys as my driver, because they don’t drive properly and get into company with other drives and do many bad things…

For which I said, madam I don’t know much about Bangalore, I came here only a few month back and I knew only my Uncle..

Then she corrected.. No No I am speaking abut the other drivers in my office.. She said there are few more drivers at her office, after dropping people they don’t have much work, they create nuisance some time in and around office. She also said she is in director level at her office, and she don’t want to hear any such news about her driver.

I took this as a warning and also said. Madam I will be here only for two weeks to support my uncle. Once my uncle is well, he will be back in Job..
Then madam said Ok OK I know, but just giving you a warning.. Also don’t drive too fast or recklessly or don’t use bad words etc. while driving .. I was bit curious about bad words.. What bad words this lady is talking about ? No idea ..

That day I dropped her son to school , which is very close by only and cam e back..

This time the maid came front and asked me whether I had break fast. She also said madam will take another ten minutes to get ready, and in the mean time I can have break fast..

Madam after getting ready quickly came to the car.. I went to the car and opened the back door for her to enter.. She smiled at me and said,, this and all not required, and as a person I don’t like such level of obedience.. Your job is only drive properly and safe and you must do that..

I initially felt bit hurt ( first action in my job) but internally felt respect for madam.. She respect each job, and that may be one of the reason she went to top level in such quick time.

I could not notice much about her dress, because I already came to front seat, but it looks like a formal dress a shirt at top , and a skirt. From rear view mirror I can see part of it, but decided to not look further ( I keep telling in mind.. Deepak control yourself, first day itself don’t do anything naughty) .

Madam looked serious and there is no one talking in the car, but later she broke the silence..

Driver what you said about your name.?
I said Deepak.

OK mr Deepak, I noticed your dress.. Such loose shirt pant etc. does not look good for your job. You either need to use a white uniform or have to use decent dress. See you are a driver to a senior executive.. Every one should know that..

I said Ok madam.. I will look for getting a uniform, but madam this is only for two weeks correct..

Madam said whether it is one day or two weeks doesn’t matter .. proper dressing is always required.. She then said. Ok Mr Deepak you don’t hv to go for the uniform, but be in formal dress..

Once reached office, she quickly left the car without saying any thing.. I parked the car in basement and decided to take a tea from a nearby tea shop.. There I found few more drivers, they noticed me carrying madam in her car..

One guy came to me and asked my name and what happened to Uncle.. I said every thing, by this time other drivers also joined..

One of them said that he was aiming to get this job, and the reason he said was too much.

He said he always had an eye on her sexy figure, and he cant really control seeing madam walking and her ass cheeks bouncing.. He have to masturbate every day thinking madam in mind. He is a dedicated fan on madams big ass looks like. Then he said, you see she will also come here with her colleagues. That time they all can see it closer.. He also said in look madam look very decent and he is damn sure that in bed she will be like a whore..

Another person asked.. How can you be so certain.. Another commented.. Look at her gannd. And her lips.. Ladies with such gannd cheeks are more hrny type, and they never get satisfied with sex.

He also justified his statement.. saying that when ever she visit the tea shop she never bothered to hold her top/kurta etc whenever the climate is windy. She likes to expose her gannd to people like us and she enjoys it..

Another said lagtha he usko kala lund bahut pasand he …. For such big ass one need a big thick lund..

Another said ,, Deepak r you hearing all these.. Man if you have a big black lund your life will be secured man..
I was laughing inside hearing all these.. Now I know why madam said about other drivers.. My mind also said.. Deepak don’t jump into trouble .. What these guys having is only a fascination don’t screw yourself and loose job.

Days passed by. Every day I when I go to my driver friends, I keep hearing new new things abt madam.

Some days due to work, madam has to be in office till late evenings.. Such days the driver friends get soo curious..

You see today, she will coming out from office too tired.. Not because of the job.. She will be fucking some of her colleagues. Thant’s why she is getting late. Lucky bastards ( gali againt who is working in office).

Another say.. if I get this lady in my taxi. That is enough.. I wil take her some where outside and rape her.. Another guy laugh at it.. Do you think you can rape her. Have you seen her ass .. With Such big ass what you will do with your 5 inch lunch. Rape ke bare me boltha he sala..

Another said this bitch need at least three or four lund together . Only then she can be cooled down.

Another says to me.. Deepak you don’t get worried about these words. You are safe man. She will not rape you ….

Days passed.. My Uncle not yet fully recovered.

One day when we came back from office I saw Uncle also at their home. Uncle was asking about me . How he is doing, does he drive sensibly etc..

Madam smiled at uncle and said

Nair sab.. Your nephew is OK but only one issue I see is that he is going with that bastard drivers at office.. You know that na they don’t have any sense.. Barring that I don’t have any issue with him..

Uncle scolded me in front of madam and I could sense a smile at madams face hearing all these scolding.. Mu uncle continued scolding, and in between madam came and said.. Nair sab don’t worry it’s a silly matter.. He is doing a good job.

My Uncle said.. Madam I wm working here for almost 15 years with no issues.. and I don’t want any issue from my nephew also.. If he is not good I will bring other good drivers to you..

Immediately madam jumped.. No nair sab.. It is perfectly OK. In fact I don’t know we can get such smart and sensible fellows now a days.. Saying this madam looked at me and smiled.. I went to high sky hearing this words.

Then Uncle said.. Madam I m planning to go back to Kerala.. my health is not good. Is it Ok if Deepak continue here as your driver..
Madam said.. So far he is doing good .. so no issues from her side ..

Uncle again said.. Madam one more problem is there.. When I leave I need to vacate the house. So Deepak will not have a house and it is very expensive around HSR to ge a rental house at reasonable rate..

Madam asked: What you r suggesting nair sab.

Uncle said.. I know the garage is not in use and even though the ventilation is less, that can be converted as a small room. If Deepak can stay here, it can also be a benefit to you.. Specially when madams husband is away in long tours.

Uncle sensed an un easiness in madams eyes.. but he continued..

Madam I know what you thinking.. Keeping a young chap at home isn’t it? Don’t worry madam.. I know this boy and you can trust me . He will not be an issue to you.. You may discuss with your husband and tell us..

Immediately madam said.. No issues with husband and all.. He will not get involved in such matters ( while saying madam was looking at me .. I didn’t know why but felt it good )..

Only issue is that the garage is not with much ventilation and the outside toilet etc are not that good.. But its OK.. Don’t worry nair sab.. he can stay here.. and I will treat his as my younger brother..

I felt in mind.. Wowwww .. from a driver to a younger brother …. I was proud of my slef.. I never felt that madam look soo serious outside had a such kind heart tooo.

Then I saw immediately madam taking the key and opening the garage..
The garage had a shutter at front, and a side door .. and one door at back through which we can also access house..

Seeing that Uncle said madam you may lock that door permanently and he also had a look at the outside toilet and said.. This is more than sufficient madam .. He will manage..

Madam said .. Nair sab don’t worry he is my younger brother only and I trust him like my brother.. So don’t worry abt anything.. After all he is my brother now..

Later part of the day I spend time in cleaning the garage.. Madam and her maid also came to help me even though I requested them to not to do soo.

Uncle suggested me to move to the garage that day itself because that day happened to be a good day..
I felt in mind.. Good day for what.. A new job, a new sister or something beyond that.. This time some naughty feelings started coming to my mind..

Days passed . Every time we reached office, my driver friends were teasing me a lot talking about madam.. Every day madam will be wearing some or other type of dress, and every time they make some or other comments, some time they say madam is not wearing inner today, that’s why her ass bouncing more when she walk , and all of them find pleasure in abusing her calling her chutiya randi etc.. in front of me.. they also used to scold me saying that I don’t have enough courage to take it forward.

Every time after hearing such comments, I started thinking about madam, and almost every day I masturbated thinking about her big huge gannd and her sexy lips.

One day I openly discussed withy my passion towards madam to the driver friends. They suggested me to keep a hidden pin hole camera either in madams bathroom or bed room. One of the friend one day even brought two pin hole camera with recording.

Now the real tough part.

The camera can record only for two hours. This means I really know the exact timing etc. This was the tough part.

As a driver I don’t hv full access to the home.. So I decided to get the information from madam itself.

Through a friendly chat during regular car journey, I could find that her hus will be on a US tour and her son will be going for along vacation to her house.. I also found that due to early morning rush madam usually go for bath only in the evening.. By that time only she will be at home and the maid would hv already left home..

Finally the vacation days reached. No one at home other than madam. One day evening I decided to explore.. By this time my other driver friends really got impatient asking for results…

One fine day I knocked on the door in evening. Madam opened the door seeing its me at outside.. When I entered inside I really got shocked.. Madam was in short trouser almost revealing half of her upper thighs and a short T-shirt, most part of her lower belly already fully visible and her ass cheeks protruding out like two mountains.

Seeing this I didn’t know what to do and to be honest really got panicked.. and said.. madam looks like you r in middle of some work etc.. I will come later..

Madam said .. No Deepak. No one at home na, I am just relaxing and doing some experiments in kitchen.. Tell me why you came..

I was literally trembling both with fear and excitement.. what to doo…. Andy way finally decided to take a chance..

I said looks like some water leak is there upstairs. I can hear the water sound from outside. Is it Ok if I can have a look..
Madam asked.. What leak Deepak I never heard such sound.. Any way go up and see..

I went up to the terrace and came back .. madam looks like it is in the pipe connecting to the main bath room.. If you don’t mind I can have a look.. Looks like the leak is inside the wall is wet also.. can I hv a look..

Madam from down said ,, go ahead but some dirty cloths and all will be there in bath room.. tell me if I need to remove that..

I sais madam no need I will look first and let you know.. you continue your work..

I went inside the bath room, and to my surprise I found the biggest gift ..

It was a used panty of madam.. I took it in hand and can see that some patches at both front as well as back.. The back one looks like happened because of scratching the panty around the anus.. Also the panty side also got dirty.. Looks like madam have a habit of scratching her groin .. I said in mind.. The front portion also fully with some thick substance.. and it almost dried..

I took in my both hands and took it near to my nose.. The smell of panty really made me wild.. and I almost forget where I m standing…. It was too strong from the smell. I started taking long breaths inhaling all that string smell.. the smell of piss, sweat and little bit of shit tooo…………..

I thought madam if I inhale like this I may even cum without even touching my lund…. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..
I opened my mouth and likced the patchy spot..

Salty .. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh goddddddddddd I started licking like a dog .. running my tounge all over and almost drinking all that juice from madams panty.. I poured little water at the center so that all that juice get loosened and get into my mouth..

I could not control much.. I removed my shorts and undie and I took my lund in my hand and started masturbating thinking abt madams big gannd and …………… and I kept doing.. suddenly I heard madams sound..

Deepak itna dher tak kya kar raha he .. taking long time.. teek tho he na..

I said with trembling voice .. I almost done madam.. ( actually I was very close to cum)..

Saying this I already cummed in my undie saying ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh loudly…

Madam again asked what Deepak some weird sound I heard.. Shall I come there.. I panicked a bit but kept cool and said .. No madam my hand got hit on the pipe.. All done madam …

I kept the camera behind the full length mirror thinking that madam any way will come there to see the mirror.. and another one behind bed room mirror also..

In bed room I really got surprised.. One full length mirror is kept along side of the bed.. any one sleeping in the bed can see their full body..

I went don to madam and said all look Ok I applied some M-seal.. may be after two hours I will come and take a look.

Madam in case if you want to take bath etc. do it now.. then I can find out of the leak is fully settled or not.

K madam I am leaving will be back to check the leak..

I said and left the home..
Then I realized that I left the Undie I cummed in bathroom itself.. Ohh god what I hv done.. Shall I go back ? Then I thought madam may not look soo closely and when I go back I can take it . May not be an issue.. but I was really panicked..

After two hours I went back again .. this time I saw madam sitting in the living room sofa wearing loose dress and I found she already took bath..

Seeing me she gave me a smile… and said. How was the leak in bath room..

I said madam I will go and check whether all Ok or not..

Madam said.. Ok go and have a look, but looks like you used too much gum to stop the leak.. she also said now a days the gum and all very expensive. Do not waste it….

I got doublt in mind.. What Gum. How she knows about Gum.. any way I said ..

Madam it is my own gum only it was there with me .. I havnt paid any money for that .. I thought she is asking about M-seal..

She said .. I know I know .. May be you can also start a dukan for selling gum.. She gave me smile again and by shaking her head asked me to go and have a look..

When I entered the bath roommm again I got surprised.. The Undie is not at the place I Kept, and found my cum also almost vanished from it.. How this can happen.. By any chance madam took and washed… what to say.. I kept saying in mind how come getting dried soo quickly .. Any how I kept that undie in my pocket .

I decided to look into the camera.. I took the card from camera and kept new card in it.. The camera I placed it back .
The card I inserted it my mobile and then came back to the living room..

I said madam the leak looks Ok.. may be tomorrow I will do one more check..

Madam said Ok Deepak. She also asked whether I need some tea etc.. I said no need madam ( I was very anxious to see the video) I will go madam now..
She asked why soo much hurry .. Do you need to go any where..

She also said I am not finding any mood to prepare food.. Can you get some north indian food at night?
For which I said Ok and left the house immediately..

I went to my room and immediately started watching the video..

What I saw in the video was shaocking..

Madam entered the bath room… First she looked herself in the mirror , loosening her hair clips etc..
Then I saw she lifting her both boobs in here hand along with the t-short and watching them in the mirror. She was looking at the shape from front and as well as from sides . then she removed her t-sirt from tip.. ohh godddd she is not wearing a bra aslo…………………… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its sooo hot.. I did not realize when I was down.. may be because I was panicking..

Then I saw she holding her right boob in hand and spiting on the nips….. Ohh shit..
Then she spreading the spit all over the aereola and pinching the nips… in between..
She repeated this on other tit too.. Then I saw she I spitting in between the tits and started rubbing the tits each other.. In between rubbing her finger between them and then smelling the finger..

I imagined.. why to smell her own finger…

Then she removed her trouser also partially down.. turning back to the mirror and she watching the trouser going down.. Looks like the touuser is really getting stretched around her ass cheeks.. suddenly I saw both ass cheeks poped out from the trouser with a big bounce.. and a ouchhhhhhhhhhhh sound also from madam…
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd they look terrific.. The bouncing of the cheeks still not going from my mind.. I started playing that portion again and again…
First time seeing that big ass cheeks naked .. which I was imagining for past three monthssssssssssssssssssssss…
Ohh godddddddddddddddddddd while watching I started masturbating again.. This time inside my undie.. just rubbing my tip.. and continued watching the clip..

I said in my mind.. If I show this clip to other drivers what will happen… madam look soo sexy and I know other drivers even may masturbate in public if I show this to them..

The rest wat I saw was the ultimate..

She again made her finger wet with her spit and started applying into her crack.. the crack was not fully visible due to the gannd size looks like it is too deep..
Can see her fingers buried into it and whne it going inside the fingers are fully covered by the ass cheeks flesh around..
She is doing it now really fast now.. All this is doing keeping the ass cheeks facing the mirror . This also giving a full view of her ass..
She them parted here ass cheeks to side by suing both hands.. then I saw the tiny hole ..
Almost red in color
The ass crack also turned red due to heavy rubbing.. Here anus was pulsating .. and going in and out slowly..
She then took her one finger and started running around her ass cheeks.. In between pushing the finger inside and circling her finger..

Suddenly she noticed my Undie. It was on the wash basin.. She got curious I think . She left her rubbing and took the undie in her hand..

She noticed my thick cum in that undie.. She took it in between her fingers and started smelling it.. rubbing below her mose…

The rest I was was ultimate..
She started likcing her own fingers as if it is my lund, and I staretd hearing her murmering sound…

She was telling.. deeepak tune kya kiyaaa.. itna jism kyom chda mujel liye…
Kasisa hoga tumara lund.. muje de dona Deepak…
Mera chiooth abhi bahurt garam ahe…

Muje choda na Deepak……
She started licking the undie and start calling my name loud ..

Then I say she almost too the undie in her mouth sucking it with here one finger in her gannddd…..
Then saw she started trembling slapping her own asss, pinching her titsss.. shaking her head in cirlcess. Calling my nameee,
She started gyrating her hips in air as if she is fukcing my cock from top.. clling my nameee deppakaaaaaaaaaaa fuck me harddddddddddddddd….
I know you hav a big black lunddddd..
I will fuck you one day
I will not leave u

I will make you cum in my ganndddd and not allow you to spoil your cum like this..
Ooooooooooooooooooo maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
I cm cumingggggggggggggggggggggggg
Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Fuck my ganddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
Chodo muje………………………………………….


She is jumping like crazy mad girl …
Finally she sat on the bat tub
Fully exhausted
Her hands full wet
She took that and wiped in my undie
She then took the undei and wiped her chooth and gannd
Saying .. deppak this is fo ruuu
Take my juices..

I know you sucked my panty toooo.
She took her panty in her hand kept in front of her eyes
And said
Deepak you kiised here.. pointing her finger to her chooth position on the panty..
She then lookd at panty and found it is almost clean
Bith front back and side..

She started murmering..
U thief Deepak…. you cleaned my panty….. what a nughty guy you re..
Now she took my undie in her hand and pointed towards mirror and sai..
Deepak you see
I also cummed for uuuu
In this
Now you can lick it from your undie
I also cleaned your undie..

Again she looked at the panty back side…

U r really naughty deepkak.. you cleaned my ass ass slo..
U liked it Deepak.. If I know earlier I would hv made it real dirty for uu

She looked at side and saw that portion also clean.. she was telling Deepak how come you know that I scratch my groin and make my panty dirty..
U liked it Deepak…

Ohhhh deepakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
U r soo dirtyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..

I want you deepakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.
Comeon fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Looks like she is getting ready for the next shot..

But by this time the SD card memory got over I think and the video stopped..




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