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October 20, 2018

Milking sexy aunt

Milking sexy aunt

I am Mani, living in Chennai outskirts I am living with my aunt, a distant relative, she is a very good family friend for us. She got married three years back and she got a girl baby of 8months. Her husband is working in a company in Singapore with his family members.

He is a very good person but don’t have interest in sex. My aunt is good lady with dark complexion, average body structure and big breasts. We both use sit n chat very frankly, we never use to hide anything from each other.

I’m having a habit of reading sex books n she do know that. One day she asked me for books. I opened a box below the cupboard n got a very old book for her. The first topic in the book was about a guy’s experience with his maid where he is fond of drinking breast milk.

When we went over all the topics suddenly she asked me to taste her milk. I was shocked but I didn’t show it. She smiled gently n pulled me to her lap. She opened her blouse n showed her left breast. I’ve never seen nipples so closely it was very wet.

She kept her nipple on my mouth and I started drinking milk. It was so horrible taste. I immediately got up her lap and said taste is not nice. She got angry n she stopped talking with me. After dinner was over she was feeding baby n she kept looking me angrily.

I went near her n asked for ordinary milk which I used to drink daily before going to bed. She said there is no milk. She started acting aggressively with me and I couldn’t resist it. I switched off all lights, we used to sleep together but that night she told me to sleep in the other room.

I said sorry to her but still she was very angry. In the midnight I went near her she was half naked. Her dresses were not in order n she was fingering her pussy. I asked her for help but she refused, unless I drink her milk fully. Then I lay beside her and started unhooking her blouse.

She smiled n said I know u will come for my milk. Then I started drinking her milk, the taste very different, it tasted like thick buttermilk. I enjoyed full milk that night n I slept. The next morning after brushing I asked for coffee, but she showed her breast again. I drank milk for ten minutes.

Then she showed her pussy to taste it. First time I was tasting pussy that too it was so dark. I enjoyed that too. Finally she poured everything that’s really great taste. Nowadays I drink only her milk n we both do sex at least twice a day.

Even after baby stopped drinking milk, I suck her breast for more curd n buttermilk. Her breast milk tastes like curd n buttermilk. Some times I don’t take food for whole day whenever I say am hungry she will happily show her breast for curd milk n buttermilk.

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