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October 17, 2018

Lost My Virginity

Lost My Virginity

“Hello Folks! I have been a long-time fan. And I have never had any inclination to post my (s)excapades until recently. I lost my virginity when I was 18. Before I start with my narration, I want to advice you all to practice safe-sex.

I spent most of my childhood bred in a upper-middle class family. Both my parents work, so I spent most of my time with my friends or at school. This incident happened when I was in the final year of my school. To give you a better picture of how I look, I am 5′8″, black hair, hazelnut eyes, well toned arms, a broad chest, 4-pack abs, and endowed with a 7.5″ tower of pure pleasure! Molika, my classmate, was a very fair girl and had a great body. Her body screamed 35-28-32 and she never knew how to use her salwar properly. Her white kameez was always transparent and whenever I had the chance I would always glance at her tits. I used to sit behind her desk and we always used to chit-chat a lot. The other girls in the class were always jealous about her since she used to attract the boys like bees over a honeypot!

Every once in an academic year, we had a cultural event marked by furious preparations for competitions and organising the event. Molika, who was always enthusiastic about getting involved, gladly accepted the role of a marketing co-ordinator. I learnt about it and selflessly offered my services as well. Our primary task was to go from School to School advertising our cultural event and securing participants from those schools. Molika loved to party and she was well off financially. Her dad was a diamond merchant and she being the only child in the family, got everything she wanted. On a fine monday morning, after securing permissions from our principal, myself and molika leave to the first school. By noon, we had covered three more and obtained plenty of participants for the event. Neither of us wanted to get back to school. So molika decided that we chill at her place. In her house, her dad had a mini-bar and it was always stocked with the finest of alcoholic beverages! Jack Daniel, Chivas Reagal, Teachers, Black Label, Red Label.. You name it.. it was there! Me being the guy, was curious but kept my curiosity to myself. Molika had an elder brother who went to college and was know amongst us guys back in school to be a womanizer cuz we had seen him many times in the beach with girls! His room was right next door. Molika was looking for the phone to order some pizza and found the phone in her brother’s room! After waiting for a long time, I finally walked in to her brother’s room to find out what was taking her so long. I saw molika on the floor facing a corner and breathing abnormallyl. I called out to her and she quickly turned hiding something behind her back! I asked her what it was. She said it was nothing and waited for me to lead her out! Wondering what it was, I insisted that she answer my question. After several tries, she shows me a copy of a porn magazine. It was a reprint of a hardcore european sex magazine which surprisingly made its way to india sometime in the 1980s! I was completely embarassed and walked out into her room. Molika soon followed and apologized. I asked her why she apologized and she confessed that she had a thing for porn but never had the guts to do it and she was really embarassed about it! We were silent for some more time and then she asked, if I was a virgin! I said, i was! And then she asked me, whats your favorite part of a girl’s body? I was stunned!

Letting go of any inhibitions I had, I confessed that I was fascinated by the proportion of a chest to its waist, meaning, a large chest with a proportionate waist was what turned me on! She asked me if turned her on! I said yes! And then, she stopped the topic because our pizza had arrived! She told me to go get the pizza while she showered because she was feeling tired. While on my way back to her room, I stop at the mini-bar and since I knew only Molika was around, I boldly opened and took a shot of Chivas Reagle, completely fascinated by the artwork on its label (Hehe). Within a few minutes, I was completely mellow. All my inhibitions started floating away. My shyness disappeared and I picked up the copy of the porn magazine molika had left behind and started flipping the pages. I was completely aroused by a large breasted women with dark areolas and nipples being sucked on by a man. Soon enough, my dick started bulging out! Since it started paining, I dropped my pants and started jerking off right then and there! I was completely wasted and didn’t know what I was doing. I knew that jerking off felt good, so I kept doing just that! The bathroom door suddenly creaks open and molika is in her bath robe gently drying her hair. I am guessing that she was completely stunned because I noticed her watching me in amazement! And then she came closer and touched my dick. I said, “come on. its not going to bite you.” Encouraged by my words, she grasped my dick as her loins started bulging and her juices started flowing out. She took my dick and kept rubbing it. I opened the magazine and showed her a picture of a woman giving an oral and asked her to try it out! She reluctantly agreed and slowly licked my dick and then when she knew it tasted ok, she started shoving it in her mouth! I was in heaven for a moment! I grabbed her hair and forced her in an up-and-down motion all the while trying to spread my legs a little further apart! Her fresh smell and partly dry hair took the experience to a whole new level. After sometime, Molika looked up in my eyes and disrobed in front of me. Her white skin and dark areolas on her chest were reminiscient of an eclipse. I touched her breasts and started massaging them gently. Molika, in turn, took me by my head and forced her nipples into my mouth and forced me to suck on them. Her smooth skin and her pimpled areola proved to be irresistable as I sucked on for almost 20 minutes! After letting her go, molika pushed me on the floor and removed her panties. Her pussy was well shaved and one could see her glistening clitoris dripping with passion. She sat right on my face and asked me suck her juices. Mellowed after that shot of chivas reagle and enjoying the moment, I start licking her pussy.

Whenever I extend my toungue out, molika would thrust her pussy further down on my face. At a certain spot, she would start breathing abnormally with a hissing sound! (Apparently, thats the G-Spot). I loved the way how she thrust herself on my face and tried several ways to make her keep doing just that. I bit her pussy walls and the labia, flicking my toungue all over like a snake and sucking on it hard the next moment! He juices were flowing right onto my face and I was enjoying every moment of it! After rotating my style, molika shuddered with a rough moan and looked at me in the eye and said, “Let’s do it”. Me being the guy taken advantage of, I had no complaints. She moved back and balancing herself right on top of my dick guided herself slowly on my dick! After a few inches, I could feel her vagina tighten and contract and she kept going up and down slowly ushering my pleasure, until she was sitting on me! She used her arms to support herself and started moving furiously. I held onto her breasts and started suckling on them while my dick ploughed deep into her, sowing the seeds of passion and lust! I could feel my dick being lubricated after every thrust and the harder she fucked me, the louder she started moaning. Since my dick was slightly curved, she had her own rhythm so that everytime I fucked her, the tip of my dick would go past her G-Spot! Moaning with pleasure and gently yelling, “Fucked me harder! Give it to me.. aah.. ooh.. aaah.. yeahh.. oohh!”

She shuddered once more and slowed down and stopped for a moment to catch her breath. I turned over and took her in a missionary position and flung her legs over my broad shoulders. I guided my a dick once again into her and started rocking her furiously. After a few moments, I shot my cum deep inside her and collapsed on top of her! I kissed her and we rolled over with my dick still deep inside her pussy! I hugged her tight and didn’t let her go for almost 5 minutes! And then she got up and walked into her bathroom to clean herself. It was evening already and I had to leave to my house! So that evening came to an abrupt end. We made love several times a week and always used to nudge her with my bulging cock in school and wherever I had the chance! I left to the US soon after graduating from school and since then I heard she is happily married with two kids! I can’t wait for my school reunion and hopefully get a chance to do it just ONE MORE TIME.


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