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December 13, 2018

Mom, Son, Aunt And Nephew – Foursome

Mom, Son, Aunt And Nephew – Foursome

This incident happened when I was 19 my mother was 45 my aunt was 40 my brother was 22 .My mother is very hot and sexy she has a perfect figure to die for her breasts are 40 dd and a good ass of 38 .

My name is Nawaz,my mother’s name is Farhath, my aunt’s name is Munni and my cousin brother’s name is Salman…

This is the incident when I was very much addicted to incest stories.. I was a teen when I started seducing my mother and got to fuck my mother and aunt at the age of 19 .

This incident happened when I was 19 my mother was 45 my aunt was 40 my brother was 22 .My mother is very hot and sexy she has a perfect figure to die for her breasts are 40 dd and a good ass of 38 .

My aunt too have a good figure her breasts are 36 dd smaller than my mother breast but having a huge ass, me and my brother is well built ans are muscular my height is 5.9 salman height is 5.85, my mother height is 5.7, my aunt height 5.7 .

One day my family members were gone to the village to attend the marriage so there was only me, my mother , my aunt ,and my brother salman.At the house .

My aunt and salman went out for some work.My mother went to sleep I went to her room and slept beside her after pretending to sleep for some time I just put my hand on mother breast and got near her so that my face was on her neck and my cock was on her ass .

I started feeling her breasts above the saree and the blouse , started kissing her neck ,ear lobe ,dry humping her ass from back like a dog she was slightly moaning to that I got some courage and started pressing her breast gently and with other hand rubbed her pussy above the saree, she got up and started shouting at me I did not tell her a word and got near her and started rubbing her thighs by putting my hand inside the saree I told her, I know mom u r liking it very much.So why are you avoiding it and I kissed her on the lips she just pushed me away.

Again I got up and inserted my two fingers in her pussy inside her saree moving her panty covering her pussy. She started moaning louder aaaahhh …. Mmhhh hhhm … Aaarrhgghh … Nawaz ffaaissall … Do it now, do it faster my son ,do it faster, harder , do it, I just kept on doing it within 4 minutes she started screaming and started squirming over my hand and fingers I took my fingers out and started sucking my fingers and then inserted it into my mother mouth she sucked it and licked it clean.Then I told her mom your cum is sweet and salt.

I have again kissed her on the lips this time no hesitation from her side I stood her up from the bed and started removing her saree , she was now on petticoat , I have the then removed her petticoat also now she was only in bra and panties which were black in color I could see her half breasts I went to her and kissed her on lips and neck and opened her bra and went through her breasts first I pressed both her breasts and started sucking one and the other again while I was sucking one I was pressing other with my other hand, then I went back and removed her panty.

Then I laid my mother on the bed and started licking her pussy she was so excited and was moaning very louder ahhh ahhhha hhhm aaahhh lick it honey do it lick it faster and harder honey lick your moms pussy soon she was jetting her pussy out in my mouth I took all her sperms I my mouth and swallowed it . Then I told her no mom your cum is sweeter when sucked and licked directly.

Then she told me don’t call me mom mom call me farhath or darling. I stood up she was laying there only , she saw my bulge in my pants she called me near to her and kissed me on my lips she inserted her tongue in my mouth I too replied by inserting my tongue in her mouth we both were exploring each others mouth she rubbed my bulge over my pants and told me to get it out I just got up to remove my pants but she removed it and I remover myt-shirt I was in underwear now she removed that also.

She started stroking that with her hand I told her to suck it she told I have wanted oral sex for many years but your father do not do it with me . I told her so go on it , suck it she told me I have not done it any time and also you are very big. How big you are I told her I am 12 and half inches long and 2.3 inches thick.She told oh my god. Your father is so small and you are so big .I told her go on it suck it. She brought her head near my cock ,I could feel her breath on my cock it was making me hornier ,then she took my cock and stroked it and asked what size is it I told its 13 inches .

She told where do you hide this.,and took my cock in her mouth she could only take 3/4th of my cock and sucked it, I was in heaven . I did not cum for 15 min she was shocked to see that,then she started taking my whole cock in her mouth and sucked then I have cummed in her throat and on her tongue.She told my son is also sweet.

I have calmed down for two minutes and then we went to 69 position, I was on top of her she was sucking my cock and I was licking her pussy by spreading her pussy lips within minutes she had an second orgasm and she was moaning. I was hard again I took my cock out of her mouth and laid her straight and I have putted my cock at her pussies entrance and pushed my cock when I was pushing my cock I could not penetrate it in her pussy

So I asked her why she is so tight so she told me your cock is very big and your father’s cock is very small . I have not seen such a big cock in my whole life really you are very big nawaz. O.K mom sorry farhath darling now be ready I am going to fuck you hard.Then I have pushed my cock and penetrated my cock into her pussy my cock head was in her pussy she was shouting, screaming, and moaning.

I took my cock out and pushed it again and I was half in her and again took my cock out and pushed it hard and force fully again in her pussy and was completely in her pussy , my whole cock of 8 and half inches was in her pussy, I could feel her womb from where I came to the world she was shouting in pain, it was really tight and my cock was also paining I gave her slow strokes till we got used to each other after 5 minutes of fucking our pain turned into pleasure , I have fucked her for 15 minutes in that position

Then I have changed our position I brought her at the edge of bed and raised one leg in air making her to the right angle and fucked her hard she started saying harder nawaz harder,fuck your mother harder,ohhh you dirty boy fuck me harder aaa mhhh aaarrrgghh ….. Fuck your mom harder make her cum, then again

After 15 minutes we changed our position now I was fucking her from behind we fucked for 45 minutes and I have cummed in her pussy .

We were tired then she took my cock and sucked it till I was hard again then she was on top of me and I was laying on the bed she took my cock in her hand and and stroked it and penetrated my cock in her pussy. She was riding my crazily faster and harder.We don’t know when my brother(salman) watched us he came inside the room naked without any cloth, we were scared seeing him and relaxed when he started stroking his cock in front of my mother’s face and told her to suck it she did not hesitated and sucked his and fucked me.

I was fucking her for more than 45 minutes and I was near to cum then I heard my brother saying I am near to cum aunt then I too took my cock out of her pussy and stood up stroked it at her face he too took his cock out and started stroking I told my mother to open mouth she opened her moth and we both cummed together in her mouth on her face, hairs , tits, neck.

Then I looked at my cousin salman’s cock his cock was shorter than mine. Then I went out to search my aunt and my mother started sucking my brother(salman).

I went out and looked for my aunt (munni) she was in the kitchen , I went behind her and grabbed her tits and pressed them, she was shocked and pushed me away saying what are you doing nawaz.

I told her what your son is doing to my mother I am doing it with you, she did not understand me then I told her to come and watch her son getting sucked . She came behind me at the room she watched that salman and my mother farhath were there in 69 position sucking each other when she saw them she was shocked again, then she was about to shout them but I stopped her by taking her by the waist and putting my hand covering her mouth so that she could not shout.

Then I told her if you shout at them you cannot have sex , I know that you need to have sex very badly as your husband died 12 years ago. So get naked and we will have sex with them. She did not take much time to get naked and she was naked before within seconds

Then I pressed her breasts kissed her on her lips,neck, then sucked her tits while I was kissing her and sucking her tits she stroked my cock and started sucking my cock then I told her to get in the room as we entered in the room they both were shocked to see us and stopped sucking each other. Then I told them don’t stop she is also joining us so they started sucking again my mother was sucking salman and my aunt was sucking me.Then we both were hard again.

Then I fucked my aunt in her pussy and salman fucked my mom in her pussy we fucked them for 45 minutes changing our positions.Then I cummed in my aunt’s pussy and he cummed in mom’s pussy. I told salman lets get cleaned by our mother’s , then I was cleaned and sucked by my mom and he was cleaned and sucked by his mother.They sucked us till we were hard again .

Then he started fucking his mom’s pussy and I went and brought vaselene and applied on my cock and on my mom’s ass she told me don’t fuck me there I am still a virgin over there.I told her don’t worry farhath darling with the help of vaseline it will be easy.

Then I fucked her ass, as I was fucking her she was saying fuck that ass harder nawaz I want you more and more nawaz I have not get fucked like this anytime fuck me harder nawaz aaaahh mmaaa ahhhhh ….. Munni your son and my son is the best in the world and are lucky to fuck their mothers. Then my aunt told to my mom your more lucky tan me your son’s cock is huge and larger than my son’s cock and my aunt was moaning as salman fucked her hard.

I fucked my mother’s ass for one hour and I cummed in her ass ,her ass was full of my sperms .Salman could only long for 45 minutes and he cummed in his mothers pussy.This time I was cleaned and sucked by my aunt (munni) and he was sucked by my mom they sucked us for few minutes and I played with my mom and tits, I even fucked my aunt’s mouth by deep throating her.

Now I fucked my aunt(munni) ass and he fucked my mother ass. I fucked munni for 40 minutes and he fucked my mother for 40 minutes and we both cummed in there asses .After fucking I was cleaned and sucked my mom and he was sucked by his mom.

Then I have fucked my mom’s tits and he fucked his mom’s ass my mom was sucking my cock also in between the tit fuck by opening her mouth.After one and half hour I have cummed on my aunt all over her tits,face,neck,hair,and in her mouth.

We all were tired then I layed between my mom and aunt and he was beside his mom.My mom and aunt stroked my cock . We ate somthing and slept there in each other’s arm naked. Next morning I woke up and saw my mom’s pussy on my cock and my aunt rubbing her pussy on my face, then I licked her pussy while my mom fucked my cock .

Salman woke up listening moans and sounds and he fucked his mom.Then I asked my aunt let’s get in other room she told me no I want to fuck my son up his ass.I asked her do u have a strapon she smiled and brought a strap on ,I asked her do you have one more she brought one more strapon.

I gave it to mom and told her you fuck aunt up her ass while she fucks her sons ass,and I will fuck your ass.Soon we got into motion then we fucked for an hour I cummed all over my mom and aunt. After few days we have sex once again I will tell you in next sex story..


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