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October 17, 2018

Lesbian Bhabi & Nanad

Lesbian Bhabi & Nanad

The tea was ready as Malti was daydreaming. She filled two mugs. She picked them up and put them on table when she saw Anu come down the stairs. Anu was wearing a half sleeve night shirt that came halfway down to her thigh. The first thing that caught Malti’s attention was Anu’s long legs. They were well toned. She felt strange stirring in her pussy as she stared at her bothers wife’s legs.

“I don’t feel like going home tonight, Bhabi. That bastard said I was too fat. Men are such pricks!” Malti said in a bitter voice to her brother’s wife Anuradha. Malti had been “shown to a boy for marriage” and he had rejected her. Now Malti was bitter against all men and had decided not to go home. She wanted to spend the night at her brother’s house which was not far from her own. In fact she loved her Bhabi. Her brother Rohit, worked in UAE and came to India once in six months.

Malti darling, men as bastards. Forget that bastard and tell me will you have some tea ?” asked Anu with a smile.”Sure, that will be great.” said Malti. She was 24 years old plump girl with large boobs and nice round ass.”Well, you make tea while I go upstairs and change into a night dress,” Anu said as she walked up the stairs. She began to unbutton her shirt as she climbed the stairs. Malti stared at her Bhabi as she walked up the stairs. She was admiring her ass. Malti had always been impressed with Anu Bhabi’s ass.

The tea was ready as Malti was daydreaming. She filled two mugs. She picked them up and put them on table when she saw Anu come down the stairs. Anu was wearing a half sleeve night shirt that came halfway down to her thigh. The first thing that caught Malti’s attention was Anu’s long legs. They were well toned. She felt strange stirring in her pussy as she stared at her bothers wife’s legs.

Malti stared at those lovely legs as her bhabi came down. Anu caught her Nanad staring at her legs. Malti blushed a little in embarrassment for being caught. She hoped that her Bhabi hadn’t really noticed. They sipped their tea for few minutes in silence. Malti realized that she needed a change of clothes too and she did not have any. “I guess we need to find you something to wear if you are going to spend the night with me.” Anu said as she finished her tea.”I was thinking the same thing.” Malti said smiling.

” You may wear anything you like, darling, my closet is open for you, Ok,” said Anu. Malti headed up the stairs to Anu’s room. She looked in the drawers and closet. She picked a black silk nightie (shorts and short-sleeve top). She held up the nightie and put it next her body as she looked into the mirror. It looked beautiful.. Malti took off her salwar and kamiz and held the nighty up again to her body. The silk felt so good on her skin. She reached around and undid her bra and her 34d breast with black nipples stared back at her from the mirror.

She put the nighty top on and it felt just as good as it looked. Darling, don’t wear anything underneath the nightie,” said Anu was standing at the door looking at her. Malti froze and then turned red in embarrassment. “I…I… was… just trying it. I hope you don’t mind,” Malti said. I told you to find anything. It looks perfect on you. If you want to feel the silk on your skin you must not wear panties.” Anu said with a smile. The nightdress felt so soft on her skin. She looked at herself in the mirror and was impressed with how sexy she looked. She turned sideways, first right then left, and then turned around to look at it from the rear.

Malti, you look sexy in this dress. If I were a man, I would fuck you now, really!!” Anu laughed. ” Bhabi, dont joke. You have a great body. Bhaiya must be having a lot of fun in bed with you in his arms.” Malti turned red almost as soon as she said it. Anu smiled and blushed too. Even at 35 Anu Bhabi had not lost any of her youthful beauty. She was still a stunning woman. She had shoulder length black hair.Well, lets sit in the bed and watch a hot and sexy movie that I am playing on the TV,” Anu had a real hot fuck movie in the Video player.

When she bent down she got a glimpse of Malti’s upper thigh when she moved. It had been a long time since Anu had any sexual enjoyment. Rohit had been in UAE for four months and she was sex starved. But she had never been attracted to woman before. Anu shook off her head she felt the frustration over her lack of sex. She placed the bowl of popcorn between them as she crawled under the same blanket with Malti and the film started.

On the screen was the scene of a woman stroking a man’s cock. Malti’s jaw dropped and she froze at the scene. “Oh, Bhabi, do you watch such movies? I mean, I have never seen a blue film before,” Malti said.

Anu patted her on the face which turned red.” Darling you are big enough to see all kinds of films. You brother loves fuck films and we have a big collection. I watch them when I miss your brother’s cock too much. And today I have the sister if not the brother” Anu smiled wickedly.

Malti’s eyes didn’t move. She was mesmerized by the scene in front of her. Malti had had no sex in her life so far. Boys had cupped her breasts in the local bus but that was all. She had never seen a man’s penis before. “Malti, are you ok?” Anu spoke to her husband’s sister whose color had turned red. But Malti sat there glued to the TV without looking up. Anu reached over and touched Malti’s arm, “Do you like this film?” Malti jumped at the touch “Oh, I’m… so… so… sorry… what did you say?”

“Do you really want to watch this?” Anu asked again. “Ah, oh, I don’t know… I have never watched this stuff before…” Malti was almost babbling. “It’s ok Malti, I understand. you” Anu said with a reassuring smile. Meanwhile, the scene on the TV was becoming hotter. The couple was getting more and more loud and horny. The woman was sucking on the man’s cock. Both the Bhabi and Nanad watched in amazement as the scene unfolded. Soon the man was buried his face between the woman’s thighs. The woman in the film had very large breasts.

Anu felt a rising lust between her legs as she watched the film. It had been so long since she had fucked Rohit. All the buried feelings were now coming out and her cunt was on fire. She let her hand travel to her pussy and she began to touch it. The scene on the TV grew hotter as the man began to fuck the woman’s pussy. Never in her life had Malti seen anything like that before. She couldn’t think a woman could take such a huge cock in her cunt. The more she looked at the scene the wetter her cunt was becoming. She had touched her cunt before but she always felt guilty afterwards.

Malti saw the blanket moving in front of Anu. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Anu Bhabi had closed her eyes and was obviously touching her pussy under the blanket. Malti was staring at her Bhabi in bewilderment. She too felt the heat rising from between her legs. Anu opened her eyes and saw Malti looking at her moving hand. Oh my god! I’m so sorry, Malti. I don’t know what came over me! I should not be doing this. I’m so sorry! In fact I am so aroused by this film and Rohit has been away for months. I love sex. I want cock in my cunt but have my finger ony” Anu was almost at the point of tears but her hand had not moved away from her cunt.

Malti just watched Anu’s hand fingerfucking her cunt under the blanket. “It’s been so long since, your brother has fucked me…”There was awkwardness to both of them. Malti turned back to the TV as the scene continued to get hotter. To Malti, her Bhabi masturbating in front of her was even hotter than the scene on the TV screen. Anu was ashamed of having let herself lose control right there in front of her sister in law. What would her brother or parents say if they found out? But Anu she extremely hot and horny. She was confused.

Anu said with pain in her voice. “Maybe if we do it together? I mean masturbated together!” Anu could not believe those words came out of her mouth. But before she could say another word, Malti said “Ok,” Are you sure? You don’t have to if you don’t want to?” said Anu. “I know, I want to do what you are doing” she said. Anu had her hand rubbing her clit. She noticed that she hadn’t stop rubbing it. God, she was so horny! .

Malti turned and saw her Bhabi pull her panties off. Malti looked down at her shaven pussy which had been fucked so far by her brother. It was wet and shiny with cunt juice. Malti took off her nightie and Anu saw her naked. Malti couldn’t get her eyes off Anu’s mound. Her legs were open and inviting. The two women embraced not saying anything. No words were necessary. Malti looked down between her Bhabi’s legs. “Bhabi, you are soooo beautiful. Rohit Bhaiya is so lucky to have you!!” Malti said. “And you? Are you not lucky? I am yours too. Have me as your lover, Malti. Be my lover, Malti” said Anu as she gently kissed her inner thighs and her lower belly right above her pussy.

“Aaaarrrggg,” Malti said breathily, “What are you doing Bhabi? You are setting me on fire. Ohhhh God I will explode, Bhabi!” Anu smiled noticing her Nanad’s shinny face and knowing that soon a new chapter was going to open in their lives. Anu opened her arms inviting Malti to come into her fold.Malti was face to face with her first lesbian lover. Anu gently touched her face and pulled her hair back. She looked into her eyes and saw how innocent and sweet she looked. Anu pulled her face closer to hers and placed a gentle kiss on Malti’s lips.

Then Anu opened her mouth as Malti kissed her back with her lips and her tongue. Malti came up for air, Anu kissed her cheeks and chin. To both women this was such a gentle moment. Anu looked up at Malti and smiled. Anu couldn’t believe it but the fire was building in her cunt. Malti felt the warmth coming from Anu’s body that went between her legs. She began to kiss Anu’s face and neck working down to those gorgeous breasts that stood up. Malti began to caress the boobs her brother had rubbed which brought a moan from Anu.

Bringing her mouth down, Malti began to kiss and suck on Anu’s breasts concentrating on her nipples. Anu had never felt this hot. Malti’s mouth on her breasts had awakened her. “God, you don’t know what you are doing to me, Malti. Even Rohit has never excited me so much” Anu said almost breathless.”Bhabi, am I making you feel good, I love your tits. I have seen you as a motherly figure but you are so hot. Let me suck on your nipples, mother. Mother me, Bhabi, mother your Malti” Malti was muttering in ecstasy.

Anu moaned “Yes…Malti, suck my nipples, Beti, you are making me cum, suck my tits!!.”The heat was unbearable. Malti could feel it burning on her stomach and her pussy. Malti felt a sense of satisfaction that she could bring so much pleasure to another woman. Anu stroked Malti’s hair as she kept sucking her breasts. Malti then put a hand on Anu’s burning cunt and it brought a loud moan from her Bhabi’s throat. Anu began to grind her mound on Malti’s hand which was cupping her cunt. Now Malti began to kiss down Anu’s body stopping at her navel before entering her hungry mouth between her Bhabi’s legs.

Malti began with long even strokes of her tongue starting at the opening and moving up to the clit. When she got to the clit she sucked on it until Anu started bucking. Malti sucked and licked until Anu pleaded , “Please, Malti don’t tease me! Suck me hard…fuck me with your tongue…just as your brother fucks me with his mouth…I am a whore for you and your brother!” Malti did not do as her Bhabi said but went on licking all around her cunt, drinking up the juices that were flowing freely.Malti was enjoying the fact she had her bothers wife under her control. She loved the feeling of making love to her Bhabi.

Anu could not control her feelings. She could feel her body would explode. Her nipples were hard and on fire. Finally, Malti clasped her lips around Anu’s clit and began sucking and licking like it was the best thing she had ever tasted. She also inserted first one and then two fingers as deep into Anu’s tight pussy. Anu went mad. She threw her head back and groaned as every muscle seemed to tighten. She bucked into Malti’s mouth. She could not remember the last time she had such a mind-blowing orgasm. Waves of orgasm kept coming as Malti kept her lips over her clit and fingers in her hole.

At last the waves subsided. Anu gently put her hand on Malti’s head and cried, “Ohhh darling, you have made me cum as I have never cum, even with your brother, you are better than your brother…” Malti kept kissing all around her mound long after. She felt a sense of pride that she was able to bring so much pleasure to her brother’s wife. Never in her wildest dreams had she guessed that before this night was over, she would be having sex for the first time, with another woman and that too with her loving lesbian Bhabi.

Anu lay still trying to catch her breath. She could feel Malti’s kisses on the inside of her thighs and above her pussy mound. Finally, Anu recovered her composure and simply said, “Thank you, Malti.” Malti looked up at her and asked, “Did I do ok?” Ok?” responded Anu. “You were awesome. I can’t remember…” Anu was saying and Malti again moved up Anu’s body kissing along the way. She paused again on Anu’s breasts kissing and sucking on them gently. She finally was again face to face with her beautiful Bhabi. She kissed Anu gently who opened her mouth offering her tongue to Malti. Anu could taste her cunt juices on Malti’s tongue.

After about few minutes of softly kissing each other, both women were drawn to the noises coming from the TV screen. They both looked up and saw a scene of two women making love to each other. Malti looked at Anu. They looked sexily at each other. Now the lust betwen the two sister in laws was open. Anu turned to face Malti and without saying a word reached out and stroked her hair and face. She leaned in and softly kissed Malti on cheek moving to her lips. Anu kissed her softly at first then a little more passionately.

As she did this she let her hand travel down Malti’s body from her shoulder to her outer thigh. Anu caressed the like this for several minutes while she continued to kiss her softly. Eventually, Anu moved her hand up to Malti’s breasts massaging them gently. Malti moaned into Anu’s mouth as her body responded to her Bhabi’s touch. It felt like she was on fire and every stroke of Anu’s hand on her body made her hotter.

Anu kissed down Malti’s neck moving slowly and gently toward her big and excited breasts. Once there she paused taking the whole nipple in her mouth and sucking it gently. Malti whimpered in delight at what her Bhabi was doing to her. She had never felt anything like this. Anu moved from one breast to the other sucking each nipple. Malti placed her hands on Anu’s head stroking her hair as Anu worked on her breasts.

As Anu sucked on her breasts, Malti could not resist reaching down with one hand and feeling the wetness that was building between her legs. She whimpered and moaned in sheer pleasure, pleasure that she had never felt before. Malti began to finger her pussy. Anu looked down and saw that Malti was touching herself. While keeping her mouth on one of Malti’s huge breasts, she took her fingertips and slowly traced a line from between her breast to her bellybutton. Malti’s belly was soft and loose. Malti was not fat but a little plump.

Anu moved her hand towards Malti’s cunt and slid her hand between her crotch and gently began to feel her pussy. Anu ran her fingers through her burning pussy and noticed that her cunt lips were swollen. Anu inserted a finger into the wet hole and she could tell by the tightness that her innocent Nanad was a virgin. Malti had awakened feelings in her that she never imagined were there. Now it was Anu’s turn to return the pleasure Malti had given her a few minutes ago. It was not in Anu’s nature to receive pleasure and not try to reciprocate.

Malti could not believe the feelings of excitement and arousal she was experiencing. She now knew how Anu must have felt when she had pleasured her. Her whole body seemed to be responding to the movement of Anu’s hand on cunt. She drew up her legs and spread them wide to give her Bhabi more access. Anu moved her fingers steadily bringing Malti to verge of orgasm and then slowing down. She wanted to make sure

Malti got the ultimate pleasure. Malti raised her hips to meet Anu’s fingers whimpering every time Anu touched her clit. Her breathing became labored as she felt the muscles in her loins tighten,”Bhabi, I have never felt like this…you have awakened an unknown lust in my cunt…ohhhh Bhabi it is so sweet…touch my pussy…its burning…you are burning it….fuck me…finger me..finger my cunt…ooohhhh God…Bhabi…I am cumming on your hand”

Anu could feel the signs of an impending climax. Anu took her finger and reached deep in Malti’s pusy and began to message it furiously while keeping her thumb on her clit. Malti’s legs began to shake. She whimpered and cried out, “Oooooh…. Ooooooh….Bhabiiiiiii…..fuck me…fuck my cunt…I am coming” The wave of pure pleasure that hit her was like nothing she had ever felt before. She had fingered her cunt but this was far more than self pleasure she had given herself. Wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her body and she thrashed her head back and forth in sheer pleasure.

Anu kept the pressure on Malti’s clit until Malti’s orgasm subsided. All this time Anu had not stopped sucking Malti’s breast. Once Malti calmed down Anu moved up and started to kiss her face and lips. Bhabi, that was amazing! You were amazing. I have never cum like this. Look at the bed shet. It is all wet with my juice. Anu Bhabi, you know how to make a woman cum. Has Rohit Bhaiya taught you all this?” Malti said. “Glad you liked it Malti,” Anu whispered in her ear. They kissed again passionately and sweetly. Anu stroked her hair while, Malti reached up and caressed Anu’s face. Her experienced sexy Bhabi had given her the best orgasm of her



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