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October 19, 2018

Mother ,Son

Mother ,Son

My mother name is Shylaja, 42years old she is a typical south Indian woman with glorious beauty & she looks like 30 years ,she has a sexy figure with 36 30 38 she has round boobs ,ass & sight tummy. She always wears sarrie in house & she looks like a goddess in the sarrie she always bra & never uses a panty. My mother is like a friend for me we discuss all the matters & we both were very transparent to each other we were discuss about what kind of girl I am looking for etc..

Hi ISS readers this is Senthil from Chennai I am a regular reader of ISS .this is a real story (life) happening in my life. I am a software professional working in Chennai about my family my self & my mother are living together. My father is a policeman he was died in heart attack in 2000 during that time i was studying after that my mother faced lot of problems to bring me up. In our relation nobody helped my mother any how she managed with the funds came after death of my father & with the income of the land.

The real incident happens 2 years before when i was 25 years my mother was searching bride for me & no bride has suited for me some of our relatives were joking that nobody will give bride to your son due to that she has got stress in mind.

My mother name is Shylaja, 42years old she is a typical south Indian woman with glorious beauty & she looks like 30 years ,she has a sexy figure with 36 30 38 she has round boobs ,ass & sight tummy. She always wears sarrie in house & she looks like a goddess in the sarrie she always bra & never uses a panty. My mother is like a friend for me we discuss all the matters & we both were very transparent to each other we were discuss about what kind of girl I am looking for etc..

I always fantasies about the cinema stars, our relatives & i have seen lot of porno movies but i have never had a chance to fuck a girl. I loved my mother very much one day while enquiring about what kind of girl I am looking for i said that I am looking for a girl like you, mom laughed at me & said she will try to get that kind of girl for me. As the days passed she never find a girl for me & due to that she was mentally upset, i taken her to Mangalore for the change there we saw lot of temples & enjoyed the trip, after that also mothers sad mood was never changed .Even though we stayed together for many years i never had a bad intention about my mother ^ after my dad’s death mother also never seen any man.

One day night mother was crying that she was not able to find a girl for me at that time i said “weather she will marry me”. She got shocked & shouted that what I am asking she slapped me & went to her room next day she never spoke to me then i left for office like this 2 weeks ahs passed then i asked sorry for that she was crying & i made her calm.

Mom asked me why r u asked me like that

I replied “never find a girl like you” & moreover “I love you very much and i will marry her”

Mom asked “is this is the way u r showing your love to me”

I said “yes”

Mother “what will others think about our relationship and it is sin


I said i never bother about anybody, we are living for our selves why don’t we think of others, when dad died at that time these peoples never helped us then why we want to care about them”

hearing this mom has agreed for the marriage , i jumped in joy & hugged her for the first time the next day we met Pandit & given our horoscope & he said you r going to be a perfect couple & he said that he will do the marriage for us he fixed the date for the marriage . I taken mom for shopping, we purchased new clothes jewels etc. finally the day comes. My mom dressed up with the new bridal Pattu sarrie, jewels & my self with silk dothi, shirt. We went to a nearby temple with my aunt (mothers sister she has given green signal for this marriage).The pandit handed over the mangalasutra to me & i tied in my mothers neck we took blessings from my aunt & she blessed both of us also she whispered to give son through my mom.

My aunt arranged the bedroom with flowers sweets fruits like seen in cinema. I was waiting in the bedroom with nervous & mom came in with a mug of milk she hadedover the milk & fell down in my leg for blessings i stopped her for that as she is mother & she is elder than me . She said that now she is my wife & all the wife use to do like this, i said “no mom’ she scholded me & from here onwards you call me by my name & i said ok. I drink the milk half & given half to my mother she drank fully. As i said was bit nervous i don’t know how to start then mom sat next to me & we talk about our future plans she took my hand & kept in her hand & said “don’t be tensed from now I am not your mother I am your wife you can do what ever you want” now i was little bit relaxed i put my hand on my moms leg slowly i raise my hand to her waist & hugged her she also hugged me tightly there is no air in-between us i feel heat in both of us .

i creased all over her body and kissed in her lips our lips were locked for around 10 minutes our both tongues were fighting each other we had tasted each other saliva then i removed the sarrie now she was in a jacket & the petticoat then removed the jacket & the bra. wov what a size & color it is she has two round white color melons standing straight with 1 inch areola & half inch nipple i fondled her breast i pressed & bit the nipples i tried to swallow but the size was too big to handle i use both the hands & crush them mom screamed in pain but i was playing more than 45 minutes with her boobs mom requested me visit the holy place but i was interested in her boobs

Now i shifted my attention to her nave what a naval it is it was round shaped & half inch depth i put my mouth there & licked that then i removed the knot of her petticoat it has fell down in the below she has not wear any panty now i have seen the thick bush around her pussy below her pussy the two legs were very shining and looks like two pillars i liked every part of her body she begged me to concentrate on her pussy. then finally i reached her holy place i worshiped there i had seen my place of birth there is no son in the world can see their birth place today i am the luckiest person to see this . I smelled the pussy it was nice smell with some liquid oozing out ( might be she had organism) i opened the divine holy bush i seen the vagina pink in color i put mouth there and licked there it was a salt taste and good aroma i liked the taste and the smell very much i hucked my mom with my tongue then i inserted my finger in her pussy she screamed with pleasure she held my head tightly in her pussy then i finger fucked her she had many orgasm & she begged me to fuck her .

She opened my dothi and the under ware & take out my rod it was 7inch long & 3 inch thick & it stood 90degree. By seeing the cock she was shocked & said what a thick & long cock even your father is small. then she took my cock in her mouth she was sucking my cock very wildly she suck for 15 minutes then i laid her on the bed .The jasmine flower in her head made me very crazy now i licked her love tunnel then i placed my lund in her pussy it was very tight & slipped away . Since my moms’ pussy not used for more than 10 years my cock was not going easily in her pussy. i slowly inserted my cockwith 3 to 4 push it went in she has screamed with pain finally i entered my place of birth i committed the forbidden sin that no other son can do now i was in above my lover mother wife shylaja. i rested for a while & widen her legs then slowly i laked out my cock & inserted again my entire cock has vanished in my moms pussy now i increased the speed she has the orgasm after a long years she was fucked by my father i am her own seed entering into her .i changed her into doggy style and continued the fucking i was like a rocket firing in she was shouting that I am comming aaahhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhh come Senthil fuck your mom hard don’t stop keep fucking I am in heaven my lover son fuck me hard & had another orgasm i also shouted shyly give me your motherly to your son come on shyla I am feeling good yeaaaa like that ,now she came in top of me & placed her pussy above my cock she was jumping above me while jumping her boobs were dancing i massaged both the boobs now i feel pressure building in me i said that i am going to come mom said she also comming then we both incteased our speed & i shoot my sperm in her womb ,i fed my seed in her then we both collapsed and she laid above me ,we were there for 10 minutes as its then she left for the wash i too followed her . In the toilet she sat for pissing suddenly i stopped her & said that i want to see her pissing very closely & she pissed in my mouth i drank the holy water which came from my mothers pussy then i inserted my penis in her pussy & pissed in her it was a different experience for both of us. We cleaned both of us.

We came back to the bedroom i said shyla (her nick name) today is the unforgettable day in my life & hugged her now my cock has slowly raised she took it in her mouth & we both took 69 position & had each other organs in our mouth we continued we had another 3 fucking session through out the night & slept around 5 in the morning. next day at 8 am the door was knocked & mom got dressed up and opened the door there my aunt was waiting with the coffee cups & she enquired weather you had a great fun yesterday night i was smiling & mom was bent her head with shy then aunt prepared food for us .My asked both of us to remove our clothes we both were shyily removed our clothes then aunty applied oil in both of us & aunty also shocked of seeing my size of the cock & told mom that you r the luckiest person to own such a big cock mom was shyly smiled to her & ran in to the bath room. We both took bath together & slept the hole day again we started the sex game we tried all the possible positions in the Kama sutra book, i had taked her to moonar for our honeymoon. we loved each other & daily we will have at least 2 fucking session in the night during her periods i was not fuck her some times she will allow to fuch her with condom. After 7 months of our marriage she has got pregnant last February she has given birth to a female baby of mine on that day i feel I am the happiest person in the world. Now we were living happy with our daughter. My request is there is no sin between mother & son sexual relationship it’s the way of showing their love. If you like this mail me i will write the happiest movements that happened in my life


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