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October 24, 2018

Mother In Law

Mother In Law

It was here I met Ruja and by the time we had finished college I was fucking her most nights in the girl’s dorm. On the nights I wasn’t buried in Ruja’s pussy, I was fucking one of her 2 dorm mates. One was a busiest from Nepal, the other a Christian girl from Calcutta.

When you have finished screwing my mother, will you come her and fix the fucking light my wife shouted to me.

I had my first sexual experience at the age of 14. My sex teacher was Sunali who was 30 at the time and had a 14-year-old daughter who lived with her ex-husband. Sunali was a tutor and I used to go her house to study Maths, or so my parents thought. Instead Sunali showed me the wonders of sex and how to please a woman, somewhere in between learning how to satisfy a woman, I did manage to learn Maths and passed with the highest mark in the city. My parents were overjoyed and packed me off to college in Delhi.

It was here I met Ruja and by the time we had finished college I was fucking her most nights in the girl’s dorm. On the nights I wasn’t buried in Ruja’s pussy, I was fucking one of her 2 dorm mates. One was a busiest from Nepal, the other a Christian girl from Calcutta.

Ruja and I graduated with good marks and went to study medicine at University. By the time we were in the 2-year of Uni, we had decided to live together. Ruja’s father who lived in Bhopal was fine by this, but mine hit the roof. They insisted that no child of their would live in sin. A wedding was arranged and this is when I found my former lover was my wife to be ‘s mother, this was an awkward situation, but Ruja was surprisingly calm about the matter. At least I know who taught you to be so good in bed she said. Ruja and her mother had not been very close and since Sunali was also moving to Dehli in a few months, we decided it would be a good thing if we got a larger flat and she stayed with us. Sunali insisted Ruja call her by her name and not Ma, which Ruja was fine with. I had some plans and ideas and this fit very nicely.

We had been married for 4 months now and Sunali had moved in 2 months ago. It didn’t take long for the old flame to rekindle and soon I had the opportunity to fuck my MIL. She was 36 by now and still looked extremely hot.

We were all sitting in the lounge, Ruja as usual cuddled in my arms; Sunali was sitting in the armchair across from us watching TV. We had no inhibitions in front of Sunali, and right then I had my hand draped lazily over Ruja’s 34 C breast. Gently cupping her breast my thumb was stroking her nipple through the fabric, which was stretching ever more. There was a bollywood film on TV and Ashwaria was looking exceptionally hot. My cock was getting harder and pressing into Ruja’s side. Will you stop poking me in the Ribs with that thing said Ruja, pushing my dick aside.

I can’t help it I said; you know how hot Nepali girls make me. I love fair skin. Ruja was slightly dark; where as her mother was made of buttermilk.

Well you should have married Shanti then said Ruja mocking hurt feelings. (Shanti was the Nepali girl who shared Ruja’s dorm at college) Nah I replied, she had a nice pussy, but she was as flat as a board and I like tits I can play with. Anyway I can fuck have her whenever I want, so no need to marry her. She grabbed my cock and squeezed it hard through my tracksuit pants. I yelped in pain, as it was quite a hard squeeze.

Ruja dear, why don’t you just give him a blowjob so her is satisfied and then we can watch the film in peace said Sunali. Yea, I bet you’d love that wouldn’t you she mocked my raging hard on as she briefly held my cock through my loose PJs. Wait till bedtime and you’d get your treat she joked. Sunali smiled at me as Ruja lay back against my chest.

We continued watching the film and suddenly Ruja asked her Mom, Sunali, do you miss Ajay’s cock? Sunali answered carefully, yes I do, but her is your husband now and his cock is yours to please.

Hell Sunali, I wasn’t asking you if you wanted to share it, I just wanted to know if you missed it. Of course I miss it said Sunali. He was my best student. How can I forget the time we had together.

The film was over, Ruja kissed me an got up to leave, she whispered (loudly enough for me to hear) to her mother, He’s all yours, just don’t drain him completely, then cool as a cucumber, she left the room leaving me with a raging hard on with her gorgeous mother sitting in front of me.

Sunali sat in silence for a while, and then said. I’m not doing this. You are my son-in-law.

Yea, and 6 years ago I was your underage lover, and I have been lusting after you since I met you again. Ruja has no problem with this, and I can’t understand why you do.

She got up and came over to me, kneeling on the floor by my cock. I’m older now, my sweet lover. Will you still get pleasure from this old woman whilst your lovely young wife is next door?

I don’t know about me, but if you don’t do something with my cock soon, I think it will rip a hole in my pants I said pointing to the tent at my groin. She pulled out my cock and held it in both hands, caressing its shaft gently. Precum was already oozing from it, and Sunali used it to lubricate the skin. Ooh, it’s bigger than I remembered she moaned. She kissed it, and tastier too. She kissed the sac of my balls, then ran her tongue up the entire length of the shaft. When she reached the top, she took the head in her mouth and went down on it, submerging me into her mouth. Sunali was a great cocksucker and she teased my bulging meat with her mouth. Her teeth gently scraped the skin, her tongue darting around its circumfrence.

The roof of her mouth, the soft base,exciting my lust with electric touches. She held the base in a ring of her finger and thumb, stroking and squeezing my meat. My back arched as I experienced a building climax. Not so fast big boy she said as she removed her mouth, controlling the pulsing desire to ejaculate. Have you forgotten everything I taught you about control?

I pulled her face to mine and kissed her mouth. The taste of my salt mixed with her sweet saliva, we kissed for a few minutes as my hands explored her ample assets. She seemed not to have lost any of the firmness I remembered enjoying and soon I felt I was going to explode as desire built in me to get relief. She sensed it too and said.

Let me suck some of that pent up cum out of you. You are too hot for foreplay. She took my meat in her mouth again and within a minute I was spurting my seed into her throat. She swallowed the initial burst, and then slowly savored my cum. looks like you are getting plenty of fruit in your diet she smiled. She got up and went to her bedroom. I followed her in and she was brushing her teeth.

I removed her skirt at the sink, and then worked my fingers up her blouse, gripping the collar; I ripped open the buttons and let it fall to the floor. Dressed in her bra and panties, Sunali looked great, her 36C breasts cosseted in the sheer fabric. I felt her nipples through the material and kissed the nape of her neck. My fingers slid under the elastic of her panties and I felt the soft fur of her lightly shaved pussy. Do you want me to shave she asked. No I replied. I will do it tomorrow.

Her panties were wet and I removed them slowly, kissing her buns and the back of her legs, I helped her step out of them. I was kneeling on the floor as she turned around, her soft mound at my face. I admired the velvet brown pussy lips I had pleasured so long ago and her fragrant musk assaulted my nostrils. Tenderly I touched the tip of my tongue to her clit, savoring the taste of the 1st vagina I ever licked. Electricity tingled through both of us as I pressed my face into her lips. I sucked her clit, she moaned in pleasure, demanding more.

Standing up, I circled her waist, by hands moving up to unclasp her bra. I admired her breasts and nipple that were firm and hard. I led her to her room and laid her on the bed.

Ruja came naked into the bedroom. Can I watch she asked? i’m getting lonely in there by myself. Her mother called her over and kissed her forehead. Lie here my child she said patting the bed at her side. I started to kiss Sunali slowly, starting at her navel, I worked up to her breast. Memories of what she liked guided me to give her the pleasure she cherished. By the time I had finished with her boob, Sunali had already orgasm. I moved to her pussy and started to suck her.

The juices flooding my mouth and assailing my taste buds. Mother and daughter tasted completely different, but equally fantastic and as I bought Sunali to her second climax, she was firing cum directly into my open mouth.

Fuck me please she begged, I can’t take any more. I entered her pussy, pushing my head into her lips slowly, widening the passage as I stroked in. I pushed in all the way up to my hilt and once her pussy had adjusted to my size I slowly started to massage in and out. Guys, this is a great technique to really get your woman to enjoy it. Starting to bang away immediately feels great, but for the woman it can be a uncomfortable. Let her expand and adjust, and she can then control her muscles better to give you more pleasure. Another technique is to do the 2-3 methods. Slowly stroke in and out twice, then on the 3rd a

Hard firm push. It is amazing how much longer you can last this way, and again as the woman settles into this rhythm, her muscles naturally contract on the 3rd to give amazing sensations.

Sunali was so lubricated that I was gliding in and out with ease, a well-tuned piston in a super car cylinder. My left arm was under Sunali’s back, my finger caressing the soft skin between her arsehole and her tailbone. This is a very sensitive part and nearly always brings on intense orgasms. Her moans were getting louder and I unleashed my sperm into Sunali’s pussy, which tipped her into a violent orgasm. We continued to copulate for a few minutes, before I collapsed on to her glistening body, soaked in sweat. I rolled over to one side and drew Ruja’s onto her mother’s chest. I kissed my wife, out heads resting on Sunali’s breasts who told me that I tasted nice. I smiled and took a nipple in my mouth, Ruja the other. Without a word we drifted into sleep.

I fuck Sunali regularly now, Ruja has no problem with this, and she often comes and watches. Though I have yet to get mother and daughter to have sex with each other, they have no issues with the occasional kiss they share. I am sure they will soon start to enjoy each other’s pussy in their own time.



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