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October 19, 2018

Mother and son….

Mother and son….

Hi once again to all Indian sex story readers thanks for yr lovely response, I am back once again with my second part of my story as you have read in my previous story how I took my mom to bed and how nice her b-day gift was so now let me continue with the rest of my sexual exp.As you know about my mom she is 44 yr old and her figure size is 36/30/38 which is more then enough to make anyone mad so after that incident our life was totally changed we started leaving like husband and wife when we were alone as most of the time we use to be alone after that incident I started taking mom to every place I go like disco, parties, movies or outing she had even changed her dressing style coz of me as she started wearing jeans, tight top skirt but long ones kurtas salwar kameez and saree only for functions and our sexual life was in full swing at when at home she use to be mostly in gown till her knees without any undergarments and sometime just in bra and panties which I like to be her most of the time. We started enjoying sex everyday we dint require any time for sex whenever I was horny I use to grab her and whenever she was horny she use to grab my dick and we had sex in almost every different and possible positions and we dint let any part of our flat to have sex we had sex in bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, on dining table on sofa on bed on chair but the most favorite position of me and mom was 69 and doggy style we both enjoyed that position a lot, we even went for tour as husband and wife and had sex in hotels, we even had sex in car which was fun and enjoyable.As days passed I lost interest in young girls and liked matured women a lot among them was my moms friends ravina who was younger to mom she was 42 yr old and she was a widow and had a son age 21 and daughter age 19 her son was working for a call centre and daughter still studying and she had a lovely figure of 38/32/40 and her dressing style was totally modern she mostly wear skirt jeans tight top t-shirt and whenever she use to wear saree omg she was a sex queen she liked to expose a lot and I always use to comment on her dressing and she use to like it a lot infact we use to go for most of the functions together as moms friends and her friends are same and she use to ask me. What to wear and how she look and whenever I tell her aunt you don’t look good in this dress she use to change it as soon as possible. So during one function mom, myself aunt and her daughter we all decided to go together so mom called ravina aunt and asked her to get ready as we will pick them and by around 8pm we reached aunts place she and her daughter both were ready as she came out I could not stop saying aunt “aunt you are looking dam sexy tonight” that was more then enough for her she blushed and said thanks and both sat in the car and went to the party, it was great party as everybody were enjoying dancing drinking so after a while I took aunt daughter for a dance opps I forgot to tell about linda aunts daughter she was 19 yr old with figure to kill as she had taken a figure from her mom at 19 her figure is 36/26/36 its unbelievable but its fact and she was wearing a long dress with one side cut from knee till down well we started dancing and were talking from here and there after 20 minutes of dancing we came back to the place were mom and aunt were sitting and we started drinking, mom and aunt were having wine and I was having beer and linda soft drink with some snacks. I had finished almost 2 beer and mom and aunt had almost 5 peg of wine each and I know when mom have more wine she get tipsy so I told mom not to have more but aunt was having and I could even see aunt was getting tipsy so I asked aunt for a dance she agreed and we both went on the floor as we were dancing I said aunt god know how many of them have went mad looking at you she said naughty boy and smiled.

She said forget about others what about you did you to go mad looking at me I said ohh aunt you are always mine why should I go mad even now you are in my arms and I know people might be cursing me for dancing with such a sexy lady on that aunt said do you think I am sexy I said of course aunt you are I cant see any lady as sexy as you in this party no one will say linda is yr daughter the one who doesn’t know must be thinking you both are sisters my comments made her really proud and she came more close to me as we were dancing her breast were almost pressing my chest, slowly I started taking a chance and move my hand towards her ass and started dancing and while dancing I started pressing her ass very softly first I taught she dint realize but after some time she looked into my eyes and said do you like my ass I was shocked but took it easy and said forget about your ass aunt I like you she smiled and by the time music stopped and we returned then we had dinner and we left home by 11.30 by the time I dropped aunt and her daughter and reached home it was almost 12.30am as we entered in mom said so how was ravinas ass I looked towards mom and she smiled and said I know what was going on I was watching you both while dancing so you like ravina now not me right on that I said mom don’t say this ever you are always mine and I am yours and I love you a lot and will always do on that she smiled and hugged me and we both started kissing and soon we both were nude and ended up with lovely sex after that I said mom I want to try ravina aunt at least once on that mom said no problem you can infact you don’t worry I will help you as I know she is a horny bitch and even she is dying for a good fuck well you get ready for tomorrow I will call her and you both can have fun I was very happy I said thanks mom and kissed her and we both slept nude in each other arms. Next day morning I had some work so I left home and returned around 12 and when I ring the bell mom opened the door and said your date is waiting for you in yr bedroom I asked who, mom said ravina, really mom she said yes and I went straight towards my bedroom and as I opened the door what I see aunt ravina was on my bed in bra and panty I was stunned looking at her and my eyes were stuck on her sexy body she smiled and raised both her hand and asked me to come in her arms I was the most happiest guy I soon went in her arms and hugged her tight her boobs became sandwich between and aunt kisses on m lips and we continue kissing for quiet a some time that we dint realize mom watching both of us as we broke the kiss mom smiled at us and said now you both lovers have lunch then you can enjoy so aunt got up from bed and she wore one of moms gown and went out of my bedroom I to changed got fresh and came out in short we all had lunch laughing a joking and aunt said yr son knows how to kiss hereafter we finish lunch mom and aunt both cleaned the dining table and I was watching TV soon both joined me, aunt came and sat next to me and mom opposite to me. As I was watching TV aunts hand moved towards my thighs and she said wow honey so what are you gone give yr aunt today on that I said whatever you want as I said aunt kept her hand on my dick and said I want yr dick I said its all yours for now take it she dint waste any time in front of mom she removed my dick out of short and looked towards it and said wow you have got a lovely dick dear and she kissed my dick as she kissed my dick became more hard and more bigger when she looked at it gain she was shock to see the size of my dick and she looked towards my mom and said I guess he is gone tear my pussy apart by the way how did you manage to take in your pussy as I heard this I was bit stunned on that aunt said don’t worry son.

I know you have been fucking yr mom and from now you will fuck both of us but now you have to fuck me alone and she started sucking my dick ,omg I was in heaven I could not believe she was so desperate that she went on sucking my dick and within no time I filled her mouth with my hot cum in front of my mom and I could see my moms state as she was scratching her pussy then aunt got up and went in the room then I followed her as she went in the room. She removed the gown bra and panty and was totally nude, wow man what a lovely boobs she had and her pussy was also clean shaved as she was shaven only for me and she laid on bed with her back even I removed my short and went between aunts thighs and kissed her clean shaved pussy and then I moved on top and started sucking her boobs one by one while sucking one of her boob I started pressing the other one she was enjoying every minute of it she was really happy and she was asking me to suck hard I was sucking her boobs hard and also biting her nipples at time and she was screaming this went on for long then I moved once again between her thighs and kissed her pussy again and then I spread her legs wide and started licking her wet pussy she was enjoying every minute I was licking her clit biting her clit and she was screaming like ahhhhh ohhhhhhh yes go on eat my pussy bite it tear it and all and she was moaning like hell then I changed my position and came to 69 now she to started sucking my dick and I was licking her clitt we both were in heaven after about 10 minutes of hard licking she cum on my face wow what a tasty her cum was I licked all her. Cum and went on licking her pussy she screamed pls stop and fuck me I need yr dick in my whole pls fuck me I changed my position and came on top and rubbed my dick on her wet pussy for a while she started screaming not to tease her any more and she need my dick inside soon I kept my dick on her wet hole and started inserting in as her pussy was wet it went in smoothly but as it went right in aunt screamed noo pls don’t remove yr dick out its hurting but I kept on inserting till it went right in and then I started moving in and out slowly. She was screaming all the while but I dint stop but after some time she stop screaming and started enjoying every inch of my dick in heat wet hole now she started saying yes fuck me yes pls fuck me hard you bastard tear my pussy yes pls harder more harder and she was moving her ass up an down and I was banging her hard same time I was pressing her boobs and banging her hard mean time she cummed 2 times and was enjoying every bit of fucking she was shouting now like fuck me you bastard fuck me like yr mom tear my pussy you mother fucker you madarchod yr mom is really lucky to have a son like you my son don’t even know to satisfy his mom from now you have to satisfy 2 moms fuck me hard harder you bastard and I fucked her hard for almost 20 minutes and filed her pussy with my cum and coiled on her for a while till I was cool then we both got up went to the bathroom and washed each other and came nude and laid on bed, aunt called mom and said yr son have got really horse power so from today he have to satisfy both of us on that I said why both if there is anyone else pls tell me I will satisfy all you unsatisfied women’s so aunt told my mom to join and we 3 enjoy I was happy when I heard this as I always wanted to have threesome and my wish was coming true and I also knew from today all my wish will go through and then we all had threesome that I will tell you later, so friends tell me how did you like my sex exp and for yr kind information its true not a story. Nor a fantasy after that I got chance to have sex with many females including linda aunts daughter which I will tell you step by step but only if I get good response so till then bye.Any females who are not satisfied and who are very lonely can contact me at [email protected]



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