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October 24, 2018

Love, Lust, Sex – Sab Masti Saath

Love, Lust, Sex – Sab Masti Saath

My email id- [email protected]

Hi. This is not love story, this is not lust story but it is just a sex story with a stranger at strange place…

Let me describe you. Myself Nishita…25 years…38-30-36 figures and guy Akash…

My email id- [email protected]

It’s been 5 months after my breakup and one evening I was sitting in the park and tears were in my eyes…It was 18th December 2016..And behanchod delhi mein kya gaand fadu thand thi is baar..I don’t know I guess mein 4 hours she was crying…It was around 6pm and it was getting dark..And pore park mein koi sayad hi tha.. Suddenly I saw a guy there..Let me describe him..5’9″ with a very sexy physic..So adorable and his tool around 6 which I came to know after ;)..

Mujhe upset dekh kar he just came and sat beside me..He start asking me why me upset all like a true gentleman..

But when I didn’t answered he just sat near me and kept quiet but I don’t know what happened to me.. Suddenly after almost 5-10 min I started crying like hell and hug him so tightly that not even air can pass through us..And I was like that in his arms for more than 10 minutes..And than we were sitting face to face, little closer..Our body was almost touching each other..

Than he hold my hand and start touching my face..His finger were touching my face lips cheeks and suddenly he planted the kiss on my cheeks and then on my lips..

And after that he parted away from me and was just holding my hand (may be he was waiting for my signal)..I don’t know what all happen in sudden and I start kissing him back..And that kiss ended in 10 minutes smooch…

And during smooch he was rubbing my back and was playing with my hair.. I wanted him to stop, I wanted us to stop…But don’t know what attraction was there in his arm, in his body that it was making me more and more mad for him..

I was losing my control over him..His fragrance making me to go mad for him, his touch was the best touch I can have in my life.. His lips were the best I can ever taste and his eyes more addicted than any hard drink..Than any desi thake ki daru :-p
And during smooch I felt hot between my legs and he realized that well as he touched my pussy..Aaahhh man what a touch it was..He removed all my clothes and maine uske.. Wo what the fuck for the 1st time in my life I was nude in park ..

After that his hands were touching my vagina my pussy chut and I was feeling awsome..Usne than meri chut ko hatho se rub kia..Pehle dhire dhire phir he start fingering very fast…Uff kya feeling thi wo..I never wanted it to end..And then maine uske lund ko apne hatho se pakda..Bilkul gora chita lund tha uska and I kissed it..

After that he came up and usne meri pori body par kiss kia from top to bottom..Ek jgah bhi nahi thi mere pore jism jaha usne touch nh kia, my legs,my belly, feet har jgah and wo bhi bade pyar se..I guess lighter is more intoxicating..Uski jib har jgah se lick kia usne..Wo bhi full passion se..I just loved that..

After that his fingers were tracing circles over my breast.. And he started sucking them so cutely..You know I love jab ladke nipples suck karte h, I to can spend full night with this only ;)..

After this my nipples become more hard, making me more wet between my legs..Than he went down and mere leg chode krke..Usne apni jib meri chut m dali..And I can sense the heat of his tongue in my body..Wo jib ko full chut m rotate kar raha tha zor zor se par bade pyar se…Aaahh ssshhh aaahh ooooh.. Kya feeling thi yar wo..Or chatte waqt uski ankho m jo nasha tha..Aahh so toxin it was..Behnchod maja hi a gaya tha..

He sucked my chut for 10 minutes and itne mein mera pani nikal gaya..Par uska ab tak khada tha and it was my turn to give him pleasure..Wo zameen par let gaya and I was on my knees..And my gaand was his side and face was towards his lund..

Maine uske lund ko apne hath m lia and I kissed it..Man kar raha tha dunia ka sara pyar us par luta du us waqt..I knew it well where to touch to increase the pressure to increase the pleasure..

Maine uske balls ko touch kia and ek hath se uske lund ki skin ko niche kia uski body ki taraf..And I kissed on pink portion..Aahh kya scene tha..Uske bad maine uske pore lund par kiss kia and uski balls ko hilati rhi aur wo piche se meri gaand ko sehla raha tha..

Uske bad lund ko mu se nikal kar maine uske thighs par and belly par kiss ki and than suddenly I took whole lund ek sath mu m..And mu k andar lene k bad uske upar m jeeb chla rahi thi jaise hum lollipop ko khate h na mu ke andar le kr bilkul waise..And meanwhile playing with his balls..

10-15min uske lund se khelne k bad his sperms came out.. Although I don’t like taste of sperm much par phir bhi I took all inside me..Man what the feeling it was..Awesome..

Uske bad mein uske side m whi let gayi and was playing with his dick, than after 5 min his tool again got erect..And usne mere leg chode kiye and meri chut m bhut jor se ungli karne k bad usne apna lund chut par rakha..And andar dal dia..

Since I was virgin to dalne m thodi pareshani to hui par 7-8 min koshish karne k bad uska pora lund meri chut ke andar tha and I was shouting lot.. Aaahahh shuuehh ahh..And mein itna jor se chila rahi thi ki mujhe chup krane k liye he smooched for entire time..Warna pata nahi waha kitne or aa jate..Hahaha …Bas wha rat m kuch birds ki awaj thi and kuch puch puch ki awaj thi… Uska lund and meri chut bas…

15 min chodne ke bad wo jhad gaya and usne sara pani mere andar hi dal dia matlab chut mein..And phir wo mere upar hi akar let gaya..And kuch der hum aise hi lete rahe…Then around 10..Hum uthe kapde pehne and he again smooched me..

We smiled and phir wo waha se chala gaya and mein bhi apne ghar a gayi..

Uske bad na mein us insan se mili na usne koshish ki…Pata nh kaun tha wo..Par jo bhi tha best experience of my life..Kahte hai na kabhi kabhi salo salo sath rehna wala insan aapko samjh nh pata and sometimes one strange is enough to change your life..He actually changed my life..He brought me out of my heart break..Thank you..

Pleae mail me on my id… [email protected]

No email asking for sex will be entertained…love you all..Stay bless :-* and keep fucking 😉


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