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October 20, 2018

Lost Virginity To Tiffinwali

Lost Virginity To Tiffinwali

Hi friends, my name is Fzee (pet name) I am a regular ISS reader and most stories read on this site have helped me in flirting and gave me new sex positions. Today I am writing you a true incident of my life. It is how I lost my virginity. First let me tell you something about myself. I am 18 years of age, tall handsome and well built body. I am currently doing my engineering in Pune. Pune is not my hometown. I stay alone in a rented flat and have joint Tiffin service for lunch and dinner.

My Tiffin comes from the flat just before my floor. There is a married lady not exactly a lady but a sexy bitch of 22 years who gives me food. What should I say about her? She is damn hot, beautiful and sexy. Her husband is tall, over shaped and has a dark complexion. Her boobs are very big (even bigger than that of sunny leone) and her ass is also big and round. She wears a kurta-salwar and her kurta is deep neck and very rarely she has a duppata on and the remaining time I just keep on staring her boobs which are half out.

I call her bhabhi and very often I go to her home and see her cooking food. I see her boobs when she is sweeping from my gallery. I always wanted to hold her boobs. I purposely used to go to her early and see her boobs and then masturbate imagining to fuck her and whenever my friends came to me they always saw her and used to go to her house and get my tiffin. I made a good relationship with her and well she was not aware what my intensions were.

It took me three months and finally got her on my bed and I always took a chance to touch her hand when she handed me the tiffin. Once she came to my flat and asked me for some help. Her brother’s daughter had some project work and she came to me to get some information from the internet. I turned on my laptop, connected the net and gave her my laptop. Well she didn’t know much about surfing and downloading so I used to stand behind her and solve her difficulties.

I was not leaving a single chance to touch her. I was seeing her deep cuts and big boobs from above. My dick was hard and was touching her ass. She noticed my dick outside my pant. She finished the work in somewhat about half an hour and took her data in a pen drive and was all set to go. I was in my bedroom and she came and said that she was leaving. I asked her whether she got the work completed. She replied yes with a horny smile and I told her that she con come anytime if she wants to use the internet.

Days went and I got no positive reply from her side. I started to forget about her but whenever I saw her I just can’t stop the thought to fuck her and after a few days went she told me that her mobiles memory card was formatted by mistaken so she asked me to get some songs downloaded in it. I didn’t want to miss this chance so I asked her to come to my place and download everything of her choice. First she refused but finally agreed to come. I went up and just started to think and said to myself this is a golden chance I have got.

Today I have to fulfill all my dreams and the door bell rang. I opened the door and discovered her and I invited her to come inside and gave my laptop. I went to the bathroom to change and saw my dick hard erect and was wet with some pre sperms. I masturbated and took a bath and wore my short and a loose T-shirt when I went outside I was shocked to see her watching Blue Films in my laptop. I have a very huge collection of blue films in my laptop. I didn’t make any noise and just keep staring at her ass.

I went to my bedroom and asked her what she got for me in the tiffin. She quickly closed the player and started searching songs. I went to her and started asking her about her life. this was she became more close to me and also shared some secrets with me. I came to know many things about her school and college life and how she made all her classmates mad with her looks. I told her she could at anytime get some popcorns and tea and come over here and enjoy some movies. She happily agreed as her husband was a caterer he was mostly away from the town.

She used to come with popcorns and tea and we used to relax on my bed and enjoy the movie. I always played Hollywood movies and she also enjoyed them. One day I asked her whether she had a boyfriend in the college. She first hesitated and I also didn’t ask her the same question again. After two min she told me everything about her college life. She said she had many boys trying on her but she was afraid because of her parents and elder brother. She finally agreed to a boy who was very rich and used to spend a lot on her.

Then I asked her what type of relationship she had with him. She said they always used to go out for movies and exchange a lot of kisses over there. Hearing this dick went hard. She said she also had sex with him but she didn’t really enjoy with him. She lost her virginity at 18 I got the chance and I quickly asked what about your hubby? She started to laugh and asked what I meant. I replied about their sex life. She said that its personal but I insisted a lot and finally she told me that he has not satisfied her until now.

I asked her what the reason was. She again told a big No but I insisted a lot and then she told that he has a small dick and he can’t have erection for more than 5 min. and also he didn’t knew only a few sex positions. She then asked me about my life and about my girlfriend. I said I don’t have a girlfriend. She said don’t lie and tell me the truth. I then opened my history to her. I had a girlfriend in the junior college but I broke up with her. She asked why? but I didn’t answer her.

Then she started asking about her, her name, how she looked and I was shocked when she asked me did you have sex with her and for the first time I got some positive signs from her side. Then I said that we used to go out, have lot of kisses but she always ignored of having sex but I could not control my sexual desire so she just gave me a blowjob and I licked her pussy and squashed her boobs after that we didn’t chat anymore and just enjoyed the movie. She used to bite her lips and press her pussy whenever there was a romantic scene.

Days went we exchanged many things about ourselves. One day she came with a pen drive and to me to load some blue films in it. I said I have none. She replied she already watched some in my laptop. I then started downloading movies in it and just frankly asked her what she was going to do with them. She said she would watch it with her husband and let him learn some new positions for the next time when she came to watch a film with me a started a blue film.

She first didn’t tell anything but when she discovered what it was she asked me why I did that nescience. I told her that it was a very good one with many new positions. She finally agreed to watch it. Almost after half of the movie she was wet and was sweating. I was just thinking that today at any cost I had to fuck her. She slowly started to make some noise aahhahh and I told her that if she was feeling hot she could make her clothes loose.

To my shock she replied she wanted to get nude and also see me nude and just within a few seconds I undressed her and asked her to undress me. She undressed me and was shocked to see my 8inch huge dick. She told me to close the movie and that entertainment ourselves. I hurried and closed the movie and came close to her and started to kiss her. I first kissed her on her cheeks and then slowly kissed and lips. I then smooched her and she also enjoyed. We kissed for 15 minutes.

I started pressing her boobs and sucked her nipples very hard. Her boobs were red and then I asked her to take my dick in her mouth. She had never taken any dick in mouth and I slowly caught her head and directed her towards my mouth. She just enjoyed the taste of my dick. She sucked my balls and asked me to fuck her. I denied and started licking her pussy. I put my finger in her pussy and made her mad. She was again and again asking me to fuck and I was fingering her pussy. I inserted three fingers in her pussy.

She was just enjoying it and was making noise ahhhh I made her turn back and licked her asshole and kissed her ass. She said she can’t wait anymore and asked me to fuck her. I said I didn’t have a condom and I won’t fuck her without a condom. She replied that she had on in her house. I told her to go and get it. She quickly dressed herself and went to get a condom. My dream was finally fulfilled within a few minutes she was back with a carry bag with her. I asked her what it was but she didn’t tell anything.

She latched the door and proceeded towards the bedroom. I followed her. She had many condoms, few types of gel which her husband applied for longer erection period and oil which she applied before sex. She again removed my shorts and started to suck my dick like an ice-cream. I slowly started to undress her again and kissed her and pressed her boobs. I made her lie on my bed and started kissing her and we smooched for almost 10 minutes and again she started to tell me to fuck her.

I said today I will fuck you the way you will never forget me. She removed her salwar and told me to fuck. I replied her that I will fuck her shaved pussy. She was not shaved. I said her to get herself shaved but she told me to help her. I quickly removed my trimmer and started shaving her pussy. She was enjoying it and started making a lot of noise. She was already wet and I finished shaving and told her to come to the bathroom to get her clean. I took her to the bathroom and cleaned her.

She begged me and said please fuck me now. I said I will do it in a very good way very best from his husband. I took her to the bedroom and made her lie on the bed. Then took oil she had brought and applied her on her body and massaged her. She really enjoyed it and made a lot of uhh and ahh. I massaged her pussy and again started sucking her pussy. She was wet for the second time then she got up and took a condom of chocolate flavor. I again asked her for a blowjob first and she gave me a wild blowjob.

She gave me a love bite just above my dick and then I asked her to lick my asshole to which she happily agreed. Meanwhile I put on the condom and was all set to fuck her. I first fucked her big boobs. then I licked her whole body and made her lie on the bed. I lifted her legs and made my way for her pussy. I slowly inserted my dick in her pussy and she made a terrible loud noise. I started to fuck her and she was enjoying and making sounds. I told her instead say fuck me hard.

She then started telling the same. I removed my cock and she removed the condom and sucked in again. I then lay on the bed and fucked her from top. I then made her sit on the chair and again fucked her. She asked me why don’t I cum? I replied that I takes me a very long time to cum. She exclaimed Wow! then I took her to the bed and fucked her in missionary position. We also enjoyed the 69 position.

I then told her that I am going to fuck her asshole to which she happily agreed and then fucked her in doggy style. I was holding her boobs and fucking her. She went mad and was shouting on top of her voice. I increased my speed to the top most and fucked. She was wet for the third time. I drank all her juices and again fucked her pussy with rigorous speed and made her pussy red. She was moaning in pain. I was about to cum and then I removed my cock and condom and cum all over her face and body.

She liked it very much and then I again kissed her and she took my monster cock in her mouth. We took a bath together and I again fucked her in the bathtub. This was the story how I lost my virginity after that we had sex very often whenever her hubby was out. I had fucked her in the bathroom kitchen drawing room and also in my gallery. She just enjoys and after every time we have sex we take bath together. Many times I also used a vibrator and dildo which she has and after a couple of months she shifted to another place and I am lonely again for feedback please mail me at [email protected]



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