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December 15, 2018

Manish bhaiya my first man

Manish bhaiya my first man

Simran: mujhe pakka yakeen hai…tere bhaiya tere badan ke saath raat ko masti karte honge!

Hi this is Veena again. Thanks to all of my ISS friends for sending those warm emails after reading my previous story. This time I am going to narrate my very first encounter when I was just in 8th standard. I hardly knew anything about sex at that time. But my stats had developed a nice shape. My breasts though small were very beautiful with pinkish nipples. I looked very sexy even in that age. I noticed that everyone had to stare at my ass and boobs, whenever I went through the market and it made me more serious about my body figure. And I always had to stare my body in the front of the mirror and I appreciated my figure myself. And I love to see people watch my boobs and my ass. The only experience I have had at this age was with my friend Simran. We two have to lick and play with each other boobs and pussy. The real thing happened with my cousin Manish bhaiya who resides in Delhi. He was at that time studying in college and I had a good rapport with him. He has to always courier me nice perfumes, dolls, etc. He had come to our place in Mumbai to spend his vacation. We had a 2BHK flat at that time and as always Manish bhaiya shared my room in the night.

I don’t know why but this time around I could sense a different Manish Bhaiya altogether. Whenever bhaiya had to come I had the habit of sleeping hugging tightly to him. But now Manish bhaiya started asking me to keep a distance while sleeping. I didn’t understand why bhaiya is doing this with me. I thought bhaiya was angry with me as I didn’t have the habit of writing letters and haven’t responded to his couriers and letters. I was very confused. 2-3 nights passed this way. I could see that even in the morning bhaiya had to maintain distance with me and whenever he looked at me his eyes had en expression which I had never noticed before. Then for another 2-3 nights I realized that something strange was happening with me in the night. Whenever I have to wake up in the morning I have to find some sticky thing near my panties and lips. I couldn’t understand what it can be. During one of our lesbian session I discussed the same with Simran. I told her these days after bhaiya has come in the night I feel my body turning hot. I feel someone is playing around with my body, licking my boobs playing with that, etc. I was confused whether these all were dreams or what?

Simran: mujhe pakka yakeen hai…tere bhaiya tere badan ke saath raat ko masti karte honge!

Me: no way Simran…aissa nahi ho sakta…I know bhaiya very well…mein bachpan se unke bagal mein hi soti aayi hu…aissa kabhi mehsoos nahi hua…

Simran came near to me and gave me a deep kiss as she said.

Simran: pagli…bachpan ki baat aur thi…ab in nazook hothon ko kaun nahi choosna aur katana c chahega tumhari jeeb k eras ka maza kaun nahi lena chahega!

She continued kissing me everywhere on my face and then making her way down as she spoke simultaneously.

Simran: (pressing and licking my boobs) isse pane ke liye…koi bhi ladka kissi bhi hadh tak jaa sakta hai tere is pinkinsh boobs ko red banana mein jyon maza aata hai vo to mein hi janto hu pagli tere ye tips jab tight hote hai to inhe muh mein lene se main pagal ho jaati hu!

Although we had just had a session, I was again going crazy with Simran’s act and my juice had already started to flow. She came down and started circling her tongue on my navel then my small little pussy!

Me: No Simran it can’t be Manish bhaiya!

Simran: pata hai vo sticky cheez tere bhaiya ka sperm hi ho sakta hai! Vo bastard meri GF ke upper roj raat ko apna paani chodta hoga! Simran continued talking all this as she licked my pussy dries and then I obliged the same. But I still couldn’t believe her. Simran asked me to stay awake tonight and you would come to know that what I am saying is truth. In the night I did as said by Simran and was shocked to know each and every word of hers was true. After having slept for around 2 hours, bhaiya first shook me a little to find out whether I was asleep which I wasn’t off course. After making sure he started his moves. He kept his hand on my boobies and started caressing it over my t-shirt. A hot current passed through my body. I couldn’t believe Manish bhaiya was doing this to my tender body. He then lifted my t-shirt and lifted the bra and started sucking and licking my pink nipples which was already erect. The feel of bhaiya’s hot tongue on my nipples was driving me crazy. I was somehow controlling my moans. I didn’t wanted to interrupt this hot experience and either did I had the courage of letting bhaiya know that he is making her little sister horny. He played with my nipples pressing and licking it for about 15-20 minutes.

Then bhaiya kissed around my ears and the rest of the kiss. He didn’t smooch me but planted soft kisses on my lips. Frankly speaking, I was dying to enter my tongue and play with bhaiya’s hot tongue which has just given my boobs the most memorable time. Then came the most shocking and exciting moment of my life when bhaiya stripped himself naked and took my small hands and gave me my first touch of a man’s red hot meat. I couldn’t explain what I was going through at that moment. Holding my hands he started to make to and fro motion. I was all the time keeping my eyes shut. But in my heart I desperately wanted to see my first lund and that too of my bhaiya. I had seen it before in blue films along with Simran but I now wanted to see it in real. I felt that it wasn’t that big a meat as I have watched in the films. Bhaiya now slept on his back and turned my body onto him. My breasts were inches away from his mouth. I didn’t understand this move of him until he slowly started moving me up and down towards his body. He was fucking me over my Bermudas. This continued for another 15 mins and I had already cum and my panties were wet. Bhaiya then again made me lie on my back. He then removed my Bermuda till my knee. For another few seconds I didn’t felt his body and confused whether bhaiya has slept.

For the first time I opened my eyes and I got the view…the view I was dying to see. Bhaiya had closed his eyes and he was masturbating in a rapid motion near my panties. As expected bhaiya’s lund wasn’t that big. Within no time he shot his hot cream around my panties. I instantly closed my eyes. He then rubbed his hand on the cream and then rubbed the same hand on my lips. As he again placed his hands on my panties and rubbed it I think he was taken back realizing that my panty were really very wet. He instantly removed his hands and dressed himself up. I guess he feared that I was awake feeling the wetness of my pussy. Next morning bhaiya had left the house eve before I woke up. I narrated the night episode to Simran who boasted on her been right. I told Simran that I am dying for more, but don’t know what to do. I know neither bhaiya nor me have the guts to take the initiative. Simran came out with a plan and advised me to be patient till the right opportunity came. I was getting desperate as after that night bhaiya had stopped playing with my body.

And the day finally came. One Sunday my mom and had gone for shopping and were going to be back home in the night as they even planned a visit to one of our relatives. Bhaiya had gone away to meet one of his friends and have said that he would be back in half an hour or so. So I was alone at home. I was wearing shorts and very loose t-shirt and waiting for bhaiya to arrive. Meanwhile I started cleaning the hall to kill my time. Ultimately after an hour wait the bell finally rung. Bhaiya came in and sat on the sofa. I went in the kitchen and bought a glass of water for him. As I handed over the glass I purposely bent a lot so that bhaiya can get the view of my cleavage. I was really at the peak of horniness and decided that if bhaiya didn’t take an initiative today I would even go an extent to rape him. The lust in bhaiya’s eyes was clearly visible. I sat on the sofa almost touching him and started the conversation about his friends, etc. I was all the time rubbing my thighs on his legs. I think bhaiya was getting my signals as he was watching me with very interesting sights and his eyes were fixed on my boobs. I loved these sights. But the time was running out and nothing essential was happening. I desperately needed his tongue licking every part of my already heated skin. I was a sex maniac at that moment of time otherwise I wouldn’t have had the guts to seduce Manihs bhaiya in this way. I now put my hand on bhaiya’s lund over the pants and pressed it as I said, “bhaiya bahut garmi hai…main change karke aati hu!” I could feel that the lund was already at it’s full size which grew my excitement. I could feel that bhaiya was totally taken aback by my moves and was seated like a zombie. I glanced back to see him and I was right he was watching my ass with strange but sexy eyes.

I went in side and left the door opened slightly I knew that his eyes were on me now. I started removing my T-shirt and my teenager bra; my heart beats were running very fast thinking that my bhaiya was watching my secret parts first time in day light. I was just waiting for him to climb on me. I then I removed my shorts also now I was only in panty I was fully inviting him. And suddenly two hands grabbed my boobs from my back I was not surprised. I closed my eyes and began to enjoy the massage of his warm hands on my untouched boobs, he was breathing very hard he was kissing my neck and my back. Uphhhhhhhh I cannot describe the sensation of that moment, I could feel the hardness of his cock on my hips. He was pushing his cock on my hips over my panty. He was not yet naked. Suddenly Bhaiya set down and removed my panty and touched my hairless soft pussy. It was tremendous feeling. Bhaiya then ran his finger in the lips of my pussy. I was really enjoying it. Then he lifted me in his and threw me on the bed and began to remove his clothes.

Bhaiya said “mujhe pata nahi tha, meri choti si gudiya bhi itni sexy ho sakti hai, ajj mai meri bacchhi ko kaccha chaba jaaonge! I just smiled and said, “ha bhaiya aaj apni choti behan ko masalke rakh do! I As I said I removed his underwear. Oh my Gooood. The red meat was in front of my eyes. Main puri tarah paagal ho vhal thi! I hid my face in my hands, he came near me and set down near my head and moved my hands from my face and said, “mujhe meri bacchi ke mulayam se hothon to dekhne do, inhe to bahut se kaam karne hai aaj! But I kept my eyes closed, then I felt a fishy smell in my nose strills and I was scared when he touched his cock in my lips and began to rub it, He pushed cock into my mouth I tightly shut my teeth to tease him and gro him wild. I have lays loved will forceful sex even when I have to do it with Simran. He was rubbing his cock on my teeth holding my hair mercilessly. I was enjoying his forceful moves. After some time I opened my mouth. He wasted no time pushed and pushed his hot lund inside my mouth. I could feel the warmness of bhaiya’s cock on my tongue and a strange taste of his thick cock.

After sometime he started pleading, “please Veena isse zorr se chooson please!” I was feeling nice hearing his cries and I began to suck it, first slowly and then speedily. He was also pushing it deep inside and it was almost reaching my throat. I was rubbing my pussy and began moaning he was also moaning with joy. Finally he came in my mouth. My mouth was full of his sperm and I swallowed it, now his cock was decreasing and finally he fell down on my boobs. But I was still thirsty for more so I began to rub his cock again. I was playing with his balls and sucking every part of my bhaiya’s hottest skin. And after some time it got erected again. I was rubbing my pussy with my another hand and moaning “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh uuuuphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” He suddenly set down in between my legs and kissed my pussy. It was a real sensation to me for the first time I could feel a man’s tongue on my little virgin pussy. I began to suck it and lushes his tongue into my tight pussy. I was moaning loudly. He found my small clit and began to suck it. I was again moaning loudly and pressed his head on my pussy. Then he stood from there and set down and placed his lund on the lips of my small pussy. Then he pushed a bit inside but it was really painful to me I pushed him back with loud cries “noooooo plzzzzzzzz chhhod thoooo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mei mar jaaaoooonnnnngiiiiii.”

But he did not care anything, After some unsuccessful efforts he realized that it is not easy to fuck an untouched new pussy so he rose up and got a cream then he applied the cream in his cock and in the inner walls of my pussy and then placed it again on my pussy and pushed it. It was painful but now he had pushed it a bit inside of my pussy. I was feeling lot of pain and my pussy was bleeding; now he increased his speed and he was hitting his cock in my pussy too hard. Finally his cock entered in my pussy completely and now he was pushing again and again inside. I was feeling lots of pain with a joy and I clutched him in my arms and now I was dragging my waist upward to take his cock deep inside me. He was pressing my boobs and sucking my lips our breathe were very hot and after some time I felt that my pussy is releasing it’s juice. I closed my eyes and suddenly I felt that some hot drops were falling into my hot pussy it was really amazing experience for me. I clutched him in my arms more tightly I was enjoying his cum inside my pussy. He was cumming for a long time and I was enjoying it. My pussy was full of his cum, he pulled out his cock from my pussy and I again licked his cock. I licked all his cum. He fell down on my boobs he was sucking my boobs then we gave a long kiss to each other and went in the bathroom we both took a bath and the slept the whole afternoon naked in each others arm. We did twice again It was my very first and unforgettable sex experience of my life. After that we had lot of sex and we still have sex time to time. My Manish bhaiya is so lovely and caring. I hope you have liked my story you hot guys and sweet girls liked the first sex encounter of my life. Pls mail me your response at [email protected] Until then Enjoy sex at it’s fullest friends.



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