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October 24, 2018

Mom, Dad, Son And Girlfriend Foursome

Mom, Dad, Son And Girlfriend Foursome

He started bringing me porn magazines from his work, which was in a factory full of crude and bored man.Certainly, the magazine work.I got horny and started masturbate regularly but I never wanted to be open about sex as my family is to be.

Hello, sex story readers. Now that I am older, I realized that I grew up in the very remarkable family.I always knew that my family was flirty but as the youngest child, I largely ignored it.

I would often hear my mom and dad fucking in their bedroom at night and my mom used to cum a lot very loudly.Because I have studied in my room, my father used to worry that I was gay, which was stupid on so many levels.

He started bringing me porn magazines from his work, which was in a factory full of crude and bored man.Certainly, the magazine work.I got horny and started masturbate regularly but I never wanted to be open about sex as my family is to be.

My sister was few year older and started fucking around quite early.I would often find her dirty panties in a laundry basket with a gusset totally messy.Either, she had got really wet or had pulled them after her latest boyfriend had given her a creampie.I would still sniff and lick them.

My parents use to laugh and joke with her about sex but I found it all bit vulgar.I was still a teenager in 1980’s and more interested in innocent romance.I found a very beautiful girlfriend when I was 18, Harshleen and we had great sex but I tried to keep her from my family as much as I could they seem brutish animal in comparison to her.

My dad and sister were very alike and seemed real close.She had huge tits and he was always joking with her and trying to grab them.If he knew she was changing, he would sometimes barge in and try to snap a photo of her tits out.

She would fight him off and call him a filthy old pervert, but they both seem to be playing along.My mother seems just flirty.I once found a collection of polaroids dad had taken of her in sexy underwear looking like a total slut.It was a shock to me.In some, she was wearing my sister’s panties, which I recognize well.

When my dad got drunk he would ask about me and Harshleen.What was the sex like, what would we do, did she dress in sexy lingerie for me?I thought he had no business asking such personal question and I would blush.She was slim with small tits and he said he had like to feel them and that she had great legs.It was all true of course.She was gorgeous and I loved to make love with her.But surely your dad shouldn’t say such thing.I didn’t dare tell about it.

When we had been dating half a year, my mom and dad suggested we should have a night in all together.They had said hi and exchanged pleasantries with Harshleen but they said it was an about time they got to know her better.

And they will provide some booze, which was an opportunity even I wouldn’t decline at the point.When I agreed, I saw a mischievous grin on my dad’s face as he was already salivating at the prospect of a whole evening with Harshleen.

Come at night, I brought Harshleen home.We were all a little nervous.Both Harshleen and my mom made a special effort, wearing nice dresses.Harshleen was the shortest and maybe I should have warned her because my dad started ogling her flawless smooth legs straight away.What a pervert.

We chatted and drink came out.Neither I nor Harshleen had well-paid jobs yet and had only been allowed to drink for short time, so enjoyed the free booze the full.My mom and dad were easily capable of heavy drinking and rowdy behavior, as I knew too well.An hour into the night and we were all a bit sozzled but it was going well.We were chatting and joking and it was clear that they all like Harshleen.

My dad did, keep trying to sit right next to her and keep me and mom away.And I was bit embarrassed when he starting putting his arm around him or on her thigh, which she had to push away.

I took a break in the kitchen with mom and I told her that I felt sorry for Harshleen and wished that dad will keep his hands to himself.

“Well, he is always horny.” mom said.”You know your dad.He knows what he wants and he tries to take it.I have found it better to go with the flow.It will come to no harm.”

“Okay, mom”, I replied, with the voice of resignation.”I am just worried Harshleen will think my dad is perverted and maybe then that I am too.”

“Don’t worry, son”, mom replied.” she might enjoy the attention.”

“Well if she does,”I jumped in,…” then I would feel jealous l.So it’s no good either my way.”

Mom put her hand on my shoulder and looked deeply into my eyes.

“Look son.We know you are the youngest in the family but here we are not uptight about the sexual matter.Your sister not and you shouldn’t be either.Sex is free and fun.And it’s so good to cum.You know orgasm.”

“Mother!”I protested, somewhat appalled.” kids don’t like to think of their parents having sex.”

“I know, son.But you know that we do.How do you think how you got here?And we know that you and Harshleen have it.We heard in your room a few nights ago when the bed started creaking.You dad made me wank me off as we listened to you.”

I blushed.I was so embarrassed to think we had been busted!And mom and wanted dad.

“Don’t worry, son.We don’t mind.Just avoid getting Harshleen pregnant.You are too young for children and should enjoy yourself first.In fact, we are glad you are finally sexually active and want you to enjoy that part of living as much as possible.”

I was so relieved because we were both a bit drunk we give each other the biggest, closest hug we had in years.

“Harshleen on the pill,”I assured mom,”So no need to worry about babies.”

When we went back in the sitting room, my dad had somehow got Harshleen to sit right on his knees with her arm around his neck.She seemed pretty drunk too, in a way that I had not seen her too many times, as he liked her with alcohol.

“Let her be, dad!”I urged.” she’s my girl”, I reminded him.

“Now, don’t be all possessive”, he laughed.” with such a beautiful girlfriend, it’s good to share.”I felt pretty jealous when he said this thing with a big smile on his face he could put me in my place pretty quickly.He put his hand back on Harshleen’s knee, and she removed it away laughing.

“Come on,” he said to her. “Share it out.” he made a grab for one of her tits. She stood up and slapped his face but not too hard. And she started laughing in the same kind of playful way my sister would when fending him off.

“You naughty man!” Harshleen said playfully, her voice a bit slurred.

“I know,” said dad “Let’s all sit back down and watch something. Have you and Harshleen ever seen a porno?” it was the 1980s and we were young. Home video was still new and although I had wanked to the magazines he had given me, neither I nor Harshleen had seen an actual porn film, which we admitted.

“Me and your mom watch porn when you are out and we lend it to your sister too. I think it’s time you both watched some for the first time,” dad explained.

Mom was starting another drink. She giggled.

“We were going to watch one later, anyway, after you had taken Harshleen home, so we might as well see it now instead, all together.” I looked at Harshleen and I could see some reluctance on her face.

The excitement of the drink must have got the better of her, though, as she gave a barely discernable little nod of approval. With all three of them in favor, I saw it was going to happen whatever I said. But of course, I was curious too. I wanted to see what it looked like when other people fucked.

Mom dimmed the lights. Dad put the tape in the video player and explained that it was a new one they’d not seen. He and his workmates had a porn ring where they all exchanged films in turn so they got to see as many as possible.

We all sat on the 4-seater sofa together. I was at one end and mom at the other. Harshleen sat next to me and dad came and squeezed in between Harshleen and mom. The film started and it looked like it was from the 1970s. It turned out it was a series of short films edited together with lots of filthy sex, usually in groups. I was pretty shocked at what I saw, as I could tell was Harshleen.

People were meeting and getting straight down to it, stripping off and then fucking and sucking apparent strangers. It was hardcore, usually climaxing with a guy pulling out his cock from the pussy and coming all over the girl, messing up her pubic hair.

Sometimes guys came in women’s mouth and the girls would come by being wanked or licked. The actors were not especially attractive. Many seemed just like regular middle-aged men, with the women usually younger looking.

It was quite a test for me, and I’m sure Harshleen, to see this. At 18, my cock could spring into action for the slightest reason. From the first scene, when I saw an older guy fingering a young woman’s pussy, my cock got rock hard and wet, straining against my tight jeans.

I was open mouthed. And when I saw a woman sucking a cock, I nearly came spontaneously in my pants. Next, to me, I could tell that Harshleen’s eyes were glued to the screen and her breathing was heavy. This was quite something! I started to move around a little so that my cock got stimulated, rubbing against my underwear, but it was begging to be unleashed.

I touched Harshleen on her naked thigh and we looked at each other in the semi-darkness. I could see lust all over her face, illuminated by the glow from the tv. I gave her a little kiss on the lips and our tongues came straight out. We both wanted to let go and fuck like rabbits, but not until my parents had left.

“Well this has got me going,” said dad after we had all watched silently for nearly a half hour. “I need some real action, not just imagined.” he unzipped his pants and took out his huge hard cock, the tip glistening with all his wet pre-cum.

I was so shocked and Harshleen was too. He was sat right next to her with his big cock stuck right up. I could see it was so much bigger than mine, which I’m sure Harshleen noticed too.

“Get your hand around this,” he said to mom. She reached over and closed her hand around his big dick and started very slowly rubbing it up and down.

“I need it too,” she said. She pulled up her skirt, with her free hand. I saw that she was wearing stockings and suspenders underneath. What a slut! She had white panties with a see-through panel in front.

She pulled the panties aside and I saw her dark hairy pussy for the first time in my life. She stuck her fingers between her legs and started rubbing. Even though it was my mom, I wanted to see more than I could, even though it felt so strange and wrong to be watching them like this.

Harshleen and I looked back at each other, both with mouths wide open. We couldn’t believe what was happening. But the mouths weren’t open just in shock. We were also both terribly horny and breathing heavily.

“Let’s do it too,” Harshleen whispered to me.

I unzipped my pants and Harshleen lifted her skirt. My cock felt so great when it was liberated into the open air. She massaged my stiff dick and I put my hand down her panties and gently rubbed her clit.

As we mutually masturbated, we turned back to the tv and saw an outrageous foursome underway, with everybody sucking and fucking and switching around. I was amazed again when I saw that my mom was leaning over my dad, now licking and sucking his big dick, which he was really enjoying.

Then dad reached out his hand and put it over Harshleen’s pussy, outside her panties. He felt that my fingers were inside. He pulled the panties aside and started touching her pussy himself, which was dripping wet at this stage.

With my finger on her clit, he almost had to wrestle me aside with his hand but he then eased a big old finger inside of her. Harshleen and I were so young and naïve. We had not known anything remotely like this.

I felt jealous but I was also on the verge of coming at any moment so what could I do? I carried gently rubbing her little clit but when his finger slid into her, I could tell that she started to come almost instantly, shaking and writhing on his fat digit.

Despite the jealousy, I was happy for her that she had come and it seemed to go on and on. He finger fucked her, in and out, through her orgasm and it went on for ages. It looked far more intense than any orgasm I had managed to give her on my own.

When it had finally subsided, dad pulled her panties completely off, lifted her little butt off the sofa and moved her over to his lap. Mom took her mouth away from his cock and helped get Harshleen into position.

I watched powerlessly as my mom held his cock in position at the opening of her pussy and helped him slowly lower Harshleen down onto his big hard dick, with her back towards him, still facing the filthy porn that continued on the tv screen. I am not sure that Harshleen had ever had such a big cock before because she’s only had one boyfriend before me.

But I did know from experience that Harshleen always liked to come first and then get a hard fucking, which I was always happy to give. But now her face betrayed that my dad’s cock was really very tight in her pussy. She was gently lowered all the way down. It filled her right up.

She took a few breaths and steadied herself. But then with his assistance, his big hands still holding her hips, she started to slide up and down on his cock. Mom reached in and rubbed her clit as she was getting fucked. I’m not sure she had ever even dreamed of anything like this.

My cock was big and wet but I started to feel like a spare part. I was watching my dad fucking my lovely girlfriend. He turned to me.

“What a gorgeous wet cunt.” so vulgar. “But you had better look after your mom for me.”

“Do what?” I asked.

“You know how to lick a cunt, don’t you? Do her a favor and lick her cunt for me. I know she’s dying for it.”

I looked mom in the face. She looked a bit reluctant but we were both also full of lust and more than a little drunk.

“What the hell”, she said nervously. “Come on, son.”

She came this said of dad and Harshleen sat down and lifted her dress. Her panties, stockings, and suspenders looked so fucking sexy! What could I do? It was taboo: against every social and moral convention.

But I was as stiff as a pole and the horniest I had been in my life. We had just watched people having loads of carefree sex on video. My dad was fucking my girlfriend right next to us and I really thought me and mom deserved satisfying too.

Mom slid off her panties and I saw her pussy in full and close-up at last. She parted her legs and I saw she was so wet that she was dripping on the sofa.

“Go on, son. Eat her,” my dad insisted as Harshleen continue to slide up and down on his dick. I looked at Harshleen, who had so much lust and pleasure on her face, and she gave me a little nod to say it was okay.

I moved towards mom’s pussy, knowing the enormity of what I was about to do. It was too depraved for words, I knew, but that seemed to make it even more exciting and then I was beyond any care except to taste my mom.

The smell was amazing: more pungent than Harshleen’s pussy. And then my tongue made the first contact inside her pussy lips. I wanted to taste and drink her juices. It was incredible and she was so wet. I gently licked around and then gave her clit some attention.

I worked hard, enjoying every moment and loving the pleasured responses she gave to my efforts. I gently pushed a finger inside her, which felt so hot and delicious and carried on tonguing her clit. I remembered that this pussy had given birth to me.

I sped the pace as I felt her responses and then suddenly her pussy clasped tight around my finger as I realized she was starting to come. I licked her clit quicker and felt wave after wave grabbing on me.

“Oh, fuck,” said dad, suddenly. “That’s making me come too.” Harshleen, who had been so shy and gentle all the time I knew her, encouraged him.

“Oh yes,” she purred. “Come your big hot load into my tight little cunt.” she carried on riding him, milking as much creamy white cum as she could get out of him.

“Mmmm,” said mom, as she started to recover from her own orgasm. I love his hot tasty cum squirting into me, filling me up.”

“It’s so hot,” replied Harshleen. “The head of his cock swelled so big as he came. It was heaven.”

Dad’s heavy breathing slowed. He looked satisfied and slipped his cock out of Harshleen’s wet pussy.

“Well, son,” he said as he looked to me. “You’re the only one who hasn’t come and your mom’s is the only pussy that’s not been fucked. So you know what you ought to do.”

All three of them looked at me and it slowly sank in what he was suggesting. He had his usual grin on his face. I looked to Harshleen and again she nodded. I looked at mom and she didn’t react at all. But my cock was so wet and stiff I knew that I really had to come soon and there was no choice.

I positioned my cock ready to enter my mom’s hairy cunt. Harshleen moved between her and dad and smiled reassuringly. I looked between her legs and saw a huge load of my dad’s cum dripping from her well-fucked cunt.

I felt entitled to do this, even though it was incest. I placed the head of my cock in the opening of her vagina. There was no going back now. It felt so good and hot around my cock. One last pause and then I slid all the way in, right up to my balls.

“Oh yes, son,” said my mom. “Fuck your mommy.”

I began thrusting, in and out, faster and faster. Harshleen reached across and, in a moment I will never forget, pulled down the top of mom’s dress and the shoulder straps of her bra and let her tits out for me to enjoy as I fucked her. I could hardly believe it and realized I couldn’t last for very long.

Again I looked between Harshleen’s legs. She had a huge creampie from my dad, more and more of which was coming out and staining the sofa. I reached down and felt her pussy, pushing a finger into her cum-dripping hole.

That was as much as I could bear. I felt I was coming. Guilt struck me. I couldn’t come inside my mom’s pussy. I pulled out at the last second and the first spurt of my steaming white cum shot on to mom’s hairy pussy.

“Oh, son,” she said, “You can come inside me.”

Mom sat straight up and took my cock quickly into her mouth. With one hand, she held and squeezed my balls. With the other, she wanked my cock and squeezed all my cum out into her warm welcoming mouth. At that age, it was so much, coming in squirt after powerful squirt. Mom drank down as much as she could but there was too much and inevitably some dripped onto her exposed tits.

I was drained. And when we were all done, the film ended and starting to sober up, I am sure we all realized we had crossed the boundary into the ultimate depravity.

We were all blown away by the experience but realized it was not something we could repeat regularly. Despite breaking society’s biggest taboo, I don’t think any of us had regrets and I rather suspect that Harshleen used to fuck my dad regularly behind my back after that. But what a night: one that will stay with me to my dying day.

Thanks for reading my sex story.


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