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October 20, 2018

Letter To Girlfriend

Letter To Girlfriend

I made a plan how to screw you and according to plan I call you to meet me and I insist you to wear same skirt and blouse, which you wore when we had our first kiss. You come to meet me sharp at 9:00 am. We seat on bike and I take you to one of our friends place and there is no one at his place. We are alone there and we reach there at around 10:00 am. First we seat there on bed and have some conversation then I give you the chocolate which I brought for you.

Hi this is Mel and this is the letter which I wrote to my girlfriend and she wanted to remember our first time and here Nanu refers to penis and pepet refers to vagina. It goes way back when we just got friendly. So here I’m starting. I was planning how to fuck you, when we first had our passionate kiss but I was not getting any ideas. Than one fine day you give me a call saying that your parents won’t be there for two full days.

I made a plan how to screw you and according to plan I call you to meet me and I insist you to wear same skirt and blouse, which you wore when we had our first kiss. You come to meet me sharp at 9:00 am. We seat on bike and I take you to one of our friends place and there is no one at his place. We are alone there and we reach there at around 10:00 am. First we seat there on bed and have some conversation then I give you the chocolate which I brought for you.

You say thanks to me and give a sweet kiss on my chick then we hold our hand and start talking again slowly I pull you in my arms and give you a light hug. I can feel your boobs press against my body penis Nanu is started making his movements but you are unaware of it. I say I love you and you reply it back saying I love you sweetheart. I start moving my fingers on your hand slowly and smoothly. You can feel some current passing through your body.

I can feel that you are shivering, that is when I make my first move and kiss you slowly on your lips. You don’t say anything because and we still have that freshness of our first kiss and gains I give you kiss this time I keep it for little long. You are still cool. This signal of yours is so welcoming to me. I slide my wet tong inside your mouth; you cooperate with me opening your mouth and with in no time we are having French kiss. We are sucking each other’s tong, lips.

We are holding each other very tightly after about 10 minutes of kissing I make my second move. I slip my hand inside your blouse and touching your belly, putting my fingers my in your naval. You don’t say anything because you are still busy in smooching me. I make little courage and move my hand on your bra and but you stop me saying no and but you don’t make any effort to remove my hand. So I keep my right hand on your left boob after minutes.

I slowly press your boob and pressing it slowly this time you don’t say anything probably you might have lost in smooching. I took this as an opportunity and start pressing your boobs hardly. I can here you moaning and you start loving what I was doing. Then I shift position of my hands. Now my left hand is on your right boob and with right hand I hug you tightly. Now I won’t more from you. I wanted to feel you’re boobs without your bra. I wanted to feel heat of your body.

So my next move was to unhook your bra. I slowly remove my hand from your boob and place it on your bra hook. This operation is so crucial that I don’t want you to fell what I was doing. So I stoop kissing you for a while. I see in your eyes and ask you one question. How do you feel? You keep quite. This makes me feel that you are already hot and I proceed further. I say that I love you and hug you very tightly. You too hold me very tightly.

I hug you so tight that you can’t even breathe again we start kissing after couple of minutes, with one stroke I unhook your bra. You felt that and you stop kissing me and but I don’t want this thing to end there. I hold you back tightly again and kiss you. Now you are completely in me. I move my hand on your boobs. Ohhh, it was so good. I can feel the soft touch of your skin. You are completely mad on me. You start biting my lips and sucking my tong more deeply I start pressing your boobs in between.

I pinch your nipples and now I feel hardness in your nipple with one hand I pull your hair back and kiss you and with one hand I start pressing your boobs. I want to taste your boobs now. So immediately I lower my mouth hold one of your nipple in my mouth. Wow they taste so good I start sucking it slowly you can feel pleasure in it. You start moaning your breathings are increasing your heart beat is gone high. I feel your heart beats.

It starts gaining speed and so as my sucking speed is gaining. If I’m sucking your left boos, I’m pressing your right boob and vise versa. Your hold my head and hold tight against your boobs so that you can feel my sucking more deep after few minutes of sucking I can feel that my paints are wet. I had reaches my climax. Also you have reached your climax, but I came to know it later when I touched you down. You were totally wet. You were filling great and now you are only in skirt, I have already removed your blouse and bra.

Your boobs are so firm and tight. Size of your boobs is that, one is exactly fitting in my one hand. They are so soft and smooth nipples are very hard now. I removed my t-shirt and hug you again. We can feel out skin touch to each other. It was a new experience for us and our bodies are worm and our breathing are increased. Now my next move was to touch your pepet it’s a local name for vagina by now I can see that you are totally mad on me and you have closed your eyes.

You are feeling sleepy may be because you have orgasms for the first time and I take this as a perfect opportunity and place my hand on your pepet from top of the skirt. The very moment you hold my hand tightly. I was little bit scared, but I don’t move my hand form pepet but slightly squeeze it on pepet. I can feel that your hand is loosened. Your breathing are increasing, so as your heart bit. I slowly I start squeezing pepet.

This time I press it hard. Now you are completely resting in my arms. I can see that you are falling asleep so I don’t make any move. I just hold my hand on pepet. Now I slowly put you down on bed. You are still closing your eyes. You don’t know what’s going on but you are enjoying it. I can feel now my plan to fuck you is working. I have that smile on my face. You are just closing your eyes when I lay you down on bed I can see your half naked body.

You look great in it. This entire time naun local name for penis and I was hard and waiting when he will inside pepet. Now I know that you are really hot. I move my one hand on your tights, and one on boob, pressing and squeezing again I move my hand from your tights to pepet, but this time it is inside your skirt. I can feel your pepet from panty now. Your panty is wet, that is how I came to know that you had an orgasm for many time.

Now everything had worked according to plan and I don’t want to spoil this opportunity. So I was thinking about my next move. Now I saw that you are sleeping. Without wasting any time I slowly move your skirt little up, where I can see your panty. Woo this sight is so amazing and you are wearing pink panty, which is fully wet. Your tights are so perfect. Just as what I had imagined. Now I have to be very careful while removing your panty. So before making you naked, I circle my hand on pepet and slowly.

I put my hand in panty my hand is crawling in your private hair then suddenly I grab pepet slowly. You hold your leg very tight both loved that touch. I can feel my hands wet. Now I grab pepet lips. You are holding your legs as much you can. Now I remove my hand from there. Now I lean on you and start kissing you again and making you hotter and then I come down and with one jerk I pull your pants down.

Somehow I knew that you will make a move to get up. So as soon as I do that I hold you tight and start kissing you again, you try to get up but you have become so week that you can’t do anything. I’m so mad on you that I don’t know what to do. Sometime I kiss your boobs sometime I kiss your lips for a first time I saw anyone naked and also my love. I’m totally mad and now we are both half naked. You are wearing only skirt now.

Somehow you succeeded in closing pepet with skirt but I have still not done at. I had read somewhere that if man sucks a girl, they become crazier and that strike in my mind and I wanted to suck you. So again I move my hand down to touch pepet. This time I was touching pepet without panty. I was circling my hand in your private hair. So this feeling was great for both of us. Now I moved my face down and start sucking you. Since it was my first time I did not know what to do actually.

Any way this was making you crazy. I suck you for five minutes and you finally come on my face and but I’m still now satisfied. I wanted to do actual sex. So now I place my one finger at entrance on pepet and moved strongly in your pepet. You’re shouted with a joy aaahhhh. I can feel very hot liquid in pepet. My finger is wet, with your juices. There were sweet tears in your eyes. I start moving finger inside out. Gradually I increased my speed and you hugged me very tightly.

Now I put my 2nd finger inside I wanted to make your whole little bigger before I insert my Nanu inside. I start fingering you very hardly. You were feeling pain and joy together. Enjoyment you were having is more than the pain what you were having. Same time I was removing my pants. Now I was in underwear. You are still closing your eyes. My fingering had made you crazy. Now while fingering you I hug you again. You hold me tight again and this time you are kissing me passionately.

You keep on saying I love you and I reply with same. Now I remove the condom from pant which I brought to fuck you. Nanu is already hard; it is 7” long now I put condom and I lay down on you. That triggers joy in our body. This was first time for us. Now while kissing I try to insert my nanu in pepet but it is very big to go inside. Also you are very tight I don’t know what to do but I have not given up. I want to fuck you anyhow I spread you legs wide and try again. But I’m not successful again.

So now I remember one more thing which I read both nanu and pepet should be wet. That makes easy to enter. Pepet is already wet. So I apply little saliva on condom. Now I lift your legs up and wide them little. This time I keep nanu exactly at entrance of pepet and give one powerful stroke and naun goes slightly inside. You cry with pain and tell me to remove; you are forcing me out from your body but you can’t do that because you have become so week.

I grab you again hold you tight and kiss you again while kissing you again, I give one more powerful stroke and this time my popot is completely inside pepet. Wow, I can feel something is broken, I heard that sound as nanu goes inside. That was your hymen, which was broken. You have just lost your virginity with me and when nanu was completely inside you shouted with pain. Mamee aaahhhhh there was blood coming out from pepet.

You were trying again to push me away from your body because you can’t bear that pain but now I have become a devil. I can’t see your pain. I want to fuck you more and I grab you tight. My force is more than you. You give up slowly. I kiss you again. I’m trying to ease your pain. Now for a while I keep my nana inside without any movement then I move my nanu slowly out and in. You are still in pain and now I again I move It inside out but I’m doing it slowly and carefully.

Now I increase my speed little and you are moaning aaahhhh I’m full in joy. I say to you my pepet. I love you pepet and tears are rolling down from your eyes. This time tears are of joy. I increase my speed I can feel friction in pepet. It is fully wet after about 10 minutes of fucking and I come out with a powerful blow. You can feel my nanu vibrating in pepet. I empty last drop in condom slowly pepets grip is loose on nanu but you are still holding me tight.

Now I remove my nanu out and I come down from your body. Now I pull you in my arms and you are sleeping on me now and our bodies are wet completely with sweat. You sleep in my arms when you are n deep sleep I put you down and remove your skirt. Now I can see my darling completely naked. I watch you for several minutes then I clean pepet with cloth. I want to fuck you more and but you are sleeping.

I keep my hand on pepet and sleep in your arms and after some time I woke up and bring soda to drink. I wake you up, with a tight kiss. I tell you that I will wash your pepet but you feeling shy. You wrap beds sheet around your body, and go to toilet. I can here you pea when you come out of toile I grab you again and kiss your fore head. You can’t walk properly. You ask me what I did to you and I tell you that I made you a woman. You kiss me again then we eat chocolate.

You take a bite and pass it to me through mouth. It is almost 3 in evening and is time to go home. I take you back home. I was very happy that I fucked you. I ask you to meet me tomorrow. You say ok and we depart with French kiss. Well this is been very long now but I still do remember our first time. We had many session after that which were more interesting, coz I was mastered some of the techniques. I do like foreplay and I won’t lie I’m dam good in sucking pussy than fucking, if any girl woman are interested for chatting contact me at [email protected]



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