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October 17, 2018

Losing Our Virginity Together

Losing Our Virginity Together

The story is about my first encounter in college, yes I was a virgin till I reached college- had a few girlfriends in school but never really made it to the third base. As soon as I made it to college, miles away from home the first thing in mind was to have sex.

HI, I am Sam living in Delhi, 40 year of age, above average looks, 5’8″ tall, in a good job and decently endowed. I have been an fan of ISS for many many years now….did try to post some stories which are real but never came around to doing so.

I am truly impressed by some of sex stories posted here, read them once a week at least. if you need to get in touch please write to me at delhiguy22082016 at yahoo.com. This is my first sex story so if you read it and like it do drop in a message [email protected]

The story is about my first encounter in college, yes I was a virgin till I reached college- had a few girlfriends in school but never really made it to the third base. As soon as I made it to college, miles away from home the first thing in mind was to have sex.

The best part of being in a medical college is that there are more girls in the class than boys. One the first day itself I narrowed down to one girl Seema – let me describe her to you – a beauty from Bengal, not thin but meat on her bones, about 5’4″, very pretty face and the bong killer smile, amazing figure, boobs to die for – not sure at that point but should be 34, a thin waist, amazing round ass and long legs.

For some particular reason she kind of liked me, and we hit it off almost immediately as she was a part of my group according to roll numbers. We became friends, used to hang out a lot .

We did manage to steal moments to go out to some dinners and movies but always in groups. It was the night of the social gathering that I really got to hang around with her alone, after the party I asked her if she would like me to walk her to her hostel. She agreed, so we started walking – her hostel was about 2 -3 kms away and I deliberately did not want to take a rick or something.

Most of our classmates had already left and it was just me and Seema walking back. it was rather late at night so there was hardly anyone around. Along the walk we were just chatting – home, family and all the other useless stuff. My heart was beating madly, cause the closer we got to the hostel and lesser time I had to work things out.

I finally asked “you have a boyfriend waiting for you back home?”

Seema “No – You”

Me ” boyfriend – definitely not, girlfriend neither”

Seema laughed out so loud it was a pleasure to see her whole hearted laughter

Seema “my hostel is near ”

Me “I was thinking maybe we can sit somewhere and hang around before you go”

Seema “OK, where?”

I had to race my mind to find some quite place, and as luck would have it – there was this alley with stairs on the right side of the road – I said “there”

Seema “Did you plan this?”

Me “of course not, I never knew there was an alley here till now”

Seema “yeah right, all you guys have the same dirty mind”

Me “no yaar, but now you mentioned it – it is on your mind too”, to which she kept quite and gave me this naughty smile. Blood pumped into my pants, making me hard and dizzy at the same time.

We sat and she was talking about something – college and friend etc. but all I could think of was to make my move – now or never.We sat quite close to each other, here legs were touching mine – she was in a tight jeans and a white top. Suddenly, she turned to me and said “you are not listening to word i am saying”

I turned my head towards her, and she was looking at me very intently – I just moved closer to her and landed a kiss on her lips! for a moment she was startled and withdrew back, but as luck would have it – brought herself forward and kissed me smack on the lips again. Flood gates were lose and in no time we were kissing each other madly, tongues going in and out, lot of lovely noises – wet slurpy kisses going on! my hands remained constantly on her back only and I did not try to touch her boobs at all, she was holding my head all this while. We went at each other for about 5 – 10 minutes till we ran out of breath.

I dropped her of to her hostel, we did not talk much rest of the way and I was having a raging hard on all the way till I shagged it out once I reached my hostel thinking of Seema. In fact I had to jerk off twice before I could control myself.

After that night we had many necking and pecking moments, but never came down to anything further mainly because we did not have any private place, I did manage to press her lovely boobs but always with clothes on. Seema was one horny babe, more daring than I and we would go at each other in the Library corners and sometimes even the college stairs. We almost got caught a couple of times.

Opportunity finally presented itself – Seema was to catch a train from Bangalore to Kolkata and I offered my services to see her off. We took a morning bus to Bangalore and her train was the next day. We reached Bangalore in the evening and I got us into a decent hotel near the railway station. We got ourselves into the room. I had hardly closed the door that Seema just pounced on me, we were kissing each other madly – with me pressed against the door.

With no restraints now, I pulled her T Shirt off – exposing her boobs covered by a black bra. Her skin was flawless and smooth. I could not hold myself any longer, tried opening her bra – but inexperienced that I was it was taking too much time.

While her mouth is on mine kissing Seema unhooked her bra and let it fall down. The lovely pair of boobs were finally open, they were spectacular defying gravity with dark brown nipples waiting for me. I grabbed both her boobs and started massaging them gently. Seema closed her eyes and was panting, moaning at the same time.

I pushed her to the bed and laid her down on her back.

I took her right boob nipple into my mouth – oh it tasted so sweet and became erect with pleasure. I was massaging her other boob with my hand all the while sucking the other. I rolled my tongue around her nipple, and kept sucking at it constantly. All this while Seema kept on making some very horny noises and moaned every time I sucked hard on her nipples.

I was having a raging hard on, my dick was so hard and hurting in my pants waiting to be freed. I was taking as long as I could, and I moved down and put my tongue into her navel and started licking her making slurpy sounds. Seema was enjoying and moaning “ah yes, oh yes”. Taking the opportunity, I opened her jeans button, she was startled not expecting us to go further than this.

Seema “no, no – not any more”

Me “oh come on, we have been waiting for this for so long” – I took my T shirt off

Seema “I am not sure”

Me “you just relax, nothing is going to happen”, having said that I attacked her boobs again, sucking each one by one and all the while trying to unbutton and unzip her jeans. I managed to sneak in my hand inside her jeans and touched her between her legs. Her panties were wet with all the excitement, but by no means could I get her jeans off while she was lying on her back. Something struck and she pulled her jeans off, showing a pink panty with a large wet spot .

Seeing that I could not control my self and tore off my clothes too. Now both of us were left with only our underwear. Now we are hugging, kissing, caressing each other like its nobody’s business, Seema and I becoming hornier and hornier by the second!

I took my undies off, finally my throbbing dick was free. Seema tried not to look at it at first, I gently took her hand and made her hold my dick. She touched it carefully and just held it, while looking into my eyes wondering what to do next!

I took her hand holding my hard dick and made it move up and down – she got the idea and started stroking it quite hard in the beginning and then became soft looking at my expression. Oh I was in seventh heaven, no girl had ever touched my dick before let alone stroking it. I could feel tension rising in the my ball and did not want to waste the moment by cumming so soon. For a virgin, just a touch is enough to release hard – but that was not what I intended.

I diverted my attention back to her, made Seema lie on her back in just her panties and started deep kissing her again – caressing and massaging her boobs- slowly taking my hand downwards towards her legs. I rubbed her pussy above her panties, to which her back arched upwards with pleasure.

I kneaded her inner thighs and wet back to between her legs. Mind you – except for a couple of blue films and dirty magazines in schools I actually had never seen a naked girl/woman before. Anyway I tucked on the panties and tried pulling them down with my hand, all the while kissing her and trying to keep her occupied so that she does not realize what is happening down there.

As all the experienced people in this forum know, you cannot take off panties unless they really want to – Seema obliged and lifted her hips and slid her panties off. However, on doing so she immediately rolled over on her stomach and I could not see her pussy. I guessed she was shy and I hugged her from behind. I hard dick nicely placed between her butt cracks, I was biting her back – smooth, flawless and beautiful. All the while trying to get my hand between her legs.

I did manage to feel some hair but still Seema had squeezed her legs together tightly not allowing me access. I licked her back, all the way to her butts – they were so round, soft and smooth that I wanted to bite them really hard, not have any access from the front I tried reaching her pussy from the behind with my hand.

I soon as I touch her pussy lips, Seema almost jumped out of the bed. well almost out of the bed, I managed to hold her down and in doing so she was on her back again – FINALLY I was able to see her completely naked, it was beautiful and took my breath away….just the memory leaves me breathless till this day. Seema lying on the bed, with her long her tussled around her head, some hair on her face – the lovely long slender neck, the lovely twins with dark nipples, the flat stomach and gorgeous deep navel, slight pubic hair covering her mound and lovely naked legs.

I started kissing her again with increased urgency, managed to break her leg squeeze and touch her pussy flatly with my hand – it was so wet and it drove me mad. I inserted one finger into her and slowly pushing in and out. Mind you we both were virgins and this was the first time – had no idea what to expect and but our animal instinct had completely taken over. I kept on pushing my middle in and out of her pussy, it was wet and well lubricated.

I then inserted two fingers, as far as they could go. All this while Seema was lying flat with her eyes closed, breathing deeply and lips pouted sucking in air as and when she could.

I could not stand this any longer, I moved myself in between her legs with my throbbing dick touching the entrance of pussy. I spread her legs wide, and waited for one last protest from her for me to stop – it did not come and I realized Seema wanted it as badly as I did!

I pushed my dick in, the head went in and stopped. It was just too tight, Seema making some kind of painful noise. I again thought – now or never. Held my breath and pushed all the way in.

Seema back arched up due to the pain, and was about to shout till I stopped her by kissing her again. I was all the way in, everything stopped – we made no movement and slowly Seema relaxed her back and started taking in fast breaths – tears coming out of her on both side.

I slowly started moving up and down, it was really tight and it started to give way. The feeling of her soft moist pussy around my dick was fantastic – there is no other feeling in the world that can compare to this.

I gained speed slowly and started fucking her in missionary position, Seema pain reseeded and she started responding to my act by hugging me and trying to meet my thrusts going deeper and deeper inside her.

Seema was softly screeching into my ear –Oh my god, ahhhh, yes, yes ahhhhh….. I could not hold any longer and exploded all my cum deep inside her. I am sure she did not have an orgasm at that point and once done, I noticed the blood stains on the bed sheet. We were just exhausted and panting from all that and never realised when we fell asleep in each others arms.

When I woke up it was middle of the night and Seema was awake looking at me with love. I said Hi, she said Hi – and we went started kissing again.

We made love three more times till morning and this time I was sure she had orgasms – she taught where her clit was, we tried some positions like she on top and doggy style. Loved every moment of it. Let me tell you here we did not try any oral sex, we only came around doing some really kinky stuff later on. We were stupid too, used no protection and fortunately, she did not become pregnant.

After the first time we never let our guard down and always used protection- condoms.

Seema and I were together for a year or so, and broke up – moved on to other partners but I am sure that link between us will live forever – taking each others virginity. Have not met her after college and never tried to contact her thereafter – more scared that if we meet again I don’t we would be able to stop ourselves from fucking each others brains out.

I hope you liked my story and I would love hear from some lovely ladies out there… its been some while and I have had many exciting experiences with many girls/women after that. Will be encouraged to share if you like what you read.



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