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October 24, 2018

love,fear and gratitude or simple fate

love,fear and gratitude or simple fate

This is my life story since 30 years. I was from a marginal family. mother managing house with what ever is available. We were 3 sisters all 5 years apart. Parents tried for a boy and finally ended up in this. Father was a man conducting poojas ansd marriages in the villages. He had a good name and a study income. But soon after my birth he has left to the abode. Thus it became mothers work to fine food. Soon she has started working as domestic help in the neighbouring houses. Since they has known father as poojari they have helped her . The only property with us was a small house in a 6 cent land and healthy and somewhat beautiful mom and daughters. The elder was very beautiful even in her lower teens. In school she was always acted as royal roles and goddesses. When I became 3 or so she was in high school. It was she who have taught all. She was more than a mom to me .When ever she gets a toffee she used to bring that to us. She was very protective to us. I still remember when I was a kid of nine or ten Was taken by a relative boy ,and she has beaten me for the first time. From then I used to avoid males in general. In mt 8th class I was so happy to attend the marriage of my elder sister. The jiju and family was ready to marry her due to her beauty and that also for no dowry. We have given new dresses amd had good food for that period. Soon after the marriage she has gone to his house. But we have got a brother. He used to come occasionally with dress grains etc as told by didi. Since they were near to us she also used to come to us. Thus it was from then we have lived a happy live. Also we have got a protective hand over our head. Being a boxer and a contractor he had a good name among our area. . It was after 2 years he has purchased a car which was a rarity in those days. So she used to come more often and we used to go to their own house. Sister was very happy and was living as a queen.
In my my matric class i was busy with my extra classes. Thus one day when I have reached home early i had a special scene.. Inthise days mom was at her cousin brothers house in connection with a marriage. Prrr mom. We have never seen her as beautiful with good sari and a gold chain given by sister. Infact she was more beautiful than us in her days. But fathers demise and poverty has masked all. Now when things have improved we have forced her to have a trip. She has only good words about her son in law . By then our house was modified and was with 3 bed rooms etc. ,thanks to my Jiju. I used to love him more than my real brother. He used to moak me as the girl used to sit on his lap in the start. He also used to love me. . That Day when I have reached ,the front door was found locked. It was a hot summer day. No people were out in that 3 PM. As usual I have searched for the key on the window. But it was not there. SoI have moved to the back and was found as locked from inside as usual. I have decided to go to my friend wh was near. But then Heard a sound in side. Curiously I have left my bastha(bag) and tried to hear by keeping ear on window.I could clearly rear talking . It was jeju’s sound. Also the sound of my mid sister. Soon I have climbed over a ladder which was lying there for work ,and peeped through the ventilator space. It was jiju crushing her and licking ans kissing her breasts. She was totally naked . But she was agreeing all with out any resistance. She looked so beautiful as a film star with their makeup. .I feared even to get down and saw all for an hour. He Has sucked all her private parts and made her laugh and cry . She was like a small girl inder tall and muscular jeju. There was not even a part was left with out his sucking. When he has introduced in and her cry was heard ,i have feared for her life. .But nothings happened. Soon they have taken rest ,and again he has fucked her with force . Finally I have gone out and went to a friend. When came in the regular time he was not there. She has told me that she was having head ache..I had thought of informing that to my elder sis. But soon my friend has told me that sali is half ghar waly. According to her this happen normally in many houses. Better to forget that,

The sudden change that had happened was my mid sisters joining in a engg college, Normally it was not possible for us . But for my elder sis and bro in law she has escaped. .From then the fear has filled in me .I used to avoid him and never used to ho alone with him in his car. Even when mother used to press I used to avoid.I was just 15 then, but with a clear idea of sex.Then one day elder sister had praised mid sister telling that she is smart and have will achieve all she wants. She has also told me to study from her that living as a shy girl. From then I could know that she also knew these activities of jeeju. But she was very happy and used to look after all of us .She has got 2 kids by then and jiju used to praise her and love her always. It was told that she used to go to beauty saloon twice in a month. She once told mom that he like fit and beautiful.. When I have passed matric I was sent to college. My idea was also to study engg course. Elder sis has told me once when I was in 2ne yer to behave well with brother in law. Try not to show much shy and mix well with him. I was advised to talk with him about my aim. By then mid sis was employed and was fit to help me. But she has also told as if a relay of what elder sister had told.
Then In my vacation after exam I was alone at home. Mother was taken to sister by jiju .I. After mid day meals I was just playing with mobile. Some body has knocked the door. It was jeeju. He has entered in and has asked for a tea. I have posed as if happy and went to the kitchen. Infact I was having only a micro mini with out even U.G. I was shy to get the tea . Finally I have gone there. But he was in bed room. I nave called hil and has finally went in to give tea. . It was as a flash he has closed the door. I have tried to shout.but has understood that I can not in front of his force. .He has made me to sit on the bed near him. He has not touched me. He told me that I will be sent to any place to study. Also will be looked after well, but for my body. He told that it was his right. Sex in like food those who have might will take and eat. Others will cry. Even if I am not ready he told that he will at least enjoy once. Bot that will be the end of the family. Who will marry you and think for some tine . Finally he has pulled me by hand and made me to sit on his thigh. He has simply through my dress.His palm has moved all over me and I do not know why I have fell on his broad chest. and surrendered. The rest was all knew to my body. He has told me that it was only for this he has looked after all for about 10 years. He has peaised me as the best sexy amoung the four. I have astonished about the forth one. He has crushed me under him and has entered in with a single fuck. I was not allowed to cry by his mouth . .The further pumping was not that painful since all pain was gone by then. .Later he has filled in me and flowed through my pussee. .In my almost fainted condition I could feel his tongue lickes my toes heals legs neck ans face and even back.. When after a bath he has started again. By then I have got my wits to ask m e who the forth was. He shamelessly told that it is my mom. He has asked me another counter “Am I a fool to leave a very beautiful lady and wait for you people to grow. HeI was furious to run away but for his legs forcing me to lye. He haa fucked me again comparing mom with me in each fuck. This has continued since then . We became so friendly and I have became his wife till my marriage. He was responsible for marriage.HUSBAND WAS A HANDSOME FELLOW WORKING FOR STATE AS ME. tHERE WAS NO SECRET BETWEEN US. hE HAS TOLD ALL HIS SEX EXPERIENCES WITH OTHERS AND HIS ACTS WITH SISTERS. iT WAS SURE THAT SISTER WAS WELL AWARE OF ALL HIS ACTIVITIES. sINCE A GOOD MAN WHO HAS ONLY WEAK FOR SEX ,i FEEL, SHE HAS EXCUSED HIM. Now I am married and working as a engineer with a kid probably from jeeju who knows.. I do not feel against him. I in fact feel gratitude for my life than any one. Even in his 65 ie enjoys me telling that i am sweeter than all, which my hus could not do. We are happy and also he. Poor mom also is happy due to his service.
Now I do understands the sex and feels that the other relations are man made,. Only one has to enjoy and keep secrecy for others since they will be jealous and will make problems . Had I been with my Hus I would have lost the enjoyments of anal and oral sex and the sucking of a man to my pussee and toes or body. ,apart from all monetary and love helps .

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