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October 17, 2018

Maria, A Tinder Made Hot Match!

Maria, A Tinder Made Hot Match!

So a day later when I woke up dizzy (after a lot of shagging last night) I saw the notification on my phone, that you have a new match on Tinder. And there she was. I was just staring at her profile, enjoying my luck… and started talking to her. To guys: never open to a girl on Tinder with a simple hi or hey or hello. Never works. Try to be unique and original. So here I was talking to Maria (she is a very late replier). We connected to WhatsApp and then started talking on the phone. She had a sweet and seductive voice. One which can give you a blowjob on phone 😉

Hi all, this is Shiva, your friend, from your very own Bangalore. And I will share my story here. I have been a fan of ISS since it was first recommended by a friend. Since then I have had a numerous number of Orgasms here (and some outside too 😉 ). I apologize for it is a long story. And do give your feedback at [email protected] Special notice: Girls, ladies, married or unmarried, looking for fun, chat or some good orgasms… can contact me. There is a scheme I have specially incorporated for you all… for one orgasm, you get another one for free. 😉

I will share this one experience which I had with a girl whom I met via Tinder. This girl Maria was about 23 years of age, and a bombshell in her photos. She had two of them in a sexy bikini, and in one of them, she was posing bent, giving a good view of her ass and a seductive expression on her face. I actually massaged my younger brother a little bit before giving her a super like. To tell me, I am about 27, an IT guy living in Bangalore. And obviously, both of our names are changed.

So a day later when I woke up dizzy (after a lot of shagging last night) I saw the notification on my phone, that you have a new match on Tinder. And there she was. I was just staring at her profile, enjoying my luck… and started talking to her. To guys: never open to a girl on Tinder with a simple hi or hey or hello. Never works. Try to be unique and original. So here I was talking to Maria (she is a very late replier). We connected to WhatsApp and then started talking on the phone. She had a sweet and seductive voice. One which can give you a blowjob on phone 😉

So we decided to meet on coming Friday, which was just a day ahead… and I was getting excited. In evening I bought two packets of condoms, a brick of chocolate ice cream, and two packets of biscuits. The ones who are as erotic minded as I am can get a hint what I was planning. So here came the day. I was excited a lot and could not concentrate much at work. We agreed to meet after work at 6 pm in a park.

I reached at 5:45 and waited. Trust me, friends, that wait of 10 minutes seemed to be like a wait of months…but it was worth it. She stepped out of her cab, and the moment seemed to stop. She was wearing a beautiful blue formal skirt… it was a tight one shedding to just above her knee, showing her majestic ass… the epitome of sexiness. A white shirt hugging her body just like I imagine doing. And sexy black spectacles… in all looking a hot model, the ones who come in the sexiest of the TV ads.

She came up to me and said, “Shiva, hi… nice to meet you.”
I replied, “Nice to meet you, Maria… did you count the number of firetrucks needed to be called now…”
She giggled and said, “No, why is that so?”
I said, “You have spread enough hotness here…just take care of the things nearby… hearts are burning here”
She giggled a lot and we entered the park.

We were talking about hobbies, friends, etc… and I was struggling with my ears to keep up to the conversation, while my eyes were having a deep conversation with her breasts and her ass. My heart was ordering me to grab her ass and ram it there and then, somehow I controlled. I guess she sensed it, and said, “What are you looking at..”

I said, “I am looking at you, as you speak. Frankly, you are making me hot from inside. With this, I am trying to control myself… but you are bringing a tough exam for me now… ”
She giggled and said, “So do you find me hot”
I said, “A lot”

She said, “Really?”
I said, “real… you can take an xray of me and find all hotness for you inside… ”
She said giggling, “So how hot you find me?”
I said, “I can let you yourself measure the amount… once you come close to me.. you will yourself feel that heat.”
She giggled and laughed.

We went to a restaurant and had dinner. After dinner, I accompanied her to her apartment to drop her. Meanwhile, in the cab I tried to hold her hand, which she allowed. And whole way I was softly massaging her hand from wrist to shoulder, in a seductive way. I was sitting close to her and could feel her breath speeding up. My little brother inside was already hard and wanting to come out. We reached her apartment building and waited for the lift to come down. Meantime I gave a small peck on her hand.

The lift came and we two were alone in there. I took a bold step here and held her by her waist and pulled her towards me. And looking straight into her eyes, I came closer to her… so much so that her boobs were touching my chest, with clothes in between. I gave her a peck on lips, then cheek and then hugged her. She did not cooperate with me, but did not push me or resist me though. The lift arrived at her floor and I felt sad. We went near her flat and she opened her bag… only to find that she forgot her keys in the office. Her roommate was at her home town. So she asked me, to spend night at my apartment. I was filled with joy at the moment but controlled myself and said “yes you can.”

My apartment was just walking distance away from hers and we started walking. It was about 10 pm and we reached my flat. We went inside and I said, “You can take some of my inner clothes for the night.” I gave her a loose t-shirt and a pair of shorts, just to feast on her boobs and thighs. I myself was wearing a blue sleeveless t-shirt and shorts myself. We sat on the sofa, and I said, “Would you like some drinks?” she said, “Yea sure”. I got two bottles of beer and we started chatting while having our beer. All this while I was sitting close to her so that side of her boobs touched my side and her legs were joined to my legs. Those sexy thighs were turning me on. And clearly, she had removed her bra, which I can make out by her pointed nipples.

We finished the beer and she started to get up, feeling a little dizzy. Just then I held her hand, pulled her towards me. She fell over me and I held her tight. She did not oppose my move, although she was in some shock for a while. I turned her to myself and gave a deep look into her eyes. I then gave a kiss on her lips. After a small kiss I kept my hands at her waist, and started kissing her. This one went long. I soon found me started rubbing all over her back, all the way up to her ass. Slowly she started enjoying it. And kept her hands behind my head and started massaging my head to upper back. I kept on kissing her and by now I started pressing her ass. She started to give me soft moans in my mouth and finally I broke kiss after 3 minutes, to get some breath.

I again grabbed her and started kissing, this time, with I opened my mouth and started pushing my tongue out. She supported this by opening her mouth and letting my tongue in. All this while I was rubbing her back and pressing and playing with her ass. I had started rubbing my crotch to her crotch over clothes. She was giving soft moans and holding my back very tight, almost digging her nails in it. I broke the kiss, turned her back, and started kissing her neck, shoulder from behind while kneading her breasts. I was sure she was not wearing any bra, I loved the feeling of her boobs inside the t-shirt. I felt mesmerised by the shape of her poking nipples, which were asking me to suck them. She was giving soft moans, ummmm… ahhhhhh… hhhaaaaahhhh. I pushed her to the wall, and now her face was with the wall. I was agressively pressing her boobs, and rubbing my dick on her majestic ass.

She then said, “lets go to your bedroom” and we went to my bedroom, kissing all the while. We reached the bedroom, and I just picked her up, placed her on the bed, looked at her, and removed my tshirt. I came close to her and started moving my hands, from her neck to her boobs, then to her tummy then to her pussy, covered by my shorts. I did two such rounds, and she started moaning softly, ummmm….aaaaa….mmmmmm…

I inserted my hands inside her t-shirt and started feeling and pressing her bare boobs. Guys, I tell you that was the softest pair I ever touched. I then made her sit up a little and removed her t-shirt. What I looked at, made my jaw drop for about two minutes. They were a very beautiful pair of melons, white in color, with dark brown areola, and nipples pointing straight at me, saluting me for what I had done to them. I cam right to her neck, started kissing all her neck, slowly moving down to her boobs. I kissed her cleavage for a good 2 minutes and started kissing her left boob, in a weak attempt to cover her entire boob in my mouth. Meanwhile using my hand on her right boob. My other hand was behind her, pressing her ass. She started moaning a lot and her moans became louder and louder. The room was filled with sounds of my kissing her boobs, and a lots of aaaaahhhhh ….. ooooohhhh……. haaaa…..aaaahhhahahhha…..
I repeated the same with her other boob. And the sweat on our bodies was having sex in its own way by mixing and intermingling. We were turning hot and feeling hot (even at a temperature of 22 degrees). Our bodies were feeling slippery, and I was enjoying rubbing my chest against her stomach. I slowly started using my other hand on her pussy. Till now 30 minutes had passed since I kissed her on the sofa.

I laid on the bed and allowed her to take the lead. She came over me, started kissing me all over my face, neck, nose, lips. We had a series of long kisses after which she licked my armpits too. I regularly shave my armpits, my dick hair and my chest hair. She started kissing my navel and came to my groins. She kissed my dick over my shorts and I was trembling. I lead out a small grunt and she opened my shorts. With my help, she removed them, and I was completely nude, under this sexy damsel, who was looking hungrily at my cock. She asked me, “What is the length?” I said, “I did not measure it because I dont like to measure it by scale. The correct instrument to measure is the lips. You can try and measure yourself.” she said, “You naughty….” and started kissing my cock tip. She pulled the foreskin down and started taking it inside her mouth. She started licking it and moving her lips up and down my length in a magical fashion. I was feeling lost. She gave my best blowjob and this continued for about 15 minutes and I found pressure building up. I said, “Maria honey… I am going to cummmm”. She intensified her strokes and I came in her mouth. She came up to me, showed me my own cum. And gulped it full and said, “I liked the white honey of yours.” we both laughed.

I pulled her down and started kissing her tasting my cum. She said, “time to return the favour”. I started moving down her body, kissing her boobs, playing with the nipples. Then tongue fighting with her navel. She just did not stop moaning. Her moans became louder and louder. I came to her shorts, sniffed her licked her pussy above the shorts, the way she did to me. She gasped. And in one pull I removed her shorts. I was surprised to find no panties and asked her about this. She said, “I was prepared for this.” I said, then wait a minute. I went to my refrigerator and brought the chocolate icecream, along with the condoms. She was surprised and I said, “You are not the only one who is prepared” 😉 and we both laughed. I applied some icecream on her left boob, and started eating it. The cold sensation from the melting icecream and my hot tongue on her hot body, made her tremble and moan a lot.

Aaaaaahhhhh…..mmmmmmm…..ooooooooo…..aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh was all I can hear apart form the sucking sound I made, deliciously kissing her boob. I did the same with her right boob, and she seemed uncontrollable. I put a good amount of icecream on her navel, and started licking an sucking it. I also sucked her armpits, which were clean shaven. I then sniffed her dripping pussy and gave a kiss over it. She gasped. After some kissing and licking her pussy, I put a lot of icecream on her pussy and started licking it. Th sweet taste of the icrcream and the salty taste of her pussy, made me excited and Maria, she was moaning like hell. Oooooo….aaaaaahhhhhhh…..yyyyyyeeeeeeessssssss…..aahhhhhhhhhhhh
Just the her body seemed trembling. I sensed that she is close to her first orgasm of the night. She was shaking and trembling and I increased my speed. She pulled my head very close to her pussy, and with a strong moan aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.. she released her juices. I begal licking it. The taste of icecream and her juices was much more pleasureable and I was feasting. She was taking long breaths in. And I said, “With One orgasm get another one free” and she laughed.

I licked it all clean. She then made me lay down, put some icecream on my dick, and started sucking it, meanwhile kneading my balls. The cold icecream and her moist and warm lips made me a lot horny. I was all erect. Now I pulled her down, spread her legs. I took one condom and asked her, I will do the first insertion bare and the apply condom. She said, “As you wish baby.” I opened her vertical lips and placed my cock tip there and started rubbing. Then with a strong push I just entered her. My dick went half way. She seemed a bit tight. Then with my second hard push I went all inside and she gasped a loud moan aaaaaaahhhhhh.

I then pulled out, asked her to apply the condom. She did while giving me a sexy wink…something to adore. And then I continued my inward and outward journey. I started banging her in missionary position with her legs spread wide, partly hanging in air. I was banging her, kneading her melons and kissing her lips and neck. All the sounds heard were of my kissing, the puch puch of banging, a littlt of the the bed shaking and a lots of aaahhh…aaaaaaaa….ooooooo….fffffuuuuuuuccccckkk meeeeeeee… harderrrrrrrrrrrrr.
I was gaining speed and soon reached my top speed and started banging her with full thrust. Her body started trembling. Even I started feeling my cum build up. She was shouting practically, and I was grunting. And after a 15 minute of hard banging, we both cum at the same time with a very loud moan aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. We started panting. I removed my cock out and laid beside her. We went to the bathroom to take a bath and clean ourselves, where again I started pressing and massaging her boobs. We were under the shower and started applying soap on each other’s body. After that, with the support of the wall, I lifted her one leg and started fucking her in the shower. We had shower for 10 minutes and came back and dried up each other, and got on the bed nude.

We had three sessions that night and slept hugging. In the morning one more session, and another in the shower and started to get ready. I said, “call your room mate if she reached her flat.” she then opened her bag, and took out her keys. We both laughed and I started kissing her. I said, “Tell her that you are going for a meeting and would return on monday morning.” She did the same and asked me, “but I dont have clothes for two days.” I said, “who needs them” and started laughing and kissing.

This weekend was the happiest and sex filled weekend for me. We banged in lot many positions, doggy style, woman on top and cow girl. I fucked her virgin ass too. We had sex in the kitchen, on the sofa and even in the balcony. We enjoyed a lot and this became our routine. It is two weeks now and every weekend my Maria spends with me.

Please feel free to share your comments on the story on [email protected] I know it was a long story, and apologise for it. To all the guys, enjoy yourself, ISS is a great platform to share expreiences. I never believe in sharing the stats, because I like to measure them with my hands, my tongue and my body. My young brother measures all the depths for me. So I don’t have her stats with me. To all the girls, pleasure fingering yourself and you can contact me for any kind of fun. Be you married or unmarried. I also advise to girls and to boys how can they make their sex life better and as you know I have an offer for all the girls who want fun from me, “Get One orgasm, take one more for free” 😉 Have a sexy day and enjoy.


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