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October 24, 2018

Mother-in law

Mother-in law

So we got the visa and got the ticket. It was a package tour in Pakistan.That included air and hotel and site seeing.

Hello every one. I wish to share my experience with all of you. I am 32 year old man and my wife is 30. We are Punjabi. Now we live in Canada. My wife sponsored me from Canada. I was 23 year old then and was living in village in Punjab. She was 3 year old when she went to Canada with her mom. We got married in Toronto. My in-laws were very nice people. They treated me very well. I went to evening school to learn English. Wife was working to support me. After few years we had to move away because wife’s firm wanted her to go to other city in other province. That was 4-5 hours flight. After couple of years my father-in law died. It was sad situation. But every one got over it. Mother-in law visited us once or twice a year. We got along fine.

Last year MIL was taking with my wife that she likes to go to Pakistan and India to see the Gurdwaras and other places in both counties. She would like us to go with her. Wife said to her she cannot go because of the work and both children are too small to go. Wife said to her mom that Sukhi(me) can go with you, because he is not working now. So MIL agreed to that. Wife told me about it in the evening. I did not want to go alone. I did not wish to be away from wife for long time. She is very sexy wife and we make love every nite. How am I going to be without sex for that long? But she said it will be alright. It is only for 2-3 months, I am sure you will be ok for that time. Plus it will help mom. She is lonely, you get blessing from the gurus. Ok I said anything for you.

So we got the visa and got the ticket. It was a package tour in Pakistan.That included air and hotel and site seeing.

My MIL is 50 and she is very fit and sexy woman for her age. Her boobs are 38 slim waste and not too big bum She is 5.7” tall. She is stunning lady when she walks men and some women look around. I went to her home one day before we are to leave. She greeted me by hug. We talked about some topics and watched bit TV. She showed me room and she went to her room. In the morning we had breakfast. We got in the plane and went to Pakistan.

There they took us to hotel. Everyone was assigned room. It was one room for us. We took the luggage into the room. There was only one bed in the room. It was big bed but still one. I felt awkward. MIL said it will be ok don’t worry. She took shower and put her nite dress and turned the TV on and sat on the sofa, I took shower and put my pajama and shirt on. As I came in the room she motion me to sit on sofa with her to watch TV. I sat on one side of the sofa. She started talking about some old time when I went to Canada. And she thanked ma to make her daughter happy woman. I said it is ok I am happy that you accepted me as your SIL. She said Puja is really happy, she tell me all the things. I did not knew what she meant.

MIL: since you FIL has passed away I am very lonely. I really miss him lot. Especially at nite. I did not know what to say. Just kept quiet.

MIL moved bit closer to me and put her hand on my leg. MIL: you have such a nice strong legs.

I blushed, I looked at her and she had lust in her eyes. I was shocked to see that in her eyes. She moved closer and her body was touching mine,

MIL: I know you have real nice bone under your pajama. And she put her hand on it.

Come on son don’t be shy. Your FIL was very good at it too. But now I don’t have any one to help me. I am counting on you to help. I don’t really want to go to any other man, do you understand. I said yes but this is not right. You’re my MIL.

She said don’t MIL have feelings?

I said yes but……… She put her hand on my mouth the keep me quiet. She said just relax and enjoy it.. In the mean time he hand was working on my cock. It was getting up and harder. She was it feel real big just like Puja was telling me.I said what? MIL said don’t worry no one will find out. She took it out of the pajama and my 8” was out of jail and pulsating. She said now that is the best I ever saw. Your FIL had only 6”. She put it in mouth and started to savoir it. Now I was relaxed and was enjoying it too. She was sucking and moaning it like she was in heat. Then she lifted her nitie and lay on sofa and lifted her legs up and beckons me to her cunt. It was shaved and her cunt lips were thicker and calling me to lick them. I juse dove in to lick her nice juicy cunt. After few minutes she said lets get on bed and be more comfortable. She led me to bed. She took her nitie off and lay on bed with her legs apart..

Come my son this all for you, just fuck me and make me cum as you fuck my daughter, Puja. It was driving me crazy, did Puja tell her everything how we fuck of she is just saying it. I thought it is not the right time to ask. It is time to enjoy fucking her.

MIL: I have not been fucked for years this choot want your lund. That big lund, Jatt tha lund. I got on my knees and pushed my cock in her cunt, she was tight I could not believe it that she be that tight. Maybe not getting fucked for long time. I hald her boobs in my hand and started to punp my cock in her cunt. She had he mouth open and her eyes closed. I can see that she is having great time getting fucked after years of no fucking.

She started to move under like she was 17 year old girl. She was got in to rhythm with my pumping. I must have fucked her for 20 minutes like that. She cum twice in that time.

MIL: when u are about to cum tell me, don’t just cum. After 2 minutes I said I am going to cum now. MIL now take it out and put it in my mouth, I want to taste your cum and see if it is better tasting then your FIL. I did as she asked me. She took all of my cock in her mouth. What a feeling getting deep throat. My cum shot right down her throat. She licked ma sucked me and wont let me out. It took 10 minutes for me to get hard again she kept in mouth sucking it. When it got hard. MIL: now lay on bed and I want to ride you like I am ridding as horse. I was on my back in no time. She got on top and was facing me. I was holding her big mume. She was jumping up and down.

MIL: now it feels like a real horse ride and cock is like a horse. Now I know why Puja like it so much. She told me everything you do with her. How you suck her cunt and fuck her cunt. She is lucky to have you. Now I know my daughter is well served. I asked her if Puja really told her or she is making it up. MIL: it is real she told me everything. But only after your FIL died. I was lonely so she wanted to cheer me up. Every morning after you go to work she would call me and tell me how you fucked her hour long. I use to get all wet and use dildo that she bought it for me. But dildo it no way good as your cock, my son. I said I have to ask this if you don’t mind. Before I asked she said yes she know about this. She suggested it. So we made this plan to get you away. All for my self for 2-3 months. I want you to fuck me every day longs you want to fuck. I want to make for the lost time. But don’t tell Puja yet. I will tell you when to tell her.

OK mom I won’t spoil the fun for you. Secretly I was hoping that we could do 3some. I have never had 3some but seen movies, they sure looked like fun. We visited all the Gurdwaras in Pakistan and in India. We both were happy that it happened that way. As a matter of fact she is better cock sucker then Puja. Puja is good too. We went to all over in India and we fucked every time we could find time. Some time twice or three time a day. It was my best holidays. What happened when we came back, next letter, Wait for it.



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