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October 17, 2018

Ishika And Mumbai Locals

Ishika And Mumbai Locals

Wo jahan bhi interview ke liye gayi, har jegah interviewer looked at her body rather than her profile. She liked it too but she wanted a job because of her talent and not her body. Uske badan se jaise sex tapakta tha. Her boobs always erect and full of flesh, fresh and juicy, cleavage like a valley between two mountains and ass like a big diamond. She was fair with light brown nipples. She could give any guy an instant hard on. Her hair long till just below the bra strap and white milky thighs as smooth as butter. People used to ogle at her lustful body all the time. She also liked the attention given to her and so she wore revealing clothes although she played it safe. Every day she was groped and touched in the crowded places. Sometimes it was unintentional and sometimes intentional but she couldn’t really do anything as the trains were pretty crowded.

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Ok, so much for the introduction lets get on with the story.
Ishika was a girl in her early twenties from Bombay (I like it as Bombay and not Mumbai). Uski jawani apne poore rang mein thi. She had a perfect figure of 36-26-36. Her ass tight and a virgin yummy pussy. She had just completed her college and was looking for a job so she had to travel a lot in local trains. She was 5.5′ tall and had long toned legs. Ishika never liked hair on her body. Her body was flawless with no hair. She cleaned her pussy and ass too.

Wo jahan bhi interview ke liye gayi, har jegah interviewer looked at her body rather than her profile. She liked it too but she wanted a job because of her talent and not her body. Uske badan se jaise sex tapakta tha. Her boobs always erect and full of flesh, fresh and juicy, cleavage like a valley between two mountains and ass like a big diamond. She was fair with light brown nipples. She could give any guy an instant hard on. Her hair long till just below the bra strap and white milky thighs as smooth as butter. People used to ogle at her lustful body all the time. She also liked the attention given to her and so she wore revealing clothes although she played it safe. Every day she was groped and touched in the crowded places. Sometimes it was unintentional and sometimes intentional but she couldn’t really do anything as the trains were pretty crowded.

Ishika was very fond of panties and she had a variety of them. She had all styles and material. Be it silk, cotton or any other, she had it all. Not only material even the type of panty. From crotchless to side-tie panties. Her personal favourite were side-tie panties. The knots on the side of her waist seem to arouse her.

She had no interviews that day so she was at home admiring her panties. She opened her wardrobe and took out all the side-tie ones with various material and designs. She just had a bath and spread all her panties on the bed to choose what to wear today. Her hair was still wet and drops of water on her body made her look as sexy as ever. Her lips wet and juicy as she searched for a panty to wear. She picked up a baby pink side-tie thong of silk material and just when she was done, one of her friends Sakshi called. She was still in her panty when she picked up the phone.

Sakshi: How are you, sexy babe.

Ishika: Shut up you bitch tell me whats up. I just took a bath. What’s the scene?

Sakshi: Come over babe, let’s gossip a little. Its been a long time.
Ishika: You are too far ya. It’ll take me more than an hour to reach your place.

Sakshi: I have something for you babe, just come.
Ishika: What is it? Tell me first.

Sakshi: I got you a new panty babe. It’s amazing. Nothing like you have. I bought one for me and for you too since I know your fondness. Will you come now?

Ishika: Ok I’ll be there. You are such a bitch. You know me too well.
Sakshi: haha see you sexy. And listen don’t tease the public too much.
Ishika: Fuck you I never do that. Chal phone rakh I’ll see you in a while.
Ishika then started dressing up. She wore a skin coloured leggings of very thin material and a light cotton plated skirt. The skirt was on the shorter side showing her beautiful toned legs. That’s the reason she wore the legging inside. Upar, she wore a skimpy bra which showed plenty of cleavages and a button up top. The top ended just where the skirt started. If she raised her hands, her hot navel would show. The top was a little transparent giving just a little view of her dark bra. The knots of the panty were above the waist where her skirt was, hidden under the top but were visible somewhat.

Feeling all sexy, Ishika stepped out of her place towards the local train station. As usual, she could feel the eyes on her. Her leggings left little for imagination as it was skin coloured and of very thing material. Her plated skirt flew from side to side as she swayed her ass teasing all the cocks around. She reached the station and while in the queue to buy the ticket, the man standing behind her felt her ass over the leggings. She immediately looked back at him with anger and the man stopped. After a few minutes, the hand was back on her legs feeling her up. He trailed his finger on her thighs from the back. The minute ishika moved, he removed his hand. Finally, she got the ticket and left for her station to catch the train. The man followed her. There were two of them. She was feeling a little scared but she was used to all this.

As she was standing, waiting for her local, she felt droplets of water on her shoulders. It had started to rain. Each drop of water made her top more and more transparent. Her skirt started to get wet as well. 10 mins of rain made her top absolutely wet. The two men were standing at a little distance from her enjoying the eye candy which ishika had now become. Her bra was visible through the wet top. She looked sexier than ever. The local arrived and ishika boarded in a hurry to avoid getting wet any further. The two men followed. The train was crowded as usual. There was hardly any place to stand. Ishika somehow found a place and stood on the train with one hand raised to hold the bar above trying to hold her balance. The two men followed her there too. Slowly and slowly they came closer and closer to her. Ishika was now in between the two men with one hand holding the bar above and other on her side. Her top was wet and as she raised her hand the top rose further above revealing the knot of her panty. Drops of water seeped through the skirt onto her panty making it wet too.

The man behind her slowly put his finger on the naked part of her waist trailing it gently on her waist. Ishika got goosebumps but couldn’t do anything. The man continued to trace her naked waist with his finger as ishika was getting tickled a little. She moved her body to escape but only to rub her hot and wet body against the man. The man was very close to her. His face was right between her raised arm and her head. She could feel his hot breath on her neck. It was arousing her. The man in the front didn’t really do anything. His body was continuously rubbing with hers. As the local moved, the little jerks of the movement of the train made ishika’s body rub against both of them.
The man behind got bolder and started folding her top above revealing more of her sexy stomach. He did not stop until her navel was accessible freely to him. Ishika put her hand in the front and tried to remove his hand but it was so crowded that she couldn’t do anything.

She had been groped before but no one dared to get this bold with her. Her top was sticking to her skin making it easy for the man to make it stay raised. She tried to put her top back in place but again the man raised it. His hands were on her naked stomach now. He started gently pressing her stomach keeping his entire palm on her stomach with one finger on her navel. Ishika was getting aroused now. He raised the top further till it was just under her bra. He made circles with his index finger around her navel. Ishika gasped for air. There was a sudden push and their position changed. She was still in between the two men but now she had to lean forward. Her boobs were crushed in the chest of the man in the front. The man in the back couldn’t feel her stomach anymore as she was on the man in the front leaving no space to put his hand in front on her stomach. The man in the back put his hand on her ass now. Ishika removed his hand immediately. After two minutes he again started to lift her skirt and put his hand inside. Ishika again removed it. This went on for a while.

The man in the front got hard and his dick started poking through her skirt over her crotch. Ishika again started to get aroused. The man in the back had his hand on her ass now. She couldn’t do anything now. She was tired of fighting and also aroused, so she let happen. Though her skin was still out of touch but she felt his hand pressing her ass cheeks hard. He was squeezing her tight ass with both hands now. Ishika was getting more and hornier.

He put is hand in the front and started rubbing her thighs. Ishika again fought but all in vain. He soon got full access to her pussy over her leggings. He rubbed her pussy through the thin material of the leggings. She could feel it on her pussy. He wanted more now. He came closer to her from the back and gave a small lick on her ears. Ishika bit her lower lip in pleasure and her pussy juices started to flow. The man in the back was now freely playing with her body. He pressed her ass sometimes and then rubbed her pussy for sometime. Ishika was getting restless making horny expressions. He started licking her neck and back of ear as well making her wetter. He put his hand in front over her pussy to notice that the wetness was a little bit on her leggings too. Her Leggings was wet earlier with water but now the wetness was different. It was slippery. The man knew it was her pussy which was leaking. Her wetness made him grow in confidence. He knew now that the whore will not fight. Ishika was losing control. She still fought feebly with her free hand but it was nothing. The man was too strong for her plus the leaking pussy was making her horny.

The man kept on squeezing her ass and rubbing her pussy for a while but he wanted clear access to her pussy now. Ishika was sandwiched between two men with boobs pressing against the man in the front and the man behind her feeling her entire body.Occasionally she even gave out silent moans. The man in the back licked her ears and neck too. There was saliva all over her ears and neck. He tried to get access to her skin now. He was touching her more aggressively now. He wanted to touch her naked skin somehow but was not getting any access. He inserted both hands under her skirt spreading her legs and pulled the legging with one hand and tore it into the other. The sound of a cloth getting torn alerted some other passengers too but the sound was very little so it was ok. However, ishika was in shock. She thought she is safe with the leggings but it was torn now from the pussy area. Now she was really scared but aroused too.

After making a small hole in her leggings the man began to insert a finger in that hole. It was just above her pussy. His finger went inside and touched her pussy over her panty now. Her pussy was damn wet with juices coming out of her panty. The thin material was not able to stand anymore to save her. As his finger worked on her pussy the hole became bigger and bigger. Now his entire palm was on her pussy over her panty. He felt her naked thighs as well. He had one hand on her navel and the other on her pussy while licking her neck continuously. She was losing control now. The man was still not satisfied. He wanted access to her dripping cunt. He took his hand out and back onto her stomach. The other hand on her ass now. He tore her leggings some more to get access to her naked ass. His hand now on her naked ass caressing it, squeezing it and slapping it softly. Ishika was now so horny that she started rubbing her body with the man in front. The movement of the train helped too.

The man in the back put is hand in his pocket and took out a small bullet like thing. He took it out and inserted it in ishika’s panty on her pussy. It was a vibrator. He switched it on and began rubbing it on her pussy. Ishika was getting hornier and hornier. He put that bullet on her pussy and pulled her panty up. The bullet was half inside her pussy now vibrating and making ishika wetter. For 10 mins he continuously rubbed her cunt with that bullet then took it out and kept it back in his pocket. Ishika was like a bitch in heat now. Her nipples harder and her pussy oozing out juices.

The man again put both his hands on her waist now. He was playing with the laces of her panty. Slowly and carefully he opened the knot of her panty laces. Ishika didn’t realize it then as the panty was still in place. Now her both strings were hanging from the sides. Her leggings were now stockings torn from her ass and pussy.

He brought his hand back in front of her pussy. He moved her panty to the side and touched her dripping pussy now. The touch sent shivers through her body and she came. Her cum flowed down onto her thighs and knees too. She was horny as a slut now. She gasped for air as she finished her orgasm. The man did not stop. He held her panty and started pulling it down. The strings slipped down disappearing into her skirt. Ishika could feel the threads on her waist being pulled down and off was her panty. Ab wo neeche se nangi thi. He pulled her panty out and put it in his pocket. Ishika ki choot nangi aur gili thi. She was getting hornier and hornier now. Even though she had cummed but still she was not satisfied. Now the man had what he wanted. Her naked pussy at his disposal. He started rubbing it again and the pussy juices started flowing again. Both men had their cocks rock hard now. One poking her ass from the back while the other poking from the front on her pussy.

The man behind put one hand across her neck from the front. He turned ishika’s head and kissed her. Ishika resisted a little but the man put a finger inside her pussy which made her kiss him back. He forced open her mouth by pressing her tongue on her lips and entered her mouth. They kissed like that for about five minutes. Ishika was lost in the world of pleasure and lust. The man broke the kiss and put his hand inside her shirt now. He opened 2 buttons of her shirt and went further in. Ishika was so much aroused that she didn’t care now. She herself started gyrating her ass to accommodate his big cock between her legs. The man put his hand inside her bra feeling her hard nipples. Her nipples were hard as a rock and seemed like a small cherries on the cake. The man flicked her nipples with his fingers. He held her nipples between two fingers and pulled them making her moan. She somehow suppressed her moan but her body was burning. Then he left the boobs and moved his hand on her naked back from inside the shirt. He felt her entire back and came up to her bra hook and undid it. The bra hung loosely on her shoulders now. She was pleading them with her eyes not to go any further while her body was responding to his touches.

The man put his hands on her shoulders now on her shirt. He started feeling her shoulders near her bra straps. Slowly he slipped the straps off her shoulders near her elbows now. Usne ishika ka hath jisse usne bar pakad rakhi thi use bhi neeche kiya aur dono straps uske arms se bahar nikal diye. Her bra was just resting in place now held by her shirt only. He opened one more button of her shirt and took out the bra. He took out her bra and let it fall on the floor of the train. The bra was stepped on by countless feet and was no more in a condition to be worn back. Ab wo shirt ke neeche bhi nangi ho chuki thi. Her shirt was still a little transparent and her light brown nipples were easily visible. They looked like small pebbles.

The remaining buttons of the shirt were also opened and he made it like a bunch below her boobs and tied it. Her cleavage was full visible with drops of water and sweat visible on her cleavage. She looked Damn hot. Now ishika was completely under his control. She would not have said anything if he had made her naked right there in the train and fucked her. The man started playing with her body again. Now with more easy access. It had become easier for him now as there was no resistance from ishika. The clothes covering her pussy and boobs were also gone and he made her look like a slut. He turned her face towards him and put his both hands on her ass cheeks squeezing them hard. He pulled ishika towards himself tightly hugging her with both her ass cheeks in his palms. Soft moans came out of ishika’s mouth as she couldn’t gain any attention from other passengers. After grinding her ass and hugging her he again made her turn her back towards him. Then he unzipped his pants and took out his hard cock. He took ishika’s hand and placed it on his dick. Ishika resisted a little but he was too strong for her. His cock was a monster. He held her hand and made her stroke it while working on her pussy. After 5 mins he removed his hand and ishika started to stroke his dick by herself. HIs cock was becoming harder with every stroke and he was losing control. Ishika couldn’t wrap her hand around his cock, it was so big and thick. She was stroking it and the man had fingers in her dripping pussy.

He placed his cock right in between her legs and pushed in. Ishika spread her legs more to welcome his cock. He started rubbing his cock on her naked pussy. Ishika lost in another world. She didn’t care who was looking. She just wanted his cock. It was a 9″ long monster. He teased her pussy for a while with his cock then left it and put his fingers inside her wet cunt. He was not leaving her pussy even for a single second.

The man whispered in her ears to get down at the next station. Ishika was not in her senses. She was controlled by her pussy which wanted his cock at any cost now. The next station came and all three got down. Ishika followed them like their pet bitch. She was groped by many men while getting out of the train but she could hardly say who touched where. As they walked out of the station all eyes were on this hot bitch who didn’t care about anything. The only thing on her mind right now was cock. She had no undergarments on. Her hard nipples poking through the thin material of her shirt and naked pussy below about which, she was very careful but was now open for a hard fuck. The two men lead her to a closed shop which was walking distance from the station.

They unlocked the shop and got in. Then closed the shutter again. One of the men said “ah bete aaj to kya maal hath laga hai. saali ki choot ekdum rasili hai.” Looking at ishika he said “bol saali raand lund chahiye na?” to which ishika replied “haan please chodo mughe. meri choot ruk nai rahi hai. shaant karo ise aaaahhhhh. itna bada lund maine aaj tak nahi dekha. Faad do meri choot is lund se.” Both started laughing and then he said “Mera lund tere ko iske baad milega. Pehle mere dost ko khush kar. Agar yeh khush hua to tere ko mera lund milega samjhi meri chinaal.” Ishika then said “Aapke lund ke liye to main kitne bhi lund kha jaungi.” Saying this she started moving towards the second man but he did not allow anything. He said “Itni asaani se nahi milega randi. Pehle kuchh naach ke dikhao.” He took out his mobile and played some music. Some cheap hindi music was playing but ishiska wanted cock and she would do anything for it right now. She started moving slowly with the music. Uska badan aag ugal raha tha. The pussy juices were flowing through her legs as she danced like a whore in front of two random men.

He said “Kapde utaarne ke liye bolna padega kya? utaar jaldi.” With his command she started pulling out the knot of her shirt and opened it. Then turning away from him she removed her shirt completely and tossed it towards him. She moved her body seductively showcasing her back. Then she slowly turned around with hands on her naked boobs. For two minutes she kept them covered and removed her hands showing her beautiful light brown hard nipples. The beat became heavy and so her moves. Her boobs jiggled for the man’s delight as she danced pleasing him. Ishika came upto him and turned around again. She bent forward facing away from the man displaying her ass. Raised back and undid the zip of her skirt from her waist. Then she raised her hands and wiggled to make the skirt fall to the ground. She stepped out of the skirt aur ab wo poori nangi naach rahi thi. WIthin hours she was turned from an innocent fun loving girl to a horny bitch. The man then asked her to look out of the window while displaying her ass to them. He came up to her and gave a tight slap on her ass. She gave out a sound mixed as a moan and an in pain. He continously slapped her ass for 20 mins making it red. Then he pulled her back and pushed her on the floor. He asked ishika to move like a bitch on her all fours. Ishika did as told. Then the man sat on a chair and asked her to crawl between his legs. Ishika crawled between his legs taking his cock out she started stroking it. The man slapped her on her face several times making her feel like a whore.

She started sucking his cock like a wild bitch. It was not as big as the other man but was still a decent size. She sucked and licked his cock putting saliva all over. She licked his balls too. After 15 mins of passionate sucking, he unloaded in her mouth and asked her to drink it all. She obediently gulped down a mouthful of cum and cleaned his cock.

The man was not satisfied. He made her suck it even after cumming. Ishika looked at the other man while having a cock in her mouth. He had is monster out and was hard. She drooled on his cock and started working on the dick in her mouth more. She sucked it like a lollipop. The man started to become hard again. Once he was hard again he made ishika stand and bend inviting his cock. He pushed his cock on her wet pussy. She moaned in pleasure. As the dick went in her pussy she felt immense pain and blood started coming out of her pussy. She was a virgin. The man enetered her and stopped for a couple of minutes to ease the pain. Then again he pulled out and back in her pussy. This time a little harder. Ishika felt pain but not like the first time. He slowly increased his pace and fucked her standing like a bitch. He fucked her in doggy for a while then laid her on a table. He fucked her in missinary on the table. He continued ramming her pussy for 40 mins before he came again on her tits this time. Ishika had become a complete whore now. She wiped his cum with her hands and licked it clean. After this she went upto the other man and said “I satisfied him. Now please give me your cock.” He said “Come let us clean you first. Ishika was made to sit on her knees on the floor and both men came upto her with their cocks dangling near her face. Then both of them peed on her face. Fresh hot piss from their hard cocks directly on ishika’s face. She smiling and taking it all on her face. She even drank some too. Her boobs also became wet with their piss. She was turned on even more by their piss.
After peeing on her he said “Aaja meri raand ab teri chudai karta hoon. Pehle saaf kar mera lund.” Ishika on hearing this was delighted and she sucked the last drops of his piss form his cock. She did not leave it, she continued sucking his cock like a dirty slut. She couldn’t even take his half cock in her mouth. It was so big, that she only took his head in her mouth and tried to go as deep as possible. She put a lot of saliva on his monster cock making it a sloppy blowjob. His precum and her saliva mixed were on her neck and boobs too. She was loving his cock. He had enough of sucking and asked her to stop and stand up. She turned around and wiggled her ass inviting him. He also couldn’t resist any longer and rammed his hard cock into her pussy. Uska lund ishika ki choot cheerta hua andar chala gaya. She screamed in pleasure and pain. The he started giving her light strokes. He put his hand in front and pressed her boobs while fucking her.

After a while, he laid down on the table and asked ishika to climb up on his cock. She sat on his cock and started riding it. As his cock entered her pussy again she moaned in pleasure. She started riding it gently first then increased the pace. Her boobs bouncing while she rode his cock like a horse. Her back was facing the man who slapped her ass as she rode his cock. This went on for a while and then he came in her pussy only. But due to the angle, all the cum started to drip out of her wet pussy. She had also cummed so both their juices were mixed and ripping out of her pussy. She rose and let the cum drop on his cock and balls. Then she wiped the cum from her pussy and licked it clean. After cleaning her pussy she bent down and started licking the cum on his cock. It had trailed on his balls too. She was licking all of it like a cat drinking milk. She licked everything clean. His cock and balls were shining in light having her saliva all over it.

Her passionate cleaning and licking made him hard again. He wanted her ass now. He again started slapping her ass. He held her ass cheeks and spread them aside and put a finger in her asshole. It was very painful to her. She jumped up but he grabbed her by her waist and gave a hard slap across her face and said “Saali raand hil mat raasta banaane de.” She kept shut like a kitten and offered her ass to him. He put a finger again in her ass. It pained but she couldn’t do anything. She just gave out small screams. One finger became two and her pain increased. There was pleasure too but more pain. He made her lie on the floor with her ass raised up in the air. He gave a few slaps again on her ass and started rubbing his hot steel rod like cock on her asshole. Dheere Dheere wo apna lund ishika ki gaand mein daalne laga. Inch by inch his entire cock was in her ass. Her ass cheeks spread wide with a monster cock in her asshole. He stuffed her panty in her mouth to suppress the screaming of her. Once his cock was inside her ass he stood there without moving. With his cock inside her ass he put his hands forward and fondled with her boobs pressing them and pinching her nipples. This made her horny. He took out his cock and again started inserting it. This time it went in more easily but still her ass was tight. The pain reduced and pleasure increased. His cock was again in her ass within no time and he slapped her ass a couple of more times indicated his bitch to move. She moved her ass forward and backward slowly fucking his cock. He pulled her hair back towards him and increased his pace. Her back was arched as he fucked her ass. He increased his pace and soon her moans became loud with thap thap sounds. Her ass hitting against his thighs. He fucked her like that for almost half n hour then came on her ass cheeks.

She lied down on the floor itself exhausted. After that, they both fucked her again together one in the ass and other in pussy. Till evening her fucking continued non-stop and by the end of it she had become a whore for the man with big cock. She requested them to drop her home. The man said “haan meri raand tune mughe khush kiya chal tere ko ghar chhod dete hain.” They got out from the shop. Ishika was in her skirt and shirt only. There was no leggings. She was not able to walk properly. They took a taxi and on the way they removed her shirt and played with her boobs. Even the cab driver got a view to her beautiful tits. Her clothes were dirty too.

They reached her place and there was only her brother at home that time. Her brother asked why is she dirty and who are those men. She said “bhai it was raining and I fell down which made my clothes dirty. I was hurt and these two gentlemen helped me and brought me back safely. Please arrange for something to eat for them.” Her brother thanked them and said “I will get something to eat ishika. You make them feel comfortable.” Saying this he left and again ishika was left alone with them. The man with the huge cock opened his zip and asked her to suck his cock again. Ishika also wanted it. He sat on the sofa and ishika crawled between his legs and started sucking his huge cock again. By the time her brother returned he had cum in her mouth and she drank it all. After they had some tea at her place her brother said to the men “You helped my sister, you are true gentlemen, please feel free to come anytime at our place. It will be our pleasure.” The man said, “Sure we will come, take care of your sister.” The man winked at his new whore and left.

After that day there were many visits and much more hard fucks for ishika. She had become his personal bitch.

I hope you guys liked this one. Don’t forget to post your feedbacks and more to [email protected]




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