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October 19, 2018

My Aunty, My Wife

My Aunty, My Wife

Uncle was always touring as his job demanded to tour all over India and some times he had to go abroad for seminars. Since Aunty used to be alone with her 2 year old kid, many times I was asked to give her a company during my uncle’s absence.

This is my story when I was 18 years old. I have a young Auntie (Uncles’ wife) who was 30 years old when the incident happened.

My Uncle’s home was near by and we often used to visit each others home. I have always fancied my Aunt who had great figure and was very lively. She was 5’ 7’’ height, very fair complexed, long black hair, medium boobs and stunning ass. She had innocent face yet had a mischievous smile reflecting in her eyes. When she blushed she used to turn pink in her cheeks. She looked lovely in sari as she had only slight flesh near her tummy. In fact, it was a treat just to watch her, while she strolled in sari or even when she was in salwar kameej.

Uncle was always touring as his job demanded to tour all over India and some times he had to go abroad for seminars. Since Aunty used to be alone with her 2 year old kid, many times I was asked to give her a company during my uncle’s absence.

During one such occasion, we all had dinner and were watching TV in the drawing room. Auntie then went to her bedroom with my 2 year old nephew as he was feeling very sleepy. I continued to watch TV channel and began scanning channels. After some time Auntie came back and sat on the next sofa from mine. She had changed and was in her night gown. She looked like a sex goddess. The ambiance was very stimulating and the channel was showing some sexy rainy songs. There were lots of hugs and kisses in the scene. I was getting restless and stole a glance at my Aunty. She did not notice my glance and continued glued to TV. My God! She looked devastatingly beautiful in her nightie.

I got up and went to kitchen for some cold drink. I asked my Auntie if I should get her some. She said yes. I brought her glass and gave her. As she was sitting on sofa and I was standing, I could see her cleavage clearly. As she came forward to take her glass I could see deep inside her valley. Her white boobs were tremendous and intoxicated me further. I was hesitant but finally gathered courage and sat besides her on the sofa. She did not seem to mind but moved slightly away from me, towards the end of the sofa, to make space for me. I was getting restless and did not know what to do next. Now the TV scene had changed and the movie was getting boring. I placed my hand on backside of sofa at her side. Suddenly she got up and asked me to give my empty glass and went to kitchen. She came back and to my joy sat in the same place besides me. I was pleased with the outcome and hoped for best. Her body aroma was intoxicating and I felt irresistible urge to pull her to me. She then started to have conversation with me about my new college life and what I was planning to do in future.

I was responding to her half consciously … my mind and eyes exploring her face and her body contours. I do not know whether she noticed my strange behavior but suddenly said that she was feeling sleepy and was going to her bedroom.

I was disappointed and did not know what to do next. I suddenly grab hold of her by her shoulders and requested her to stay for some more time with me. She seemed surprised but sat down besides me once again. I continued to hold her with my hand on her shoulder. She did not object to it. I slowly started to caress her shoulders and arms. As she was wearing a sleeveless nightee I was caressing her bare skin. She seemed uncomfortable but did not object. I felt sorry for her as I knew she was not objecting only because she did not want to make a scene and that I was her family member and she was having a soft corner for me.

But my lust was over taking my conscious. I took my hand from her shoulder and put it on her thigh. She shivered but kept quite. I started massaging her thighs. After some time I looked at her and saw that she was extremely tense. I felt sorry for her and also felt extremely ashamed with myself for my behavior.

I muttered something like sorry and said that I was going to sleep and got up to go to my room. She suddenly caught my hand and asked me to sit once again besides her. She said that she did understand my feelings and it was natural for young boy like me to behave in such a manner. She advised me to concentrate on my studies and also suggested to have friendship with girls of my age. I said yes to her and asked her whether she was angry with me. She smiled at me and said no … you are my nephew. And that she has got to protect me and advise me during this adolescent period of mine.

She then came near me and hugged me tightly. I felt I was in heaven. After some time she took me to my room. We both slept on the bed and she held me tight. I buried my face in her breast and embraced her tightly. She was exhilarating and her body odor and her breathing were sensuous. I just laid with her and with my hands exploring her body. She started kissing me on my face and lips. I was in heaven. I gobbled her boobs and then I slid my hands inside her bra. The feel of her bare boobs was heavenly.

I then asked her if I could remove her gown and see her naked. She hesitated and asked me why I wanted to do that? Is not this sufficient? I pleaded to her that I was really craving to see her in nude and would be miserable if she denied my request!

She gave a heavy sigh and said ok. However she cautioned me not to tell any one or do any thing further that would lead to unfortunate situation in future. I then lifted her gown and removed it. She was now only in her panties and bra. What a wonderful sight that was! She had a beautiful curved body. She was very fair, smooth & soft. I could see that she was very embarrassed. However she looked like a beautiful angel .. so pure and so innocent! I started kissing her all over.

I than lifted her in my arms and she clutched me tightly. I sat on the edge of the bed and made her sit on my lap. She had completely surrendered her to me and was clinging to me firmly, with closed eyes.

I was now passionately exploring her bare body. I could now hear that she had started moaning. I then started exploring her boobs and both her boobs were out of her bra. What a treat that was! I started sucking and pumping both of them alternatively and she was now moaning more loudly with her figures caressing my head.

I then started exploring her pussy which surprising was clean shaven. I took no time in removing both her panties and her bra. Now she was fully naked in my arms. At last, my fantasy to see and explore a matured 30 plus beauty in nude was fulfilled. I continued exploring her full body and kissing her all over with renewed vigor. She continued to hold me tight and had closed her eyes. She was like a beautiful doll. I continued to hold her firmly and carried her in my arms frequently all over the bedroom changing my sitting place / position and placing her on my lap.

I then laid her on bed again and started exploring her once again. Finally I was over her and started to rub my penis on her vagina. Startlingly she grabbed my penis and started to direct it into her soft white pussy while she spread her legs. I started stroking into her. That was heavenly. As I started pushing harder she also started thumping back. I then grabbed her ass and increased my strokes. We were both in seven heavens. She started whining and crying. After few minutes we both oozed out.

We both slept for some hours and when I woke up, I looked at her. She had also woken up and was looking at me. She smiled at me and asked whether I had enjoyed? I said I never had such a goodtime before and that I am thankful to her for her concurrence. She smiled once again and hugged me and said she too had enjoyed the act.

From that day onwards we had our discrete relationship and when ever we had opportunity we made love to each other. Over a period she relaxed quite a bit. All her inhibitions and taboo was gone. We graduated from normal sex act to more exotic sexual plays. She seemed to enjoy licking / gulping my dick and allowed me to lick / kiss her pussy. Some times she would be on top of me thrusting my dick from below into her vagina. I was also crazy about fucking her ass and she would allow me to enter my dick into her asshole. My favorite was doggy style and I enjoyed ramping her from behind. We also used to bath together exploring each other while applying soap and rubbing each others organs.

This lasted for over 3 – 4 years. My Uncle was aware of our closeness but never objected or reprimanded me. In fact, he indirectly encouraged me to take care of my aunt in his absence. Probably he had sympathy for his young wife, for whom he could not give much time due to his job compulsions. He felt secured that his gorgeous wife was having affair with me, his own nephew, a blood relative, whom he liked, rather than with some sly stranger. He never questioned me or my auntie about our affair and simply ignored it.

Auntie also never bossed over me but was always there to help me and was friendly with me till date. In fact, she always taunted me by saying that I was her second husband and being my closet wife she wanted to bear my child. She became pregnant thereafter and gave birth to a baby boy, obviously spermed by me.

After doing my Engineering, I had to move out to States for MBA and continued staying there for some years. I invited her along with her 2 kids to stay with me for some days. We made passionate love with each other and had a very wonderful time with both kids … one my cousin and other my very own child conceived by her.

I am now working as a Top level executive in a Multinational organization based in India. She initiated my marriage to her distant cousin who is as beautiful as she is. I now live a very happy married life and have 2 wonderful kids. But that episode in my life is still fresh in my mind. In fact, I still yearn for those wonder years.

We do meet each other occasionally as she is also related to my wife. She is now over 45 years old and her older son has grown up and is in his teens. She still looks stunningly beautiful. In fact, she looks more gorgeous as she has matured into a middle aged slightly plump lady.

Though we still make love, it is now only sparingly as things have changed now and we have to be more careful. However I will always be grateful to her for helping me to overcome my over-sex juvenile period and guiding me to very vigorous and exhilarating life.


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