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October 24, 2018

My Aunty

My Aunty

Before a year ago, My parents went to attend some relatives marriage. They are close to dad, so my parents would stay their minimum of two weeks. I didn’t attend because of my project work. So, my parents suggest me to stay in aunty’s home for two weeks.

Hi Indian Sex Stories readers. This is the story of me with my aunty in Indian Sex Stories dot net. Now without any delay, let’s go to the real incident which happened to me and also happening to me.

Let me introduce my self Rahul, I’m 24 years of old. I completed my master degree at reputed university. Now I’m in job searching work and still didn’t get any job.

Before a year ago, My parents went to attend some relatives marriage. They are close to dad, so my parents would stay their minimum of two weeks. I didn’t attend because of my project work. So, my parents suggest me to stay in aunty’s home for two weeks.

I said ok to them because I love my aunty. She will attract everyone to her boobs. Yes, guys, She has great boobs.
Later a day,

My parents left for marriage and went to my aunt’s home and rang the calling bell.

There she was. I was struck for a few seconds by seeing her.
The conversation between us;

Aunty said “Hello Beta!”
Cousin Welcomed me. (Aunty’s son)
Aunty asked “everybody else just left Rahul. Did your mom and dad start?”

I said Yes aunty.
Aunty asked “Show him to his room, Vijay”
Cousin: Yes mom.

Aunty: Both of you don’t waste time and start preparing for your project work.
Cousin: Yes. yes, we will mom.

A few hours later;

Aunty called us “Dinner is ready boys, come quickly.”
We went to have dinner. While eating dinner;

Aunty asked, “Have you both prepared well for your project presentation tomorrow?”
Me, Cousin: Yes! we.

Aunty: Sleep early today and don’t sit before the TV.

After dinner, we wished her a good night and went to my room. My room was just beside of her room and I felt pity for not doing anything here.

In bed I started masturbating, meanwhile, she came to my room for something.

Aunty: Do you want….. Blanket Rahul.
Me: Ahh! No aunty, I am OK.
Aunty: Ok good night.

I think she observed my erection. Next day, we went to college for presentation and I finished my presentation before my cousin’s.

Me: Hey, My presentation is finished, all the best for your presentation.
Cousin: Ok thank you.

Back at aunty’s home.

Aunty asked, “How was your presentation, Rahul?”
I replied, “It went well, aunty.”
Aunty: Ok, go change and come. I will make you something to eat.

I changed my self and went to the kitchen to help her.

I went near her to help “Let me help you, aunty.”
Aunty: Oh! thank you, rahul.

Next day morning;

Aunty asked, “Did you have a good sleep, Rahul?”
Me: Yes! aunty. Why?
Aunty said, “Well you look a bit tired.”
Me: Too many studies aunty.

She said, “I will give you a message on the head after you are done with your exam every day.”
Me: Oh thanks, aunty! That will be a huge relief.

After the presentation, my exams were started. Next day I finished my exam in morning session and my cousins were in afternoon session.
Back at Aunty’s home.

Aunty: Can you take me to the market Rahul?
Me: Ok aunty.

While going on the road, her boobs were touching my back. They are so soft. After my exams finished, My cousin left to tch fair in another city. So he left for a few days.
That night while having a dinner;

Aunty: Take more Rahul.
Me: Thanks, aunty.
She asked, “How are you planning on spending the next week, Rahul?”

(In my mind, By fucking you, aunty)
Me: I still haven’t figured it out, aunty.

Next morning, I masturbate in the restroom by thinking my aunty. While doing that, I fell down. By hearing my voice, my aunty came near to bathroom door and called me. I opened the door by wrapping towel.

Aunty: What happened Rahul?
Me: I fell down aunty.
Aunty: Let me help you to the bed room.
Me: Thank you, aunty.

Aunty: Ok Let me look at what happened to you.
Me: But I’m the ok aunty.
Aunty: You will catch a cold if you don’t clean up and remove the wet towel. Let me clean you up.
Me: But aunty, I can manage it.

Aunty: No ifs and buts. I used to give you baths many times when you were younger so just keep quiet.
Me: But aunty, I’m not a kid now.
Aunty: You are always a small kid to me. Close your eyes if you feel shy.

I don’t believe she is going to see me naked. By touching me, my dick raises. She shocked for some time and continue to clean up me.

Me: Sorry for the trouble aunty.
Aunty: It’s ok. The soap is still on your skin. We better wash it off before you change into your clothes.
Me: You can go, aunty. I will wash.

Aunty: You shouldn’t be putting any pressure on your leg, so I will give you a bath in the tub in my room.
Me: Ok, But let me wear something.
Aunty: I have already seen you naked, so it doesn’t matter. Now come on.

She helped me to the bathroom and make me lay in the bathtub.

Aunty: I will message on the wound with the soap lather.
Me: Aunty! I have a problem, but I feel shy to tell it to you. (By taking some courage)
Aunty: What is it, Rahul?

Me: It is beginning to pain here aunty. (By pointing dick)
Aunty: Oh no Rahul, I don’t think it will be appropriate. I think you should do it yourself.
Me: Aunty! both my arms are also paining. You are my only hope now. Please take care of me.

Aunty: Ok Rahul. But promise me that you won’t talk about this anywhere.
Me: I will never tell anyone, aunty. Please message me now.

She started stroking me hard. I finally got her.

Aunty: Do you feel better Rahul?
Me: It feels so good aunty.
Aunty: Do you want me to apply more soap?
Me: No, It’s nice like this.

Me: Ahhh keep massaging it, aunty. Apply more pressure on my cock.
Aunty: You like it beta?
Me: Yeah aunty! Harddderrr
Aunty: OK

Splurt splurt splurt
I finally cummed on her face.
Me: Oh Aunty…

After that, she cleaned up herself and cleaned me. That’s it guys, I will post what happens next after getting a good response. If any girls and aunties want any private chat then ping me on hangouts at [email protected]



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